Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Independent committee agrees to hear, rule on KU’s NCAA infractions case

The NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis is pictured, Thursday, March 12, 2020. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)

The NCAA headquarters in Indianapolis is pictured, Thursday, March 12, 2020. (AP Photo/Michael Conroy)


A new panel designed to handle the most complex rules in collegiate sports has officially agreed to hear the University of Kansas' case surrounding serious pay-for-play allegations in the men's basketball program, the sports' governing body announced Wednesday.

Over a month after KU's case was officially referred to the Independent Accountability Resolution Process, a five-person panel finally accepted the request to have the case heard outside the processes of the NCAA, the governing body for collegiate sports.

"Consistent with rules and procedures governing the process, details about the matter will remain confidential until the Independent Resolution Panel releases its decision," Emily James, associate director of communications for the NCAA said in a brief statement.

Decisions that come from the IARP are not subject to appeal. In past legal filings, however, KU has appeared to try and lay the groundwork for a legal appeal through the court system, even though the decisions of the five-person committee, called the Infractions Referral Committee, are supposed to be final.

In a footnote in its June response concurring with the decision to refer the case to IARP, KU's response took issue with the fact that appeals are not permitted — which goes against the recommendations of the Rice Commission on College Basketball, the body that created the IARP.

KU is now the third program to have its violations adjudicated through the IARP process, joining men's basketball programs at the University of Memphis and North Carolina State University. Neither of those cases have been ruled on, so there remains no precedent for how tough or lenient the IARP may be in these cases.

The charges facing KU, which include a coach responsibility charge against Bill Self and a lack of institutional control, carry potential penalties ranging from postseason bans and vacated wins to suspensions for Self and assistant coach Kurtis Townsend.


Barry Weiss 8 months ago

well this is good news. and I don't care what they say about not appealable. There are ways to get any matter into the real court system via a legal complaint. KU will not go down without a spirited fight on this!

Dane Pratt 8 months ago

This seems preferable to the alternative but I’m a bit uneasy about being a guinea pig for the IARP process.

Kent Gaylor 8 months ago

I thought KU had asked for the basketball violations to be heard by this panel and the football violations to be heard through the regular process. Did this happened?

Dale Rogers 8 months ago

From what I read in another article, that is still unanswered.

Armen Kurdian 8 months ago

I think that's correct...there's no disputes on the football issues, so I think they are going down the normal route for that one.

Dale Rogers 8 months ago

This new committee includes a number of experienced legal minds. Hopefully that means that their investigation will be thorough and their decision will be fair and in accordance with the law.

Brett McCabe 8 months ago

The Self Slog continues. A noble man is he!

Brett McCabe 8 months ago

So let me get this straight....Jeff Long, one of only seven men on Planet Earth to lose to David Beaty, decides to go all-in on a fight with the NCAA.

As a reminder to the herd of dimwits who visit this site, KU is a voluntary member of the NCAA. KU has earned godzillions of dollars from that membership. In fact, without the benevolence of the NCAA, We would only have about 100 asst. ad’s as opposed to the 200 we have now.

KU has elected to support the all time rec league championship coach as he pursues 7-month rent-a-students who eventually contribute nothing to anyone. By paying them.

Is this the end of the world? No. Does it follow the rules of the organization you elected to join? No.

So one alternative would be to step up. I’ll stop there. That’s not a Girod/Long thing.

Dane Pratt 8 months ago

We would only have about 100 asst. ad’s as opposed to the 200 we have now. What's that mean?

Brian Wilson 8 months ago

Speaking of Voluntary. Maybe, Its about time unpaid student athletes just start getting together to form Student teams to play against other unpaid student teams at other schools so we can go watch games. that have personal meaning. Form new amatuer leagues. They ought to do this in spite of any University endorsement or permission.

Lately I'm kind of getting just disgruntled about all of this. Somedays I'm not sure I want to watch what will become a Professional NCAA league. IMO, it's not going to really be students against students, school against school. It's all about the money and not about comradery, rivalry, and school pride. At this point I hope the NCAA goes out of business. I have no wish to wear or pay for any player image or autograph or whatever. I want to see a team made up from the student body, just ordinary students, that want to try out and voluntarily play as a Jayhawk, with personal pride and effort, because it means something, against other teams for the fun of beating the other teams ****.

Brad Avery 8 months ago

"....has officially agreed to hear the University of Kansas' case surrounding serious pay-for-play allegations in the men's basketball program, the sports' governing body announced Wednesday."

I may be wrong, but it is my understanding there are no "pay-for-play" accusations against K.U,, only alleged guilt by association because the entities and individuals who were allegedly were paying players were somehow "boosters" of the University.

Keith Gellar 8 months ago

i love how every jayhawk now is a bonafide legal analyst.

Armen Kurdian 8 months ago

There are several problematic issues with this post of yours that would not stand up in court...

Creg Bohrer 7 months, 2 weeks ago

Just like every person on Facebook is a virologist nowadays.

Armen Kurdian 8 months ago

In case you were wondering who the 5 IARP members are:

The Independent Accountability Oversight Committee oversees the independent process. It consists of the chair and vice chair of the Division I Board of Directors and three of the newly appointed independent members of the Board of Governors.

In addition to overseeing all operational matters, the committee appoints independent external investigators and advocates on the Complex Case Unit, selects members of the Infractions Referral Committee, and nominates members of the Independent Resolution Panel.

Kenneth Johnson 8 months ago

I have to believe that being heard by an independent body has to be more favorable for KU than any decision the NCAA would make -- as we all know that the NCAA has a bad case for the Jayhawks, and would love to dump on us.

The reality is that KU doesn't have to cheat, and I believe they haven't. The underlying problem is that the NCAA has allowed shoe manufacturers and their dirty representatives to deal directly with recruits, their parents, and other representatives. So they gave money to Silvio DeSousa's mother -- that doesn't make KU guilty.

Kenn Johnson, Ph.D., (KU MS ’70) Author of Kansas University Basketball Legends (2013) and More University of Kansas Basketball Legends (2014), both published by The History Press, and available at KU Bookstores and Amazon.

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