Originally published June 21, 2017 at 10:53p.m., updated June 22, 2017 at 04:44p.m.

St. Louis offensive lineman commits to KU football; Louisiana safety decommits

Kansas University football recruiting

Kansas University football recruiting


The Kansas football program received one commitment and one de-commitment on the recruiting trail Wednesday.

Offensive lineman Nick Williams, from Ritenour High in St. Louis, visited campus earlier this month and decided it was the place where he wanted to spend his collegiate career.

Williams, 6-foot-8, 260 pounds, is a three-star prospect according to, and ranked 13th in the state of Missouri. He chose the Jayhawks over offers from Kansas State, Minnesota, Purdue and Illinois, among others.

"There were a lot of schools recruiting me but I felt the coaches at Kansas really wanted me," Williams told Jayhawk Slant's Jon Kirby. "(Offensive line) coach (Zach) Yenser knows a lot and knows what he’s talking about. I can tell from the first time he visited my school to when I went on the visit he can make me a better player.”

Williams told Jayhawk Slant that he planned to visit Illinois this month, but opted to commit to Kansas when it was rescheduled, saying KU always stood out to him.

"Ever since I stepped foot on campus, it just felt right," Williams wrote on Twitter.

Earlier Wednesday, three-star Louisiana safety Aaron Brule posted on Twitter that he was re-opening his recruitment. He noted that Kansas will still be considered.

“I’d especially like to thank Coach (Tony) Hull and Coach (David) Beaty who’ve been completely honest and sincere with me and my family throughout this process,” Brule wrote. “But I realize it is in my best interest to re-open my recruitment and get out and explore different opportunities.”

Brule was one of five players committed to Kansas from Louisiana. Five-star receiver Devonta Jason, four-star cornerback Corione Harris, three-star running back Anthony Williams and three-star defensive end Josh Smith remain committed.

Nick Williams is the 13th verbal commitment in the Class 2018. He’s the second offensive lineman in the class, joining Wichita Collegiate’s Mac Copeland.

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Ashwin Rao 5 years ago

Good decision, Nick Williams! All the best, Aaron Brule! #RCJH

Chris DeWeese 5 years ago

We all knew this was bound to happen, but it's still disappointing anytime a kid decommits. Still, it's nice to be getting a great OL commit in Nick. That kid is gonna be a beast!

Andy Godwin 5 years ago

I will not get excited until the letter of intent is signed. Recruiting is such a fluid process and rarely do early highly sought after commitments stick once they are hounded by other more established programs. Credit to Beaty and his staff for their efforts, but I think recruiting 17, 18 year olds (younger for basketball) must be the least favorite part of a college coach's job, especially for football, since you have to add 20 plus players each year.

Jack Joiner 5 years ago

Maybe after Brule sees our recruiting class and we win a few games this year he will change his mind and want to be part Making KU Football Great Again!

Evan Taylor 5 years ago

Either Bobby's grammar is as poor as the athletes he quotes or he doesn't know about "[sic]"...

E.g.--“The whole time there has always been a school that stood out to me,” Williams wrote on Twitter. “Ever since I stepped foot on campus it just felt right. They have ONE OF THE BEST ONE OF THE BEST recruiting classes in the nation. It’s an honor to be APART of that.”

Evan Taylor 5 years ago

Well, the powers that be fixed part of it at least... Now for the other error:
a part=a piece or member of something
(hence, the usefulness of "[sic]" when quoting athletes' social media posts)
J-school 101...

Mark Bowers 5 years ago

Acknowledging and saying nothing, Being Cool 101...

Evan Taylor 5 years ago

Looks like you're breaking your own rule, bud. lol

Karen Mansfield-Stewart 5 years ago

Good news with Nick Williams! Excited to have a quality OL join the class!

I hope Aaron decides to come back into the fold after he explores all his options - can't fault a kid for that.

Lots of good stuff happening around KU Football. Can't wait to see them on TV.

Mark Bowers 5 years ago

I don't expect more than 3 or 4 wins, but I'm super excited about this coming football season and the years to come. I loved reading the article about the $300 MILLION upgrades that are happening as well! RCJH!!!

Marcus Balzer 5 years ago

Just please, please hold on to Harris and Jason...drop off the bag, secure jobs for there families in Lawrence...whatever we have to do...

Dirk Medema 5 years ago

Harris and Jacob could be the "2 difference makers" in this class that there was an article written about a couple weeks ago. That being said, half the class is rated as highly as the difference makers from previous classes. It is a good trend.

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