Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Heat exercising option on former KU guard Mario Chalmers

Miami Heat guard Mario Chalmers (15) looks to shoot against the Chicago Bulls defense during the first quarter of Game 5 of the NBA basketball Eastern Conference finals Thursday, May 26, 2011, in Chicago.

Miami Heat guard Mario Chalmers (15) looks to shoot against the Chicago Bulls defense during the first quarter of Game 5 of the NBA basketball Eastern Conference finals Thursday, May 26, 2011, in Chicago.


The Miami Heat have decided to exercise their team option to keep starting point guard Mario Chalmers for the 2013-14 season.

Heat President Pat Riley made the announcement on Wednesday. The former Kansas guard Chalmers is due to make $4 million this coming season, which will be his sixth with the Heat.

Chalmers has started 273 of his 366 games with the Heat, including all 187 of his appearances in the last two seasons. He averaged 8.6 points per game this season, making a career-best 123 tries from 3-point range.

Chalmers also averaged 17 points in the last two games of this year's NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs, when the Heat rallied from a 3-2 series deficit.


Phil Leister 9 years ago

The big knock on Bill is that he hasn't produced NBA stars. I don't think Mario will ever be an All-Star, but the starting PG for the best team in the league with 2 (and counting) rings? That's star status. And it's great for KU.

kellerman411 9 years ago

Yeah, I think that's fair. His playoff performance opened some eyes. 4 million is a steal though...

Michael Bratisax 9 years ago

Watch DA live up to his expectations AND surpass them.

Woody Cragg 9 years ago

KU is the only program to have 3 NBA Final MVP's...Wilt, Jo Jo, & Pierce. Maybe bill will get one too. Arthur & Mario might have a shot, at least on a team without LBJ.

Nicholas Cederlind 9 years ago

Damn right they're keeping Rio. Someone tell his agent that the starting PG on a defending NBA championship team deserves more than 4 million.

David Leathers 9 years ago

He probably does deserve that, but then again there really isn't enough money to go around with LeBron, Wade, and Bosh on the roster. Not to mention the role players like Udonis Haslem, Ray Allen, and Norris Cole. Rio makes more money that Allen and Haslem, so they have him at about the right place.. Being under paid is just the price he has to pay to start collecting those rings.

Greg Lux 9 years ago

The real screw-up by the Heat is Bosh .. He is making a little over 19mil believe it or not the same amount as James and a little more then Wade. This past playoffs shows that Bosh is grossly over paid. Wade is also over paid per the performance he showed during the playoffs. Mario played great except for the games in San Antonio which he didn't score much. Mario gets the Mr. Congeniality award for putting up with all the abuse he gets from the Big Three. I wish he would tell Wade to sit on it. He is not close to the player he use to be and blaming Mario is getting old.

Rock Chalk

Michael Bratisax 9 years ago

I agree BUT..the market is sticking to the Big Three. Not so easy to change no matter how much the media seems to genuinely like Mario..

AverageCitizen 9 years ago

Mario may not be a "star" but he is an integral part of a NC winning team and VERY HIGHLY visible to recruits as a Jayhawk. Of all the ex players, I wouldn't have picked Mario as the one to go farther than most. Yes, he was a fantastic college player but I would have guessed some of our taller/bulkier players would have made it further. I'm proud of Mario.

jgkojak 9 years ago

At some point Mario will have an opportunity to hold up the Heat or whoever for big bucks.

Boouk 9 years ago

Hopefully Mario isn't the only former Jayhawk on the Heat's roster next year. I think Jeff Withey would be a good fit on their team.

David Brown 9 years ago

YES! Agree that Jeff and his defensive skills would be a great fit for the Heat. Not counted on to score, just rebound, block shots, and play tough defense. Do exactly what the Birdman does, without the tattoo's (and with better hair). Miami would have to trade a player to get a draft pick, since Miami doesn't have any picks this year. Or arrange a trade with a team that does pick Withey. Just really think this would be a perfect fit. Plus, another team with two ex-Jayhawks (Phoenix; Miami).

wrwlumpy 9 years ago

I was very happy back when Kirk signed his extension with the Bulls for $54 Mil. followed by Nick and his $42 mil with Okla. Watching the NBA draft workouts, Chad Ford referred to a top draft pick as a poor man's Kirk Heinrich. Watching Mario in the last two games that they had to win or go home, he started and played 40 minutes, scored a ton of points plus the uplifting 3 at the buzzer to bring the team back at halftime, yet no mention of him or what he accomplished as their quarterback by any news articles or pundits. Kirk, back with the Bulls, is still making $8 mil per yr.

Next year is Mario's big money year with the Heat or whomever.

Scott Smetana 9 years ago

It's tough to root for the Heat when the media keeps referring to the "Big 3".

Brad Farha 9 years ago

Blame it on Rio! I mean, Rock Chalk Rio!!!!

notjustbread 9 years ago

Between the contract renewal and his endorsement deal with Spalding, Chalmers is getting along very well.

jaybate 9 years ago

I rarely believe in hold outs, but this would be a great time to push Riley for more money. The Heat can't win rings with Cole and Allen, or Riley would not have re-upped with Mario. It's business in the NBA. Hold-outs are totally ethical. They are just bad tactics most of the time. Not this time.

jaybate 9 years ago


Say, that's even shorter than "Nope."...and I post LOL quite often. :-)

Jim Chastain 9 years ago

Anybody who knows anything basketball knows that the Heat are way better with Mario on the floor. He's clutch, knows where the ball needs to go and also wants it when the game is on the line. That's a hard line to walk on a team like this.

Mark Lindrud 9 years ago

4 million a year, add playoffs and title bonuses. He's doing well. His next contract will be icing on the cake, but if LeBron stays, so should Mario. He can still make good money, but ride the LeBron title train.

Steve Brown 9 years ago

LJW could we see a list of top NBA KU boys in order for annual salary for this or next season.

Who is top paid, Paul? who is lowest paid player, not coach, in Russia or Europe or D League, are you able to pull that list together for us. Rank by $$ then share with us.

Thursday Ben will crack our top 5 maybe top 3.

Greg Woolen 9 years ago

2012-13 salaries, not including signing bonuses they may have received at the beginning of their contracts. Number preceding their name indicates where their salary ranks within the NBA.

14 Paul Pierce, SF Boston Celtics $16,790,345 99 Drew Gooden, PF Milwaukee Bucks $6,687,400 172 Kirk Hinrich, SG Chicago Bulls $3,941,000 192 Thomas Robinson, PF Sacramento Kings $3,374,640 212 Darrell Arthur, PF Memphis Grizzlies $3,006,217 220 Nick Collison, PF Oklahoma City Thunder $2,929,332 223 Julian Wright, SF N/A $2,858,057 244 Cole Aldrich, C Sacramento Kings $2,445,480 251 Xavier Henry, SG New Orleans Hornets $2,323,200 277 Markieff Morris, PF Phoenix Suns $2,005,560 283 Marcus Morris, PF Phoenix Suns $1,905,360 433 Josh Selby, PG Memphis Grizzlies $762,195

Michael Bratisax 9 years ago

Yeah..I think you got it right. Both players need the constant pressure to not sit around the house.

Geezer 9 years ago

Rio always knows that he's the best player on the floor. Gotta love it.

jamsim3 9 years ago

Mario needs to play out his contract in Miami and then get the hell out of Miami. The continual reference to the Big 3 annoys me to know end and the star fixated reporters have already missed on so many good stories on the other Heat players who make up the other 2 it's ridiculous. I only root for Mario and wish with all my heart he would slap the crap out of DWade and Chris Bosh. The tongue lashing he gets from those guys on television looks so bad it can't help but be fodder on the playgrounds for all who hate KU. Smack 'em down Mario!!

Sparko 9 years ago

Chalmers +/- was sick in the play-offs. Wade and Cole were skewed way negative. It was genius keeping Mario in. I thought the Heat were awful when Mario was in foul trouble. Game 3 was just horribly officiated.

James Donnell 9 years ago

Mario was one of my all time favorite Jayhawks, so I am thrilled with his success. It is painful, though, to see what he has to put up with the "Big Three." Fortunately, I have noticed this year that LeBron is actually looking for Mario to feed him the ball at times. Shocking!! Wade, on the other hand, never even looks in his direction. It is so obvious. And Bosh--you talk overrated! Most of the time the Heat does not look like a "team." They get by on talent. The Spurs were more fun to watch. I am sure Mario is happy with the rings, but I feel bad for him not being part of a group that appreciates him more and being on a team where he is an "outsider."

Keep your head up, Rio.

Tony Bandle 9 years ago

Besides his clutch play and floor presence, Mario is the Heat's official "LBJDT".........Translated, LeBron James Diss Target. Mario takes the crap and comes right back at him.

Now if Mario could only win an Olympic Gold medal, he would be in rarified company for the Grand Slam of State, NCAA, NBA and Olympic Championships [ I think it's only Clyde Lovelette, Magic Johnson and Jerry Lucas.]

Jack Jones 9 years ago

Never understood the "Bill Self doesn't produce NBA Stars" thing. Absolutely nonsensical criticism ~ for reasons too obvious to detail.

Jack Jones 9 years ago

No brain-er for the Heat and Chalmers. Must admit that while I thought Mario was a great college player, I have been extremely impressed with his NBA career ~ especially on a team with James, Wade, et al, who get superstar attention, and rightly so. While he does have some "off games" ~ who doesn't? ~ he seems to be able to step up when it is needed most ~ Game 6 of the finals is a perfect example. As my son says ~ HS, College, NBA ~ "Mario is a Winner."

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