Saturday, January 18, 2014

Cowboys lose emotional game at Kansas

Kansas players celebrate as Oklahoma State guard Markel Brown breaks into their huddle during the first half on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014 at Allen Fieldhouse. Brown was issued a technical foul during the incident.

Kansas players celebrate as Oklahoma State guard Markel Brown breaks into their huddle during the first half on Saturday, Jan. 18, 2014 at Allen Fieldhouse. Brown was issued a technical foul during the incident.


Kansas 80, Oklahoma State 78

Box score

Despite a combined six technical fouls in 15th-ranked Kansas University’s 80-78 men’s basketball victory over No. 9 Oklahoma State on Saturday, neither KU coach Bill Self nor Oklahoma State coach Travis Ford believed there was anything nasty about Saturday’s classic Big 12 showdown in Allen Fieldhouse.

“It was emotion,” a disappointed Ford said after the game. “I don’t think any of it was dirty or anything like that. Two teams that played very, very hard. They’ve got good kids. We’ve got good kids. Two teams that were trying their hardest to win the game.”

Added OSU sophomore guard Marcus Smart, who put himself in the middle of all kinds of contact plays all day: “This is an emotional game. It’s a passionate game, especially with a game like this, as hyped up as it was. You had two teams coming at it that are very great teams with very talented players, so obviously you’re going to have emotions flying everywhere.”

The Cowboys, particularly, experienced all sorts of highs and lows throughout Saturday’s 40-minute drama.

At tipoff, the Cowboys (15-3 overall, 3-2 Big 12) had more than a little bounce and took the floor determined to show they were ready to do what they did in this same building a year ago: win. But by the eight-minute mark of the first half, they were down 14 points, the product of a 13-0 Kansas run, and had the howls of Allen Fieldhouse ringing in their ears.

With 48 seconds to play in the first half, the Cowboys trailed by a game-high 19 points, but less than seven minutes of game clock later had trimmed KU’s lead to just four, 54-50, following a ferocious start to the second half.

“We should’ve come out like that the first half,” Smart said.

On an individual level, no Cowboy experienced that up-and-down flow quite like Smart, who finished with 16 points in 39 minutes but made just three of 14 shots from the floor.

It would be easy to say Smart had an off night, but — aside from his shooting — the rest of his stat line showed a different story. In fact, the All-American candidate landed just one assist shy of a triple-double, finishing with 10 rebounds, nine assists and four steals to go along with his poor shooting.

Asked after the game if all of his misfires had him in a foul mood, Smart shook it off.

“I wasn’t that frustrated,” Smart said. “I knew coming into this game they were going to do everything in their will not to let me score. So I had to become a facilitator, and I was finding the open guys, and my teammates were hitting open shots.”

Despite all of Saturday’s wild twists and turns, the Cowboys somehow found themselves with possession in the waning seconds and a chance to tie or win. But instead of being the hero by hoisting a memorable shot, Le’Bryan Nash was stripped by KU freshman Frank Mason. and the Jayhawks (13-4, 4-0) came out on top.

“It’s incredible coming into this gym, this hostile environment, down 19 and coming all the way back and having a chance at the end,” Smart said.

Added Ford: “There’s definitely some positives that came out of this game. And quite a few negatives, too.”


Gerry Butler 3 months ago

there were 2 games yesterday, the first half where when we play like that, it looks like an unbelievable team, they looked so dam impressive, I would put them up against ANYBODY, AND I MEAN ANYBODY, then there was the 2nd half when we reverted back to turning the ball over WAY to amny times, if we are going to succeed in the NCAA we have GOT to get that fixed, because in one of the tourney games if we can't get that problem fixed its gonna jump up and bite us right square in the butt. it almost did today, took away from an unbelievable performance in the first half. and if there is anybody ANYBODY at all that thinks jo jo won't be the nu1 pick in the NBA give a shout out, read the article from CBS SPORTS. COM see what they say he is definitely gone after this year, so enjoy him this year its just unreal what he might be like in 3 or 4 yrs. GO HAWKS


Gerry Butler 3 months ago

evidentally some people weren't watching the same game the rest of us were watching. jo jo's 3rd technical? OMG where was that at? I mean seriously? nothing, no where if you seen one ya good luck with that. then on the other jand you got the king of flops marcus smart when they called that foul for swinging the elbows AGAIN REALLY? not even any contact made anywhere you know in the nba they get fined for that crap and that's what he has coming. to bad a good player like he is has to resort to those kinds of things


Lance Topeka 3 months ago

Those of you KU fans who hate Doug Gottlieb: Join my Facebook group calling for his dismissal from CBS:


Scott Yessen 3 months ago

I agree completely with the comments on Doug G. Nothing upsets him more than KU having success. Not only that, he also sees that KU good now but we be unbelievable by March. Poor shorts on backwards.


3 months ago

I nominate Smart for an 'Oscar' in the 'B' movie category, should be a runaway winner there.RCJH


Brett McCabe 3 months ago

Hey Douggiee, we're only going to get better. We were a good team to start the season. We're a very good team right now. We will be a juggernaut in 6 weeks.


Kevin Randell 3 months ago

Many of you may not remember that Doug Gottlieb played for OSU. Heck, the semester before I transferred to KU, I remember OSU upsetting KU in the BigXII tourney and in the interview with him. He said, "Hey guys, come on up for the tournament! There are plenty of KU tickets available". So please do not tell me for THIS particular game, he had a hard time keeping it 100% professional.


Yonatan Negash 3 months ago

Although Kansas is not all there yet, I think they've separated themselves from the rest of the Big 12 teams. I'd say by the time March get's here, the game against Oklahoma State won't even matter. At this rate, KU will have a three to four game lead going to Stillwater.

Hopefully, by March KU will learn to put teams away and not allow them to get back in games. I guess that's part of the maturity we're all waiting for to take place by tournament play.


Dirk Medema 3 months ago

I've heard Doug speak supportively of the Big12 and KU before, but he was real pouty for this one. Seemed almost like a tantrum from my 6 yo at the half. Made me chuckle - a little, because I knew they would have the first string back in for the 2nd half. They have no frontline to begin with, and our 2's are almost as good as our 1's., hence the bloodbath of the first half. March 1st is going to be real entertaining. The ref's will need combat pay.


Jason Keller 3 months ago

Doug Gottlieb should be fired from everything. Media members are allowed to have alliances but he is malicious towards KU and I've had about enough. The university needs to step in and ask that he not call or breakdown games anymore. And if another LJW writer tells me Gottlieb is cool with the Jayhawks, I'll have a seizure and my head will explode.


Jason Keller 3 months ago

Doug Gottlieb is trash. He absolutely cannot stand KU's success. He downplayed everything KU did and made nothing but excuses for OSU. His mouth is garbage, keep him away from the program.


Kye Clark 3 months ago

Agree 100% on Smart and his flopping. Worst I've seen in years. Soccer-esque. Lost a lot of respect for him today. There's a difference between trying to steal a call here & there and the acting job he had going on.

Equally as pathetic was Doug Gottlieb in the pre-game and at halftime.


Bryce Landon 3 months ago

Yeah, a lot of negatives, like:

(1) Marcus Smart is every bit as bad about flopping as anyone on the Iowa State roster.

(2) OSU's players are punks and thugs who are prone to temper tantrums.

(3) Both (1) and (2) reflect on the character and integrity of Travis Ford.

OSU has gone from a classy program under Eddie Sutton to a bunch of gangsters with Ford as their boss. I lost all respect for the Cowboys basketball program based on what I saw of them today, and I will never root for the Cowboys program again until Ford is gone.


Doug Cramer 3 months ago

The game down in Stillwater is gonna be nuts.


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