Saturday, September 1, 2018

Familiar result: Kansas football suffers overtime loss to Nicholls State

Mike Lee (11) falls to his knees after Nicholls State scores for the win in OT on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018 at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium.

Mike Lee (11) falls to his knees after Nicholls State scores for the win in OT on Saturday, Sept. 1, 2018 at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium.


In a game marred by bad snaps, sacks and no real running threat, the Kansas football team somehow found itself with a chance to open the season with a victory, in overtime at that.

But head coach David Beaty’s fourth season opener ended the same as his first, in 2015, with a home defeat at the hands of an FCS opponent.

Nicholls State, ranked No. 17 in the preseason coaches poll, entered newly christened David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium with more fanfare and experience than the South Dakota State team that defeated the Jayhawks close to three years ago, for certain.

And the visiting Colonels looked the part of a winning program late, setting up a 26-23 victory, the program’s first over an FBS foe since 2013 (Western Kentucky).

Senior KU kicker Gabriel Rui assured the home team of a score in overtime with a 41-yard field goal.

Nicholls’ turn on offense in OT, looked more polished.

Kansas defensive lineman J.J. Holmes tackled Nicholls running back Kendall Bussey to thwart the visitors on first down.

Then quarterback Chase Fourcade came through with a 12-yard rush on the ensuing snap. On 2nd and 8, KU junior cornerback Hasan Defense committed pass interference, mostly out of necessity to keep Nicholls from scoring a winning touchdown.

The penalty put Nicholls at the 5-yard line with a fresh set of downs. Kansas senior linebacker Joe Dineen stuffed Bussey on 1st and goal. But Fourcade won the game on the very next snap, keeping the ball and carrying it across the goal line, sending everyone in a Nicholls uniform sprinting onto the playing field in jubilation.

“I mean it’s rough,” Kansas senior defensive tackle Daniel Wise said of the result, giving the months of offseason work and preparation that went into the opener. “Obviously we didn’t want to come in the game and lose. But that’s what happened. We lost this game due to the fact that we just made mistakes and we didn’t execute when opportunities were there.”

KU (0-1) headed toward the north end zone to open overtime after Nicholls won the coin toss. On the first play, starting center Alex Fontana snapped the ball directly to running back Dom Williams, who was lined up to Bender’s left. That was not exactly the play call, and it was not the first time on the night a Fontana snap was off target.

“It was a run to Dom,” Bender began, when asked whether the botched snap derailed KU’s overtime chances. “So I don’t know. It ended up just being a direct snap run. It wasn’t a pass or anything. So I wasn’t disrupted too much on that play. But Alex is going to get it right. He snapped great all camp and he’s disappointed in himself. I know he is.”

An offside penalty against Nicholls would follow, but on 2nd and 6, Bender threw a pass low to Evan Fairs, forcing the receiver to dive onto the turf to retrieve what would have been a 4-yard gain. A review determined the pass bounced off the turf first.

On a crucial 3rd and 6, Miles Kendrick took the field at QB for the first time since the second quarter, prompting a Nicholls timeout. On a designed run, the Colonels surrounded Kendrick promptly for a 3-yard loss in the backfield.

Asked what KU hoped to accomplish with the call, Beaty described why the play call went to Kendrick instead of Bender (19 of 35 passing, 187 yards, two touchdowns, sacked six times).

“We got into a set where we knew we could possibly crease them on a little run play in there with (Kendrick),” Beaty said. “As we look back at it we felt like we were in pretty good shape. They twisted on us a little bit. We weren’t able to pick it up and he got tackled for a loss. If we’re able to pick that up we’re going to crease them pretty good. We’ve got to execute better.”

FCS preseason All-American kicker Lorran Fonseca tied the game at 20 with 0:47 to play. KU’s offense responded with an incomplete pass and a sack.

KU had a muffed punt and some hustle from special teamer Kyron Johnson to thank for its brief fourth-quarter lead. Johnson emerged from a scrum with the ball and the Jayhawks down 17-12 with 5:49 left.

Another bad snap from Fontana lost 12 yards, igniting boos from the crowd. But Williams pounced on it.

Amazingly, KU withstood the negative play. After a seven-yard rush by Williams, Bender found Kerr Johnson open near the 10-yard line and the senior receiver turned to outrace the Colonels secondary to the goal line.

KU gave itself a three-point cushion with a little trickery on a two-point conversion. Sims, who lined up on the left side, took a pitch on a reverse and tossed a pass to a wide-open Mavin Saunders in the end zone.

The 20-17 advantage with less than five minutes left wouldn’t stand.

“It’s just really difficult to process the whole part of the game,” KU senior linebacker Keith Loneker Jr. said of the back and forth final minutes. “But long-term, this is Week 1. I’m going to tell you that us seniors and us leaders are going to push our guys harder than they’ve been pushed.”

After a rather uneventful opening 10-plus minutes of the second half, Nicholls delivered the first massive play of the third quarter. KU’s defense looked unready for a quick snap and Colonels running back Bussey (128 rushing yards) sprinted down the middle of the field for a 40-yard touchdown.

“Well, we were pressuring,” Beaty said, “and when you're pressuring, everybody has got a gap, and you've got to cut them all off, right, and I wasn't quite sure who it was at that point. I'm going to look at the tape and see, but we've got to cancel gaps when that happens. When that happens, usually it's feast or famine on both sides. You can hit them for losses if everybody is in their gap, but when you don't cancel a gap and they keep you out of one, they can crease you.”

The opening minutes of Beaty’s fourth season as KU’s head coach could not have gone much worse.

The offense began the night with a whimper, going three and out. Nicholls, in turn, looked to be in late-season form, driving down the field with ease. It only took 3:13 for the visiting Colonels to go 78 yards and put KU in an early deficit — a position that has become familiar for the program the past several seasons.

When Nicholls running back Dontrell Taylor escaped KU defenders for a 15-yard TD run less than five minutes into the game, the Jayhawks on the field in particular had to have felt at least a jolt of 2017 deja vu.

KU’s offense responded appropriately to its first-drive failure at least. Nicholls didn’t hold its initial lead for long, as Bender and Steven Sims Jr. (four receptions, 29 yards and one dropped pass in the end zone in the second quarter) completed a 15-play drive with a two-yard touchdown on a legal pick play behind the line of scrimmage.

KU averaged just 1.8 yards per carry in the defeat. Khalil Herbert led the team with 12 rushes for 61 yards.

After Beaty fell to 3-34 as KU’s head coach, he, per usual, remained positive.

“The sun is going to come up tomorrow,” Beaty said, “and this team is going to continue to work towards the goals that they have set. We knew coming in it was a good football team. We knew that. We knew it was going to take every single thing we got, plus overtime, maybe six, seven, eight quarters if it was going to take that, and it came to fruition. We knew that they had a bunch of talent. We knew that they were dadgum good on defense. We knew that they were going to be very, very difficult to handle with the way that they max number the box in the run game, and you've got to hit some play action behind them to be able to loosen them up, and I thought we did it at times. We didn't do it enough. We've just got to get better in that area.”

KU travels next week to face Central Michigan (0-1), which lost Saturday at Kentucky, 35-20.



10:29 — Dontrel Taylor 15 run. Lorran Fonseca kick. Nine-play drive for 78 yards, in 3:13. (NSU 7, KU 0.)

3:34 — Steven Sims Jr. 2 pass from Peyton Bender. Gabriel Rui kick. Fifteen-play drive for 75 yards, in 6:55. (NSU 7, KU 7.)


13:00 — Gabriel Rui 54 field goal. Nine-play drive for 51 yards, in 3:42. (KU 10, NSU 7.)

4:06 — Lorran Fonseca 28 field goal. Eight-play drive for 69 yards, in 2:38. (KU 10, NSU 10.)


3:50 — Kendall Bussey 40 run. Fonseca kick. Six-play drive for 58 yards, in 2:41. (NSU 17, KU 10.)


13:17 — Safety on errant punt snap out back of end zone. (NSU 17, KU 12.)

4:26 — Kerr Johnson 15 pass form Bender. Mavin Saunders 2-point conversion pass form Sims. Three-play drive for 10 yards, in 1:23. (KU 20, NSU 17.)

0:47 — Fonseca 43 field goal. Ten-play drive for 49 yards, in 3:39. (KU 20, NSU 20.)


15:00 — Rui 41 field goal (KU 23, NSU 20)

15 — Chase Fourcade 4 run. (NSU 26, KU 23)


Len Shaffer 3 years, 11 months ago

One word keeps coming back to me over and over: pathetic.

Reggie Flenory 3 years, 11 months ago

I mean...........i believe their are a few highschool teams that could beat ku in football in the state of kansas and im not even jokin

Richard Duran 3 years, 11 months ago

If Beatty still has a job on Monday I'll be shocked. The Great Recruiter my ass. Pathetic

Ben Kane 3 years, 11 months ago

this has to be done. doesn't matter that we won't make a permanent hire until after the season. the level of embarrassment of ku football knows no bounds.

Gavin Fritton 3 years, 11 months ago

“The sun is going to come up tomorrow,” Beaty said...

I long for the day a Kansas football coach holds himself to a higher standard than his abject failure as a coach preventing the sun from rising.

Kevin Studer 3 years, 11 months ago

That is an impressively low bar he is setting for himself.

Armen Kurdian 3 years, 11 months ago

The coaching staff should be embarrassed and ashamed for such an abysmal performance. This organization as it stands is an affront to the sensibilities of anyone who has ever called themselves a Jayhawk fan. It seemed virtually inconceivable that this team could actually degrade from last season. There is talent on this team, that may not be championship caliber, but there are good players on this team that do not deserve to be subjected to a complete and utter lack of leadership and intelligence to allow themselves after much hope, hype, and effort to fall to yet another FCS opponent.

So I have not yet uttered words to these effect, but I am doing so now. David Beatty needs to be fired before the sun rises. Until this coach is ejected from the morass that is KU football, I think the fan base needs to boycott this team. It's gone beyond supporting the players on this team.

The best thing anyone can do is avoid KU football until the coach and a good portion of his staff are gone. This is sickening and I've had it with this garbage that continuously gets fielded by this Athletic Department. Enough is enough. There is no excuse, no amount of explanation, no amount of positivity that can even remotely explain this weekly episodic train wreck.

Get Beatty out of here NOW.

Timothy Grillot 3 years, 11 months ago

Pathetic is putting it mildly. Fourth year and same results. It is one thing to just flat get beat but to make mistake after mistake? You can fix what you can control and that is playing poorly and not executing. No excuse. We hired a FB AD to fix football. Let him choose his guy for the job.

David Kemp 3 years, 11 months ago

2coaches both had 0-12 teams and 4 years later one our coaches the other with local recruited fcs players. Sad to be manhandled by fcs team and really just beat down. All day our qb was under pressure and we rarely pushed theirs. Bowen as bad as Beaty

Ed Noyes 3 years, 11 months ago

Just heard Tom Keegan say that 6 state of Kansas football players have received football scholarships during the last 4 years. I knew the number was small but I did not know how small. Nicholls' roster is almost 100% Louisiana and it is a functional pretty darned good high school team. And KU was committed to getting Kansas players to build its base during the last 4 years?? We elected to NOT journey north from OKC for the opener for the first time in decades and I am happy we didn't. Having stopped my Williams Fund contributions last March, I have now made 2 good KU football decisions in a row. Very sad but good.

Aaron Paisley 3 years, 11 months ago

The state of Kansas produces far less FBS talent (10-15 players per year) than the state of Louisiana does. KU will never be able to build a program with almost exclusively Kansas recruits because the number of players in state just isn't there.

Ben Kane 3 years, 11 months ago

can we drop to DII (or whatever is called now) in football?

Tom Longhofer 3 years, 11 months ago

We're only one game into the season and we've already lost two coin tosses. Our coin toss game has not progressed beyond the leather helmet days.

Kevin Robert Fest 3 years, 11 months ago

Here are the sad things.

  1. Tom and Benton. Having to cover is steaming pile week after week. Trying to come up with stories or information about the team then getting creamed on here for not writing more positive stories. This is like covering a pile of dog s week after week and trying to come up with new information or stories about said pile of dog s. It's a pile of dog s*** how many more ways can you spin It?!! What's better covering a dead cat in the road for 4 years? Can you imagine trying to go to work everyday knowing that you have to cover this team? If l were these 2 l'd be begging my boss to cover Traffic in Topeka.

  2. New Year, same pathetic result. Just listen to ANY Beaty presser and tell me what year it is from. You can't. They all sound the same, same pie in the sky bs, we have to work to get better, we are going to work our dadgum tails off malarkey. How many times can you coach with such ineptitude and turn around and act like next week will be any different.

  3. The players. Omg Dineen and Wise came back for this? These guys are coming back through sheer loyalty to the program and the coaches are just completely clueless. Nst got big plays because the d coaches didn't send in the coverage till the last second. At one point causing Wise to yell at the sidelines to send in the play. Dineen is breaking himself for this? This is sad. 4 years, 4 years!!! The coaches still look like they have been doing this 4 days. Beaty making the same inept decisions, he keeps coaching to not lose and not coaching to win. Hey coach you've lost enough already my goodness take a chance and go for the win. Subbing qbs is always a great idea, tried and failed in the past but yet going to the well again. If Long can't smell the program is rotten under Beaty by now we are all in for a long season.

  4. The fans. The life blood of any program, the University should be ashamed of itself. To ask the fans or donors for a dime to build new facilities, stadium, locker rooms is embarrassing given the results. What do the fans get for their donations? This!? Really? If this isn't the bottom believe me it's coming. However bad last year was, 2017 will look like a bowl year, if Beaty continues to coach in 18.

Bryce Landon 3 years, 11 months ago

So Kansas fell in OT to an FCS team again? Pitiful. I'd say I'm sorry for those of you who still cheer for this steaming pile of crap, but I'm not. Nobody put a gun to your head and told you that you had to be Kansas football fans. You made the choice yourself to keep cheering for them, knowing full well that they'd still suck this year, so you have no one to blame but yourselves if you're in a bad mood.

I, on the other hand, am in a very good and chipper mood. I had the privilege of turning on my radio and listening to the Iowa Hawkeyes open up a can of whoop-ass on Northern Illinois, the cream of the crop in the MAC West and one of the best teams in the Group of 5. The Hawks smothered NIU with their defense, and the only touchdown they gave up to the Huskies was in garbage time. U of I won 33-7. It made head coach Kirk Ferentz the winningest coach in U of I's storied football history, surpassing Hayden Fry.

It was a fun football game from a football team that has potential to do some damage in the Big 10 West.

And to think, I could have been cheering for Kansas and listening to them lose to Nicholls State...

Memo to Joe Ross - you cracked me pretty hard the other day for daring to think for myself and cheer for another football team. Well, it looks like I made the right choice, because my new team is well-coached, competitive, and fully capable of racking up a lot of victories. So where are you now? How's it working out for you to mindlessly cheer for a team that you know is going to lose every time they take the field? Get in here Joe, and, in the immortal words of Shaquille O'Neal, "TELL ME HOW MY @$$ TASTES!"

Jason Venable 3 years, 11 months ago

We know KU sucks, but I'm not sure what is worse, you incessantly letting us know how bad KU is or your love struck affair with Hawkeye football. We really don't care about you and the Hawkeye relationship. Enough already. Damn, give it a rest.

Eliott Reeder 3 years, 11 months ago

Bryce, you are the absolute worst. I truly feel sorry for your family, friends if you have any, and anyone else who is forced to sit around listening to your obnoxious drivel. Please go elsewhere. Every fan willing to actually watch the game yesterday realizes this team is awful and Beatty needs to go. Your comments above are the most spineless reaction I’ve ever seen. You are NOT a Kansas fan. Bye!

Joe Ross 3 years, 11 months ago

He's not a fan, and that's the problem.

Joe Ross 3 years, 11 months ago

Hell yeah I'll get in here.

Why don't YOU get the hell OUT?

Making the "right choice" in rooting for your team is not based on whether you win or lose. The fact that you that you think so makes you an idiot. I'm with Eliott. People actually have to live with you???

How stupid are you anyway?

Your fanhood is based on wins and losses, huh? So Kansas doesn't win as much in football as Missouri. Why don't you say loud and clear right here, right now that you'll root for Mizzou before you root for Kansas? Cause that's the level you're at right now. That's where you've taken it to, and frankly it's pretty dumb.

You are not a Jayhawk.
You have never been a Jayhawk.
You will NEVER BE a Jayhawk.

You don't have what it takes.

Len Shaffer 3 years, 11 months ago

You said it perfectly, Joe. Bryce clearly has NO concept of what being a fan is. Why is he only rooting for Iowa? Why not Alabama? Then he can be almost certain to get a win every week.

It's hard to find anything as pathetic as KU's performance yesterday, but Bryce has managed to "accomplish" it.

Bryce Landon 3 years, 11 months ago

Joe, have you ever heard that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result? Is it not insane to keep watching Kansas football week in and week out expecting a different result other than a big fat ugly L? I figured that out at long last. I'm sorry to see you and your fellow mindless groupthinkers can't muster enough brain cells between you all to figure it out too. Seriously, I find it entertaining to see you guys so angry that I dared to seek satisfaction from something better. You hate me because you ain't me! Keep the hate coming, suckers; it only makes me feel justified in my choice to cheer for Iowa in football; and God knows I need the entertainment between now and our game against Iowa State on the 8th.

OnIowa #FightForIowa #GoHawks

Joe Ross 3 years, 11 months ago

RE: "Joe, have you ever heard that the definition of insanity is to keep doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result?" mean like constantly b!tch!ng about how you're so unhappy with KU FB that you're gonna become an Iowa fan and expecting someone to give a damn?

Yeah. Insanity!

Why are you STILL HERE? This is a Jayhawk fan forum. If you don't like what you see here get the funk out!

Dane Pratt 3 years, 11 months ago

I feel sorry for your kids Bryce, if you’ve figured out how to have them yet. If they are unfortunate enough to partake in any athletic competition during their formative years and don’t perform up to their old man’s standards you will likely claim someone else’s kids to be yours and be stupid enough to tell everyone.

Bryce Landon 3 years, 11 months ago

Apples to oranges, bro. But you obviously aren't smart enough to know the difference.

Joe Ross 3 years, 11 months ago

Can we lose David Beaty and Bryce Landon in the same season???

Please, God! I won't ask for anything else for Christmas, I swear...

Mike Hart 3 years, 11 months ago

I don't know, Bryce... you sure sound pretty bitter to me. The fanbase doesn't need you, that much I can assure you.

Creg Bohrer 3 years, 11 months ago

There are two people I sorely miss right now. Mark Mangino and Barack Obama.

Jason Venable 3 years, 11 months ago

Yeah, both did wonders for this country. LOL.

Len Shaffer 3 years, 11 months ago

That's a kind of ironic statement, Creg, since one of them exhibited plenty of class and one didn't.

I'm with you on Barack, but I think it is possible to find someone who's a decent coach and not a complete jackass.

Bryce Landon 3 years, 11 months ago

I wish Obama would go back to Kenya where he came from.

Tim Orel 3 years, 11 months ago

That comment doesn't surprise me coming from you.

Al Martin 3 years, 11 months ago

It's good that you put out tripe like this to inform newcomers that you're a complete effing moron.

Chandler Accipiter 3 years, 11 months ago

David Beaty should be a receivers coach at Tuesday.

Robert Brock 3 years, 11 months ago

Lesson: don’t mess with tough guys from Thibodaux.

Jeff Coffman 3 years, 11 months ago

Let's hope that Jeff Long removes another obstacle from the KU Football program.

David Kemp 3 years, 11 months ago

Wouldn’t you hate to wake up today to his job. This is your worst hangover 10 times over.

Joe Ross 3 years, 11 months ago

This was posted under another article 10 hours, 33 minutes ago

Sometime after the crowds have exited the stadium, the players have left the lockerroom, and the post-game routine is wrapped up, an emotionally exhausted David Beaty will return to his home and shut the door behind him. As his footsteps fall softly to the floor in his white cotton socks, he will be alone with his thoughts in a quiet house where the stark reality will set in that the 2019 Jayhawk football team will be coached by another man. Delusions will abandon him, and he will no doubt begin to ponder where the next destination lies for his family and him.

"There never was much hope. Just a fool's hope."

Five wins would have given Beaty sufficient standing to justify the case of another year. There is no path to 5 wins now. That many teams remain on the schedule, sure. And more. But nearly all of them are significantly better than Nicholls State. Kansas HAS improved compared to last year, but they have not improved enough to call Beaty's future into question: he will be fired at season's end. Four wins would have perhaps split the fan base, but Long would still have made the decision to find a more capable coach, given the importance of football to Power 5 conference status. As it stands now, there is no realistic path to even 4 wins.

Three wins would have left only the most ardent of Beaty supporters calling for his retention. Bagging only two wins, which now seems the most realistic attainable goal, even they would have whispered to themselves that he needs to go. And the fact is, we may now only win 1. Or even none.

Beaty will have no doubt considered his grim prospects before his next public comments where once again he will express optimism and confidence in the football program. But the writing is on the wall. He's a goner. And he knows it. And Long knows it too.

Dead man walking.

Many thanks are owed to Beaty for how he ran a clean program and for his genuine effort. We should all be grateful for at least that much. But it is now time for the program to look to the future and to chart out the path for respectability to return to Kansas football with a new coach at the helm. Thanks for the memories David.

Adios and vaya con Dios.

Titus Canby 3 years, 11 months ago

Now that my anger has subsided (but not my embarrassment), here are my thoughts on the game.

The better team won. Their offensive line pushed us around all night. Our revamped offensive line couldn't block for either the running game or the passing game. This game was lost in the trenches.

What's wrong with Steven Sims? He dropped 3 passes that hit him right in the hands. I wonder if one of this hands is broken.

Peyton Bender was the best player on our offense tonight. He was under pressure all night, but when he had time, he was on target. Keep him as starting QB.

Gabriel Rui is great.

Joe Dineen and Keith Loneker played their hearts out. Too bad the other nine couldn't do anything.

Did anyone see the kid working with our punter during halftime? As other kids fielded the punts and threw the ball back to him, he caught everything with perfect form. One catch was even one-handed. Sign him up.

We weren't out-coached or out-schemed. We were out-played. The other team was just bigger and stronger.

Beaty. Keep him as our coach through the end of the year. As punishment.

David Kemp 3 years, 11 months ago

Nichols did exactly what you should do to an offensive line that hasn’t played together, you stunt, cross and blitz. There was no communication out there but what can u expect from guys who haven’t played with each other and some that haven’t played in over a year!

Bob Bowles 3 years, 11 months ago

I'm glad I don't have to make my living as a scalper of KU football tickets.

Al Martin 3 years, 11 months ago

How is it possible that Beaty isn't fired yet? 3-34 hasn't done the trick yet?

W Keith Swinehart II 3 years, 11 months ago

Be ready for the next game. Don't dwell. Don't blame. What happened started years ago. Guys will develop. That special player will come along. Gotta just keep working.

Barry Weiss 3 years, 11 months ago

Some things never change. 56 yards of rushing offense??? I thought we were going to be good in that area. Things will only get worse as the opponents keep getting better. I did not see one area of improvement in our team yesterday. Beaty's comments just make me ill. I think he should teach math and some high school and coach the high school football team. He is just not college level coaching material.

Lawrence McGlinn 3 years, 11 months ago

Useless factoid of the day: Did anyone see that Liberty beat Old Dominion (C-USA team) 52-10. Turner Gill's Liberty is now way better than KU as they move to the FBS. Gill was an OK coach before he came to Lawrence and has been more than OK at Liberty. Is there something in the water in Lawrence that makes football coaches incompetent? Is it institutional? It doesn't seem to affect basketball coaches....Question is if Long and his football guy can identify a real leader on Beaty's staff. Something is terribly wrong with the culture of this team, and just promoting the next coach in line is not going to help anything. I believe there is enough talent on this team to be competitive with the lesser Big 12 teams, but not with this leadership.

Dane Pratt 3 years, 11 months ago

Completely convenient hindsight but if we had kept Gill we would be way better off today. But there was zero support for him after year two. Probably because we were only three years removed from our last bowl game and we had no idea of the cat 3 S storm that was in our path.

David Kemp 3 years, 11 months ago

Do keep in mind the asterisk that Gill was playing with maginos kids and not his.

Rob Byrd 3 years, 11 months ago

Bruce Landon, you're probably the ONLY one on here that knows what a$$ "tastes" like, since you're nothing but a$$.

Matt Gauntt 3 years, 11 months ago

Guys - thanks for the video update. Enjoyed hearing your thoughts.

One request......stop with the electro dance music intro and exit. Wow, that's irritating.

Titus Canby 3 years, 11 months ago

Irritating? The worst was the on-field chick screaming into the mic doing the timeout quizzes, games and commercials. Everyone in my section covered their ears whenever she came on.

Rob Byrd 3 years, 11 months ago

You're just a bandwagon fan, looking to say that you support a winner. You hammer the bb team every year because they don't win an NC, so what happens when your amazing Iowa Hawkeyes fail to win a national championship, you'll call for the firing of Farentz! I noticed that Dane was concerned about you being too hard on your kids if they failed in the sports arena, we shouldn't be worried about that, because it appears that you'd get whipped by any 6th grade son or daughter you may have. I've never seen such a weenie talk so much smack on athletes that have dedicated their lives to their chosen sport, as you do year after year. Very sad!!

Andy Godwin 3 years, 11 months ago

I said I would wait until the 4th season to allow Beaty to fill his roster with his guys - juniors and seniors - before passing judgement, but after last night it is time to clean house when another deadfall season comes to an end. Firing Beaty now makes no sense given there are no assistant coaches on the staff who have proved their worth.

Bowen's defense looks unprepared early and can only function by getting signals from the sideline. Witness the TD run up the middle while the players were standing around trying to figure out where to line up. Where is the senior leadership? He makes few in game changes to the defense that appear to be effective. He plays a bend but don't break defense which is a failure when the opposing team only has to drive 25 yards to win in overtime. He rarely dialed up effective blitzes leading to a single sack late in the game. The defensive backs dropped possible interceptions and lack the speed to keep up with the opponent's wide receivers. Score could have been worse if their QB had hit on more long passes to a wide-open receiver. No pressure on the QB, failure to stop the run, and no lock down defensive backs = many Big 12 blow out games. For this team to have any chance to compete they need to force turnovers which the defense failed to produced.

Meacham has also proven to be less than effective in turning this offense into a scoring machine. Bender looked good early but his accuracy went into the toilet after the opponent started hitting him repeatedly. They recorded 6 official sacks but Bender was hit many additional times that lead to rushed and errant passes and a fumble. The offensive line was a mess (an area that had to be dramatically improved) and if you run exclusively the shotgun then find a center who can snap the ball. The blocking for quality running backs (not sure what to make of the freshman’s absence) was poor. They started the season out just like last, 3 and out in only 1:13. Their ability to maintain drives looks again to be a serious problem. This too will lead to a porous defense being on the field too long throughout the season.

Andy Godwin 3 years, 11 months ago

I truly believe that Beaty is a passionate person and cares deeply for his players. He is undoubtedly a quality human being. Since taking over he has tried to instill discipline and integrity among his players. The character for most of the team seems outstanding; however, the results are still the same. He preaches being the smarter team, yet his clock management and decision process is suspect. Again, burning timeouts because of indecision. His ability to manage a game is poor and his coaching staff is clearly not doing their jobs well. A clear example of how he got out coached. KU puts in their running quarterback for a game defining 3rd and long. The opponents call time out to alert their players of the personnel change and what to expect. Meacham and Beaty make no adjustment, run a QB draw and gain little. You can't be the smarter team if your coaches are not the smarter coaches.

Unfortunately, same result different season. After ignoring the usual preseason hype of better talent and deeper at all positions, and witnessing the same o’ same o’, I would predict a 1-11 or 0-12 season.

Chuck Wagstaff 3 years, 11 months ago

If anyone happens to see Sheahon Zenger, please slap him for me.

Clarence Haynes 3 years, 11 months ago

« The sun is going to come up tomorrow ».....This isn’t Annie!

Jason Musick 3 years, 11 months ago

In a tight game KU should have went after the Nicholls State Kicker. Kansas over the last 3 seasons should have learned that. Just joking

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