Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Dynamo Moscow signs Tyshawn Taylor


Former Kansas University point guard Tyshawn Taylor has signed a contract with Dynamo Moscow of the Russian Superleague. Terms were not disclosed.

Taylor, 24, played for the Maine Red Claws of the NBA Developmental League last season. He started the season with the Brooklyn Nets. He was traded to the New Orleans Pelicans and was waived in January.


Danny Hernandez 7 years, 8 months ago

After watching Tyshawn play for the Nets and get the press he did with his play, I'm flabbergasted he was 1- Waived and 2-Never picked up by another NBA team. Tyshawn is NBA material. On a side note, I walked by RussRobb last night and went back to him to say hi, congratulate him on the great years and championship he help bring to Kansas. He'll always be one of my top ten favorite players.

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 8 months ago

Russell Robinson set the standard for Bill Self lead-guard play, with his D, his team-first attitude, and his efficient distribution. His decision-making is the reason KU fans griped occasionally about Sherron's decision making and griped even more about Tyshawn's decision making. I love all those guys (and EJ as well), and each had his own strengths/weaknesses. It also helps a lead-guard out tremendously when his supporting cast is competent and experienced.

(Favorite RussRob memory is in 08 F4, when Roy said he was the "most important 7ppg in college bball", and RussRob then opened the slaughter of UNC with KU's first points (corner 3 bomb), and ended the butchering with a baseline drive layup. A smiling Self gave RussRob that 'fatherly pat on cheek' that Self does.) What RussRob did in the champ game was mostly unsung, but not forgotten: (jumped over Dorsey, blanked and swatted D.Rose first half, & FOUND + assisted Sherron on his corner3...). Its all KU lore and legend now.

Allison Steen 7 years, 7 months ago

When I was in New York for Champions Classic I saw him and Mario leaving the game at the same time as us. We yelled "rock chalk!" at him, he yelled it back and suggested taking a photo. Pretty cool moment. Mario however walked right past us and wouldn't be in the photo with all of us. RussRobb is true class!

Brianna Zaleski 7 years, 8 months ago


That's great that u did that. He's a favorite of mine as well. I'm sure that made RR's day and he appreciates that more than u think he does... Where did u see him?

Jack Wilson 7 years, 8 months ago

I had always felt that if Tyshawn focused on passing, driving and dishing (as opposed to driving and shooting), and setting up his teammates as his first priority, he would have been much more valuable as a KU player, and a sure-fire NBA player. Too much time was spent posting on that topic.

Perhaps that's why he's hasn't made it in the NBA. He's not a particularly good shooter, and not having the strong drive and dish game takes away two attributes that seem necessary in the NBA (at least one of them). But who really knows.

Anyway, the guy is making a good living playing basketball and should be able to do that well into his thirties. That's all positive.

Joe Joseph 7 years, 8 months ago

TT was a valuable KU player - especially his senior year - because he DID drive and look to finish rather than pass. I still maintain that the season TT had his senior year is one of the greatest and most valuable efforts in probably all of Bill Self's tenure at Kansas.

Jack Wilson 7 years, 8 months ago

You are correct about the second half of his senior season. His transformation was key in our final four run, so he deserves great credit for that.

However, prior to that, TT was pretty much of a disaster.

You mentioned driving and finishing. Actually, TT's calling card for much of his tenure here was driving and getting his shot blocked, throwing up a wild shot, or turning it over. Most of the time when he had the opportunity to dish to teammates. It was a constant. Something we could count on, at least.

There was one discussion where I was told that TT's best contribution was that he missed shots at the rim, which created offensive rebounding opportunities. And that nobody did that like TT did. To that, I had to admit, I could not respond ... that was certainly correct.

But hey, when you lead a title game run, you get complete absolution for all prior transgressions.

Jonathan Allison 7 years, 8 months ago

I think that the commentators often made a big deal about his creating offensive rebound opportunities. They talked about that a lot when Sherron was PG too. But obviously we think that it's better to have a made layup or an assist as opposed to a missed layup and a chance for an offensive rebound from Cole, Kieff, Withey, or TRob.

I'd like to see a stat for what percentage of Taylor's missed paint attempts turned into offensive rebounds.

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 8 months ago

HEM, I dont think we would or should absolve Tyshawn for his gaffe's in his first 3 seasons...and honestly, I just spent a few days re-watching the '12Hawks make their champ game run (I couldnt watch the KY game, though)--> all the usual head-scratching turnovers are still there. Your point about TT becoming more efficient is spot on...but the other side of the coin is that with TRob being doubled, and Withey not an offensive goto guy...Tyshawn's aggressive mentality gave Self "fallback" offense, sometimes being the only offense, as Tyshawn and his 71% FT shooting lived at the line. A mentality that Self sorely missed the following year when TT was gone, and EJ was asked to be something that he (mentally) was not.

Elias Dunlavy 7 years, 8 months ago

Tyshawns senior year and Sherron Collins in 09 were two of the best individual seasons in recent KU memory. Congrats to TT

Jack Wilson 7 years, 8 months ago

Could you be forgetting TRob's 2011-12 season?

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 8 months ago

TT+TRob in '12 makes that my second favorite Self team there was absolutely NO shortage of heart. Just a tendency for cold-shooting/slow starts, which ultimately cost them the final prize. But they never quit, and no shortage of toughness. Just not as polished or balanced as the 08Champs were. They could have used Markieff and Selby (for sure).

Titus Canby 7 years, 8 months ago

Jared Hasse's '96 season, Danny Manning's 88 season, Rex Walter's 93? season. Collison's 03 season. With each of these guys, I felt like we couldn't lose when they were in the game.

Joseph Bullock 7 years, 8 months ago

Tyshawn did not have many options to pass to, his senior year-at least not on the outside. he did have T-Rob, on the inside, but what great shooters did he have to pass it to, on the outside. The guy who was supposed to be the shooter (Conner), never found confidence in his stroke, and even shyed away from taking the shots, thus, Tyshawn ended up driving and shooting it more. I was at the Sweet 16, Elite 8, and Final Four, and Tyshawn was the driving force. Yes, he had a bad first half of the season, but totally turned it aroung, even with all the criticism he got rom lots of fans. So which would you rather have, a great first half, or a great 2nd half. We won another Big 12 Title last season, but got beat in the 2nd round. I wa there, also. Enough said. Rock Chalk, Tyshawn Hawk!

Jack Wilson 7 years, 8 months ago

Joseph: His senior season, TT could dish to EJ, Releford, TRob, and Withey. That group played most all of the minutes.

With all due respect, your post does not make sense. You respond to a criticism of TT that he failed to pass the ball enough or effectively, by questioning who he had to pass to. Further, you qualify it by saying .. that we didn't have "great shooters". And you miss the point. The point is that when TT drove, there enumerable times when scoring opportunities were created by his excellent driving ability, with the prime example when a post player was standing wide open for an easy drop off -- and TT forced a shot, turned it over, etc.

Tracy Atherton 7 years, 8 months ago

Congratulations to Tyshawn. All Tyshawn did his senior year was do what his coach asked him to do, which was to carry the team on his back, for most of the season. Without Tyshawn, there wouldn't have been a magical run in March. Tyshawn had a heart of a Lion and was a warrior and the team fed on that. He gave his all every possession- what more could a fan ask? Good luck to him and hope he continues on a successful path of playing the game he obviously loves.

Joseph Bullock 7 years, 8 months ago

Jack, it is your opinion that my post does not make sense, and that is your right to feel that way. The other players you mentions, did not have great shooting seasons either. Rel was a good shooter, but passed up too many shots. Don't be so sensitive. I also have the right to my opinion! Deal with it! Some people think they are always right. I'm not, and FYI, neither are you. PS: Like I said, runner up for the Championship, because of his excellent 2nd half of the season. By the way, on a ton of those 'wild drives', as you call them, he drew foul after foul, and made a ton of free throws, while getting the other teams players in foul trouble. He willed K.U. to a victory, in the 2nd half, against Ohio State, out playing their all everything PG, and totally frustrating him. I did admit he didn't have a good 1st half, of the season. Again, it's how you finish! Enough said. And done with this subject!

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 8 months ago

The fact that Tyshawn wasnt the best of shooters (in college, or even in high school) is immaterial now. He was 70-ranked for a reason...but he got better by the time he was 22...and what always was there was his elite-level athleticism, and his never-say-die aggressive mentality.

And as everyone knows, if you keep playing this game past the age of 22, you keep getting better and better. Make no mistake, his shot IS better from all ranges now than it was in 2012. I wish Tyshawn all the best, and a long pro career. RCJH, Tyshawn!

Joseph Bullock 7 years, 8 months ago

Right on Erich! You see things as exactly what they are. It's great when people (like you), are driven by facts, not by their personal likes or dislikes, about someone. If a person can't see (and can't be honest), that Tyshawn was the main reason we got to (and almost won) the Championship in 2013, then they are blind out of one eye, and they can't see out of the other. Rock Chalk, Tyshawn Hawk! PS: There is also something about a player, who not only has talent, but who is also a 'Winner'! If I'm not mistaken, Tyshawn lead his high school team to (and won), the National Championship! I hope he ends up back in the NBA!

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