Saturday, January 19, 2019

Quick Recap: Mountaineers knock off No. 7 KU in final seconds

West Virginia forward Derek Culver (1) and Kansas forward David McCormack (33) fight for a rebound during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019, in Morgantown, W.Va. (AP Photo/Raymond Thompson)

West Virginia forward Derek Culver (1) and Kansas forward David McCormack (33) fight for a rebound during the first half of an NCAA college basketball game Saturday, Jan. 19, 2019, in Morgantown, W.Va. (AP Photo/Raymond Thompson)


Morgantown, W.Va. — Trips to WVU Coliseum never seem to go too smoothly for the Kansas basketball team, and the Jayhawks’ experience against West Virginia on Saturday afternoon was no different.

Jermaine Haley’s layup in the final seconds proved to be the game-winner for the victory-starved Mountaineers, who picked up their first Big 12 win, 65-64.

Dedric Lawson came through with his 12th double-double on the year, contributing 15 points and 1 rebounds for the Jayhawks (15-3 overall, 4-2 Big 12).

Haley led the Mountaineers (9-9, 1-5), with 13 points.

Here’s a quick look back at some of the action:

• The game turned when: The buzzer sounded.

Turnovers ruled the day most of the first half, with both teams struggling to find any semblance of rhythm.

After KU coughed it up 13 times before halftime and WVU did its share, with eight giveaways, the two teams that entered the day on opposite ends of the Big 12 standings headed to the locker room with the game tied at 23.

Neither team could create any confidence-boosting separation during the majority of the second half, either.

Fortunately for WVU, college basketball games only last 40 minutes, and the Mountaineers were in the lead when the game clock hit 0:00.

When Marcus Garrett drove in for a layup with 2:35 to go, it gave KU its largest lead of the game. But WVU had its deficit down to one a little more than a minute later, with a Wesley Harris 3-pointer and Derek Culver layup bookending a missed jumper by Garrett.

KU missed its final five shots from the floor.

• Offensive highlight: Considering KU missed six layups in the first half and shot 37 percent from the floor in the first 20 minutes, the odds of the Jayhawks delivering some sort of jaw-dropping plays didn’t look too good.

However, just as he did earlier in the week during the Jayhawks’ home win over Texas on Big Monday, sophomore guard Marcus Garrett proved he can do more than defend and facilitate.

Garrett attacked the rim from the top of the key by first blowing past a closeout. When a pair of Mountaineers slid into the paint to attempt to cut off Garrett, he jumped in between them, creating the air space he needed to get off his layup.

As pretty a lay-in as you’ll see topped off the crafty finish, as Garrett extended his right arm to scoop the ball off the glass with enough English on the attempt to score from an odd angle.

None by We good?

• Defensive highlight: Garrett’s anticipation and strong hands came in handy often for KU on the road.

During one rough sequence that was characteristic of the first half, KJ Lawson missed a 3-pointer and WVU big man Derek Culver grabbed the defensive rebound. But when Culver looked to pass the ball to a nearby teammate, Garrett jumped the passing lane with ease for his third steal of the first half.

The heady sophomore guard immediately dished to KU freshman big David McCormack for a layup.

Garrett pulled it off again in the final minute, too, helping make up for a shot he just missed with KU up just a point on the road.

Garrett finished with six steals, three assists and 15 points.

None by We good?

• Key stat: Points in the paint.

Much of the afternoon it seemed like the yellow portion of WVU’s court was the only are from which either team could get a shot to fall.

WVU scored 20 of its 23 first-half points inside and beat the Jayhawks in that category 20-16 during the game’s first 20 minutes.

Kansas did a somewhat better job of keeping the Mountaineers out of the restricted area in the second half. WVU scored 14 of its 42 second-half points in the paint.

Final points in the paint tally: WVU 34, KU 32.

• Up next: The Jayhawks will be back in Allen Fieldhouse Monday night to take on Iowa State.


Dane Pratt 3 years, 10 months ago

Along with TCU we are the only team not to lose at home. It’s still KU vs. the field but the field is looking a bit more credible than when conference play began.

Mike Mainzer 3 years, 10 months ago

Hmmm... Down by 1 with 8 seconds to play and the shot selection is a contested fade away 3? Vick, leaders don’t take that shot when a 2 wins the game or a foul on the drive puts you on the line. You’re smarter than that buddy.

Layne Pierce 3 years, 10 months ago

If we don't win the conference we can look back at this game, and see how unfocused we were. This team just could not make one good play the last minute and a half that would have one the game. Let's face it Garrett took a wild shot, and then LaGerald shoots a very difficult three.

This game was so winnable, it's not like we were playing a great West Virginia team.

So now, we simply cannot lose at home, because you have to wonder about the road.
This was Arizona State II, no way we should have lost being ahead the way we were.


Barry Weiss 3 years, 10 months ago

our ability to fritter away leads under 5 minutes is becoming legendary. I agree this will be one game we look back on as possibly costing us the title. Hope not, but getting wins on the road probably won't be any easier than this. Not sure why we did not try to go inside to Dedric on the last possession. He is our highest percentage scorer and one of our better free throw shooters. man, that sucked.

Bj Cassady 3 years, 10 months ago

I have mentioned this many times this year. The streak will end unless: The guard play improves a lot; The bigs improve a lot; the bench improves a lot, turnovers are reduced a lot; defense improves a lot. So far none of the above has happened. I like our guards but they must play under control. The minutes must improve for the bigs to get better. The bench well, KJ needs to shoot only within 5 ft of the basket, he was ofer today hoisting up threes which he doesn't hit. Too many charges, out of control plays.

Dane Pratt 3 years, 10 months ago

Sounds like you're saying we need a complete overhaul if we need to improve a lot in 5 areas. That would sound more credible after we got blown out by Iowa State but we lost by 1 point. We are 15-3. A modest improvement in ball control or free throws and we are 17-1.

Marius Rowlanski 3 years, 10 months ago

222 TO and 127 Steals per game. 120 3PM with 338 3PA or about 27%. FOOLS GOLD as Self once said. 48% overall isn't bad but not where a guard-oriented team should shoot. 68% FT shooting and drops as the game gets tighter. NO go to guy - Dedric should have made the game winning shot but after Vick's pathetic attempt...

Anybody paying attention to recruiting? 2 commits both nowhere near the top 100. Maybe that's good as we have THREE McDonalds all-Americans on this team and like so many high profile recruits, underwhelming at best.

Ochai Agbaji should have kept his redshirt.

Steve Zimmerman 3 years, 10 months ago

You forgot, Marcus improves a LOT. But you're right, most of the time our guards only know how to KICK the ball OUT, instead of guiding to cut. Except after a timeout. SMH... They play waaaaaay too careful and be safe, but end up with more TOs, actually..

Barry Weiss 3 years, 10 months ago

I agree Steve, I am starting to believe in Marcus's offensive game so that is a big plus even though we lost. He has shown enough the past couple of games to show that 20 point outing was not a fluke. Now we just need to tighten up on the TO's, heck, I think we even out rebounded WV. We just blew so so many chances to put this one away.

Marius Rowlanski 3 years, 10 months ago

No one wanted the ball. There is NO go-to guy on this team. That's a BIG problem.

Shannon Gustafson 3 years, 10 months ago

Dedric wanted the ball and was open. The problem is this team tends to go away what works (feeding Dedric) at the end of games (he was passed the ball twice in the paint in the final 6 minutes and scored both times). This has been a trend in all of our losses and late game collapses (as has turnovers and missed FT's).

Marius Rowlanski 3 years, 10 months ago

Dotson should have drove to the rim and dropped it off to Dedric (taking your word that he was open) or finished the play himself. It does seem mystifying that this team goes to its biggest weakness (three-point shooting) when the game is on the line.

We didn't even need a three which is what makes it even worse.

Shannon Gustafson 3 years, 10 months ago

Lawson's man left him to double Vick, leaving him open. No saying if he'd had been open if the play developed differently (going to Dotson for instance).

Kevin Jenkins 3 years, 10 months ago

Defense kills us again. I just don't get why...With all hype about Vicks threes and offense, he should really work on defense.

Steve Zimmerman 3 years, 10 months ago

I don't know if Vick can play defense, he doesn't bend his knees - just walking around 'defending' his man. We've also got Grimes who got beat by cutters, who caused a lot of TOs through bad passes. But defense is not the only reason why we lost. It's hard to watch when we can't even finish fastbreaks. It's so embarrassing. Their 5 dunks vs us 0.. yikes.. Bolden who was sick scored 12 pts. We made WV look better than they were. Our Asst/TO has been really horribly horribly terrible. Vick never seems to will to pass the ball, guards didn't even pay attention to cutters. We know we're better than this. My only hope is Garrett carry this team further into the tourney. He will emerge as a threat in both defense & offense.

Allin Herring 3 years, 10 months ago

Yea the last 3 times he touched the ball late in the game. He shot his usual bricks.

Shannon Gustafson 3 years, 10 months ago

It's weird to say someone shooting almost 50% from 3 is shooting his "usual" bricks but I guess some people have a hard time seeing the big picture. He does a lot of things poorly but shooting 3's isn't one of them.

Michael Sillman 3 years, 10 months ago

Not sure why Agbaji got so little time. He’s been a spark the last several games. Had 3 rebounds in 4 minutes.

Steve Zimmerman 3 years, 10 months ago

He can defend. He can shoot, too. That's the difference. But our guards don't know how to use him as offense tool.

Marius Rowlanski 3 years, 10 months ago

He should have kept his redshirt. He had a great first game ala Grimes, but he isn't ready because he was redshirted and not in live action. Practice and game time are not the same thing, esp. in a hostile environment.

We lost to the worst team in conference because we choked.

Barney Kruse 3 years, 10 months ago

I don't know what everyone sees in our two guards. Can't shoot. Miss lay ups. Turn the ball over. For a 5 star, Grimes needs to shape up or sit down.

Adam Bengtson 3 years, 10 months ago

Maybe because I watch this team so close that I am blinded, but when I watch other teams in America (even bad ones), they can get wide open shots, but I feel like nothing is easy for us. I feel like every time we pass we are covered beyond belief. No separation. I want this team to win so bad, that I am hoping for good news on De Sousa. I think he would be a game changer because his ability above the rim. Every game just keeps getting closer and closer, and hard to watch. I want things easy.

Matt Stone 3 years, 10 months ago

Yep, not sure why we didn't drive the basket hoping to get a 2 or a foul with 8.5 seconds left on clock or have better defense after our miss with 20 seconds to go. SMH. I know WVU has our number but WVU is not that good this year and we should not of lost this one.

Marius Rowlanski 3 years, 10 months ago

Better motivation for this game played a huge part. That and not finishing games.

Shannon Gustafson 3 years, 10 months ago

WVU has our number? How is that? Their MO the last couple years has been to lose in AFH and blow huge leads and lose in their own house.

Tony Bandle 3 years, 10 months ago

I've repeated this before but there is no one on this team truly ready for the NBA....NO ONE!!

Everyone should come back next year including Vick if he still had eligibility left.

There's a long way to before this season is over [

Steve Zimmerman 3 years, 10 months ago

Drought seasons are coming to Lawrence... Time for a change.

Dane Pratt 3 years, 10 months ago

Not sure what you mean by that and what kind of changes are you talking about?

Shannon Gustafson 3 years, 10 months ago

Hey look, the guy who says he doesn't say to get rid of Self is saying to get rid of Self, how weird.

Being tied for 1st in the conference (and the only contender that's undefeated at home), in the top 10 nationally despite losing our 2nd or 3rd best player to injury and one of our best players sitting on the bench ineligible. This team is far from perfect but most teams would KILL to be in our position right now and you're calling for changes. Complete lunacy.

Marius Rowlanski 3 years, 10 months ago

Baylor might but not sure about most teams...

Shannon Gustafson 3 years, 10 months ago

I can't think of a single team in the country that could lose 2 of their 3 best post players, be in our position, and not be happy about it. Only irrational fans could be mad about it.

Allin Herring 3 years, 10 months ago

I guess all that recent scoring has gone to Garretts head. With a a little more than 3 minutes left he launches his usual 3 point brick then a little later instead of passing to Lawson he shoots another short jumper for a brick and then a short time later he misses a contested layup instead of passing to Lawson. Also in our second to last time with the ball why was Lawson bringing the ball up court instead setting up in the post? Finally why did we not call time out to set up a play instead of the abortion of a play we used? As someone else has said this was just ASU II. Only this time it cost us the Big 12 title. You would think Self and the team would have learned by now. Now we have ISU, Kentucky, Texas, TT and KSU in our next 5 games. All possible loses.

Shannon Gustafson 3 years, 10 months ago

Wow, tied for the league title with more than half of the season to go and you're saying this game cost us the title? That's a pretty bold statement. It's like they don't have any more games to play that have any impact on the conference title or something...What a weird comment.

Every game is a possible loss every year, I don't know why you're making a point to say only the next 5 are.

Allin Herring 3 years, 10 months ago

Yea We just lost to the worst team in the league who 1. had not won a game in the league 2. Had a loosing record and 3 Lost to TCU by 30.' Try looking at our next five games. All teams are much better than WVU. That is why. Pretty simple but not sure why you could not figure that out?

Bryce Landon 3 years, 10 months ago

Good thing I missed the game today. To lose like this to a WVU team we had no business losing to is embarrassing on so many levels.

Dane Pratt 3 years, 10 months ago

Still have 6 more road games against teams better than West Virginia with the exception of Oklahoma State who always seem to give Bill fits. This could get ugly.

Dirk Medema 3 years, 10 months ago

It is rather funny to read these "the sky is falling" comments this team that is still in first place. I don't think it's a news flash that there are lots of new pieces with a freshman pg. Fortunately we also have the best collection of players and a HofF coach. Though raining outside I'm pretty sure the sun did come up today and will tomorrow as well.

Shannon Gustafson 3 years, 10 months ago

Enough with the logic, that doesn't belong here!

Marius Rowlanski 3 years, 10 months ago

Best collection of players... In the BIG12 or the entire Div 1?

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