Sources confirm Nebraska headed to Big Ten


5:12 p.m. Update

The Lawrence Journal-World has confirmed reports that Nebraska University is headed to the Big Ten.

"It's a done deal," a source said Wednesday.

Reports of Nebraska's most recent intentions first surfaced early Wednesday morning and continued to grow throughout the day. Multiple reports have indicated that NU will make a formal announcement Friday.

The loss of the Cornhuskers leaves the future of the Big 12 up in the air but at least one person from Kansas University said Wednesday that he didn't believe Nebraska bolting spelled the end for the Big 12.

"Our league's not dead (if we lose Nebraska)," KU men's basketball coach Bill Self said. "It would be nice if we could keep Nebraska but our league will fight hard. Of course we probably need to do some things and be very aggressive in doing them but it's not dead."

3:06 p.m. Update

Chip Brown, of the site, is now reporting that Nebraska has agreed to leave the Big 12 and join the Big Ten. According to Brown, a formal announcement is expected Friday.

Brown, you'll recall, was the guy who started all of the Pac-10 mess with his report a week ago that said the Pac-10 was prepared to invite six Big 12 schools to join them out west.

Someone close to the situation has said that Brown has the best source in the entire country.

For more, check out Brown's latest entry.

Original Post

With rumors and speculation flying around at what seems to be the speed of light, we thought there needed to be a place on to accumulate some of this information regarding the future of conferences in college athletics.

As we know, the hottest rumors out there involve Nebraska and Missouri's interest in the Big Ten and the Pac-10's longing for six other Big 12 schools.

Deadlines have been set, meetings are ongoing and it seems like everyone out there has an opinion on what's going to happen.

As the push toward conference realignment moves on, we'll be updating this blog periodically throughout the day with various pieces of news - links, tidbits, analysis - pertaining to the Big 12, Big Ten, Pac-10 and whatever other conference might work its way into the mix. Without further ado, here's today's first entry.

2:30 p.m. Update

It seems the pleading with Nebraska and Missouri to stay has trickled into the political realm. At least, that's what The Omaha World-Herald is reporting. In his latest story, Joseph Morton reported that Kansas Sen. Pat Roberts recently approached Nebraska Sen. Ben Nelson in a hallway just off the Senate floor.

"Don't be the domino that blows college football up into four major conferences and gets rid of the NCAA," a World-Herald reporter heard the Kansas senator tell Nelson. "It isn't going to do anybody any good when those dominoes start falling."

All this while the Nebraska Board of Regents had a 1:15 p.m. conference call scheduled for today and with the Friday deadline for declaring their intentions rapidly approaching.

Earlier in the day, The World-Herald reported that a source close to the university indicated that the Huskers were leaning toward bolting for the Big Ten.

In other, less ground-breaking news, an Associated Press report on indicates that the Colorado men's basketball and football programs will lose scholarships because of their APR scores.

Call me crazy, but that might not be the best time for something like that to surface if you're a Colorado fan. This news might make Pac-10 officials think twice about taking Colorado, thus opening the door for a school like Kansas.

Like I said, call me crazy.

More to come.


Ben Kane 8 years ago

at least this will make for an entertaining offseason.

Spencer Goff 8 years ago

What did you want her to do? She urged both schools to remain, so far Nebraska has refused. Do you want her to lead an invasion into Omaha?

Eric Williams 8 years ago

Not her fault. KU, KSU, and most of the Big 12 placed their trust in Dan Beebe.

Beebe trusted Delaney.

Delaney screwed Beebe.

Beebe is the incompetent one.

jfziv 8 years ago

Wow, and you chicken hawks wonder why your not going anywhere. The home of the Husker Nation is in Lincoln, Nebraska, not Omaha. Good Bye Big XII, Hello opportunity....I'm sorry I mean Big Ten. Oh yea how will the Chicken Hawks, The Timid Cats, or the Mizzou Kitties make it to a BSC bowl game now? Oh yea sorry Kitty Kitty, you never even made it to a BCS bowl game. Well some athletic programs just aren't cut out for big boy football.....

Matt Bowers 8 years ago

First of all, you are crazy if you think KU is laying back and seeing how it all ends. Too many alumni, too many fans, too much money at stake. KU will land on both feet, it may not be the Big XII, but it will be a BCS conference. Lew is too good at his job and KU is too marketable to be left out in the cold. Have some faith people.

If the Big XII dissolves, does that mean that KU has to reschedule games for this upcoming season? Does anyone think KU might end up in the SEC or Big East? That would be some okay football and awesome basketball!

Rock Chalk

Cody Stumma 8 years ago

No, this year would remain the same... it will change in either a year or two.

TJWhatleyLives 8 years ago

I hate to say it but come on Texas stay. We can pick up two teams.

NH_JHawk 8 years ago

kustrong - or how about joining the ACC to form a super conference for basketball? Since the reason for all this realigment garbage is all about the TV money, the addition of KU to the ACC would command a huge amount of $$ during the hoops season. ESPN, ABC, CBS, etc wouldn't be able to stay away from a conference like that. I know it's a long shot and probably wishful thinking, but at this point what choice do we have but to consider the previously unthinkable?

jbrandt3 8 years ago

I totally agree with your idea of KU going to the ACC. KU vs Duke or KU vs UNC every year would be huge ratings and huge money all around. No matter how it plays out I see one of the other BSC conferences picking up Kansas. The SEC would be wise to add another basketball power to that conference besides Kentucky.

David Hodges 8 years ago

KUSTRONG I read an article earlier that said if Boise were to join the MWC that they would have to do it before July 1st to be able to play games in that conference in 2011. So I'm pretty sure that means no matter what the Big 12 has to play out next years schedule. I could be wrong though.

Foster Coburn 8 years ago

So if Nebraska starts the dominoes falling, can you imagine how ugly the games with the Huskers will be this season? The football game could not only be Turner Gill returning to Lincoln, but also a great chance to end the football series with a bang.

Hank Cross 8 years ago

The orangebloods article was also clear that the B10 is giving MU the cold shoulder. If they had a Wonka golden ticket from the B10, they'd be waiving it to stop their fans from jumping in the MO river. Sen. Nelson's word is as worthless as has been proven in the healthcare debate. Unless UT wants to make us slaves on its ranch, the southern 6 are gone and we're headed to the MW.

Benjamin Piehler 8 years ago

reality is, ND and UT hold all the cards. ND has the power to halt the b10 expansion by accepting, thus preventing NU and Mizzou from joining. and whatever UT does, the other 5 schools invited (plus or minus CU or baylor) will follow suit.

in order for KU to remain in a power conference, we need UT to stay and/or ND to go b10. There is a slim chance KU will get an offer from some other bcs conference, but our chances are greatly diminished tethered to KSU.

Sweet_Sandbags 8 years ago

It would be classic if Mizzou gets thrown to the curb by the Big Ten.


Hank Cross 8 years ago

The Columbia MO suicide hotline has melted down.

Ben Kane 8 years ago

i wouldn't say mizery is getting left out. they have more options than us right now and likely would go wherever we do if the big12 collapses and they are still in it.

tical523 8 years ago

yea but WE were not bragging about being "Big 10" worthy academically. I have two buddies who went to Mizzou and were in my face about how K.U. is not good enough for that blue blood conference. So yea they are getting left out and I love it!!!

Ben Kane 8 years ago

if lew was really the man i thought he was he'd be trying to steal teams from conf usa, big east, acc, sec to form a new conference. maybe:

kansas kansas state mizery memphis kentucky louisville cincy etc..

tical523 8 years ago

TCU, Iowa State, Colorado State, SMU. . . . . the domino effect would be huge on all of the conferences i think

Michael Leiker 8 years ago

"The Mississippi Tributary Valley Conference"

Michael Leiker 8 years ago

My last was posted after chuckberry

FLJHK 8 years ago

All of this is just sick. College football and television dollars dictating the academic futures of countless universities. What a world.

That being said, That being said, if NU and MU had any integrity, they would insist that inclusion in the Big 10 include KU, so as to preserve some history and tradition. Aside from NU's football tradition, KU is arguably a better fit with Big 10 universities than either of the others. I would hate to abandon KSU, but it's dog eat dog right now.

Now I need to go vomit.

KU08 8 years ago

I second all of your comments, especially the vomit part.

Spencer Goff 8 years ago

Coach Self is wrong, unfortunately. ESPN is already reporting that the two major Texas schools and the Oklahoma schools are headed west.

And so now we have to figure out where we can go.

For a moment I almost thought we could win the North every year, lol.

iluvdbskxjayhawks 8 years ago

This is just horrible! Nobody wants KU. I feel like crying. How can they leave Big 12 like that? Money is really everything. Who started this mess? I didn't know about this until my co-worker told me this afternoon.

Carter Patterson 8 years ago

The Governor of Missouri started this mess. Jay Nixon.

iluvdbskxjayhawks 8 years ago

Can Big Ten be really called "Big Ten"? They already have 11 teams and now they have Nebraska. Are they the new Big 12 now? Is Missouri going to Big Ten?

Hank Cross 8 years ago

It doesn't look like MU is going to get the invite.

Mike Crosbie 8 years ago

When the big 8 got the rights to the name Big XII, they at the same time got the rights to the name of the Big with everything falling apart I blame the Big XII for not immediately going after a Missouri State or Colorado State, Iowa or Arkansas....or someone to strengthen our position, now what...the Big 3 KU, KSU, ISU probably merges with the Missouri Valley......

Hank Cross 8 years ago

MV shouldn't be an option. No name schools in a declining part of the country. The Mountain West - the conference and time zone - offer the best chance for growth and remaining in a BCS conference.

r0ckchalk311 8 years ago

KU with the Missouri Valley? Not likely.

BringBackNike 8 years ago

Worst summer ever to be a KU fan. This is brutal to watch go down. Lets just hope Mizzou gets left out too.

KU08 8 years ago

I hope you're being sarcastic.

Clarence Haynes 8 years ago

You should be careful proposing silly and irrational stuff like this!

Orangedog87 8 years ago

Buck up.....go east KU; go east...the "h" with the west....better BB is in the I posted on another article:

What do you expect from a state that repeatedly elects Ben Nelson to the Senate, a guy known to take bribes........the cornhusker kickback may have been nullified in the final Obama rationed health care bill.....but seriously Nebraska is the "show me the money state"..the "h" with tradition....who thinks Self might take a job with Nebraska to build their BB program since KU may very well be left out in the cold? After all I cant even think who the BB coach is at Nebraska.....obviously someone who was shown the money

Foget the mountain west.....think ACC, time zone problems but go east not west....PAC 16 who cares, Big 11 who cares, Mountain West who cares...SEC, ACC thats what matters..yeah maybe a long shot but why settle for greed and football as does not rule during March Madness which really is much more interesting than BCS playoffs which has declining viewers......let the Big 12 South go west....enjoy playing late night games with no viewers and the travel problems.......

Hank Cross 8 years ago

Going East would be an option if the B10 destroys the BE with a further expansion. But, right now I don't know if they won't be satisfied with NE and see how it all shakes out. The B10 doesn't need 14 or 16 teams, they've got an invite right now to whatever FB playoff or BCS system takes place in the future.

Steve Corder 8 years ago

Thanks NU, we now have a National NCAA Football Payoff System. The Bowl system is now offically over.

Put together super football conferences and if you think the boys at the football power programs are going to go for anything other than a playoff then your looney. OU, UT & USC in the same conference competing for MAYBE one slot in the current National BCS championship game will not improve their chances but weaken them. Since UT & OU were having to do that now do you think they'll be happier adding USC to the conference party?

I'm going to sit back and watch these guys devour one another.

swunruh 8 years ago

I agree .Where is Lew Perkins? He needs to get to a microphone and give KU fans something to hold on to.

Andy Hess 8 years ago

When Notre Dame accepts the Big10 offer, it's going to be hilarious watching Nebraska come crawling back.

iluvdbskxjayhawks 8 years ago

How do you know if Notre Dame will even accept the offer? I don't think Nebraska will embarrass themselves by recanting their word.

Andy Hess 8 years ago

i heard it from someone in the athletic department earlier this week. it was more or less decided over the weekend. ND to the Big10.

iluvdbskxjayhawks 8 years ago

Wouldn't this make Nebraska want to stay at Big 10 because of Notre Dame?

Andy Hess 8 years ago

The Big 10 already said that if ND joins the conference, they won't add anyone else.

KU08 8 years ago

You may have posted this before the announcement, but it sounds like NU to Big Ten is a done deal. If it's true that ND also joins, then I can't see the Big Ten stopping at an odd number of 13, which means Mizzou will likely get an invite once more of the dominoes start falling.

jfziv 8 years ago

Notre Dame will accept an invitiation but not at this time.... The reason is because God is a Husker Fan!

iluvdbskxjayhawks 8 years ago

Would Mountain West even want KU? Do you have to be invited to join their conference?

nobody1793 8 years ago

Coach Self could be the next coach of the Cavs. KU can't afford him if they're not in a power conference.

mr_jhawk4477 8 years ago

The only school that might go to the PAC 10 is Colorado. The Texas schools with the exception of UT do not have the budget for their smaller sports such as volleyball, softball, baseball etc to play a PAC 10 schedule. Not to mention the fact that schools like Washington St and Oregon St definitely could not afford to make regular trips to Texas and Oklahoma. Even beyond the costs is the fact that all of the athletes are students and now you would be talking about at least another half day of class missed per road contest. Missouri does not have an offer from the Big 10, they got so excited when the Big 10 showed mild interest in them that they got ahead of themselves and started thinking they were some hot commodity, only to realize the Big 10 does not want them. The Big XII may only lose Nebraska. The most practical situation for the Pac 10 would not be to add teams from the Big XII but to land that packaged TV deal with the Big XII that has been mentioned.

jayhawks1021 8 years ago

I don't think Gray-Little and Lew realize what just happen to our university

ltownatrain 8 years ago

All I'm going to say that if KU gets "screwed" and ends up in a weaker conference then I don't want to hear all the traitors start crying when KU and K-state basketball starts going like 32-0 and 31-1 in the regular season and gets #1 seeds every year because they end up in a weak conference where their only competition is each other.

KU08 8 years ago

Agreed. Prepare to be the next Memphis (minus the NCAA violations).

David Robinett 8 years ago

Swish, exactly right.

But if it goes through, I'm gonna enjoy watching Nebraska get trounced by Ohio State and the others every year. They never knew they had it so good in the Big 8/12.

KUDUDE 8 years ago


iluvdbskxjayhawks 8 years ago

I know Big 12 teams are rivals but I still supported Big 12 teams when they played against teams that are out of the Big 12 conference. Nebraska has stabbed us in the back so I will not be rooting for them anymore. NO MORE!

ltownatrain 8 years ago

Oh one more thing, for those saying KU is now a mid major need to remember that KU has built a tradition in basketball and will still be a top 10 power there. And lets not kid ourselves our football has been mid major for a long time. But saying all sports will go down hill is like saying if duke or north carolina were left out of an expansion they would no longer be powerhouses in basketball. Simply put powerhouse basketball is at KU to stay with our tradition and money.

iluvdbskxjayhawks 8 years ago

Yeah, I just watched ESPN and it's 99% that all the schools in the South are going to the Pac 10 which includes Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, OU, OSU, etc.. Ku needs to find a new home NOW!!!!!!!

mr_jhawk4477 8 years ago

Its nowhere close to 99% an offer has not even been made yet

jayhawks1021 8 years ago

Andy Katz just gave some good news, saying that kansas will land in a major conference somewhere

Spencer Goff 8 years ago

Andy is our guy and always in our corner. He overvalues college basketball while the other guys grossly undervalue it.

If KU is given free reign to go without Kansas State I see us getting into a BCS conference. But it might not happen overnight.

Brennan Keller 8 years ago

Lets get TCU or Utah when nebraska leaves

shimjhawk2002 8 years ago

interesting tidbit from

"The deadline for the Big 12 to pledge allegiance to each other is Monday. With the conference seemingly coming apart, the question is if there will be a super majority of nine votes needed to dissolve the conference."

so now that it appears mizzou is left out in the cold with us, could KU, KState, Iowa St, Baylor and Mizzou, vote to not dissolve the conference and split up the other 7 schools exit fees reportedly (approximately $10 million per school)? Then invite a merger with somebody else? Seems unlikely but everyone else is giving us the middle finger maybe we could get some of their $$ as a parting shot?

Spencer Goff 8 years ago

The only school that can be held to an exiting fee is Nebraska. Once a team leaves from the North the South teams are free to go. Supposedly UT had it added at the creation of the Big 12.

iluvdbskxjayhawks 8 years ago

Is Missouri as nervous as we are? Why did they have to start this? Now look what's happening. I'm so upset that I have to rant.

shimjhawk2002 8 years ago

agreed, its funny that mizzou really started this by whining about revenue sharing and now they may be left out too....

Brad Avery 8 years ago

Big East football 2012 West Division Kansas Kansas State Notre Dame (or Misery if ND leaves) Cincinnati Louisville

East Division Pittsburgh Rutgers South Florida Syracuse University West Virginia

Big East Basketball 2012 West Division Kansas Kansas State Cincinnati Louisville DePaul Marquette Notre Dame Pittsburgh West Virginia

Big East Basketball Eastern Division Georgetown Connecticut Providence Rutgers St. John's Seton Hall University South Florida Syracuse Villanova

Just sayin' it would make a great conference in both sports.

Brad Avery 8 years ago

Big East football 2012 West Division Kansas Kansas State Notre Dame (or Misery if ND leaves) Cincinnati Louisville

East Division Pittsburgh Rutgers South Florida Syracuse University West Virginia

Big East Basketball 2012 West Division Kansas Kansas State Cincinnati Louisville DePaul Marquette Notre Dame Pittsburgh West Virginia

Big East Basketball Eastern Division Georgetown Connecticut Providence Rutgers St. John's Seton Hall University South Florida Syracuse Villanova

Just sayin' it would make a great conference in both sports.

jayhawkinATL 8 years ago

I seriously think the Big 10 is done. They felt out NU, MU, and Notre Dame to see which would commit first. NU will, so the other two will be left out.

Jonathan Allison 8 years ago

how hilarious would it be for Lew to snag us a Big 10 invite and get MU the snub. "How 'bout dem oranges!"

Hank Cross 8 years ago

It's more or less official that the TX schools less Baylor are going with the OK and CU to the P10. Baylor can look after itself. That leaves KU, KSU, ISU and MU w/o any firm commitments.

The only way we can get to the B10 is if they add Rutgers, MD, MU and ND says NO. That would leave a 16th slot open. Might happen, but I tend to think the B10 is done with the addition of NE, or they'll take another BE school.

If MU somehow ends ups in the B10 w/o us, the best move is for KU, KSU and Boise St. to join the MW. Not great, but not the end of the world and the MW probably becomes a BCS conference.

OT-Is there any question that Selby is a OAD now? Better win it next year.

DevilHawk 8 years ago

Selby not being OAD was about the possibility of an NBA lockout. That possibility still exists. Also, most high profile KU games occur during the non-conference season and the post-season. The issue with Selby is that he needs to heal and stop injuring himself.

BUFan 8 years ago

Well, I think it is terrible what this conference has done to itself. Can I really blame Nebraska and Mizzou for wanting to leave, not really. Since UT is the biggest usurper there is, bleeding the rest of us dry with this weighted money system. I feel bad for all of us that are soon to be homeless Baylor, K-State, Kansas, and Iowa State and possibly Mizzou if they don't get an invite. Latest of why Pac-10 doesn't want BU, we are religious, yeah not exactly like we make other schools take our creationism classes or force them to pray or worship with us, so not sure what playing baseball has to do with what religion you are. Sad that BU, K-State, KU, and Iowa all have better resumes than Colorado and Tech and yet no invite for us. And why wouldn't UT let A&M pursue the SEC, just because UT doesn't want to go there doesn't mean the rest of us don't! Well, at least KU and K-State can say they stuck together and didn't stab each other in the back, the state of Texas turned their back on Baylor, the oldest school in the state, and with over a 100 years of tradition with these schools.

Matthew Pyle 8 years ago

KU needs to start looking out for itself immediately. I am concerned sweet Lou is damaged goods at this point; can he still help us? To me the ACC or the SEC is the best option (in that order) to lobby for inclusion. If we end up in a conference with a bunch of mid-majors say goodbye to the national prominence in hoops.

jchief40 8 years ago

Why do you guys keep saying that? Memphis did it just fine! I think it's all about our coach and our tradition of winning. Players want to play on good teams. KU basketball will remain a good team as long as Bill Self is our head coach.

iluvdbskxjayhawks 8 years ago

^I feel bad for Baylor. I was rooting for them to win when all the Big 12 teams were out.

jayhawkinATL 8 years ago

Of course, I wouldn't want that to happen (to end up "with a bunch of mid-majors"), but it didn't seem to hurt Memphis, which is basically in a conference of mid-majors, in the recent past.

Sweet_Sandbags 8 years ago

As touched on by others above, the ACC angle is interesting here. If the Big 10 and Pac 10 rivers keep flowing the way they are, the next big move will come from the SEC. At the rate things are going, that could be any day.

It will be likely that the SEC would look to raid the ACC for at least FSU and Miami, and possibly either Ga Tech/Clemson or Va Tech/UVA to get to 16. Given that it could lose four teams there and possibly Maryland to the Big 10, the ACC could soon be scrambling as well.

While not logical from a geographic standpoint, KU/KSU and others (e.g. MU, the football Big East schools) joining up with the remaining ACC schools could be a consideration.

There looks to be a possible race to be the fourth super-conference after the Pac 10, Big 10, and SEC. KU could actually find itself as the top prize in the "others" column in a fight between a new Mountain West and a new ACC/Big East.

Ahhh, the speculation. Who knows?

KU08 8 years ago

I'm also interested in this angle, but I see one major problem with KU joining the ACC: Roy Williams. I don't know if UNC has veto power of conference invites, but I don't see Roy ever allowing the possibility of playing KU every year, twice per year.

justanotherfan 8 years ago

If the SEC raids the ACC, it will be for Miami, FSU, either Ga. Tech or Clemson and North Carolina. Those schools all fit the SEC mold. I think it would be funny if RW ended up in a football conference anyway.

iluvdbskxjayhawks 8 years ago

Who's comment got removed? Was it me? I didn't think I said anything bad.

Matthew Pyle 8 years ago

I hope you are right sandbags. This sucks............

dmg97102 8 years ago

Let's try to hop on board the sinking ship that is the Big 12 and the join Big 10 before Missouri does. It's our best option financially and geographically, before we get raided from the north (Neb), south (entire Big 12 South), and east (possibly MU). Forget K-State. Everyone else is thinking about themselves, so why don't we? We're tied with Nebraska in academics (#96), and we're AAU. Missouri is #102, and AAU, and is addicted to meth. Nebraska would have to pull for us if we tried to join, because they love coming down to play us in football in Lawrence and they're only home sellout/televised game in b-ball is KU. We're comparable with Missouri in football and we're a powerhouse in the only other revenue generating sport. We'll have KC locked up just the same as MU and way more recognition nationally. The Big 10 is only looking to get just KC by getting MU. The ship is sinking and if we have to push K-State and/or MU off to get on, I'd say go for it. I'd like to keep those rivalries going, but we're in real danger of becoming a part of a mid-major conference, and that should take preference.

jayhawkinATL 8 years ago

Don't believe we received an invite though.

dmg97102 8 years ago

We don't need an invite. The reports say, schools have to apply, and it's up to a vote. Get Lew on the horn to Delaney to explain what we offer that others can't. At the worst, they can tell us no, but we need to be proactive in finding a conference.

Matthew Pyle 8 years ago

It would be hilarious to see KU sneak in somehow instead of MU....but I don't see that happening. They may not take MU either (boo hoo). I do agree that it's time to get active and start shaking the trees. SEC, ACC and Big E are all options as far as I am concerned.

jayhawkinATL 8 years ago

Agreed. Wouldn't actually see us in the Big football with great b-ball.

Ron Franklin 8 years ago

I guess it was the sixth straight big 12 championship that did us in.....

I'm sick of the big 12 anyway, but I don't really know the financial ramifications this could have to our region, so I'm really speaking out of order.

If this is the way it goes, I'll embrace the change and become excited for and support our new conference. In 2003 when Roy left, I was devestated and thought KU was headed 'south', but we came out of it with a better coach/situation...IMHO.

My first choice would be to join the SEC then the ACC. If that doesn't work the Mountain West. Finally, I would think creating a new conference would be the next best option. There are a lot of good schools and programs between the Rockies and the Mississippi River.

This University has way too much history, pride, and resources to falter.

Rock Chalk

jayhawkinATL 8 years ago

I'm staying positive too. I wouldn't put it past KU to be able to snag a Notre Dame-esque TV contract for basketball and be able to keep all that $$$ to ourselves.

dmg97102 8 years ago

We also need to hang onto Lew. He was considered the best executive in college sports a few years ago, and as much as he's been knocked for it, he is ruthless in getting what he wants (think about the points system). If there's a right person to make a deal to put us in a good situation, it's him. Plus, if there is a small gap in leadership, KU could lose big in biggest change of landscape in college sports history.

NH_JHawk 8 years ago

Totally agree with hanging onto Lew. He's a shrewd businessman with the connections and know how to help KU land on it's feet in a BCS conference. I don't see Lew settling for a mid-major status and having KU missing out on the big $$. Even though many people dislike him in Kansas, there's nobody I'd rather have steering the ship right now than him.

Matthew Pyle 8 years ago

Maybe Texas can convince Notre Dame to join the Big XII north and rule the world.......... how funny would that be.

Roger Tobias 8 years ago

I thought I had an original idea until I came across your post. And it would certainly help ND improve its football record and become bowl eligible more often again.

Chris Bailey 8 years ago

Are we now gonna sit around and see what happens? I think we should be begging the Big10 and Pac-10 for an invite! I mean are we really gonna drop down and be a mid-major? How the heck can we expect to recruit the Josh Selby's of the world? We have gotta stay in a major conference to stay an elite program even if it's only in Basketball as some schools might elude. This scares the crap out of me! What are we doing? Does anyone know? Do we stay and try to pick up SMU Boise State and some other good teams? Any thoughts our there, I'm hearing all kinds of crazy options but none that sound attractive!

jaybate 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

jaybate 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

jaybate 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

David Hodges 8 years ago

Sure glad now that the Poo has hit the Wind-blower that good old boy Winnie the Lew has been cleared so that we can get this whole situation sorted out.

BUFan 8 years ago

Check it the rule is you have to have a minimum of 4 schools to make a conference and a vote of 9 to dissolve, so if we 4 stay strong and don't give in and keep the Big 12 aka Big 4 then the schools that leave will each owe $10,000,000 so we 4 would split $80,000,000!

David Hodges 8 years ago

An earlier poster pointed out that Texas added in a clause at the inception of the Big 12 stating only 1 team would have to leave and pay a fine any other exiting teams after the first would not. Not sure if its true just reposting.

randyba1 8 years ago

4 team conference. hmmm. I wonder what the regular season and conference BB tourney would look like? Not gonna happen.

Hank Cross 8 years ago

If MU does manage to get to the B10, there will be severe ramifications for KU and the state of KS. The top students in KS will rightly see the B10 diplomas as more valuable and will apply to those schools, thus driving up the ratings of those schools past KU. This in turn exacerbates the brain drain from KS, which eventually becomes the 3rd Dakota. Property values plummet and the cycle continues to feed on itself.

Its in KS's interest to allow whatever needs to be done to keep KU competitive academically. De-coupling from K State should be the first option. Dropping FB altogether so we can play BB in the BE (assuming that conf. survives), may sound crazy, but may be needed as a last ditch move.

P0WER 8 years ago

While all indications are that Nebraska will leave for the Big 10 and that the former Big XII South schools will head west to the PAC 10 with Colorado I don't think it will result in a realignment with 4 super conferences of 16 schools. Apparently Congress has already discouraged this and could pass legislation to take away the tax exempt status that athletic departments currently have as part of their universities and that would be really bad news for college athletics.

Chris1955 8 years ago

I think that maybe many of us are jumping the gun on where KU will end up. Lew, like most successful negotiators does his best work behind the scenes, and doesn't talk about what he is doing. Successful sales people are that way also. I think we'll end up in the Big 10 if they go to a 16 team format. I think they will because, egos being what they are will not let the Big 10 stop at 12 teams if the PAC 10 goes to 16 teams. I still like KU's chances of ending up in the Big 10, because of the BB following and the heavy draw of students from the Chicagoland area.

Remember Lew's triumph of the Orange Bowl over MU? Not many people anticipated that either.

Helen Gross 8 years ago

All I know is that when neb. comes to town I will be there! Even if I have to go to Subhub and pay an arm and a leg!

hawkward1 8 years ago

Just as long as they take that retarded mascot with them. Good riddance!

James2080 8 years ago

KU Fans, Don't worry! The University of Kansas has too much pride, tradition and class to be left out in the cold... When the dust settles, KU will be part of something better than the Big 12.
Is it the Big 12, ACC, SEC, Big East...? Who knows. But we are a basketball power, and that will NOT be overlooked by any conference.
I'm excited too see what happens!

justanotherfan 8 years ago


We are a basketball power, but this realignment is about FOOTBALL. How many times have you heard the conferences, in their discussion, talk about basketball, or any other sport for that matter. This realignment/expansion is about FOOTBALL and TELEVISION. Basketball might as well be field hockey in this equation.

Marcia Parsons 8 years ago

While these rumors may be true, I have a lot of trouble imagining Texas going to the Pac10 to play second fiddle to the California schools.

David Hewitt 8 years ago

The big concern about KU is that we won't go anywhere without K-State. I don't know enough about their academics to say if they'd even be considered by the Big 10.

superdave 8 years ago

Texas won't play second fiddle to anyone - they are among the best in many sports, raise a ton of money and have extremely committed (and moneyed) fans. Conference USA here we come.

Hank Cross 8 years ago

"A source at Notre Dame, though, indicated that the school likely has "moved on," with another saying that a top Notre Dame official assured the Big East that it intends to keep teams such as men's and women's basketball in the league.

If that's the case, the Big Ten appears likely to cap at 12 teams.

Part of the Big Ten's motivation to add only one school is its desire to avoid being viewed as responsible for causing college football Armageddon."

From Teddy Greenstein of the Chicago Trib - acknolwedged as a B10 insider.

Oh well, Mizery loves company.

jhokfan 8 years ago

Can't compete in your current conference, find a weaker one. Smart move Warden Tom.

bg97 8 years ago

ACC will take us; they appreciate good basketball programs.....F---- the Huskers and the Big Ten. They will get pummeled for years to come. Nice work Big Red, nice work.

Brian Conrad 8 years ago

OK.. I know this is ALL about football and dollars.. but can anyone explain to me how KU football brings in more than Basketball??? no way. traveling with 50 or 14? expenses less. TV revenue has to be higher , All basketball on tv. 30 games a year not 12 or 13 . KU< UK < UNC<DUKE<LOUISVILLE<MEMPHIS<ARKANSAS many more Have to make more from basketball?? I may be wrong... just does not seem to add up for basketball schools. NCAA basketball tourney brings in more TV bucks than bowls? can understand if you are USC. UT Michigan or fill 100,000 person stadium but most do not. if have the answer please explain ... not just ohhh football brings in more money... NET profits and exposure for the university... that is what this is really about, just tell me how most universities, MOST, not some make more off football... many do not even have football programs..

Martin Rosenblum 8 years ago

Nobody has heard OU or OSU weigh in at all, have they?

I would think that OU would love to be in a reformed B12 and still dominate in football. OSU will probably be the hanger-on as KSU will be with us. ISU will probably not have many options and would only lose steam by leaving the B12 present or future. MU needs to admit that they are not the target of affection by any other conference and stay the course with KU, KSU, OU, OSU and ISU. This would have a six school core if all of the Texas schools fleed. I don't believe that TA&M, TTech nor Baylor would see gains from conference-hopping. That would leave nine schools if CU still wants to stay, which is an ambivalent issue to me. The core of eight schools, without CU, would be a great nucleous for adding new blood like Arkansas, Houston and maybe a Western KY or even Memphis. Who knows, maybe Wichita State would be an option!

jaybate 8 years ago

All Points Bulletin...

"Calling all ban police. Calling all ban police. This is Ban Police Chief jaybate. Do you read me?"

"We read you chief. Loud and clear. Over."

"There is a lurker with an alias of KSA_21_3503 and he has lubed his keyboard and is considered armed and deadening. Over."

"We read you, chief. Over. Is that all? Over."

"No. I repeat. No. The all points bulletin is: Ban KSA_21_3503 for wanting to ban jaybate. I repeat. Ban KSA_21_3503 for wanting to ban jaybate. Over. Roger and out."


Martin Rosenblum 8 years ago

You know how you get a mental picture of how you think somebody looks based on phone conversations, etc.? The image I have of Jaybate is now that of Broderick Crawford!

jman18562 8 years ago

Does anybody even read your 50 page comments of BS?

Paula Unseth 8 years ago

Any normal person trying to follow Jaybate posts would have to OD on Ritalin trying to follow his illogicality of ummmmm.....lifel!! That said...Lew get your head out of your gym equipment and get us a conference!!!

DevilHawk 8 years ago

Pro-tip: Normal people don't read Jaybate's extended posts unless extremely bored or multiple other people comment on them.

Mark Lindrud 8 years ago

We need to hope that the Big 12 will be proactive and have a team in mind to come in. I would find it ironic if we got Notre Dame, but that won't happen. I say we go after TCU or even Boise State. The Big 12 needs to be proactive because now we can't have a Big 12 Championship Football game under normal circumstances and the Big 12 Basketball Tournaments are going to be out of whack. Come on Big 12 make something happen and save our conference!

murph 8 years ago

I seriously doubt that the Big 12 main office knows how to spell "proactive", let alone how to define it or (gasp!) do it.

iluvdbskxjayhawks 8 years ago

I wished they would do something, but it seems like most of the big 12 southern states want to go to pac 10. It's more money for them down there. This is so devastating. I grew up with Big 12 and now it's on the verge of being decimated.

Paula Unseth 8 years ago

Dan Beebe is a big A__ joke!! Guess he had better figure out what his next job will be. I do have a great dermatologist I would recommend him to before his next big interview.

Eric Schneider 8 years ago

What's funny is that Texas wanted the Big 12 to stay as it was, and yet their demand for preferential treatment is ultimately what killed the conference. Kansas should end up ok. Either in the Mountain West Conference which essentially will take the Big 12's automatic BCS qualifier. Or in the BCS killing Big 16. It will all depend on how the Big 10 responds to the Pac 10 expanding to 16. We have too big a fan base and bring in too much revenue. The problem is that K-State doesn't, and it's a package deal.

Where is the NCAA in all of this. I know they can't force anybody's hand on any of this. But why no pressure. They make almost 95% of their revenue from the tournament. And the short term ramifications, at the very least, of all this will be disastrous for basketball.

It's a shame really. If you'd asked me a day and a half ago. I would have said the changes would be minimal. Now we may be past the point of no return.

Hank Cross 8 years ago

"Missouri, at the center of expansion speculation almost from the day the Big Ten announced its plans six months ago, has not heard from the Big Ten, according to a source close to a member of the University of Missouri system’s Board of Curators."

Read more:

Poor Mizery.

jhawkinlv702 8 years ago

Umm, it may well be that the powers that be in each conference make decisions based solely on football number$ and based strictly on business considerations. And perhaps basketball tradition accounts for a little something. If so, then none of the rest that I say here matters.

BUT, if perceptions of a state have anything to do with decisions made by other conference leaders regarding whether to invite particular schools, then the state of Kansas has a problem.

As a Kansas native and KU alum I am very saddened by the apparent imminent demise of the Big 12. As someone who moved away, I can say that outside perception of the state is, frankly, not flattering. With the exception of athletics, national news about the state is embarrassing. Stories of teaching "intelligent design" as an end run around evolution, shooting a doctor in his church, the Fred Phelps protests at military funerals---all create a perception of the state. (I realize associating what goes on in a state with a university is a leap, but people do tend to paint with a broad brush. Trust me, I have to defend us a lot.)

I understand there is little a sports fan can do about this. As much as I love Lawrence, KU, and the Jayhawks, anyone who expects to join a conference of elite universities pretty much needs to stop and think about how Kansas---not just KU---is perceived by much of the outside world.

Unless, as I said, basketball tradition means something. Then, we be good.

Mark Wooden 8 years ago

Follow the rowing team to Conference USA.

Michael Leiker 8 years ago

Radio up here in Nebraska, even late in the day yesterday were saying that a lot of their sources within the board of regents were very adamant in saying that this is not a done deal yet. They specifically were saying that no one is speaking for the board of regents and the board of regents here had not secretly met to do an initial vote on this.

It sounds like it's done to me to, but a couple of our radio stations seem to think it's not as final as some people are making it. And these are long time NU Athletics reporters.

DocBean 8 years ago

Tom Osborne is a coward, and terrified of the Texas Schools. He knows they'll never compete in the Big XII.

jfziv 8 years ago

How many National Championships in football have any of the Kansas and Mizzou schools won? Well that man you just called a coward won 3 in 4 years and 5 over all as a coach at Nebraska. How many times has Kansas, Kansas State, or Mizzou even played for a national title in football? Nebraska has 10 times in the last 30 years! The person I feel sorry for is Coach Turner Gill. He gave a sense of legitamacy to a bastard football program. Sorry Turner.


jhokfan 8 years ago

They haven't won S### since Texas joined the conference. That makes the warden a big effing coward. If corn fans want to deify tom be my guest but if you can not see him for what he is that makes you a candidate for cult status.

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