Saturday, July 16, 2005

KU violations overview


Men's Basketball


¢ With the approval of men's basketball coach Roy Williams, at the completion of the 2000-01, 2001-02 and 2002-03 men's basketball seasons, three representatives of the University's athletics interests (Dana Anderson, Joan Edwards and Bernard Morgan) provided gifts of cash and clothing to graduating men's basketball student-athletes and men's basketball student-athletes who had exhausted their eligibility.

Corrective measure

¢ The university will provide additional rules education for all men's basketball coaches and student-athletes regarding gifts after eligibility has been exhausted.

Women's Basketball


¢ During the summer of 2002, assistant women's basketball coach Tim Eatman made arrangements for two prospective student-athletes to receive housing and employment at Naismith Hall, an off-campus, privately owned dormitory used by the women's basketball student-athletes. The arrangement required that they work in the dining facility of the dormitory in exchange for the cost of housing and meals. The value of the work they performed was insufficient to pay the cost for the time they lived at the dormitory.

¢ During the summer of 2002, Eatman made arrangements for two prospective student-athletes to attend Kaplan Test Preparation Center to help them achieve scores on the standardized tests that would enable them to participate and receive institutional financial aid.

¢ During the late summer and early fall of 2002, two prospective student-athletes participated in out-of-season pickup games and workouts with then current members of the women's basketball team at KU facilities. Additionally, they were permitted to utilize these facilities for their personal training, workouts and practices because of their status as prospective women's basketball student-athletes.

¢ During the summer and fall of 2002, Eatman made arrangements for transportation for two prospective student-athletes with two former student-athletes.

¢ During the fall semester of 2002, Eatman and Lynette Woodard, another assistant coach, provided transportation to a prospective student-athlete on two separate occasions to a location on campus where she was scheduled to take a standardized test.

Penalties, corrective measures

¢ Scholarships will be reduced by two (13) for the 2005-06 season.

¢ The number of permissible off-campus recruiting coaches will be reduced by one (from 3 to 2) for a one-year period (2005-06).

¢ Rules education will be provided for all members of the women's basketball coaching staff on the permissible activities in dealing with prospective student-athletes.



¢ During the summer of 2003, seven former football prospective student-athletes were provided assistance in enrollment and scheduling correspondence courses in order to obtain required course work to graduate from their respective junior colleges.

¢ Members of the football coaching staff monitored the daily studies of several prospective student-athletes in their completion of online correspondence course work. Also, prospective student-athletes were permitted to use the graduate assistant coaches' offices and computers in completing their course work.

¢ Three former prospective student-athletes were allowed to share answers in completing their online course work for correspondence courses.

¢ Several prospective student-athletes received improper assistance through the arrangements of academic assistance at the University's coaches' offices and for a test proctor. Also, some of the prospective student-athletes received improper transportation from campus to the high school and back to campus on a few occasions.

¢ On August 7, 2003, a former football staff member served as a proctor for two or three prospective student-athletes and administered, on campus, an examination for correspondence courses being taken by the prospective student-athletes.

¢ On approximately August 7, 2003, a former football staff member provided two prospective student-athletes with tutoring, study assistance and answers to a correspondence course examination.

¢ Former football staff members mailed correspondence examinations to Brigham Young University on behalf of several prospective student-athletes who had taken the examinations.

¢ Former assistant coach Tyrone Dixon provided clothing to a former student-athlete on two separate occasions - once when he was a prospective student-athlete, and once when he was an enrolled student-athlete.

Penalties, corrective measures

¢ A letter of admonishment has been issued to assistant football coach Clint Bowen for his involvement with the correspondence courses.

¢ A letter of admonishment has been issued to head football coach Mark Mangino because of his overall responsibility for the program.

¢ The number of two-year college transfer student-athletes into the football program will be reduced to 3 per year for two years (2005 and 2006) based on the average number of two-year college transfers for the past three years (9 per year).

¢ The number of initial scholarships in football will be reduced by one in 2005-06 (24) and one in 2006-07 (24).

¢ Additional rules education on academic requirements will be provided to all members of the football coaching staff.

Additional Penalties

¢ Chancellor Robert Hemenway imposed a two-year probation on the athletic department. The probation does not carry any television or postseason sanctions. During this period the school will provide to the NCAA semi-annual compliance reports indicating the progress made with each program and documenting its compliance with the self-imposed penalties.

¢ The academic advising office has been restructured to centralize responsibility for academic support for all prospective and enrolled student-athletes under the associate AD for student support services.

¢ An in-depth compliance manual will be sent to all representatives of the school's athletic interests reminding them of NCAA rules and regulations.

¢ The compliance staff has been increased by two full-time and one part-time position and will add one additional full-time position prior to the 2005-06 academic year. Additionally, one additional full-time position has been budgeted for the 2007-2008 academic year.

¢ An outside firm has been hired to perform annual athletic department compliance reviews.


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