Friday, July 22, 2011


QB Brock Berglund, coach Turner Gill both in a pickle


Ever play the quarterback middle-name game? No? OK, this will be your debut. It consists of just two questions, so it won’t take long.

  1. Name two record-setting NFL quarterbacks and former MVPs born in Pittsburgh who share an unusual middle name?

Answer: John Constantine Unitas and Daniel Constantine Marino, two of the best classic drop-back quarterbacks ever to play the game.

  1. What is Kansas University dual-threat quarterback recruit Brock Berglund’s middle name?

Answer: Keegan.

I can’t wait to meet him to compare family trees to see if we might be related. I know we already have at least one thing in common, that being an apparent aversion to spring and summer conditioning workouts.

Berglund blew off spring football. He has not attended summer conditioning workouts with teammates who have confronted triple-digit heat and suffocating humidity, brothers in sweat bonded for life by mutual respect.

Brock Keegan Berglund — sort of has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it? — has found himself in a legal pickle. Some KU football enthusiasts will try to use it as a convenient excuse for Berglund not wanting the starting quarterback job badly enough to compete for it. They want to believe Berglund is the Buzz Lightyear of the real world, poised to elevate the KU football program to infinity and beyond.

Not so fast. The alleged third-degree assault didn’t take place until April 9, the date of KU’s sixth of 15 spring football practices. The frustrating point for Berglund: Had he stayed in Lawrence to participate in spring football, he wouldn’t need to fight in court to preserve his good name.

It’s easy to see where dealing with misdemeanor allegations might require Berglund to be in Colorado every now and then, but missing all the summer conditioning workouts? He apparently flew in for team pictures and again later to sign scholarship papers, but didn’t join teammates in the Summer-from-the-Sahara runs.

Oh well, a football program can’t turn on one young man, although Todd Reesing, when healthy, certainly made a huge difference. He graduated a semester early from high school so that he could get a head start. He eventually beat out his friend Kerry Meier and then turned him into his favorite target. The rest is record-book history.

That was then. This is now: Berglund remains on the KU football roster, leaving head coach Turner Gill with an interesting decision. Gill’s attraction to coaching football seems to be more about helping teenage boys grow into confident men than about gaining acclaim for winning.

Still, he wants to win and win big, as he stated at the news conference held to announce his hiring.

“I’m not coming here to use it as a stepping stone to a football dynasty, but rather to create a football dynasty here at KU,” Gill said then.

Starting with a last-place Big 12 finish and a consensus pick for last, is it possible to build a dynasty by letting a player at the most important position continue to stand by the river, one toe in the water, while the rest of the players swim upstream to improve themselves?


Ferd Magellan 10 years, 11 months ago

Gill is the one to blame for Berglund not being in town, yet you refuse to let up. Made a fool by KCTV 5 and still kicking.

Your editorials have become no different than Woodling's. I done reading them and commenting after them. Enjoy tearing apart 18 year old kids based on the opinions of others without direct knowledge from the accused themselves. I hope he tells you to piss off when you try to ask him a question in the next interview sessions.

DocBean 10 years, 11 months ago

"I done reading them and commenting after them" does that mean you're commenting even though you didn't read it?

He's not an 18 year old kid. He's an 18 year old young man. He needs to grow a set and take responsibility for his actions. This is what you get when you play D1 football in a BCS conference. He's part of Gill's first crop of kids and a QB, so he's got it worse then most.

College athletes get more visibility to perspective employers then any other student, but it swings both ways, bad and good.

hawk316 10 years, 11 months ago

I don't know about anyone else, but I love this coaching philosophy:

"Gill’s attraction to coaching football seems to be more about helping teenage boys grow into confident men than about gaining acclaim for winning.

Still, he wants to win and win big, as he stated at the news conference held to announce his hiring.

'I’m not coming here to use it as a stepping stone to a football dynasty, but rather to create a football dynasty here at KU,' Gill said then."

hawk316 10 years, 11 months ago

I suspect that Berglund may turn out to be exhibit A when considering the kind of coach Turner Gill is. By all accounts, this young man has had a somewhat rocky beginning in his college career. I expect Coach Gill to embrace and mentor this immature, inexperienced, and possibly confused young freshman and help shape him into a man.

ahpersecoachingexperience 10 years, 11 months ago

the "homers" are going to set a football posting record on this article. sorry guys, truth hurts!

Andy Tweedy 10 years, 11 months ago

If that's who that is, pretty tasteless indeed! Creepy in fact!

ahpersecoachingexperience 10 years, 11 months ago

Ok, eventhough I don't know what you guys are talking about. Haven't you read? I've had some elective surgery done over the past couple of days and I just thought you guys would be interested in seeing the results!!!

redlegger 10 years, 11 months ago

"I know we already have at least one thing in common, that being an apparent aversion to spring and summer conditioning workouts".

Oh come on Tom, don't be so hard on yourself - I'm sure that you put in your fair share of 12 oz curls!

Ahperse - you may try and deny it, but you're the biggest homer of all (of what I don't know). By the way, what "truth" are you referring to - the fact that Brock and Tom share a name - you're right, that does kind of hurt.

Have a great day everyone (hopefully we get some rain soon)!

KUbsee69 10 years, 11 months ago

Keegan's been eating 12 oz donuts??? I thought they were lighter than that :)

kwahyaj25 10 years, 11 months ago

Been reading and loving LJW's coverage of KU for years, but this is the first time I've felt compelled to comment on a story. I don't love Keegan but have understood that LJW is a small paper with a probably limited budget. I'm a big fan of the reporting done by Tait and others on KU Sports.

But this Berglund stuff -- why single out a kid like this who is obviously having personal issues and isn't even really on campus yet? I know there's a story here, but negatively-tilted speculation about a just graduated high school student from your lead columnist pushes the boundaries in an unnecessary and ungrounded manner. This article feels like more speculation and taking a shot at a young athlete by a columnist who seems most interested in defending a questionable position (when he clearly didn't have close to all the facts) in the writing of an earlier column.

kureignman 10 years, 11 months ago

Completely agree. I've always felt that that no matter how good of an article Keegan writes, there will be those who say it sucks. I've never felt compeled to defend him though because I'm sure he's got a thick skin and it come with having one of the best jobs. I've tried not to pile on to his questionable articles but this one made me feel disgusted just reading it. I mean we are taking about someone who was in high school a few months ago. It seems like Keegan is either reaching to justify his earlier commentary or he has reached a new low and is writing articles just to stir up trouble at the expense of an 18 year old.

Steve Corder 10 years, 11 months ago


Why is there no commentary by LJW sports about the UT tv broadcast of high school football story? The Big 12 commish has been issuing comments and yet not one word have I seen on this site. Remarkable!

Chris Bailey 10 years, 11 months ago

Yeah Keegan doesn't know how to go out and find information on a story he just hears stuff and writes it down along with things he creates in his head. Why doesn't he stop writing stories about the football team? They are always negative! Just once I'd like to hear a positive article from him about KU football!

Omari Miller 10 years, 11 months ago

These sort of comments should go directly to the sport editor, Jesse Newell, who does check these posts from time to time, but probably wants to hear the praise and criticism directly - 785.832.6357.

I think Keegan relishes his role as provocateur, but I agree that he's gone too far down this path... and apparently isn't thinking about even looking back, despite the embarrassment of having already gotten the big story wrong behind blind speculation... and maybe curiously placed pessimism?

I get it. Slow news cycle.. I get it. But there's got to be a more productive use of resources than this libelous drivel about an 18-year-old kid that hasn't even started school at KU yet.

The truth doesn't hurt, as apherse wrote. It's just not that sensational here - kid stands up for his girlfriend and get's slapped with a minor assault charge, which keeps him from starting his college career the way he or any of us would like. Done. Next story.

Geekinout 10 years, 11 months ago

Michael Cummings! When back to 100% healthy, I believe this is the guy that's going to be the starter. Sadly, probably won't see him until next season. I don't know any of the true facts, just the handful of rumors, but Berglund's interest in putting on a KU uniform is similar to that of Micah Downs.

KU_Alumn_2000 10 years, 11 months ago

This is the kind of adversity Berglund can turn into a positive.

Brock I hope you pull through this with character and poise. If you will establish a mental toughness that will make create success on and off the field.

kujakehawk 10 years, 11 months ago

keegan- seriously.. shut up. EVERYONE is tired of hearing you bash brock berglund. IS THERE NOTHING OR NOONE ELSE TO TALK ABOUT?!?! You would be the sole reason noone likes him. I for one would have done the same thing that he did if someone was harassing my girlfriend. I think that what he did was awesome actually he really cares for someone and he showed everyone he has some fight in him. This isnt even about football with you anymore. I seriously dont know how someone can have such a hard on about bashing an 18 year old for his decisions. He doesnt owe you anything. If he doesnt ever come and stay in lawrence i blame you and your propaganda for that. Also.. get off of the todd reesing kick. YES todd was the best QB that ku has ever had and one of the most underrated and nationally underappreciated guys ever. but that is the past. MOVE ON! You seriously are having the worst hangover from having a good few seasons. I hope that Brock comes and gets the job and blows your mind with his play. I personally would walk around campus with a F YOU KEEGAN t-shirt. You seriously have a awesome job that a lot of us out here would love to have and you take advantage and bore everyone with your brock berglund stories, which arent always even true. get a life, and get your tent out of his back yard and let the kid live. CREEP.

Kenneth Hillman 10 years, 11 months ago

hilarious...a "F You Keegan" shirt. I would buy one of those, you may be onto something. The unfortunate situation we find ourselves in is we are essentially forced to read Keegan's garbage. We want to read about KU and KU sports and this is what is put out there for us to read. Eliminate the option...

rastameta 10 years, 11 months ago

Keegan is the biggest loser. He doesn't even come close to knowing all the facts. Rivals reported he was working out with the Broncos this summer and working quite hard.

blackhawkjayhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

I must be missing something.....since when is a columnist disallowed from writing opinion pieces on KU athletics and athletes? Keegan's piece simply straightens out a timeline and re-emphasizes the fact that this signee hasn't shown up. If he was a defensive tackle, it might not matter. For the heir apparent and on-field combination of Unitas, Starr, Brady, Manning, Montana and Marino, he might be getting off on the wrong foot.

I suspect Keegan was right the first time - we won't ever see him in a KU uniform. I wish him well as he sorts out his legal affairs and moves on with his life. He still has many options available and plenty of time to get on track with his collegiate career.

Andy Tweedy 10 years, 11 months ago

You're all wet!!! From what I've read, he's much more Fran Tarkenton than Dan Marino!

tis4tim 10 years, 11 months ago

Right, because sitting behind your keyboard and lashing out at a columnist's weight day in and day out is much more admirable.

longhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

You know, this kid sounds like a whiney brat, BUT when did an 18 year-old kid (allegedly) throwing a punch at another 18 year-old kid over a girl become something worthy of prosecution? What kind of a pansy world do we live in now?

Kevin Studer 10 years, 11 months ago

I may be wrong, but I think assault has actually been illegal for a while.

JHawk74 10 years, 11 months ago

I doubt Turner Gill expected Brock to come in and take the starting Quarterback role as a freshman. Maybe he gets a chance to play a few snaps in a game or two to get his feet wet. Brock is the future not the present at Quarterback. Redshirting him might be the best thing for him. He obviously has maturity issues. He sounds like a typical high school athlete that was in the wrong place at the wrong time. Most men would protect their girlfriends or spouses. Give Brock a chance to prove that he is the future quarterback at KU.

Andy Tweedy 10 years, 11 months ago

The Reesing commentary isn't completely aligned with the facts. Sure, Todd Reesing came to school early and was a hero to KU fans everywhere. But even the great Todd Reesing was on track for a redshirt until Meier's injury forced MM to take a chance in one game. Just because we all thought this kid was the star recruit doesn't preclude him from redshirting either. When he does get here, I still can't imagine he was going to save anything in 2011.

Clarence Haynes 10 years, 11 months ago

I kind of liken to go back to the "ole" days when the media would never have gotten a whiff of a situation like this, but this is a new day and age when it is the vogue thing to write articles such as this.

Funhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

Sports editor in a pickle, accused of stalking an eighteen year old kid.

Clarence Haynes 10 years, 11 months ago

"Gill’s attraction to coaching football seems to be more about helping teenage boys grow into confident men than about gaining acclaim for winning.

Still, he wants to win and win big, as he stated at the news conference held to announce his hiring.""

Both can be accomplished but difficult when the LJW Sports Editor writes scathing articles about athletically capable young who likely need the guidance from a person like Turner Gill.

DocBean 10 years, 11 months ago

Keegan is asking the question why an "athletically capable young man" who "likely needs the guidance from Turner Gill" won't get his butt to Lawrence to receive that guidance. Where is this scathing article you mentioned?

GoHawks1 10 years, 11 months ago

Everyone needs to peel back the onion. Read the last 4 paragraphs of the piece. The issue isn't Brock Berglund. The issue is the head coach.

As every day passes, I see Terry Allen Part II. Lack of discipline and different rules for different players. Both Turner and Terry are great guys, good recruiters, but not good football coaches. If Turner Gill is coaching KU 4 years from now I will eat my hat.

HawknessMonster23 10 years, 11 months ago

"Brock Keegan Berglund — sort of has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?"

After reading this comment, I was ejected out of my office due to Keegan's mass ego coming through my computer screen. Vintage Keegs.

vd 10 years, 11 months ago

When is Keegan going to dump on the other 20 freshmen who missed spring football?

DocBean 10 years, 11 months ago

...because they aren't in court for assault charges? because they're not QBs? because they aren't self-proclaimed Manning/Brady/Vick superstars?

The QB gets the love when we do well, and shoulders the blame when we don't. Brock should love getting his name in so many columns before he even starts. When we suck this season, people will be blaming Gill for not getting him on the field. He'll be the savior before he even puts on a uniform – if he ever does.

rob4lb 10 years, 11 months ago

As an avid alum and fan who lives out of town, I frequently check the local papers to get details on KU sports. I also find the fan comments to be interesting and in some cases compelling. I stopped reading comments in the Kansas City paper because they were just juvenile -- KU sucks, Missouri sucks, K-State sucks. The comments by the readers on LJW is much better, but the 'homerism' is sometimes over the top.

If anyone writes something the least big negative, there is a contingent of readers that get very defensive. The reporters have more information that I or any of the readers have because that is their job. I want to read their opinion. I don't want the reporters to act as cheerleaders trying to spin everything in a positive direction.

You have to live out of town (and I know a lot of the posters are also from out of town) to realize how irrelevent KU sports (with the exception of basketcall) is on the national scene.

squawkhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

Surely that last paragraph isn't true. I thought the world turned on KU sports.

Ludwig Supraphonic 10 years, 11 months ago

Yet here you are (again) seeking relevance via negative comments on a KU sports website.

squawkhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

Stop being an attention whore, Hornhawk.

DocBean 10 years, 11 months ago

I agree completely. The comments under Keegans articles are starting to make me sick, I can't believe these are KU fans.

kureader 10 years, 11 months ago

I also quit reading the KC sports blogs. This is a great blog. Except for a few trolls and boneheads, LJW online readers are very knowledgeable. There are many former KU players and lifelong fans on this site, who make the LJW blog very interesting. Of course, we're "homers". But, we're not automatically defensive about criticisms of KU. Loyal KU fans criticise KU on this blog all the time. Keegan, however, is a whole different story. Many of us are tired of a steady diet of his "gossip column journalism". The constant harrassment of incoming freshman, Brock Berglund, by Keegan is rediculous. It's time for the LJW to look for another sports editor.

squawkhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

Brock Keegan is Tom Keegan's illegitimate son. That explains a lot.

Seth Nesmith 10 years, 11 months ago

Keegan you are a fool! Chopping down a 18 year old without all the facts and criticizing a teenager for showing up to school on time (just not early). The media has grown ridiculous. Oh, by the way, it wasn't injuries that doomed Reesing, it was going out every night, hangovers, and a poor work ethic his senior year. Grow up Keegan.

OldEnuf2BYurDad 10 years, 11 months ago

"Had he stayed in Lawrence to participate in spring football, he wouldn’t need to fight in court to preserve his good name."

I fail to see the logic in this statement. No football player ever got in trouble in Lawrence? The zip code makes a difference?

"Rivals reported he was working out with the Broncos this summer and working quite hard."

It seems this tidbit should have been considered when this article was written. Thankfully, a READER knows the facts.

Patrick Leiker 10 years, 11 months ago


Not even going to read your story, but haven't you screwed the pouch on this big enough already that you should just let it go without further articles. That is what you get for taking internet message board rumors and writing an article based on them.

Oh, it was an opinion piece. You don't need any real information...right?

DocBean 10 years, 11 months ago

I don't know why everyone is bashing Keegan. I agree with him.

Bottom line, if the kid would have gotten his butt to Lawrence to work with the team he wouldn't be in court.

Anyone calling him a kid, (like that gives him the right to make stupid decisions) is an idiot. He's old enough to go to war, he's a young man. Not a kid, just a dumbass.

KCHawk81 10 years, 11 months ago

I don't really care either way, but I thought this was priceless:

"...if the kid would have gotten his butt to Lawrence..."

"Anyone calling him a an idiot."

Fair enough.

Ethan Berger 10 years, 11 months ago

How were you right out of High School? High schoolers are still kids. Back in the day you could go to war at the age of 12, i guess those were "young men" also.

Marc Frey 10 years, 11 months ago

Pretty simple: Either you want to play or you don't. Keegan is correct in that Brock Berglund has had opportunities to be a part of the Jayhawk Football Program and it has been Brock Berglund that has chosen not to participate when he could.

As a person who played team sports and worked in professional sports, I understand the type of player who does not understand the concept of being a "team player". As of today, it appears to me, Burglund is not a "team player".

Jock Navels 10 years, 11 months ago

The unspoken issue here is...what's up with all this football before autumn. Back in the day, my high school team mate graduated with the rest of us in May, then was a flagman for the local asphalt company for the summer, hanging out, playing a little golf. Then in late August, his dad drove him up to Lawrence to play some football at tight end and go to school. Cool, huh?

kureader 10 years, 11 months ago

Maxhawk, what makes you think Berglund was "taking it easy"?

A number of readers, here, assume (as Keegan does) that if a player isn't working out in Lawrence, he isn't working out ... or, that there's some indispensable training to be had in Lawrence during the summer. Keegan and a few others claim this shows that Berglund isn't committed. That's BS.

If a bomb goes off on the hill where KU football players are running this summer, not a single KU football coach will be injured. They're not allowed to have contact with the players during the summer. A player of Berglund's caliber has access in Denver to facilities, other college players and coaching. College-bound players, like Berglund, work their butts off during the summertime before their freshman year, whether they're in Lawrence or not.

Berglund may play at KU, he may not. Maybe he has some personal issues, he But, Keegan has gone too far with his repeated criticisms of Berglund. He (and you) should cut the kid some slack.

Kirk 10 years, 11 months ago

Congratulations, fellow KU football fans, for looking like morons yet again.

This is SUCH a basketball school. And NOT a football school.

Fans at a "football school" (i.e., most other programs in the conference) would have read an article from a critical columnist several weeks ago with a rather blase response: "Yeah, here's a hotshot recruit who may turn out to be something of a head case."

Instead, on the Interweb anyway, people who described Keegan as a "hater" responded with their own fusillade of hate, while holding to the high ground of "defending" an "18 year old kid". (Stop hating on a young athlete, man.)

But there never was any hate. Just regular old criticism. But the football faithful at KU continues to be too wimpy and thin skinned to believe for a second that a college age kid can handle anything but cheer leading.

That's why we couldn't handle Mangino. He was mean and nasty and tough.

Let's see how this continued wimpiness works out for us. So far not so good.

Meanwhile, fellow Hawks, you've been New Yorked. Keegan is sticking to his guns.

(And by the way, where's all the "visiting sick family" theorists? Yeah, I thought so.)

djhawk75 10 years, 11 months ago

What I couldn't handle was Mangino losing seven games in a row with a team that was ranked in the Preseason Top 20 and had several players from the Orange Bowl team.

d_prowess 10 years, 11 months ago

Maybe if Tait had written this story people wouldn't be bashing the author as much and simply focus on the idea that Brock chose not to participate in Spring ball because he was homesick. That may have been fine 10-15 years ago, but in Big12 football now (or any top D1 conference), players get ready over the summer on-campus. Especially the QB position since they have so much to learn and have to develop chemistry with the team. Everyone needs to check their displeasure with the writer here for a minute and at least consider that the topic is right on!

rob4lb 10 years, 11 months ago

Well said. Regardless of what happened or will happen, this has to be a distraction to the rest of the team. Chemistry is important and while the rest of the team is working hard in summer heat trying to coalesce as a team, this becomes a distraction that can't help but be uncomfortable when and if he returns to Lawrence.

I believe he would be better served to red shirt this year. If nothing else that will give him a year to become emotionally ready for the rigors of playing Big 12 football.

djhawk75 10 years, 11 months ago

I'll consider something else: maybe Berglund has already been given the message that he will redshirt this year. If that's the case, then perhaps his presence at KU this summer won't mean much to the team. Now, I agree that if Tait had written this article there would be less bashing of the author, but that's because Tait has earned the credibility of the readers by covering all of these angles, rather than just blindly writing something without all the pertinent information.

Dyrk Dugan 10 years, 11 months ago

Keegan is just trying to cover his tail. he made a bold prediction, with no evidence, (it wasn't printed in his article anyway) that this kid would never suit up at KU. Now we know, that there's at least some other news in the matter of why he hasn't been here. Now it's obvious that the coaching staff has approved of his not being here, so it's not on the's on the coaches.

But TK still needs Brock to be his whipping boy....since he already flogged him a few weeks ago. But again, he's 18....sounds like he probably made a mistake....or he's being railroaded....either way, all understandable. I bet if you talk to Brock one on one, he may regret not sticking it out on campus in the spring. (she must be a special

But again, Keegan goes too far in this one. Theorizing that one kid doesn't make a football program....whoever said that Brock would? He's got a pretty darn good pedigree....i would think he should be pretty darn good. But no one is that delusional that because of his abilities, he would warrant preferential treatment from our coaching staff...coming off of a 3-9 record and getting blasted in several league games. He'll get put through the paces starting Aug. 3..and if he's the best QB on the team, it will emerge. Through practice. and hard work. Do you think after what he's been through, he's going to waltz in here and expect the starting job? i highly doubt it....everyone gets humbled eventually.

Bottom line: an athletic, championship type QB. cocky as heck; and he's having a hard time of leaving the nest; and he's been humbled a bit with a legal proceeding. Doesn't sound like someone we can't deal with...again, Aug 3. thru the 24th or so, will tell us all we need to know.

lama 10 years, 11 months ago

When did it become OK to savage a kid before he officially enters school? Not to mention the indecipherable lead (middle names?). Plenty to criticize about KU football -- not sure this is where I would start.

Fred Davis 10 years, 11 months ago

While LJW is jamming Berglund information down our throat - and I understand, he's a three-star prospect at QB and KU needs a quarterback desperately - Michael Cummings is the kid who's going to end up taking this program to Reesing-like heights before its all said and done and Gill has stayed pretty mum about the kid for the most part, and that's a good thing... Not to mention, according to reporting here on KUSports, he's impressed his teammates and coaches, which clearly, Berglund has not... Put Berglund on the back burner, if he shows up, great, if he doesn't, who cares... There is no way at this point, even if he does show up, that this kid is going to seriously contend for a starting spot, much less a backup position... He sounds like a headcase whether he is or not, and like Keegan said, if the kid was the gamer he proclaims to be - a mix of "Michael Vick and Peyton Manning" - then he would've been at Spring and Summer workouts instead of beating up dudes over his girlfriend... Get over it man, if your girl is hot, dudes are going to holler at her... End of story. Either get your butt back to Lawrence, man up, get out on the football field and show Jayhawk Nation that you can play or take your drama back to Colorado and stay there... And Coach Gill, I love ya man, but it's time to put this kid's feet to the fire... A very bad precedent is being set here, it's one thing if this kid was a skill player, but he's your quarterback - head cases as quarterbacks don't end well...

Chris Bailey 10 years, 11 months ago

Dear Keegan,

The Enquirer Called! They need journalist's like you! Apply online at www.madeupshat/


KU Sports Fans and Bloggers!

irvan moore 10 years, 11 months ago

i still think BB is the best shot we have at being competitive, i just hope Gill isn't able to "coach" the heart right out of that kid turning him into a good citizen. Keegan is smarter than he looks, gets lots of reader reaction which probably equates to higher rating and possibly a bigger paycheck.

Derek McDonnell 10 years, 11 months ago

"I can’t wait to meet him to compare family trees to see if we might be related. I know we already have at least one thing in common, that being an apparent aversion to spring and summer conditioning workouts."

Hah! Good stuff Keegan.

Apparrantly if he is working out with the Broncos already they must have got wind that he is a combo of Peyton Manning, Tim Tebow, Micheal Vick.....

kujakehawk 10 years, 11 months ago

GO BROCK BERGLUND!!!!!! after all this gets settled, i hope that not only is he our starting QB i want him to run for president. he has my vote, ill even wear my "F you Keegan" shirt.. he and his 3rd degree assault is nothing compared to what we are taking from obama.

kureader 10 years, 11 months ago

Too much is being made about Berglund's potential for this year's season. Even if Berglund is able to put aside his recent problems, it's unlikely that he can make a contribution this year. The move from high school to division I college football is a big one, especially for a QB. He may have had a slight chance had he participated in Spring Ball, but that's water under the bridge. HIs decision not to participatge in summer conditioning in Lawrence is irrelevant.

We'll have to rely on the two or three guys we have already. I think we'll see real improvement from them this year. I'm interested in less "gossip" from Keegan about Berglund, and more good sports writing about the other QB's from Tait.

gchawk 10 years, 11 months ago

Keegan, I'm sure he's looking forward to meeting you as well.

Kirk 10 years, 11 months ago

Yeah. Meeting you and assaulting you!

I wonder if BB ever assaults people who aren't smaller and weaker than himself. Because the big xii is full of guys who are way bigger than ku's 3rd string quarterback. I hope BB has the 'nads to assault them after he's done beating up on keegan (and the guy giving it to his ex girlfriend.)

KCHawk81 10 years, 11 months ago

Nobody has addressed the real issue here, which is this: in Keegan's lede, he says we need to answer just two questions to play our name game. But "Name two record-setting NFL quarterbacks and former MVPs born in Pittsburgh who share an unusual middle name" isn't a question. Think I'm wrong? Then why is the next "question" also labeled "1."?

So where is the second question? We have three choices--the next question mark appears as an interruptive element: "sort of has a nice ring to it, doesn’t it?" To me, that's clearly rhetorical. Moving on.

The next question mark is a tempting suspect, but look closely: "It’s easy to see where dealing with misdemeanor allegations might require Berglund to be in Colorado every now and then, but missing all the summer conditioning workouts?" "But missing all the summer conditioning workouts" is not even a dependent clause. Because Tom Keegan is a professional writer--he gets paid to use his words--I'll have to conclude that what would seem an unforgivable blunder was actually intentional. In other words, this is not question #2.

We have to go to the very last line to find the final question of our quarterback middle-name game. "Starting with a last-place Big 12 finish and a consensus pick for last, is it possible to build a dynasty by letting a player at the most important position continue to stand by the river, one toe in the water, while the rest of the players swim upstream to improve themselves?" That's a question, all right (although I'm not crazy about that modifier). And this brings us to the meat of the piece--a damn fine bit of investigative journalism:

Apparently, our strength and conditioning program consists of guys swimming in a river. I find this unacceptable. Swimming requires different muscles than football-playing. Unless our team does some actual running soon, they are going to be in a bad, bad way. Kudos, Tom, on bringing this to our attention.


Ethan Berger 10 years, 11 months ago

Jimmy Johnson became the head coach of the Dallas cowboys in 1988. His first two seasons where forgettable, being the head coach of a team that would have the second worst record in franchise history. Within 6 years he had two Superbowl rings and if he would have stayed, most likely would have won 4 strait. The name of the game in coaching is Patience. When Jimmy coached his first couple of years, they were calling for his head. Trading their only pro bowler, then going 1-15. Things weren't looking good. But they turned out fine. Have we already forgotten that the year before turner came we went 5-7, then lost every superstar on that team. Lost are best returning starter (Tharp) due to injury. Lost it seemed half our team to injury. We went 3-9. Is Turner Gill the answer? I don't know, and none of us do. Should we just fire a guy based on 1 season? Do you want to be like the Raiders? Nothing good happens if you fire a coach after 1 year unless he has cheating, legal, or crazy issues. I'm confused on how people are saying this Brock thing is a Gill issue, Bobby Bowden was a man who strongly believed in second chances. His own players would get caught cheating and would take a handful of wins from the coaches record. You cannot base a coach of 1 season. We got blown out it seemed every game, yes, but so did the cowboys. They built a franchise, from scraps. Anything is possible. Lets wait before we say what a success and failure is.

GoHawks1 10 years, 11 months ago

Can we buy players like the Cowboys? Don't forget that a new owner brought Jimmy in and spent a boatload of money on talent to win those national championships.

Comparing college football to pro is like apples/oranges.

Ethan Berger 10 years, 11 months ago

Its actually still based on coaching. They didn't buy in free agency much. Dieon Sanders and Charles Hailey where the big signings. Everyone else was drafted. The Walker trade so considered nuts, but it worked out. Emmitt Smith was never supposed to be the NFL all time leading Rusher. The Cowboys weren't supposed to be on the verge of a dynasty. The right coach came in. If the Cowboys would have been impatient like most of these fans, then a dynasty would have never been born. The fundamentals of football never change. That's why when Jimmy left, the dynasty also collapsed. My point is patience.

Kirk 10 years, 11 months ago

Hmm. Your advice to "have patience" would apply generically to ANY head coach in Gill's shoes, just as it would have applied to Terry Allen and Bob Valesente.

Actually, we could have had more patience with the Orange Bowl winning, National Coach of The Year who WAS here to begin with. But nooooo.

So...have more patience? Okay. But I'd like to know whether the additional patience is for Bob Stoops or Bob Valesente.

Last year's record (and the play on the field) give me SOME clue which it is.....

but we'll see

Ethan Berger 10 years, 11 months ago

Well I did mention having crazy problems, and Mark seemed to have em. Love the guy, but anytime you get accused like that, you gotz to go. Last year of course is something we can use. It was an ugly year, but we lost everyone. Thinking about it, last year really doesn't mean much to me. It is a cat mouse game. Chizik up at Auburn seemed to be a bust at Iowa State, then somehow gets the Auburn Job and wins a title. I would love to see into the future what will happen, but until you give a coach a couple years, you really have no idea.

Kirk 10 years, 11 months ago

Auburn and Kansas.

Okay. Yeah. Same thing, right?

In other news, Fort Hays State has a basketball program like KU's.

Ethan Berger 10 years, 11 months ago

Obviously the Auburn reference flew way over your head. If you don't know Gene was the head coach at ISU. Lets be honest they were not very good. Then 2 years ago, Auburn Hired him. Auburn nation that it was a Horrible hire, as did most everyone. But in two years he won a title. The reason I bring this up is because no one saw that coming. It was unpredictable. You keep acting like Mangino was fired based on the team performance. Let me remind you that Mark first off resigned and second he resigned because he was being accused by his own players for Mental abuse. You can sue 100s of millions for mental abuse(I was just on a jury where a lady tried that) The fact that Magino made the orange bowl two years ago is irrelevant because when Mangino was supposed to win the North we finished what last? or second to last? You cannot base Turner Gill on what happened three years ago, Turner got a team that was 5-7, Lost their Star qb, starting RB, Both WR, Linebackers, Corners, and The start saftey. Last year sucked, Gill didn't do great. The point is lets be patient.

KCHawk81 10 years, 11 months ago

I agree, Kirk. The record says to fire our coach now. In his first year, we:

  1. finished last in the Big 12.
  2. were outscored 443 to 151 in our losing games, a ratio of nearly 3 to 1.
  3. were manhandled by our two primary rivals, including a drubbing by k-state in Lawrence.
  4. finished no better than eighth in the conference in every offensive category.
  5. finished last in the conference in rushing defense and total defense.

Why wait for a second season? Fire him now.

(And I should have said this earlier: it is now July 2003.)

Kirk 10 years, 11 months ago

The difference, in case you didn't notice, is what came BEFORE the two coaches you're comparing.

Gill came into a program replacing a coach who'd gone .500 the past three years in the big xii conference. Replacing a coach who two years earlier won a freaking Orange Bowl. A coach who'd taken KU to a place where blowout losses were uncommon.

Want to look at Terry's record? Want to compare HIS recruiting classes with Mangino's?

I didn't think so.

KCHawk81 10 years, 11 months ago

Sure, I guess. Although 1-7 is the worst .500 conference season ever.

Kirk 10 years, 11 months ago

Remember the 7-1 season? That was followed by 4-4. Followed by 1-7.

Do the math. That's .500.

But wait! Mangino's final season was terrible, wasn't it?


Um, what was that you you were saying about patience?

KCHawk81 10 years, 11 months ago

I never mentioned the word patience, actually. How come you added up only the last three years? Why not the last four? Or six?

Don't get me wrong, I liked Mangino a lot. I also like Turner Gill and think he deserves the same fair shake his predecessor got.

Kirk 10 years, 11 months ago

My earlier point:

Mangino arrived at KU with only a single D-1 player on the roster (according to the judgment of Bob Stoops, who viewed a practice). This was Mangino's inheritance from the previous coach, whose name was Terry Allen.

Mangino's first 4 or 6 years were laboring to build a program that was at least competitive. Allen's program consisted primarily of blowout losses.

Gill arrived at KU two years after the Orange Bowl win as the inheritor of several very good, highly ranked recruiting years under Mangino.

See the difference? See why a straight up comparison of "year one Mangino" to "year one Gill" doesn't really make much sense?

Gill was to take KU to the "next level". He wasn't supposed start things all over again from the days of Terry Allen.

But we're back to the blowout losses. And if you remember last year, we're back to a Allen-looking team seems lost on the field blowing precious timeouts trying to figure out which way the goal post is located.

I'm not surprised. Gill only had a single winning season as head coach. At Buffalo.

He IS however, a nice guy.

KCHawk81 10 years, 11 months ago

Thanks for not answering my question. First, I don't really care what Bob Stoops thinks--and the facts would seem to contradict his assessment: you ought to check some time.

Mangino did some great things here. He also got blown out from time to time. If all you want is competitiveness, why care? All I want are wins, every single game. Get over it: Mangino quit. I have no idea whether Turner Gill is the right guy for this job. If he is, he'd be in the coaching minority. But right now, I hope that he is. If I don't, then how, exactly, am I a fan? Best case scenario for you: you're wrong and have pissed and moaned about the coach who got us out. Worst case scenario for me: I'm dissapointed because my team lost. Aren't you supposed to be disappointed? Only the worst kind of fair-weather poseur wants to play the "told-you-so" card when his team--his alma mater-- loses a game.

Kirk 10 years, 11 months ago

Ha! The old "I'm a better fan than thou" stance. Got it.

I've watched KU football for over 3 decades. I've seen us poop in our mess kit time and again. I've seen the carousel. I've seen the pattern: nice guy, hardass, nice guy, hardass.

The nice guys with the crappy resumes don't do too well.

This time I'm hoping we learn something.

I hope I'm surprised by Gill's teams. Let's see. I'm a KU football fan all the way, and will be rooting for us.

I'm sorry our program is only smart about a single sport and sucks at the rest. It's nothing new.

Anyway, I'm out. Bye. Once the "holier fan" thing comes around, I know the convo is a wrap.

KCHawk81 10 years, 11 months ago

For the record, I don't think you're a worse fan than me. I just think you're a more annoying, negative person to be around on Saturdays and the six days in between.

My mistake, I suppose, was to back off asking for facts and make an emotional appeal--I blame myself.

This false dichotomy you've set up (or, rather, that Chuck Woodling--a missouri grad--set up and you and others have parroted) between "nice guys" and "hardasses" is a silly one, and it ignores all those hardasses with crappy resumes who don't do too well.

And much as it pains me to defend Terry Allen, his tenure suffered much more from a poor staff (which is still his fault) than his demeanor or football knowledge. He didn't recruit as well as Mangino or Gill. Mangino's inability to retain good coaches (like Bill Young) is a fair criticism, and a trait tied directly to his off-the-field demeanor. I am optimistic for Gill because he has assembled what seems like a quality staff and he has recruited well. The in-game management concerns me, and I expect to see that resolved.

Chris Bailey 10 years, 11 months ago

I don't think this is a urinating match here! I think we all need to stop and look at what Gill is doing and what we were left with. The offense changed with the new staff. The personell changed too. We have to give him a couple years of recruiting and coaching to see where we are at. Did we all forget we were playing in the Big12? I mean lets look at who sucks in the Big12.... The only teams that on paper have under .500 records are KSU, ISU and KU. We could argue that ISU might actually win in a smaller conference. So we have 9 teams that are potential bowl teams this season (win wise). Lets see what this Frosh class does in 2 or 3 seasons before we just crucify Gill and his staff! I know we can all argue till we're blue or crimson in the face as to what the staff are doing but what good will it do? It will make players think of going elsewhere somewhere that the fan base supports them. I think we will be better in two seasons and will be winning games and be bowl eligible. He won at Buffalo what makes anyone think he can't do that here? I know it was a small school but he made it to a bowl game. Lets see what another 2 years proves before we cut loose! Do we really wanna buy another coach out of his contract? Can we really afford to do that???

Kirk 10 years, 11 months ago

I just hope for:

-- Improvement -- Competitiveness -- Not looking clueless on the field blowing timeouts.

As for whether replacing Gill would be affordable, see the above three criteria. If we start losing attendance, then we can't afford to KEEP him.

Chris Bailey 10 years, 11 months ago

Very Very true Kirk! I guess I failed to think of it from that angle. I hope in 2 years we don't have to have this same talk. I truly hope he turns it around! I wonder IF he were replaced though what kinda coach could we get? If we can him after 2 seasons what kinda coach is gonna come here? Could we at KU get a big name? Or a big name assistant? Who knows??? I'm behind Gill and staff though at this point and just hope for the best!

Kirk 10 years, 11 months ago

KU doesn't need a "big name". (Turner Gill is a big a player.)

A really smart, creative, up-and-coming assistant will suffice. Big name or not.

Jason Hines 10 years, 11 months ago

When is enough, enough? The truth is he is running out of time, either you want to come here or you don’t. I think if he truly wanted to be here, (like the rest of the team) then he would. He has earned nothing, we might have to move on and we are wasting time. Let him go to junior college....

djhawk75 10 years, 11 months ago

This too from Keegan is nothing more than premature...conjecture. Well, I can play that game too. Look, the kid must be a very good QB. He wanted to stay home for college, so he chose CU. But changes in management lead him to reconsider. Coach Gill was astute enough to find a way to get the kid to commit to KU. He should be given that much credit. Maybe--again, this is conjecture--part of the deal was to let the kid stay for the summer. Now considering what we have in the way of personnel that's not a bad deal. We need QB's in the worst way. If the kid doesn't show that won't be good, but we go back to the recruiting trail. And if the kid does show, then that will lead to better recruiting in the future. So here's to hoping that he shows up an has a very good career at KU--which would be four years by the way, not just one. We could see then what Keegan will provide for conjecture.

KURiggins 10 years, 11 months ago

Well fans, it won't be long before we get to Satruday in Memorial Stadium. So its time for a few observations: First, I am glad Coach Gills does not read these comment boards. I mean why bother with a coach at all, when some bloggers could just plain it better. As if! Second: I do not care if Brock can get his issues settled or not. We have a QB. Brock has to get his act together. Hopefully he can do that, and put all this trouble behind him. If not, we have some good QB prospects.I know some of the Blog/Coaches do not think so. However, for Coach Gill and the KU coaching staff I am sure they have a plan if the mighty Brock can not make it to the party. And since they are the actual coaches...well. ...there you go. Some quick observations for the upcoming season: 1.) The Offensive Line. By far the weakest part of our time last year. Its hard for Jordan Webb, James Sims or anyone to do well behind, well not even a sub-par offensive line. Our line just stunk! What is one of the first positions Coach Gill and his staff went after? OL. Remember Gill played at Nebraska and they only ran two plays for 30years while they dominated Option Right and Option Left. And if the Nebraska OL had come up to our DL or anyone's and told us which way they were going you still could NOT have stopped them. Gill knows(being from Nebraska) that the game of football is won or lost at the line. Just ask the Detroit Lions. Matthew Stafford may be a good QB ..I mean, I don't know all I see is him scaping him self off the turf. 2.) Jordan Webb: Do NOT underestimate him. He has a rocket arm and put up crazy numbers in HS. Second year in this system, which promises to have a better running game, because Gill has enough OL now to sit the ones who stink. I look for Webb to be a real beast. Remember last year he inhereted a HORRIBLE OL, and NO Meier, Briscoe or Sharp. 3.) James Sims --Done! 4.) Speed! @ DE and LB and RB and WR and DB. Coach Gill promised speed and he delivered. Since Coach Gill is from the recruiting hot bed of Fort Worth Texas just look for more of the same. 5.)Confidence. Coach Gill has a quite confidence that makes players want to play for him. He just lacked an OL, Had no established weapons and no speed. He is getting it now. Look for a different football team. And by the way, my proof his players want to play for him..KU vs Colorado or as I call it ..The Thrilla on the Hilla. Rock Chalk!

okiedave 10 years, 11 months ago

KURiggins - I think you have nailed it. But appears it may take two years of recruiting to get a line up to Big XII standards. Also read today the both highly touted Freshmen quarterbacks recurited by Okla. State have left their program -- our freshmen quarterback issues may not be so bad.

Clarence Haynes 10 years, 11 months ago

Great and fair article about Berglund in

BenRay 10 years, 11 months ago

Wow. I thought KU had knowledgeable fans. But obviously not if Tom Keegan is your source for information. There is nothing accurate, again, in another opinion piece written by a dedicated couch potato.

From people who have the real facts, Berglund has been working hard all summer, even with the Broncos. He has always showed his intent of being at KU - left all his clothes and personal stuff in Lawrence while back home. But then Keegan has never let facts get in the way of writing responsible journalism. That is what you get when you bet your career on a disgruntled parent of a player as your source.

Berglund has been painted in the most negative light possible by Keegan in an unashamedly attempt to bring attention to Keegan and the LJW's sports section. Then when called on the carpet for false and misleading statements, he has bunkered down and fired up even more maligning opinion pieces. He is like a little kid having a temper tantrum for not getting his way.

Third degree assault - come on. How many hypocrites are posting here about a kid that did not themselves get into what equals a high schoolers fight over insults and a girl?

It is so sad that one man, Keegan, has successfully destroyed any connection between the local college sports program and the news for those that want real information and insight to KU football.

KeeganSucks 10 years, 11 months ago

If you want the truth about Brock go read Jon Kirby's article, instead of this crap.

Chris Bailey 10 years, 11 months ago

KEEGAN!!!!! Hey why don't you read this and find out what real journalism sounds like instead of simply speculating!

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