Just how bad is bottom of Big 12?


If anyone out there can find a trio of teams from one of the major BCS conferences playing worse than Kansas State, Colorado and Iowa State, please enlighten me.

I don't know many more teams struggling more than these three.

Colorado won't be winning 10 games, much to the chagrin of coach Dan Hawkins. The Buffs (0-2) may lose 10, though. Their defense was dreadful on Friday in a 54-38 pasting at Toledo. The schedule won't be forgiving these next few weeks, either. Colorado is home to Wyoming next week, which should be a win, but then travels to West Virginia, Texas, and is home to Kansas. One-and-5? It's probable.

Folks who are wondering why Colorado hasn't fired Hawkins yet should realize CU signed him to an extension through the 2012 season. The buyout could be too expensive.

As for K-State, I don't know where to begin. You know the personnel isn't there when Louisiana-Lafayette prevails and it's barely considered an upset. The instability at quarterback is a huge question mark. Carson Coffman or Grant Gregory? The kicking game was less than stellar: two missed field goals and a missed extra point. In a 17-15 game, that's a major issue. The Cats (1-1) are at UCLA next week and are long shots to make a bowl game at this point.

And finally, Iowa State. Not much to say here. The Cyclones were waxed, 35-3, in front of their home crowd against Iowa. Quarterback Austen Arnaud was pulled after throwing four interceptions and ISU rarely threatened on offense.

As for answers to my initial question, my first inclination is to look at the Big Ten, but I'd probably take Indiana, Illinois and (insert third-worst team here ... Purdue, Wisconsin, Michigan State?) over KSU, ISU and CU.

Latest update from ConferenceChatterTV: I sadly went 7-3 this weekend (Hey, who saw that Houston upset over Okie State coming ... aside from Lee Corso?). Feel free to check out the video below for my week 2 reaction:

Moving on to the weekly awards for week 2, a shaky weekend with mixed results in the Big 12.

Performer of the week: Taylor Potts, Texas Tech

Against Rice, the junior signal caller threw for 456 yards and seven touchdowns, one shy of the school record. And at a school known for its prominent aerial attack, that's a heck of a performance. Another significant stat for Potts: zero interceptions. He threw three in week 1.

Biggest surprise of the week: Oklahoma State losing at home to Houston

Something's not right with OSU. I don't know what exactly it is. Perhaps it's the defense, which was praised after holding Georgia to 10 points, but surrendered 45 against Houston.

Maybe it's the loss of Kendall Hunter, who was seen on the sidelines wearing a walking boot on his right leg in the second half. The reigning Big 12 rushing champ may miss time.

Or maybe Zac Robinson's a little off. He was only 18 of 31 and the lack of a second receiving option behind Dez Bryant may have hindered his performance on Saturday.

OSU was a heavy favorite against Houston and dropped from No. 5 in the country to No. 16 after the loss.

Sleeper alert: Lyle Leong, Texas Tech

It seems there's a national perception that just because Michael Crabtree's gone, Tech doesn't have depth at wide receiver. Not true. Leong, a 6-foot-1 junior, caught nine passes for 117 yards and three touchdowns on Saturday. Leong's a name not many people know, but he's becoming one of Potts' favorite receivers.

Most significant win of the week: Kansas 34, UTEP 7

A very nice road statement game for the Jayhawks. Their defense played great, registering six sacks and an interception.

The offense was efficient in Dezmon Briscoe's return. He caught eight passes for 154 yards. The running game was on point with Jake Sharp (16-104-2) and Toben Opurum (16-62-1).

Kansas looks like the most balanced team in the Big 12 North right now.

Here's the latest Sorrentino Scale to close this entry. The number in parentheses is what the team was ranked last week.

  • 1 (1). Texas (2-0): Pretty clear who the best team in the conference is as of now.
  • 2 (3). Oklahoma (1-1): Good news: Back on track in week 2. Bad news: It was against Idaho St.
  • 3 (2). Oklahoma State (1-1): Defense needs to play better if Cowboys are going to contend for South title.
  • 4 (4). Kansas (2-0): Could Max Onyegbule be the consistent pass rusher not named Jake Laptad the Jayhawks lacked last year?
  • 5 (5). Nebraska (2-0): QB Zac Lee won't be unknown too much longer.
  • 6 (6). Texas Tech (2-0): Early showdown in week 3 at Texas.
  • 7 (7). Missouri (2-0): That was a bit too close for comfort at home vs. Bowling Green.
  • 8 (8). Baylor (1-0): Interesting home game vs. UConn looms.
  • 9 (9). Texas A&M (1-0): Have a chance to start season 4-0 (next two at home vs. Utah State & UAB, then face Arkansas in Arlington, Texas.
  • 10 (10). Kansas State (1-1): Next week at UCLA. Probable loss.
  • 11 (11). Colorado (0-2): Could be staring at 1-5 before too long.
  • 12 (12). Iowa State (1-1): Bottom three teams in league all have inconsistencies at QB. Coincidence? Unlikely.

As always, discuss.


whitechocolate 13 years ago

I don't know how bad, but after two weeks, I agree with the yapping dogs over at ESPN that the conference is overrated.

Nebraska could help out with a win over Tech, but all the teams are going to have to finish the non-con strong. I've already lost any hope with K-State.

Tech seems to have already assimilated their new QB. The game against Texas is going to be a fun test to watch.

Eric Sorrentino 13 years ago

Good point with the Neb. That would be a very big victory for the conference, especially since it will be at Va. Tech. Feels like a bowl game.

It's a little odd how early the UT-Tech game is, but you're right, I can't wait to watch it. We'll see if Potts' seven TD's against Rice was for real, or if it was just a far inferior opponent. Early line suggests UT minus-17. Lot of points.

Eurekahwk 13 years ago

Did you watch Wyoming against Texas? Despite being outmanned at every position, they gave them everything they had for two quarters. Everything they have won't bring down Texas, but Colorado is different. And the one thing Colorado has going for them(mile high altitude) is negated because Wyoming plays at 7,000 feet. If anything, Wyoming will catch a second wind coming down 2,000 feet.

Dirk Medema 13 years ago

Eureka - I'm with you on the Wyoming-CU game. Maybe CU won't play quite so horrendously with more than twice as long (8 days vs. 3 days) to prepare this week, but I'm not optimistic.

As for the Bottom of the BCS, below are the three worst teams from the Big12, Big 10, ACC, and Big East according to the Sagrin rankings (ELO_CHESS) which is one of the computer rankings used in the BCS calcs.

B10 Michigan State 90 B10 Illinois 75 B10 Indiana 69 B10 244

ACC NC State 125 ACC Duke 71 ACC Virginia 82 ACC 278

BEZ Syracuse 95 BEZ Louisville 97 BEZ Rutgers 108 BEZ 300

B12 Kansas State 73 B12 Colorado 122 B12 Iowa State 111 B12 306

Yes, the Big 12 bottom dwellers are worse than any other major conference at this point in time. It's pulled the Big 12 down to 3rd in the conference rankings (PAC10, SEC, ACC, Big12, Big 10, Big East, Independents, MWC, WAC, Conf USA)

Eric Sorrentino 13 years ago

hey eureka, it's amazing that we're discussing Colorado possibly losing at home to Wyoming, which was chosen to finish toward the bottom of the Mountain West this year. But you're right. This is not a gimme game for the Buffs. I suppose I'm going to pick them to win because, well, they have to win one game this year, right? If they can't win this at home, they may not win all year.

Dagger, thanks for pulling up the sagarin ratings. That really puts it into perspective. Wow, Big 12 fourth. Behind the ACC. That shouldn't happen. These bottom three teams are really pulling the conference down in the ratings.

Rivethead 13 years ago

Say what you want about Wyoming, but they showed a helluva lot of speed on both sides of the ball. I think they can take CU....that program is crumbling from the inside out.

bg_duck1 13 years ago

the way CU has played so far there is no way their game vs. wyoming is anywhere near a gimme. If they come out flat against the 'Boys from Wyoming they are looking at a 0-fer season because that means they've quit on the season already (which might have already happened, there is no way colorado doesn't have talent the way they lost to toledo was unacceptable) even tho they do play kstate and isu. Those 3 teams might be 3 of the absolute worst teams in the country

actorman 13 years ago

It's interesting that CU's slide into becoming truly horrible seemed to start with the whole scandal around the harassment of their female kicker. The way that was handled was inexcusable, and it completely changed my view of them from somewhat liking them to despising them. They've been pathetic ever since then. Talk about your poetic justice!

As for ISU, it's a shame they are so terrible year after year. It would be nice to see them do a little better.

And as for KSUck ... well, they seem to have settled back into their rightful place in the universe.

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