Monday, March 13, 2017

Self backs freshman Josh Jackson with strong words

Kansas guard Josh Jackson (11) and Kansas head coach Bill Self watch the replay of a foul called on Jackson during the second half, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas guard Josh Jackson (11) and Kansas head coach Bill Self watch the replay of a foul called on Jackson during the second half, Saturday, Jan. 21, 2017 at Allen Fieldhouse.


With freshman guard Josh Jackson set to return from a one-game suspension, Kansas men’s basketball coach Bill Self was asked on Monday morning’s Big 12 coaches teleconference if he, for any reason, had seen or known of anything at all that might keep Jackson from playing for the Jayhawks moving forward.

“Hell no,” Self said. “OK? That answered your question.”

Jackson was suspended for last week’s TCU loss in the Big 12 tournament after information surfaced about Jackson backing into a car in a parking lot and not leaving his information or telling a representative at KU about the incident. Self said then that the suspension essentially was handed down because it was Jackson’s second offense.

In February, the 6-foot-8 freshman from Detroit was charged with misdemeanor criminal damage of property for kicking the car of women’s basketball player McKenzie Calvert, who has since gone on the record about the incident. Calvert’s father, Tim Calvert, also has spoken to multiple media outlets about the incident.

Last Friday night, Scott Boatman, an attorney representing Jackson, released the following statement in reaction to Tim Calvert's claim, published in The Kansas City Star, that Jackson’s family "wanted to pay to make it all go away.”

“It is unfortunate that Mr. Calvert is single-handedly creating a narrative that is not accurate,” Boatman said. "It is clear he is frustrated with several parties and with matters unrelated to Josh, yet he continues to manipulate the facts as it relates to an offer of restitution. Mr. Calvert specifically requested that we discuss restitution with his attorney and we complied with his request. Because of the pending criminal case, we are ethically bound not to comment further on this matter but it is our hope that any further reporting will authenticate statements with fact and not emotion. Josh looks forward to moving past this so that he is able to focus on school and basketball.”

In an interview following the KU women's team's loss in the Big 12 tournament in Oklahoma City on March 3, Mckenzie Calvert said Jackson offered to pay for damages before any charges were issued.

Jackson's offer "was close to when the DA was ready to make a decision,” Mckenzie Calvert said. "So it wasn’t like he was trying to pay for it right when it happened. Because if that was the case, none of this would have happened."

Self said he couldn’t and wouldn’t respond to Tim Calvert’s concerns.

“To be real candid with you, I’m mad at the situation but I’m not necessarily pointing fingers and saying that I’m mad at an individual or a parent or anything like that,” Self said. “Here’s the reality of it: You don’t know, I don’t know, he doesn’t know everything that has transpired. Nobody knows. And I can’t talk to him, nor would I ever attempt to do so, nor would I ever talk about a student-athlete from another program. Never. We would never do that. But the one thing is, I don’t know what the women’s basketball program has told those parties or educated them to the different things that were going on, if I’m a parent and I hadn’t been educated, I could see being very upset. Totally, if nobody from the university or the women’s basketball program has shared with them what’s going on."

Self said from his perspective, Jackson and his family have worked with an attorney to address the incident appropriately.

“Josh and his mother have acquired representation and those attorneys are held to a certain code,” Self said. "There’s absolutely nothing that I would be remotely concerned about as far as unethical things taking place. I don’t believe that to be the case. And having read Josh’s attorney’s statement, I certainly feel stronger about that now than ever.”


Harlan Hobbs 3 years ago

Bravo, Coach Self! Ms. Calvert and her obviously enabling father are beginning to get on my nerves. They need to move on again.

Maybe if she transfers another time, she can find happiness. However, her future doesn't look very rosy to me. She's not that good a player, and her attitude isn't such that would appeal to prospective employers in my opinion. The only thing bigger than her apparent ego is that huge chip on her shoulder.

Jaston Archie 3 years ago

If Calvert was better she wouldn't be bitter

Chad Smith 3 years ago

The case wont be resolved until after the tournament. Kind of a moot point, all of this. They cant suspend josh because its not ncaa related and trial still needs to take place. Unlike the cliff alexander situation, which was receiving benefits and is an NCAA violation. Joshs suspension last week was a coaches decision and he didnt have to be suspended for that either. But self was obviously trying to send a message. I think self is ready to move on and play

Ron Prichard 3 years ago

Listen to the podcast of Keegan on the radio with Kevin Keitzman on 810 this past Friday. He has researched this more than just about anyone and it showed. Really good stuff, and Tom putting KK in his place was just fantastic. There is a link to the podcast in one of Tom's recent articles.

The reality is there is a whole lot of nothing that people are trying to turn into something.

Robert Brock 3 years ago

The KU men need to stay away from Fatal Attraction women.

Janet Olin 3 years ago

Would help if all the players would stay away from bars after hours, let alone with other team's athletes. Specifically, women's basketball players who are sophomores and not even close to 21. Doh, guys!?? Nothing good can come of this. Plus, any goober wanting 10 minutes of fame can accuse a prominent athlete or other prominent person of wrongdoing that will make sensational headlines, draw endless media attention to it, and nothing will happen if the accusation is false--but the perception of guilt and stain on the accused's rep will never be restored.

Harlan Hobbs 3 years ago

There will be no trial. This case has essentially been resolved, and Ms. Calvert has had her 15 minutes of fame.

Steve Johnson 3 years ago

they are looking to extort money from Jackson because in 6 months he will be worth millions. Hope they don't get a penny. Whatever happened to making money the old fashioned way, roll up your sleeves and get a job

Marius Rowlanski 3 years ago

I hope you have some evidence to back that up.

Jim Stauffer 3 years ago

KK on 810 is interpreting Self's remarks quoted in this article to mean he believes Schneider has not communicated properly with the Calvert's. I interpreted it at the time to imply Calvert would have reason to be upset if he had not received proper communication and therefore a subtle indication he thinks Calvert has no reason to be spouting off because he (Self) believes the women's Coach has done the right thing and communicated with him.

My spin is positive and KK's is negative toward KU. Neither of us has solid proof our conclusion is right.

Marius Rowlanski 3 years ago

One of the things I like best about the NCAA Tournament is that it makes a definitive statement on just how good a conference is.

Harlan Hobbs 3 years ago

Very true, Marius. A good example is the PAC-12. Clearly, their top three teams, Arizona, Oregon, and UCLA are very good. However, their only other entry is USC, and they are in a "play in" game. Therefore, those who were touting the U of A vs. Oregon winner in the PAC-12 tournament as a #1 seed (e.g., Bill Walton) don't accept the reality that the rest of the conference wasn't very good.

Meanwhile, the ACC is the strongest overall conference so a better case could have been made for Duke, especially since they are playing their best ball right now. Likewise, Arizona will probably be favored over Gonzaga if they meet later in the tournament. They didn't have Alonzo Trier when they lost to Gonzaga earlier in the year, but now he and Markenen and their supporting cast seem to peaking at the right time. Nevertheless, there wouldn't be any justification for seeding them ahead of Gonzaga in my opinion

In short, historically the #1 seeds have been based upon the entire year's resume.

Marius Rowlanski 3 years ago

Really good post Harlan although I thought Arizona deserved the one seed over North Carolina on the basis of their performances in their conference championships. I think the committee was probably pretty close on this as well and found a good way to settle the issue.

Putting Arizona as the 2 seed with Gonzaga being the top seed out West should make Arizona's fan base pretty happy. Gonzaga will have to beat the ACC tournament runner-up Notre Dame and then most likely Arizona for a Final 4 spot. I agree with you that Arizona will likely be favored to win this matchup.

Regardless of what happens, the power conferences now have a chance to prove they are the best or maybe the differences between the Big 5 and the other conferences isn't as big as most people believe.

Olympia Wilson 3 years ago

Star has a new article on a title IX violation

Harlan Hobbs 3 years ago

Thanks, Marius. In the end, I think that the committee looked at the geographical layout and felt that there was a natural breakdown with Villanova in the East, Kansas in the Midwest, North Carolina in the South, and Gonzaga in the West. I think that was pretty well set before the conference tournaments even began.

If Arizona had gotten the nod ahead of North Carolina (certainly a defensible scenario), they would have had to travel outside their region which seems a sort of penalty for winning their conference tournament. Their consolation is the be #2 in the West with probably a clearer path to the Final Four. Not a bad situation to be in.

On the other side of the coin, UNC gets to stay close to home but has Kentucky and UCLA in their region. Lastly, if Arizona got the slot in the South instead of UNC and the other assignments stayed the same, then UNC would have had to leave their area because I can't see the committee putting them as #2 in the South with a regional advantage over the proposed #1 Arizona.

Of course, that has happened before. In 2007, we were the #1 seed in the West, but we played UCLA, the #2 seed, in the Elite 8 in California. Of course, we were probably the last #1 seed that year, and UCLA was likely the highest rated #2. Therefore, if our seeding positions had been reversed, we would still have played them out West. So, go figure!

Let the upsets begin, provided that KU isn't one of them.

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