Thursday, June 6, 2013

KU extends deal with adidas through 2019

Kansas players come to a huddle while trailing Temple during the second half on Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Kansas players come to a huddle while trailing Temple during the second half on Sunday, Jan. 6, 2013 at Allen Fieldhouse.


So much for the message board chatter about moving back to Nike.

Thursday afternoon, Kansas University officials announced via press release that Kansas Athletics and adidas have agreed to renew their footwear and apparel partnership — one of the largest such partnerships in college athletics — through 2019. The commitment extends by six years the original eight-year agreement between adidas and KU, which was signed in 2005.

According to the release, the six-year extension is a sponsorship and product-allowance agreement worth in excess of $26 million.

“We have been extremely pleased with our partnership with adidas,” KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger said in the release. “Adidas promised quality and dedication to service to all our teams and they have delivered what they promised. The fact that adidas eagerly sought to extend our partnership clearly demonstrates to us their continued understanding of the tremendous value of the entire Kansas Athletics program.”

Since the fall of 2005, adidas has provided footwear, uniforms, apparel and accessories to each of the Jayhawks’ 18 intercollegiate athletics teams, and KU has achieved great success during that stretch.

• The men’s basketball team won the 2008 NCAA Championship and reached the championship game in 2012

• The women’s basketball team reached the Sweet 16 two consecutive years, making Kansas the only university in the country whose men’s and women’s teams reached the NCAA Sweet 16 in both 2012 and 2013

• The football team won a BCS Bowl — the 2008 Orange Bowl

• The women’s track and field team has won two Big 12 Conference Championships, several NCAA individual championships and an Olympic Gold medal in 2012

• The volleyball, soccer and softball teams also have reached the NCAA Tournament.

Adidas holds strong partnerships across collegiate athletics, developing high-performance footwear, apparel and accessories for more than 70 collegiate programs including Notre Dame, Michigan, UCLA, Tennessee, Indiana, Nebraska, Texas A&M; and Louisville. In addition, adidas is the official uniform and apparel provider for the National Basketball Association and Major League Soccer and equips some of the best athletes in the world including Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, Damian Lillard, Lionel Messi, Robert Griffin III, Von Miller, Candace Parker and Heather O’Reilly.

The company appears thrilled to keep its tie to KU for another six years.

“We are proud of our relationship with KU’s outstanding athletics program,” said adidas Vice President of Sport Performance David Baxter. “We are excited to have KU athletes, coaches and fans wear adidas and look forward to continuing our successful partnership.”


worrynotjhawk 3 years ago

Adidas is good for the university. It provides to all, not just the revenue sports. The haters should be out in full force, but it doesn't take long to find someone who has a child or relative that benefits from adidas being the brand at KU. Being on an athletic scholarship should mean you don't have to worry about buying your gear, and this is mainly what adidas brings to the table.

JacquesMerde 3 years ago

"but it doesn't take long to find someone who has a child or relative that benefits from adidas being the brand at KU"

Bet they aren't in China!

kuguardgrl13 3 years ago

They also provide gear for the spirit squad, band, and pretty much anyone associated with athletics. Major recruiting tool for more than just student athletes!

BringBackNike 3 years ago

Band gear? Gotta lock up that blue-chip trombone player out of Ohio. #2 overall band geek on Rivals.

David Lara 3 years ago

The proper title, sir, is tromboner.

Hurinfan 3 years ago

This makes me happy. I tired of all the talk and I like Adidas much more than Nike anyway.

Mike Bratisax 3 years ago

Actually, I do too, particularly their clothing line but for kids in high school it is all about name recognition and Nike still has the big stars. I think the gap is closing and Adidas has outperformed Nike over the last five years in the market.

But regardless of all the above, Adidas has been good to Kansas and Kansas has been good for Adidas. I hope the relationship continues.

BringBackNike 3 years ago

Terrible news. Looks like my username is good for six more years. Hurray for cookie-cutter uniforms and cheap fan gear!

Carter Patterson 3 years ago

Hooray for not being second fiddle to Oregon and Stanford.

Kent Wells 3 years ago

I look forward to seeing those camo unis again.

hailtoku 3 years ago

Although I'm a fan of Adidas, Nike is more appealing to recruits.

bad_dog 3 years ago

Yet, Adidas is the official uniform and apparel provider for the NBA. Weird.

kugrad93 3 years ago

It was bad enough that KU tried to say in the press release that all of its athletic programs have had "unprecedented success" in the past eight years. J-W, did you really have to repeat that ridiculous claim?

Matt Tait 3 years ago

Just trying to get it up quickly...

kellerman411 3 years ago

Never pass up a "that's what she said" opportunity

Bobby Burch 3 years ago

I think KU_Dude is really Michael Scott ...

Ron Prichard 3 years ago

Wow. I can't say I'm one of the posters who thought KU should switch to Nike, but I wasn't against it, either. I know one of the major selling points on the original deal with Adidas was that they would outfit all of the athletic teams, both men and women, which they appear to be continuing with this extension. I wonder if Nike was unwilling to make such a deal or if they were even considered. I would like to think it was explored but Adidas provided the better deal. All things considered, I think this deal keeps KU on the leading edge when it comes to outfitting all its athletes and maximizing revenues.

KU_Dude 3 years ago

Hopefully cammoflauge isn't part of the agreement.

nuleafjhawk 3 years ago

i don't give a crap if they wear flip-flops and tie-dyed t-shirts with khaki shorts, I'm just glad to finally see an article with KU basketball players in it.

Adam Miller 3 years ago

Wait, flip-flops and tie-dye is an option? Then I totally back that deal...

PenaltyKick 3 years ago

The adidas uniforms will look much better when they do away with the Trajan font.

Ron Prichard 3 years ago

Not going to happen. That's a KU thing and not an Adidas thing. They paid a lot of money on the whole "branding" thing and came up with that font. It's here for a while.

Kent Wells 3 years ago

Don't forget about the track at the football stadium, Ed.

nuleafjhawk 3 years ago

Are you talking about the track at the football stadium at Kansas University?

Mike Bratisax 3 years ago

I admit that I needed to look up the Trajan font... To be honest, I doubt I've ever looked closely enough to notice the font or that I would recognize more than three or four.

As long as it has the colors, the Jayhawk mascot and Kansas clearly visible, I'm happy.

Ned1632 3 years ago

I may be in the minority, but I love the Trajan font. I don't want the circus font back

Zstegs 3 years ago

As long as they added a clause stipulating no future camo or smurf uniforms, we should be fine.

ahpersecoachingexperience 3 years ago

Don't forget the powder blue and all black football unis, BLEH

gorilla10 3 years ago

When I walk into a store and see sweet nike gear for both Mizzou and Kstate it drives me crazy!!! Adidas fan apparel is nothing compared to what nike has to offer. I don't mind the uniforms the players wear as long as they're KU traditional....

  1. Nike
  2. Under armor
  3. Adidas

Nike is much more appealing to recruits and fans! I ran a survey at school and it was a landslide for nike and under armor. Adidas wasn't anywhere close.....

ericdmc 3 years ago

Yes, because K-State and Mizzou have been winning all of the recruiting battles because they where Nike.

gorilla10 3 years ago

Ha, nope just big 12 titles in baseball, bball and football

Bryce Landon 3 years ago

Just remember, troll, your titles in football and basketball were co-championships. You had to share the football title with Oklahoma and the basketball title with Kansas - a team that beat you thrice, including a victory in the Big 12 Tournament championship.

Benz Junque 3 years ago

Yes, because Kansas has had such a hard time getting elite players to play basketball wearing Adidas stuff. Dope.

Good recruits don't give two craps about who provides the uniforms. Idiot recruits that are all about themselves do. If they want to go to a Nike school then KU is better off without them.

And the standard Nike basketball uniforms suck. The standard Adidas jerseys are much nicer than those by Nike. liek everyone else, I hope we never see those ridiculous camo uni's ever again, but I am perfectly fine with this. The money is great for the sports programs.

Robin Smith 3 years ago

"sweet nike gear for both Mizzou and Kstate"


gorilla10 3 years ago

Go to nike outlet or dicks! The fan gear doesn't even come close to what Adidas has to offer! Laugh all you want, drives me crazy

bad_dog 3 years ago

Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha. Are you there yet? ;-)

BTW, that's laughing all the way to the bank...

Al Salazar 3 years ago

All the Nike gear for Mizzou and KState, makes me want to vomit! Definitely not sweet!

gorilla10 3 years ago

Because its kstate and mizzou...if that was KU gear you'd be pumped! Dummy

Robbk1066 3 years ago

I was with a pro agent Monday night he said it is not a swoosh or trident that athletes care about. it is another sign...... he said in college athletes it's about getting to the next level, winning, and championships. I think we are fine...just fine. Fans well Nike is sure flashier but I would want rings not cool hats...just saying.

Mike Bratisax 3 years ago

There is no bigger Nike school then Oregon.

I'm slightly underwhelmed.

captku 3 years ago

Shoes aside for a minute, why does Nike insist on those "sweat-stain tatooed" bball jerseys? Those things are awful, and I have not changed position on that. Hopefully they come up with something new. When the game starts, the Nike teams already look like their jerseys are soaked, particularly in the back. It was then that i always was glad our unies had a clean look, at least from the tipoff. So, back to the shoes, I still think the adizero line is pretty fresh.

Kyle Cornish 3 years ago

Folks, I would be willing to bet that Nike did not come in and give ANYWHERE close to the deal Adidas offered. At best, I bet Nike offered to give non football/basketball 50% off their non uniform stuff, like shoes, etc. That costs money from an athletic department that has struggled financially and needs to save where it can before Big 12 TV money kicks in. Adidas stepped up and took cost off our plate and gave us some money in pocket. That is a win.

DocBean 3 years ago

Adidas pays WAY more than Nike... because they have to, so It's not really a win or a loss for KU.

We're getting a lot of money from Adidas, and although I think Nike would help our recruiting, Bill Self and Wiggins has proven that it's not as big of a deal as I thought it was.

I'm sad for the fans, because like everyone has said, Nike makes better fan apparel.

Al Salazar 3 years ago

All the Nike fan apparel that I have seen, KState...Mizzou, etc.., looks horrible and makes my eyes hurt. I feel sad for those fans I see wearing said apparel.

Bryce Landon 3 years ago

From 1997-2005, we were wearing Nike apparel.

Benz Junque 3 years ago

EXACTLY. Whether we are in Nike gear or Adidas gear, good players still come to Lawrence to play. It makes NO DIFFERENCE to recruiting, no matter what some ding dongs think. There is ZERO actual evidence to back up any claim that it matters. Players go where they like the coach, the system and the facilities and where they think they can win and get prepped to go to the next level. If they are so stupid that they would choose a different school based on who makes their jersey then they are morons and thus, not as good a player to have in the first place.

What DOES make a difference is the amount of CASH that Adidas vs. Nike puts into the athletic department. Adidias pays more, which allows KU to travel more to talk to good recruits which leads to BETTER RECRUITS. More money = better players. Thus, the Adidas contract results in BETTER PLAYERS. It's really not complicated.

Rick Arnoldy 3 years ago

I okay with it if KU added a "veto clause" on ugly uniforms.

Robin Smith 3 years ago

amateur fashionistas and hypemongers everywhere

J_Ri_11 3 years ago

appeals more to recruits? Give me a break. What appeals to recruits is bill self being awesome, not some stupid logo that can barely be seen on the jersey. Just think...if Kansas signed with nike we probably would have gotten Wayne Selden and Andrew Wiggins.......oh wait.

gorilla10 3 years ago

You're obviously many many years out of high me, it means more than you think!

KGphoto 3 years ago

Did we, or did we not just sign the #2 class in the country, including the #1 player?

The fact that you’re in touch with the high school crowd doesn’t make you a recruiting expert.

gorilla10 3 years ago

KU could be sponsered by Russell Athletic and we would still get the same basketball recruits. What about football? What about baseball? What about all the other sports? Look at what Oregon has with Nike. That DOES bring them attention along with quality recruits whether you like it or not....Remember, there are other sports besides basketball!!!!!

KGphoto 3 years ago

Other sports like track and field?

Charlie Weis is doing pretty well so far without Nike. Haven’t heard any mention of a football (or baseball) player picking another school because we aren’t associated with them. Too your point, we would lose football recruits to Texas, Notre Dame and Alabama whether we signed with Nike or Sketchers. So what are you saying?

You can’t use Oregon as an example because they are all but Nike headquarters. Oregon and Nike go hand in hand. NO other school will EVER benefit from a shoe company like they do. Pull your head out of Nike’s tail.

I like their designs better than adidas too, but your argument is flawed.

Benz Junque 3 years ago

Name ONE player that we missed out on because he wanted to wear Nike? ONE... We'll be waiting...

Mike Bratisax 3 years ago

Malik Hairston...Now somewhere in the Euroleague.

gorilla10 3 years ago

It isn't who we "miss" out's attracting players in other sports that we normally wouldn't attract! Think about it, this isn't rocket science.....

Mike Bratisax 3 years ago

Relax gorilla..didn't need to hit me with the AT&T commercial.

Glen Miller 3 years ago

I wouldn't have a problem with Adidas if they had more to offer us the fans in the way of style and excitement. A lot of the Adidas stuff KU has is boring or lame in my opinion. I still find Nike KU stuff and buy it because it's just better. I'm sure that for the University this is the right move and in the overall scheme of it, that's what matters most. However, as a fan I was hoping for Nike or Under Armour.

jayhawkinATL 3 years ago

Screw Nike if they can't give us the respect that adidas does!!!

JacquesMerde 3 years ago

Why not, after all she was a Goddess.

RL 3 years ago

The fan gear with Adidas is terrible.....

Al Salazar 3 years ago

You should check out the Nike apparel for KState and Mizzou, you'll lose your lunch!

gorilla10 3 years ago

Anything kstate or mizzou will make you lost your lunch dummy! The QUALITY of the apparel is what we're talking about. Figure it out already

Andrew Horigan 3 years ago

Great, we all know Adidas was responsible for the Louisville kid Kevin Ware's horrific leg injury. Better not see a bone sticking out of a Jayhawk's leg.

Max Walker 3 years ago

Yes, it was the shoes... Not the fact that he may have had an unbeknownst stress fracture and probable Vitamin D deficiency.

Andrew Horigan 3 years ago

This was your first lesson in sarcasm. You failed.

Al Salazar 3 years ago

In that case Nerlens didn't say "Hi"!

Ethan Berger 3 years ago

National championship game had two Adidas schools. Adidas has better basketball unis however Nike shoes are better. Adidas is good, so no issue here.

Casey Gee 3 years ago

Maybe it's because I'm a KU fan, but I honestly like the looks of Adidas uniforms better than Nike. I do like Nike shoes better, but really don't like the way the uniforms fit at Nike schools. In any case, people make WAY too big of a deal out of this. Adidas is simply willing to supply all of our non-revenue sports with gear for free and Nike isn't.

Al Salazar 3 years ago

KU's uniforms are classic and Adidas is responsible for that look. I would hate to see the abomination that Nike would throw together for the team. Like their sponsorship, I'd imagine they would be second rate.

gorilla10 3 years ago

You keep getting dumb and dumber! Look at the gear Adidas tried to get KU into during the tourney....worst uniform I've ever seen. Nike isn't that dumb....

Bryce Landon 3 years ago

I agree completely. Adidas makes better-looking, more traditionally-styled uniforms. And given our rich tradition, that's what we should stick with.

Benz Junque 3 years ago

I 100% completely agree. When you looked at Thomas Robinson, his jersey perfectly fit him and made him look ever bigger and stronger than he was. Adidas jersey's are more snug and make the players look like elite athletes. Nike's jerseys are too loose and baggy and make the players look like sloppy kids.

Hawk8086 3 years ago

This was a business decision. I'm sure that Zenger, Self, and everyone else involved in the decision took into account all factors.........including recruiting.

Josh Galler 3 years ago

Nike overrated. I think they should had gone with lululemon. Their men shorts r compfy but they do notnmake shoes

gorilla10 3 years ago

We should be sponsored by Russell athletic. They pay great!!

Mike Bratisax 3 years ago

No..Time to bring back the Chuck Taylor All-Stars!

Chuck Taylor had an interesting life. Check out "Chuck Taylor, All Star: The True Story of the Man behind the Most Famous Athletic Shoe in History" if you have some downtime. He also invented the stitchless basketball.

Tomas 3 years ago

Gorilla 10: Big 12, football and basketball @ Riley County?

They didn't "tie" us in basketball... we beat them three (3) times...two (2)'s called "head-to-head" competition in most of the "free world"...not quite sure how Bruce Weber refers to same.

gorilla10 3 years ago

News flash: The DID tie us and have a trophy to prove it! Sorry!!!

Mike Bratisax 3 years ago

Who was the #1 seed in the Big 12 Tournament?

gorilla10 3 years ago

KU was! But that is just for seating as I'm sure you know but don't want to admit. Kstate won't look back and remember that they were swept by us. All they will remember is winning the conference. We will definitely remember the sweep though!

johninkc1 3 years ago

Nice to see our university uses their heads. Nike is way overrated. The only reason anybody wears their junk is that a guy named Jordan wore it. Otherwise, whatever. I like the cameo uniforms. They are fun, perhaps not for every day wear by a blue blood program but everyone needs a sense of humor, not a sense of being just like everyone else.

BringBackNike 3 years ago

Never forget...

6 more years of this crap

6 more years of this crap by BringBackNike

Benz Junque 3 years ago

And did someone seriously mention Under Armor? As a side note, #76 for Maryland in the picture is my cousin...

Eric Williams 3 years ago

73 has some attitude...that's right, hips cocked...head tilted...

gorilla10 3 years ago

Dumb! Those are classic uniforms by change needed!

gorilla10 3 years ago

You can't beat classics! Something I wish KU would stick to....

bad_dog 3 years ago

Hard to remember given the team never wore those uniforms. Find the real ones they wore; the whitish ones. Not near the abomination of the road version and didn't really look that bad in person.

BringBackNike 3 years ago

Hey adidas fans, be sure to get your new football shirts!

6 years of more adidas garbage

6 years of more adidas garbage by BringBackNike

BringBackNike 3 years ago

Lets also not forget the template for next year's cookie-cutter jerseys

Even Wiggins can't make these look good

Even Wiggins can't make these look good by BringBackNike

Doug Roberts 3 years ago

Honestly looks like a woman's jersey to me.

MinorThreat 3 years ago

Adidas did a fine job with the '88 throwbacks early last season.

Bryce Landon 3 years ago

And the '52 throwbacks the season before.

BringBackNike 3 years ago

Because it's so hard to make a copy of a previous jersey...

Mike Bratisax 3 years ago

So that's why Nike doesn't do 'Throwback Uniforms'...

nuleafjhawk 3 years ago

LJW - next time you run an article concerning what brand of shirts, shoes and jocks we are wearing, PLEASE do it during football or basketball season. It's a terrible thing to have nearly 70 comments of people arguing over swooshes or stripes.

Benz Junque 3 years ago

And it's even worse when people make comments about how annoying people's comments are...

bad_dog 3 years ago

And inferences too. Oh the humanity!

Doug Roberts 3 years ago

THESE unis are why I don't like Adidas for KU. That's the best they could do? Shameful.

Doug Roberts 3 years ago

I don't disagree, but if you're only going to do it once either do it right, or don't do it at all.

gorilla10 3 years ago

Those KU jerseys above prove my point! Awful along with what they gave us for bball in the tourney...

Mike Bratisax 3 years ago

So...You thought that was the best? Wonder which you thought was the worst?

Robert Brock 3 years ago

NIKE and adidas have one thing in common: They promote UGLY!!!!!!!

Ben Simonett 3 years ago

This decision was a mistake, plain and simple.

Tony Bandle 3 years ago

Gosh, I wish I could make a mistake that nets me 26 mill plus!!!

Mike Bratisax 3 years ago

Yup..I'm in line right behind you!

Tony Bandle 3 years ago


Now we can argue about Adidas vs Nike as a change of pace from the standard Kansas University versus the University of Kansas battle.

Other worthy topics to consider for debate; the Trajan Font, a modified "Mean Jayhawk" ala Seattle Seahawk, The Track and Bill's hair [ is it or isn't it?? ]

Bryce Landon 3 years ago

If we do a mean Jayhawk, I'd like to see it look like the US bald eagle.

Mike Bratisax 3 years ago

Great Pic! Guess tim didn't think so...

timcampbell 3 years ago

All Day I Dream About Sex =ADIDAS

ABeesus 3 years ago

Nike or Adidas present hundreds of options to athletic programs. KU's staff chooses the 'look' we receive. Blame or credit them for what Hawk uniforms look like.

I could care less if they come out in ragged old sweats. I just want 'em to play well. Which they almost always do!

This may be the best recruiting class since Dr. Allen convinced Wilt to come here!

Fred Davis 3 years ago

How bout the basketball team sign with Jordan and let the rest of the athletic department go Adidas.... Wishful thinking. I'm 32, so I'm a Nike guy all the way, and there's just something about the Swoosh and the Jumpman logo, that looks so much sleeker than the clunky looking Adidas logo. Either way, in the grand scheme of things, it's not a big deal. It hasn't slowed Billy down, and that's all that matters.

Randy Bombardier 3 years ago

Back when I played a lot of tennis I had a favorite pair of Adidas shoes. They lasted five years and I played tennis all the time. I am pretty old-school about uniforms and like the uniforms to pretty much stay the same with some historical elements. I just want to say Thank You Adidas but could you get a better logo?

captku 3 years ago

I agree, I loved the vintage '88 throwbacks, and wish they would go back to that for the regular season, but I know the trajan font wouldn't allow it. I am a bit old-school also about that font. I like everything else about the unis, fit, design, etc, but am still enduring the font. Don't hate it, but just don't totally love it either. Btw, if you put some pop (i mean big hitters on D) in those vintage powder blue football jerseys, that would be sweet also, visa-vie the shot of the old Jbird team thundering downfield in that Ernie Davis movie ...

Sam Constance 3 years ago

Any recruit whose decision will come down to the brand of athletic apparel used by the program is a recruit I want no part of here at KU. Talk about having misplaced priorities.

To be clear, I'm not talking about recruits who maybe prefer one brand over the other. That is only natural--we all have our preferences when it comes to the brands of stuff we use. I'm talking about recruits for whom Adidas is a dealbreaker for coming to Kansas.

nuleafjhawk 3 years ago

In all sincerity, I am sure that the Kentucky recruits do NOT care what brand they are sporting. Most of them have never worn shoes before, so it's all good to them.

Tony Bandle 3 years ago've been a wonderful audience, thank you and goodnight, ladies and gentlemen and don't forget to tip your waitress!!

bad_dog 3 years ago

Are you still available for weddings & bar mitzvahs?

bad_dog 3 years ago

Somewhat ironically given the theme of this thread, two of the current ads running on this page are for footwear from both Adidas and Nike.

Greg Lux 3 years ago

I loved Converse All-stars am I showing my age??? :)))

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