Monday, December 9, 2019

Texas prep OL Armaj Adams-Reed joins KU football’s 2020 class

Kansas University football recruiting

Kansas University football recruiting


Kansas head football coach Les Miles and receivers coach Emmett Jones headed Monday to Texas for some recruiting, and by the end of the day the Jayhawks had another 2020 commitment in place.

Armaj Adams-Reed, an offensive tackle prospect at DeSoto High, announced Monday night he has committed to KU.

Hours earlier the DeSoto High football Twitter account shared a picture of Miles and Jones stopping in to see the program’s coaches, and more importantly, Adams-Reed and Lawrence Arnold, a DHS receiver who committed to Kansas back in August.

Listed at 6-foot-5 and 310 pounds, Adams-Reed just visited KU this past weekend. Rivals rates him as a two-star prospect on the offensive line, while 247Sports grades the young blocker as a three-star talent.

Adams-Reed reportedly also had offers from North Texas, Southern Miss, Utah State and other non-Power Five programs.

In an interview with Jayhawk Slant’s Jon Kirby before his commitment, Adams-Reed called Jones, a Dallas native involved with his recruitment, “amazing.”

“He's so down to earth and keeps it real with me,” the O-lineman told Jayhawk Slant. “He had a big support on the side with my brother, Lawrence (Arnold). He made a good connection with us and we all have a good vibe with it.”

KU currently has 26 prospects committed from the 2020 class, and more additions or subtractions could change that number before the class becomes official. Theoretically, if KU remained above 25 — the maximum number of players the Jayhawks could both sign and add to the roster for next season — some players could grayshirt and not join the program until the spring of 2021.

All verbal commitments, of course, are nonbinding. Football recruits in the 2020 class can sign as soon as Dec. 18-20. National Signing Day is on Feb. 5, 2020.

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-KU football 2020 verbal commitments

(Rivals recruiting rankings listed)

• Brennon Scott - 4-star LB from Texas

• Duece Mayberry - 3-star CB from Oklahoma

• Trevor Kardell - 3-star TE from Missouri

• Will Huggins - 3-star TE from Kansas

• Krishawn Brown - 3-star LB from Oklahoma

• Khari Coleman - 3-star DE from Louisiana

• Garrett Jones - 3-star OL from Michigan

• JaCobee Bryant - 3-star CB from Alabama

• Malik Johnson - 3-star WR from Texas

• Caleb Taylor - 3-star DE from Missouri

• Kenean Caldwell - 3-star DT from Louisiana

• Jaylin Richardson - 3-star athlete from Kansas

• Taiwan Berryhill - 3-star LB from Louisiana

• Lawrence Arnold - 3-star WR from Texas

• Chris Jones - 3-star DE from Florida

• Tanner Hooker - 3-star CB from Louisiana

• Alonso Person - 3-star LB from California

• Steven McBride - 3-star WR from Louisiana

• Tristan Golightly - 3-star TE from Texas

• Da'Vonshai Harden Jr. - 2-star QB from Kansas

• Luke Grimm - 2-star WR from Missouri

• Nicholas Martinez - 2-star OL from California

• Kyler Pearson - 2-star WR from Oklahoma

• Daniel Hishaw Jr. - 2-star athlete from Oklahoma

• Karon Prunty - 2-star CB from Virginia

• Armaj Adams-Reed - 2-star OL from Texas


Doug Roberts 1 year, 4 months ago

I hope our coaches are excellent judges of future talent. Teams don't usually get out of the cellar with 2 star talent...

Duane S Boor 1 year, 4 months ago

For the past two decades K-state has been pummeling us with 2 & 3 star players sprinkled with a few 4 stars here and there. The difference has been coaching. Snyder even stated he quit focusing to recruit 4 and 5 star players because he couldn't get them and costed him time to get the players they could coach up. I have no issues them recruiting 2 and 3 star players as long as they can coach them up.

Doug Roberts 1 year, 4 months ago

We NEED quality, can't miss offensive linemen!!!

Steven Haag 1 year, 4 months ago

Exactly Doug. Too many posters talking about how we ranked #3 in Big XII recruiting and like #30 overall. Once all schools get 25 recruits, we will be probably #9 in Big XII and about 60 overall. It would “appear” that name recognition is not hitting homeruns with recruits

Brett McCabe 1 year, 4 months ago

It’s a grind. Home runs don’t win football games.

I’m amazed that people think that the worst program in FBS is suddenly going to jump up the recruiting rankings.

Job one is to replenish a roster that was decimated by Beaty. Next up, development and then upgraded recruiting. Progress and patience.

Len Shaffer 1 year, 4 months ago

With that kind of size and the right coaching, he could have a huge (LITERALLY) upside.

Brian Wilson 1 year, 4 months ago

In the grand scheme of things there are not very many 5 and 4 star players. With 100 schools fighting over about 500 players if you get your share you will have 2 ro 3 players 4 stars and above because the top 5 to 10 programs take the lions share.
That being said, what KU is searching for is 2 and 3 star linemen that have speed and intelligence. Mind, hands, feet, and ability to learn quickly. It's hard to teach speed. KU can teach technique, build strength, and most other. I am thinking at this point we are now adjusting our list of recruits and adding players that fit in the category of great future upside.

Steven Haag 1 year, 4 months ago

The excuses on this site for the 2 star talent amaze me. You can’t honestly tell me that the other 3 new coaches in the Big XII as well as the relatively “no name” coach from Iowa State has MORE name recognition than KU, yet they are pulling in better stars than KU. Most of us get that it will take a while to build this up. Our point is this, keep getting 2 star talent and we will never pull out of the cellar. Shoot, Beaty pilled in better star recruits......he and his staff just couldn’t coach them.

Greg Ledom 1 year, 4 months ago

The reality of it is the majority of our recruits will be 3 stars with a sprinkling of 4’s and maybe an occasional 5. And look at that, the majority of this class is 3’s (76%), 4’s (4%) and 2’s (20%). It was no different under Mangino when we were having successful years of football and going to the Orange Bowl. I look at 5 and 4’s as definitely next level (top tier) recruits. I look at 3 and 2’s as almost interchangeable based on how this staff will recruit, and 1’s as major projects. And don’t feed me this Beaty recruited better BS. Can we not give this staff a chance to create relationships with recruits and see what they can really do in the next couple years with some additional success on the field in the form of Ws? I can. In Les I trust. Rock Chalk!!

Glen Miller 1 year, 4 months ago

Some get too wrapped up in how many stars are next to their name. Some of the greatest players we've had here were the same type of guys you are thrashing on for not being rated highly enough. So much of college football is about coaching and development. Look at Miami, Florida State and schools like that who have had top 25 class after top 25 class and still struggle. Coaching is a HUGE part of it all and I believe that we are Miles (pun intended) better in that area now than we've been since Mangino was here. Let's give it a few years until we say that Miles can't recruit good enough here. He's got to start winning some games to get the 4 and 5 star guys, that's just the reality of it regardless of what your name is.

Steven Haag 1 year, 4 months ago

@Glen. I agree with you 100%. It’s a catch 22 if you ask me. You state, “He’s got to start winning some games....”. If we keep getting 2 star and the rest of the league gets 3 and 4 star....and they can obviously coach up their kids as well, then we WONT start winning any more than the 2 or 3 games a year. It’s like a vicious, ugly cycle that we have been stuck in for a decade. Hopefully he can talk some high 3 star and 4 star to buy into the program to break the cycle.

Clarence Haynes 1 year, 4 months ago

Doug Roberts: if I recall Talib was two star.

Jeff Kallmeyer 1 year, 4 months ago

Yes, but Talib had other power 5 schools recruiting him. We need to focus on recruiting 4* athletes, we only have one in this class.

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