Originally published March 5, 2011 at 02:17p.m., updated March 5, 2011 at 09:40p.m.

KCTV5 to re-air second half of KU-MU game tonight after sun spots cause fans to miss final minutes


With just a few minutes left in Saturday's KU-MU game, some fans in Kansas and Missouri found themselves watching an entirely different game.

KCTV in Kansas City as well as KRCG in Columbia, Mo., and KMOV in St. Louis, at least, cut away from the final few minutes of the KU-MU game in favor of the Michigan-Michigan State game. Meanwhile, fans watching on other stations, like WIBW in Topeka and KWCH in Wichita, among others, were still able to see the end of the game. An employee of the Big 12 Conference said via Twitter that neither local affiliates nor the conference were to blame for the problem.

In a statement on its Twitter feed, KCTV apologized to viewers and said that CBS told them the problem related to sun spots causing problems with the satellite feed from the national network.

In addition, station general manger Bobby Totsch posted a detailed explanation and apology on the station's website. In his statement, he said that sun spots led CBS to switch to a back-up satellite feed. Unfortunately, he said, CBS put KCTV and other local stations on the wrong back-up feed.

Totsch also acknowledged that some stations, like KMOV in St. Louis, were able to quickly regain the correct feed. KCTV, however, was unable to do so. Totsch said that in addition to rebroadcasting the second half of the game after the station's 10 p.m. news — a move he called unprecedented — the station would also work with CBS to "make sure this never happens again at KCTV5."

Nonetheless, many Kansas fans — and Missouri fans — were outraged, and took to sites like Facebook, Twitter and even to voice their displeasure. Totsch also said he's received numerous calls and e-mails.

Several other CBS affiliates across the country also switched to other games, including the Oregon-Arizona game, but those switches are not believed to have been in error.


Mike Skiles 10 years ago

Screw CBS and anything connected with them! Any affiliate that switches from a televised game with less than 5 minutes to play, to watch a meaningless game begin, is lower than mud. I plan to ignore CBS for the rest of my life, and given opportunity, will do all that I can to ensure they lose their NCAA game coverage rights.

McHawk 10 years ago

That is an out and out lie!! Sun spots my foot. We are in Texas and CBS left our game on purpose to bring us the Arizona game. It was introduced right at the beginning of the game. I will never trust or believe anything having to do with CBS again.

nomadjosh 10 years ago

Sun spots!!!?!?!?!?! Right, such a bunch of B.S. We gotta fill up the complaint box. What a bunch of incompetent fools at CBS. The #2 team in the country with a chance to clinch an outright conference title against their hated rival, who's also ranked, and they go away at crunch time. AMATEUR HOUR.

Dirk Medema 10 years ago

Same thing in CA.

It reminds me of underachieving students cheating and then telling a lie (that was even more outrageous than the cheating) to try to get out of it.

My issue with CBS is that this is a reocurring situation. Wasn't it last year (2 yrs ago?) that KU was pummeling the tiggers in the Fieldhouse only to have CBS switch. In that case, you could almost see it as the mercy rule, though that really should only apply in little league and old fat man softball - in which case it is the "Let's go get beer rule." I thought networks had learned from the Heidi Bowl 50 years ago, but apparently not.

Pathetic! Simply Pathetic - both the decision and the excuse.

Dirk Medema 10 years ago

Same thing in CA.

It reminds me of underachieving students cheating and then telling a lie (that was even more outrageous than the cheating) to try to get out of it.

My issue with CBS is that this is a reocurring situation. Wasn't it last year (2 yrs ago?) that KU was pummeling the tiggers in the Fieldhouse only to have CBS switch. In that case, you could almost see it as the mercy rule, though that really should only apply in little league and old fat man softball - in which case it is the "Let's go get beer rule." I thought networks had learned from the Heidi Bowl 50 years ago, but apparently not.

Pathetic! Simply Pathetic - both the decision and the excuse.

Kent Kossoy 10 years ago

This is the case in Houston Tx as well. The game went to a commercial with Pressy at the free throw line and the Az-OR announcers welcomed the audience to the PAC 10 thriller. KU was dissed as were the fans!! I pray Complete Bull S. will lose the tourney soon!!

wlbjayhawk 10 years ago

Sun spots? OK, and CBS shifted the New York and Philadelphia markets to the Arizona game, Give me a break!

hojen72 10 years ago

I am sure the reason they switched is because it was such an ugly game and they figured nobody would care. It was one of the worst games I have seen all year from both teams.

Steve Brown 9 years, 12 months ago

Sunspots caused morning toaster mafunction buring my toast this a.m. Certainly wasn't operator error,as I am blamless.

It is always the coverup.

McHawk 10 years ago

That is an out and out lie!! Sun spots my foot. We are in Texas and CBS left our game on purpose to bring us the Arizona game. It was introduced right at the beginning of the game. I will never trust or believe anything having to do with CBS again.

Jonathan Allison 9 years, 12 months ago

They switched with KU up by like 12 or 15, and by the time they even showed an update on the score it was a 5 point game! What happened? I was not happy.

Firebirdguy31 10 years ago

Damn sun, I'm never staring at it again!

kerbyd 10 years ago

I'm in AZ and I got to watch the Arizona-Oregon game for the last few minutes. Booorrrring beyond belief!

Rob Wempe 10 years ago

They did the same thing in Phoenix. They said that is their policy. That is why all games should be on one of the ESPN channels. Sometimes I hate it when it cuts into a KU game but they always finish the current game. I told them at least they should have used a split screen. Uncalled for. Doesn't CBS have enough troubles with Charlie Sheen!

GaryKU72 10 years ago

Great. Cannot DVR as news will end. Plus need to get to work. Thanks CBS

McHawk 10 years ago

Too bad that here in Texas we cannot get KCTV5 and watch the end of the game.

owengm 10 years ago

You are correct, we saw the end in Wichita. Networks are against Big XII

Foster Coburn 10 years ago

CBS should never be allowed to televise a KU game again. This is not the first time they've done this to the KU-MU game. If someone has the number of the idiot in New York who makes such stupid decisions, I'm sure a lot of alumni would like to talk to him/her.

R0ck_Chalk 10 years ago

Already sent 4 complaint emails and done my work on twitter. #cbssucks

Matt Bowers 10 years ago

Call 212-975-4321 and when the machine starts its message dial 1 and leave a message. Everyone in my family has already called, KU fans need to send a message...literally.

Rock Chalk

Jonathan Kealing 10 years ago

Sorry about that. Had a lot of call signs in my head and mixed it up. Thanks for pointing it out.

esubrett 10 years ago

Jonathan, you should have just blamed it on sun spots.

RonBurgandy 10 years ago

Yeah, Jonathan, you really missed a golden opportunity there to pass the buck.

TwinCitiesJHawk 10 years ago

They switched it to the Mich St game up here with 3 mins left! Just Ridiculous

Ken Sedgwick 10 years ago

Thanks for the link. I extented a one finger california howdy to them.

Gregor Southard 10 years ago

I've never seen any station switch from a tight game to the beginning of another before... period. I can't believe that there were a lot of people in nashville interested in Oregon/Arizona. Keep investigating... the moment is over

morroray 10 years ago

Where I live in Clovis, CA. (next to Fresno) suddenly the Oregon-Arizona game came on although there was a small banner at the bottom of the screen giving the KU game score. I called the local TV station but, of course, on Sat. there's wasn't anyone to talk to that knew anything about this.Doesn't mattter who is playing----there shouldn't be a change over.

ebizzle 10 years ago

I expect this crap from CBS here in Cincy, but I can't believe they did it in the KC area.

People who were just basketball fans where I was watching the game couldn't beleive the game was cut away, even in Big 10 country.

Joe Ross 10 years ago

I dont care if you live in MICHIGAN. The KU-Mizzery game has greater tournament implications and it was the freaking last part of the damn game!!!! It should have stayed as it was...across the country!

Kaplow 10 years ago

They need to air the end of the game tonight!!!! KU/Mizzou switches to and unranked Big 10 game? Someone needs to be fired and we need some sort of effort at a make good... We also missed the Trophy...

MrPilot 10 years ago

Note to the editors: KAKE is the ABC affiliate for the Wichita market. KWCH is the CBS affiliate. They remained with our game.

Jonathan Kealing 10 years ago

Sorry about that. Had a bunch of call letter swirling through my head and just messed up. Got it fixed now though.

Sparko 10 years ago

There are Jayhawk fans nationwide. If you are going to televise a sporting event--you must show it all. There is no excuse for them to have over-scheduled this. As it was, they cut away to commercials and pre-game shows for some pretty dismal games. They should have no further part in broadcasting college basketball--they have always had issues with showing entire games--witness their just dismal performance during the tournament.

Mike Skiles 10 years ago

+1 +1 +1

CBS has in incredibly poor track record of NCAA coverage. Its an embarrassment to the tournament that they have coverage.

ahpersecoachingexperience 10 years ago

and it's not like our game went overly long either, they broke away for the start of the other games. not like the fans would of really cared about the first two minutes of their game. heck most big east games cut way into the first half of ku big monday games

Joe Ross 10 years ago

...or herpes. syphilis. gonorrhea. the clap. crabs. this guy wilbur annoys me. sorry LJW.

RockChalkWoody 10 years ago

Why does it not surprise me that a nimrod named Wilbur would say that KC deserves this?

Joe Ross 10 years ago

Jesse Newell's live posts got me through it! Thanks Jesse!!!!

brooksmd 10 years ago

Not me. Tried to switch to justintv but it had switched games and when I tried to get back into Jesse's blog the site was so overwhelmed I couldn't get back in.

Jerry Rockhold 10 years ago

I'm a KU alum & we lost the game here as well. And then when you try & contact anyone by phone & get a live human being, good luck. Let's not forget the impact of Facebook & other socal media & not just let this go. Register your complaint & keep posting & sharing with other fans. And since I called the local CBS station here in KC & got nowhere, let's all call during regular business hours on Monday. Here's the local CBS station main # (913) 677-5555. Remember, it appears someone had a choice, especially since the local station in Topeka was able to broadcast it until the end. Post the phone # on your Facebook & Twitter & let's overwhelm them on Monday. RCJH GO KU!!!

Jabberhawky 10 years ago

The Big XII may not have any control over what CBS does with its broadcasts, but it damned sure has control over whether or not CBS is allowed to broadcast Big XII games.

If CBS isn't going to give the nation's longest running rivalry full national coverage from start to finish (especially when both teams are ranked) - the nitwork has no business owning the rights to the game.

Steve Brown 9 years, 12 months ago

Before next year let CBS do our games have some ground rules about coverage. Our new AD should have some tight rules and back up plans for the expected sun spots.

STLJHawk86 10 years ago

KMOV in St. Louis switched back pretty quickly - the Mizzou fans probably wished they hadn't :) Rock Chalk (#1 Seed) Jayhawk!!

jhawkd 10 years ago

I was just as upset about them switching over as the next person, but seriously, talk about over-reaction. Some people have too much time on their hands to sit around and write 4 letters about how they are upset. These people who say they are never going to watch CBS again will be tuning into the Final Four in a couple weeks...on CBS!

Kaplow 10 years ago

Are you serious? CBS has pulled crap like this before..It's not like they cutaway from a game with no meaning, it was the last game of the year against our biggest rival AND it was for the outright title! I'm terrified to see how bad they screw up the NCAA tournament with this whole Turner partnership.

Ross Cargo 10 years ago

True, I will watch KU on CBS if that is the channel they are on. But, I do not have to and will not watch CBS for anything else.

BewareOfThePhogOnTheWater 10 years ago

No, you are wrong! We will be in Houston watching it! Only trolls like you will be watching on CBS.

brooksmd 10 years ago

Yep, bottom line, delay coverage of start of a game to show the final minutes of a close rivalry game, especially when both teams in the top 25 versus two unranked teams. Totally asinine and disrespectful to the teams, schools and fans.

lawrence_is_my_middle_name 10 years ago

I don't think writing letters is an overreaction, what else can one do? That was BS and everyone knows it. I've never in my life seen a 10-point game with 2:30 to play get cut away. What if no one had gotten to watch the last 2:30 of the Memphis game in '08? Not that it would have happened, but just an example of how such a game can turn on its head.

I'm here in Austin, a Big 12 city, where Longhorn fans should have had a big interest considering their conference champ hopes were on the line, and all of a sudden we're all watching the beginning of UA vs Oregon during the most crucial moments of the Big 12 title race. What's worse is that apparently the only mistake was cutting away in the general KC area. Who the heck intentionally cuts 99% of its national viewers away from a close game between two ranked teams? Only the Heidi Bowl comes to mind as a bigger blunder.

CBS is just awful, but unfortunately you're right about us having to watch the Final Four on that pathetic station. That's life for ya.

hawksquawk 10 years ago

Word. Glad to hear it wasn't just us Austin Jayhawks. I was thinking, "Really? I know this isn't Kansas or Missouri, but this is Big XII country. Is the intro to the Arizona-Oregon game really more interesting than the end of a rivalry game to decide the conference?"

I was pissed by a factor of 10 when I saw MU closing the gap on us. Totally unacceptable.

Hawks4eva 10 years ago

Hell, even in a^2 my freinds were as shocked as I was. We were watching the game and then they cut to shootaround @ Chrysler. a^2 is a pretty sprots savvy town and I can tell you for sure that if they cut away from a UM-OSU game that was a 70 point lopsided margin to show a kickoff of a PAC 10 or SEC game, the people here would riot.

Over-Reaction, i don't think so, appropriate use of expressing concern and frustration, well done Jayhawks, keep it classy!

bbhawk234 10 years ago

Dont let this stop you from calling and sending out complaints. We need the complaints to continue. Keep them going Please so this will not happen again and dont let the local stations off the hook. They have influence.

tahawk81 10 years ago

This is why charlie sheen is winning. Cbs is pulling crap like this.

John Myers 10 years ago

Lost it here in Austin, to the Oregon/Arizona game. Yeah, contracts or not, I'm not sure I see how the first 5 minutes of a Pac-10 game garners more interest in the middle of Big 12 country than the last 3 minutes of a close game for the outright league championship. And if it is because of contracts, someone needs to pull their head out when drawing up these contracts. The beginning of ANY game should never take precedence over the END of another.

hawksquawk 10 years ago


Exhibit A: ANY Big East game preceding us on Big Monday.

Glad to see another Jayhawker representing in ATX.

Sparko 10 years ago

Jhawhd: what--are you from CBS? The reason most of us are furious is because of how poorly CBS does Jayhawk basketball. This is a lifetime of sub-mediocrity. They seem only mildly interested in the tournament games too. Enough.

jumpinjayhawk 10 years ago

Once again, CBS fails. From Dan Rather and his lies, to the biased news coverage, Charlie Sheen as there top prime time show, what a loser he is, CBS continues to show us how they could care less and actually have disdain for normal people. I refuse to watch most shows if they air on CBS and actually only watch them if theres a sports game on. Lets hope and pray that one day ESPN will have enough money to buy the NCAA tournament rights so we can actually see every game. Somehow I think CBS, while obtaining partnerships, will screw it up, or put more lame announcers on that could make a dead man roll over in his grave from boredom. Everyone write CBS a message and let them know how you feel.

jayhawkdonna 10 years ago

I completely agree- CBS displays political bias and appears to be poorly managed. I have sent multiple emails and left phone messages and hope KU fans in the KC area call and complain to the local affiliate on Monday as suggested. I don't buy the sun spot story for a second! How stupid do they think we are?

TenaciousD 10 years ago

Hilarious that they blame sunspots for the outage and also say "it won't happen again". They must have plans to control the sun in the future.

n8dawg 10 years ago

I was thinking the same thing

JRandall 10 years ago

right! I got a sun spot for them.. LOL! Can't wait to see the scientific project they have going to control the sun spots come tournament time.

John Randall 10 years ago

The Sun, you say? Why not? Have you noticed how well their boys in the Executive Branch are doing with the National Debt? Maybe CBS will rate its very own Czar . . .

aerohawk 10 years ago

It is also interesting that the sun spots only affected some of the stations in Kansas an Mizzery. The sun is very good at localized targeting.

Eric Williams 10 years ago

Honestly, I bet it was some a-hole individual that thought it would be a funny prank to pull.

Because it's too coincidental that it switched over just in time for the tip-off of the UA-Ore and Mich-MSU games.

RockChalkWoody 10 years ago

Sun spots? I'm calling bulls$it on this one!!!

hawksfanatic 10 years ago

What dog hooey. Sunspots? Really? I couldn't believe it when they switched away. Take them to task.

John Randall 10 years ago

Sports Programming Decision Blunderers at CBS:

Will you Nimrods please get your heads out where the sun shines and breezes blow ???

If your corporate offices suffer a power interruption due to "Sun Spots" early some morning during the next six months, just mark it down to me, or someone with like sensibility, being in town that day.

There is NO (nada, keine, aucun) reasonable justification to cut off the deciding end-game minutes with implications for conference championship, seeding for both conference and NCAA tournaments, a lengthy home-court win streak, to show either of the alternatives chosen this afternoon, which were largely pre-game hype and advertisements.

Since your "news" department drifts farther left into liberal/socialist territory with each broadcast and your daytime or primetime entered its unbroken nauseous state, I never watch anything but sports events, despite feeling trepidation when CBS is the purveyor.

I totally understand why your corporate hierarchy fails to "get IT" –– since IT is right in the middle of att.IT.ude, and your stinks to high heaven. Middle America only hates you because you've forgotten what American means, not because you live on some lake or ocean coast or behave like effete snobs.

Please forward my best wishes to Katie and the Kamaraden so I can conserve a bit of bandwidth.

Looking forward to your reply . . . KU62

John Randall 10 years ago

Will that do for starters? Addressed to the above site

MrPilot 10 years ago

Sun spots? Oh give me a break. Does CBS have water-brained interns making up the excuses now?

John Randall 10 years ago

Water-boarded, lame-brained executives is more like it, IMHO

Steve Jacob 10 years ago

No one has made a joke yet about KU and CBS thinking a game is only 36 minutes long?

bad_dog 9 years, 12 months ago

Perhaps because it has no basis in fact and is completely devoid of humor?

JayHawkFanToo 10 years ago

CBS cannot use that excuse since the game is at night, but with the "geniuses" running the network, you never know.

John Randall 10 years ago

Well, it beats a rerun of MoonStruck, wouldn't you say?

Before I set the GPS for a 250,000 mile thunderbolt, is this going be in Cameron or DeanDome?

HalsteadHawk 10 years ago

How come the sun spots didn't mess up the Topeka channel? Do they pray to the moon god instead?

Jim Stauffer 10 years ago

I love it when someone who has admitted he could not prevent this from happening promises it will never happen again.

Pardon me, does Obama work for CBS also?

chzypoof1 10 years ago

Obama mentioned....must be racist....amazes me everytime I see this (daily on ljworld forums)

cklarock 10 years ago

Probably the sun spots made him stretch this into a dumb political analogy. It won't happen again.

Point Plankin'!

Jan Rolls 10 years ago

if you are not then why didn't you mention Palin, Newt or Russ? We know why

SaltLakeHawk 10 years ago

Fidogump: He didn't want to rip Palin because she's white. And ripping on her would imply nothing other than the obvious fact that he hates whites.


SaltLakeHawk 10 years ago

@Fidogump: Congrats on the stupidest post of the day. I don't care what side of the political spectrum you lean to.... but PLEASE tell me how the following sentence is "racist":

"Pardon me, does Obama work for CBS also?"

You're an imbecile.

fansincewilt 10 years ago

CBS has no idea what is going on in Big 12 country. I have complained about their anti-bias against Big 12 teams on as well. I would like to see a Big 12/Big East matchups in the early season. I think they would do as well in that as the PAC 10.

John Randall 10 years ago

Look at where PAC is after only what ... 3 or 4 years of ego-trimming.

Can't expect media-darling "greatest conference" to risk coming out red-assed, can we?

John Randall 10 years ago

Oops, sorry about the misspelling of red-faced. My bad.

lance1jhawk 10 years ago

Wow... A mizzou grad must have come up with the sun spots are the blame theory. Funny how my Wichita Direct TV feed stayed up, and KCTV lost theirs. I must be at a cattle ranch, because I smell Bull s**t!

Thad Daugherty 10 years ago

It's great they are re-showing it locally. But, what about the fans watching nationally? My DirecTV in Florida lost the game as well! This is complete BS! You could just tell the way it happened that the MU-MSU game was coming on. There a brief (a second or so) commercial for the game and Gumble talking about the game (again very brief) and then the game was gone. AND.... no cutbacks!!!

bbhawk234 10 years ago

Sun Spots? I hear the BS train coming. They completely cut away we did not lose the signal. BS. Take some responsibility you cowards!

fansincewilt 10 years ago

Time for March Madness to begin! The game today was great helping to prepare Kansas for the kind of games it is facing.

Debbie Mangen 10 years ago

If they didn't take 3 minute commercial breaks, they'd have been fine.

Ben Kane 10 years ago

sounds like a lame excuse to me.

fansincewilt 10 years ago

With Johnson stepping up, Kansas has become a better team. It will show in the Big 12 Tourney.

jakzhumans 10 years ago

Last time I checked, sun spots are a natural occurrence, and therefore there's really no way KCTV's station manager can control when they occur, and thus guarantee that they won't impact basketball coverage in the future. Which means that either 1) KCTV's station manager is a moron who thinks he can actually control the occurrence of sun spots, or 2) his "won't happen again" guarantee is the equivalent of a public admission that the CBS' official story is a steaming pile of crap.

moe19 10 years ago

You beat me to it. KCTV5 has a moron for a station manager. So basically he says they can't keep the game on, but they will be able to control the sun in the future? Bobby Totsch=Bobby Putz. lulz

Grateful_Hawk 10 years ago

Jakzhumans said it. Sun spots can't be controlled, but they are promising that it will never happen again?!? I can only assume the idiot at the controls is named Sun Spots.

Hank Cross 10 years ago

"Sun spots" sounds like a Men In Black explanation.

bbhawk234 10 years ago

Sun Spots is a complete lie KCTV5 is close to a public relations nightmare. If you messed up take the responsibility. I smell a conspiracy brewing.

Jacobpaul81 10 years ago

I expected it in Indiana (that said, who cares about Michigan-Michigan state in Indiana) but not in St. Louis or COLUMBIA... where it's being reported as having happened. Sun spots. ha. Not the first time I've heard this. Someone at CBS has an itchy trigger finger.

eden40000 10 years ago

HalsteadHawk - WIBW DID have problems... we were just not switched off of the primary feed like the other markets were.

Our feed dropped in and out of high definition, the audio dropped in and out, and at certain points the standard definition feed would tile up, lock up, and go away altogether.

I am editing the last 4.5 minutes and uploading it now to you tube, and will have the entire game up at a later point. The parts of the game where we lost audio (or signal altogether) will probably have the radio feed edited in - I'll have to see how screwed up the file is.

Look on the message board for a post by "13hawk" (me) for the link... momentarily for the 4.5 minute vid and later this eve for the longer.

bku87 10 years ago

It wasn't just Missouri and Kansas - Colorado got switched too.

Dirk Medema 10 years ago

And California - though that was claimed to not be a mistake.

The only real mistake was giving a sporting event to a network that doesn't honor the event. The statement that the other switches around the country was planned indicates that it is CBS's policy to "Heidi Bowl" games, instead of staying true to the event.

It's not a matter of KC, Lawrence, MO, wherever. It is a matter of doing what's right in the game, and CBS's policy is to do what is wrong. They need to be opposed.

Jonathan Becker 10 years ago

Keep track of advertisers on CBS. CBS Sports is going to have Cadillac commercials on TV during March Madness and the Masters. A quick call to Dale Willey on Iowa should have an impact. Or drop in and take 15 minutes out of their day and talk to them about buying a car. Let them spend time trying to persuade you to buy, lease and/or trade. Then tell them because Caddy advertises on CBS and until the broadcast take a pro-KU turn, you are not buying . The message will get through.

Other advertisers on CBS Sports include Sonic, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Coke Zero.

Jim Dickerson 10 years ago

Thanks Slowsponder. I was wondering who the sponsors were so that I could bitch to them about CBS's screw up/

bingohawk 10 years ago

They cut out the game here with four minutes to go, in between two free throws. After a double round of commercials they came back to the Arizona-Oregon game. I'm sure that fans in Upstate New York have been on the edge of their seats all week just waiting for the Wildcats and Nike Ducks. Even if those who aren't into the rivalry deserve to see the end after sitting through the whole game. It's an insult to everyone who watched.

bpeoples 10 years ago

I can't believe CBS expects anyone to buy that this was due to sun spots! The games were switched across the country at the same time. Someone made a decision to switch the games. I would expect a truthful answer and a sincere apology instead of lies. Ridiculous.

Chris Kurtz 10 years ago

Right now at the bottom of CBS watching Michgian vs Michigan St. KCTV running a banner apologizing. Saying it was CBS network decision to switch. What happend to sun spot excuse? Pitful.

pizzashuttle 10 years ago

If you were watching the KU vs. Missouri BB game today when CBS cut away at the end of the game, please consider boycotting all CBS programming whenever possible.

CBS would never do that for a Big East or an ACC game and that decision is a direct insult to people in the midwest. Please help send a clear message by hurting their network ratings!!

haydenhawkco 10 years ago

CBS is defying physics! Sun spots mess up KU / MU but not any other game or TV channel.

Kaplow 10 years ago

Sooo if it was Sun Spots, did the sun spots tell Greg Gumbel's brain to have him say "we're now cutting to start of Michigan/Michigan State"? Sun spots must be Big 10 fans...

Dirk Medema 10 years ago

That is the comment near the end of the article, thoe switches apparently weren't an error. Those were the actual CBS policy of ignorance, and disrespect to any athlete & sports fan.

hedshrinker 10 years ago

Losing TV coverage really sucked, but I went to my trusty AM radio 1320 KLWN for Jayhawk BBall broadcast...what we used to do during MaxF's the TV with the volume off and listen to the radio coverage with Max providing the soundtrack. Keeps my brain active picturing what's going on!

Bill Shaw 10 years ago

Here in arKansas we'll watch the game on whatever media it is on, but we always listen to Bob & Chris on a Jayhawk Radio internet feed. TV announcers always start talking about some other game or something that has no relation to the immediate game being played. Glad to see Dick Vitale announcing the game that Duke lost! That needs to happen way more often!

brooksmd 10 years ago

Sunspots? ROFLMAO Somebody has their dancing shoes on. Sunspots effecting satellite feed. But it didn't effect WIBW and the St Louis station? Or Wichita or OKC? Just the rest of the country? No, if it was sunspots you would've seen a slow degradation of the video or audio instead of a sudden switch across the country. Now maybe the engineers were out staring at the sun, developed sunspots in their eyes and hit the wrong buttons. That I would believe. But sunspots. lol

moe19 10 years ago

If it was sun spots, why didn't Katie Horner get on there and warn us? SUN SPOTS WE"RE ALL GONNA DIE!!!

moe19 10 years ago

Website took my caps away but you get the idea...

Kaplow 10 years ago

Nice one... get your bike helmets out of the garage and head for the basement!! SUN SPPOOOOOTTSSSS, NOOOOOOOO!

KUbsee69 10 years ago

Looks like I'm not the only one that thinks Katie Horner is an annoying alarmist. KCTV5 is known as the KC ambulance chasers station, anyway.

jddehoff 10 years ago

Is there anywhere online to go and watch a replay of the game or the final 5 cause it sounded like the best part of the game ?

Jim Dickerson 10 years ago

If you find a replay be prepared. The officiating will absolutely make your blood boil. Especially a couple of calls by one Mr Oglesby.

jaycard 10 years ago

Hey dumbass, what does politics have to do with a stupid decision to appease their supposed biggest fanbase?

Andrew Bary 10 years ago

WUSA in Washington DC switched to the Michigan game at the same moment.

longgone007 10 years ago

How stupid does KCTV-5 and CBS think we are. Sun spots my butt. They said that to save their butts for being so stupid. I hope the big 12 takes all the games away from CBS. As for KCTV-5 they have been a mess since they got new management. Both of them suck.

kckmedic 10 years ago

Someone please explain this to me: If the CBS Network had problems with sun spots, then wouldn't it have prevented ALL of the affiliates from carrying the end of the game? And, how can they blame it on sun spots when they came on and said they were switching? Come on LJW staff. You guys are journalists. You guys have an obligation to call out CBS and KCTV5 for a blatant lie. Unless I'm really misunderstanding the sunspots excuse.

Daniel Cummings 10 years ago

Here in the Mile High City, those of us at Chopper's got treated to the thrilling start of a "key" Pac 10 match-up between conference also ran (seriously, how bad do you have to be to be an "also ran" in the Pac10?!?!) Oregon and 'Zona. Guess, that CBS4 here in Denver has already decided this is a Pac12 city! What's next no Big 12 tourney coverage next week and instead we get to see Pac10 teams jockey for positioning in the Not Invited Tournament?

eden40000 10 years ago

FYI guys and gals... I don't know for sure (I no longer work for engineering at WIBW) if "sunspots" were in fact the cause or not... but it IS a feasible explanation for what happened to the WIBW signal (and possible even the remainder of the nation).

The switching back and forth from HD to non-HD indicates that master control at WIBW was having issues with the HD feed and was switching over to the standard def feed (as it doesn't take nearly the data-rate or signal quality to maintain viability). When the standard definition feed lost audio, this could be the available bandwidth from the satellite was dropped even further - the CBS receivers are set up to lose audio FIRST, then video.

If master control switched over to "NetB" or "NetC" (backup of the main channel programming, but coming from a different satellite) it IS possible that would explain why we stayed on the main feed of the game when everyone else switched over to a different markets' game. This same phenomenon is what causes the nightmare on CBS during march madness... if the master control op is paying attention, the CBS alert system (little monitor in master that warns if they are about to switch feeds on you, so you can steer yourself to another feed) they can select from an alternate feed IF one is available.

This would also explain why we saw a broken up and at times UN-useable signal while the rest of you saw a perfectly normal one (albeit on a different game). If we were watching off a backup satellite - it's entirely possible that the bird we were watching was effected by the magnetic interference while others were NOT.

This is all hypothetical... but eventually some enterprising engineer will call the control room for Telstar 6 (or whatever bird CBS primary and secondary is on) and inquire as to whether or not they experienced a temporary outage.

We ARE getting close to solar maximum... remember the story about the CME affecting china last week or the week before?

shrugs Just hypothetical.

jakzhumans 10 years ago

This would be great, if only for the problematic fact that all space weather sites are reporting NO sunspot activity in the northern hemisphere today. I guess CBS forgot that this stuff is publicly available.

brooksmd 10 years ago

Then being hypothetical, if CBS did see this as a problem, rather than Gumbal saying we'll now take you to the ya da ya da game, he should've been told to say due to signal difficulties with the KU/MU game we're going to the ya da ya da game. But down here in Louisiana there were no video/audio problems on either of the WWL cable channels. Just hypothetical.

Neom 10 years ago

This is BS, how come 90% of the nation all had the similar problems? The cut off was done on purpose, or CBS should've given an explaination of the "technical" problems.

86finalfour 10 years ago

How ironic that KU fans, who have to suffer through so many late Big East games on Monday night, get shafted at the end of the game.

I don't buy the "sun spot" excuse either.

bradyboy 10 years ago

Very disappointed but, on the other hand 7 STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets go get em again in the tourny!! Hopefully kmci will not have any problems.

brooksmd 10 years ago

You're right. Seven Straight! Now the Big 12 tournament and time for a couple of paybacks.

David Brown 10 years ago

There must not be sun spots in Michigan, only Kansas. The Tiffany network? How about Zirconium? CBS sucks! How did THAT network get the NCAA's??

Greg Lux 10 years ago

Sun Spots? How stupid do they think we are? They just plain screwed up and didn't broadcast the correct game. I know how the satellite system works and they had both feeds coming down and they just screwed the pooch. I would like to sun spot someone at CBS .. This is NOT the first time CBS has done this and the way they run thing it will not be the last ..

Just wait until they have a close game they want to cut too and they do it to us again even though we are a no cut area... Some one in the broadcast booth will screw the pooch I promise ...

KU_Mitch 10 years ago

I am an electrical engineer and can say with certainty that the "excuse" given by KCTV-5 is BS. They expect us to believe that the sun over Kansas City behaved differently than the sun that was over Topeka. Someone was asleep at the console in KC. It is just that simple. Probably playing farmland. Idiots! SUN SPOTS, my a$$, get real. Even if there were Sun spots, Topeka and KC would be receiving from the same Satellite...... I am so upset I think I better stop.

nobody1793 10 years ago

Perhaps the dark cloud over Frank Martin's head shielded Topeka from the sunspot radiation!

KU_Mitch 10 years ago

That is really a scary thought...... thanks for the laugh, I needed it.

moe19 10 years ago

Amen, KU_Mitch. And further, it would seem really coincidental that the sun spots occurred EXACTLY at the time of the start of the Michigan/State game.

Paul Meyer 10 years ago

CBS continued to broadcast the Michigan/Michigan State to the finish, then cut to the Pitt/Nova game with 13 minutes left in the first half. No sun spots were reported for the folks in Pittsburgh, or Philly.

bbhawk234 10 years ago

PICKET KCTV5! May KCTV5 burn in hell! Boycott Boycott Boycott

JayhawkCasey 10 years ago

You think switch at the end of the game is bad. Here in San Diego, we had the pleasure of watch a cartoon for the entire first half of the game. Something called Horseland. I was so pissed. The game came on for the second half, but switched to the AZ game when that came on. CBS should be disgusted with themselves and the BIG 12 should only broadcast on ESPN.

YuCoJayHawk 10 years ago

Here in Colorado, the game had several moments that were cutting in and out and satellite even lost signal at one point for several seconds. But, even if sunspots were causing this, CBS makes it sound like they intentionally switched over to the Oregon/Arizona game. I have never seen this during the regular season. EVER. They always let close and even semi-close games show to the end or at least split screen or come back to them. It was just a RIDICULOUS move on somebody's part.

But, KU gets the last big 12 title outright!! Missouri saved their worst shooting game of the year for KU. LOL But what was with the turnovers? Wow, Selby was releasing passes before he even saw where they were going.

Mike Ardis 10 years ago

Sun spots? As Jon Lovitz used to say on SNL "Yeah! That's the ticket!"

"Since 2008, the Sun has been stumping solar scientists around the globe with its lack of sunspots. The sunspots that seem to have disappeared for the past two years was the topic of conversation at NASA this week. NASA stated that the solar minimum which is a period with a lower frequency of sunspots and solar storms was the deepest observed in around 100 years." -

SaulGood 10 years ago

Love it. Fight fake science with real science. Hearty +1.

hawksfan08 10 years ago

I'm thoroughly impressed. That's quite creative. We needed some new excuses. The old ones were played out. You can only use my dog ate my homework, the weather, and car problems so many times. Thankfully, now when I completely screw up my job and generally fail at life, I can blame sun spots. This opens up a whole new world of excuses. The aliens did it, the stars weren't in their proper alignment.

brooksmd 10 years ago

At least they didn't blame it on Bush. lol

MGJayhawk 10 years ago

Sun spots!!!!??? Greg Gumbel came on air and told us he was switching!!!!!

So CBS is saying that Sun Spots when to Greg Gumbels head and he pulled the lever to switch it in the MO/KS market??? WTF! Terrible explanation.

Can't Block Sun spots

BunchieBaby 10 years ago

Jayhawk Lover: How can CBS not be aware of one of the biggest games in the midwest and have some sort of alternate plan to show the Last 5 minutes? This is just BS!!!!! Sun spots? I think there is some "spots" and it is obvious that some "one" needs to find an answer, perhaps they should show the last 5 minutes some "where" TODAY!

YuCoJayHawk 10 years ago

So one of the Morris twins got a flagrant foul right after the game got switched to Oregon/AZ??!?!!? I was wondering how the hell Mizzou got within 5 so quickly! sweet jeezus, what a ridiculous turn of events that the majority of the country was unable to see the end of the game. MO RONS!!!

Andy Martens 10 years ago

I think someone must have told the twins the game was no longer on TV and they had free reign to throw as many "bow's" as they wanted and no one would see it. (or they had some tiger blood)

Joe Joseph 10 years ago

It was an intentional foul, but not what you would expect. Morris had the ball stripped from him in the back court and instinctively swiped back at the guy. By rule, it had to be called an intentional. But it was certainly not flagrant, nor was it much of a foul to begin with.

tongy 10 years ago

If you really want to have an impact, don't bother with the local station. THEY DON"T CARE. Call the local companies that advertise on that station and tell them that you won't buy their products/services because of that local station's management. The CBS affiliate in Kansas City has done this before and will continue to do so until his real customers (advertisers) complain or reduce the amount that they are willing to spend on his station.

bbhawk234 10 years ago

We need to find out their 5 top sponsors with contact info and get this done. I will also be taking my dog to their front door and have them leave them a nice present. Cookie is eating some real cheap dog food right now so it should be nice and runny Poo.

Joe Ross 10 years ago

SuN sPoTs??? Seriously...?

Why don't they just blame it on Dolly Parton's boobs or Adrian Brode's nose? Sun spots...

chriz 10 years ago

There was a memo from CBS corporate on the Villanova Pitt game saying that it was a corporate decision to switch and that they apologize.

Janet Olin 10 years ago

Apologies NOT accepted--switching to a game between 2 unranked opponents with a combined loss record of 24 from 2 top 25 teams. Eat feces and die.

Blake Brown 10 years ago

CBS was just practicing for their cutaways during the NCAA tournament. Get ready. There will be more.

Congrats Hawks!

Ben Kane 10 years ago

they cut away here in kentucky as well, to the alabama georgia game that was already 10 minutes in...

Neom 10 years ago

I have lost count how many times CBS has done this, cutting off games when they thought it was a blow out. Sadly CBS college sports program has been managed by a few idiots and viewers like us are powerless and helpless because we have no choices. As much as I want to stop watching CBS, if another KU game can only be watched on CBS, will I have a choice? Just sigh!!!!

KU_Mitch 10 years ago

KCTV now drops the absolute lie about sunspots and blames it on difficultie ( their spelling ).

bbhawk234 10 years ago

Public relations nightmare! We need to keep the pressure on. Cookie is ready and willing.

SaulGood 10 years ago

Please correct me, my fellow 'Hawk fans, if I'm in error to ask...but do "sunspots" happen to explain how the feed for the Mich/Mich St. game just *happened to begin right at the beginning of their

Andy Martens 10 years ago

"Are you losing your hair?"

"Nah, It's just a sun spot."

Alex Hunt 10 years ago

Rock Chalk Jayhawk! Congrats fellas, on seven in a row! Wish I coulda seen the finish to the contest though. I'm part of the crew in California that got to see the meaningless start of the Oregon-Arizona game (instead of watching the Antlers get their hopes up, only to have them crushed in the final seconds). Those are priceless moments to me! CBS is just great, aren't they? I'd say they have a bunch of monkeys over there making the decisions on what games to cut away from/to and when, but that would be an insult to primates everywhere.

Anyway, I can't wait for the day ESPN outbids CBS for the rights to carry the NCAA tournament. (I know they have their own set of issues, as I've missed the start of many a KU game on Big Monday, but at least they don't cut away from the end of a close one!) I let CBS know this in no uncertain terms too, thanks to the link above to the CBS complaints site. (Thanks for that, ilovebill.) I also told them when KU wins another championship in early April, I'd appreciate it if they didn't cut away from the end of the national title game to show a re-run of Two and Half Men or some old Master's footage from 1977. (Fingers crossed.) But hey, again, congrats to the team; you guys make me proud to be a Jayhawk. RCJH-7!

Terry Sexton 10 years ago

seester was steamed in NC. wait'll i tell her it was 'sunspots' here, but she got jacked on purpose for the AZ game. the peeples, dey only take so much, momar.

ShockNAwe 10 years ago

I would have gone with, "My dog ate my satellite feed."

Paul Meyer 10 years ago

I'd really like to see the last 3 minutes of the game. On ESPN3, one can rewatch games. Is this possible for a game on CBS?

Jim Dickerson 10 years ago

Sunspots my ass!!! I watched the last 4 minutes of the gane on Justin TV and had no problems with sun spots. Feed was delayed but still came thru.

KU_Mitch 10 years ago

Most of you are too young to remember the "Heidi" vs NFL football game but it was somewhat like this event, it changed the way NFL games are broadcast because enough people complained to whatever network it was that did it. Start complaining to CBS, don't even bother with KCTV, they can't even spell. My wife hid my car keys, I had a hack saw and GPS'ed KCTV's tower.

Viggo3003 10 years ago

This is absolutely false. The Topeka Station got switched as well but the local engineer had the savvy to change it back. I can't believe this station would not have the onions to just say they screwed up. Still wouldn't make it ok with me but this lying is just pouring salt in the wound. The only thing you can give the station credit for in they finally found one thing that would unite Mizzou and KU fans!

Steve Brown 9 years, 12 months ago

it is always the coverup, if they would take responsiblity and accept that they screwed up it would be better.

I have to stop typing as I feel a sunspot about to explode. I mean NY NY made me stop.

Keith Kienzle 10 years ago

I live in Virginia. Here was my email to CBS at the time of this latest BS.

Due to CBS' horrible coverage of college basketball over the better part of the last decade, I groan every time I hear that my team (Kansas Jayhawks) are covered by you. You monopolize coverage, so I can't see the game anywhere, and I know you'll screw it up somehow. You did not fail to disappoint today, switching coverage to the Virginia game without any warning when the Kansas Missouri game was within 6 pts with 2 1/2 minutes left. Thanks for nothing. My assumption is that you just don't understand technology, a media giant from a bygone era, and I wait for the day you get bought out by someone who knows what they're doing.

Omari Miller 10 years ago

Greg Gumble announced that "Kansas was trying to put a cap on the game" and that fans in the West would see Arizona-Oregon after the commercial break. I was shocked. One of the most bitter rivalries in sport, two ranked teams and an outright conference title on the line... and CBS switches to lowly Oregon and an Arizona team trying to put it together. I think it's so tacky that CBS made me see the tip of the Arizona-Oregon game and miss the end of a tight one in Columbia. It's outrageous that you all back in the Midwest would have to as well.

ESPN would stay to the finish of a game unless it was a huge blowout. Even then, we could at least got to CBS sucks!

Omari Miller 10 years ago

Greg Gumble announced that "Kansas was trying to put a cap on the game" and that fans in the West would see Arizona-Oregon after the commercial break. I was shocked. One of the most bitter rivalries in sport, two ranked teams and an outright conference title on the line... and CBS switches to lowly Oregon and an Arizona team trying to put it together. I think it's so tacky that CBS made me see the tip of the Arizona-Oregon game and miss the end of a tight one in Columbia. It's outrageous that you all back in the Midwest would have to as well.

ESPN would stay to the finish of a game unless it was a huge blowout. Even then, we could at least got to CBS sucks!

4jhwks 10 years ago

Hey kansas people we lost it here even in Iowa, I am probably the only KU fan that lives up here, but I was truly upset! I had to tape the game and then only to get to the very end and I thought my DVR had messed up until I got on here and read all this. How sad to have missed us winning outright the regualr season title! I hate CBS too! I'm with you b8es. Show the rest of our game and skip watching NC. I hate North Carolina even more since Harrison Barnes went there because he is from Iowa. Rock Chalk Jayhawks!

Josh Dutcher 10 years ago

That is an outright lie. If sunspots were the problem, they would have been affecting the game all day. Why were none of CBS's other satellite feeds affected? Why were the affiliates in Wichita and Topeka unaffected? That is a bald-faced lie CBS is making to cover the fact that someone made a tremendously stupid decision.

aldiehl 10 years ago

Here in Denver we too were switched to the Arizona game. They cut to Gumble while Kansas still had a free throw to shoot. There were a couple technical glitches early in the game, but nothing near the time of the switch. They also failed to even get an update in until a few minutes after we were switched to Arizona game.

Curtis Lange 10 years ago

I'm sure this has been said already, but their excuse was such BS that they deleted it off their facebook page, lol.

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 10 years ago

I expected CBS to pull some crap and cut the game up here in Milwaukee, but i can't believe KC was shafted! That's ridiculous!

Justin LoBurgio 10 years ago

Sun spots? Yet they tell us it will not happen again. So no more sun spots? Ever?

Chad Waetzig 10 years ago

Out and out lie. Here in LA they cut away to the start of the AZ/OR game. Hard to believe that "sun spots" could coincidently occur 15 secs before the start of the second game... Just enough time to Greg Gumbel to throw it over to the West Coast team. Unbelievable!!!

copperhead 10 years ago

They were boxed into a corner by running 55 f*%&ing minutes of commercials - making an already overly-long game run into the next market and they arbitrarily pulled the plug. They ... don't ... care. During the tournament they play a huge role in upsetting the game flow and substitutions with their ridiculous over-saturation of ads. This is how a 40 minute basketball game tuns into 3 1/2 hours. Sunspots? Maybe it was an asteroid. Los Angeles lost the feed. It wasn't a regional anomaly, and this isn't a first. They've even run alternate games to listed KU games and did it to the Chiefs last fall. CBS has been a boil on the neck of sports fans for at least a decade - and they've done nothing but enhance their loathsome reputation over the years.
Tell these d!ckheads what you think: I'm expecting a call from the FBI for the love note I sent them.

HAWKTOPIA 10 years ago

I used "sun spots" as an excuse one time......she dumped me.......

Adam P Atterson 10 years ago

lol at the stations response, lol even more at the jayhawk fans' response...good luck never watching cbs again because they cut a couple minutes out of a basketball game...seriously, no one cares if you watch it again or not.

KU_Mitch 10 years ago

It take you 2 1/2 hours to type that from Columbia/Manhattan/Gooberville?

kureader 10 years ago

Sunspots? Yeah right, Sunspots exactly at tip off time of the Big 10 game. That's B.S. Having had some association with Channel 5, this is par for the course for them. Channel 9 might have screwed it up too, but they would have taken responsibility and offered a sincere apology. It's not the "screw up" that always matters, it's what you do AFTER the screw up. Channel 5 chose to make up sh_t.

I was at the Lake of the Ozarks, 1 hour south of Columbia, MO. We lost the game with about 3:40 to go. We listened to 610 radio all the way back to KC and learned more about the problem. Apparently, WIBW in Topeka got it right.

The irritating thing is that CBS didn't post the KU/MU score at the bottom of the screen at all during the last minute of the game or even after that. They also covered an entire time out at the beginning of the Big 10 game, when they could have cut back to the KU/MU game.

CBS also knew nothing about the University of Kansas, the 2nd mosting winning basketball program in the country. They couldn't even pronouce Marcus Morris's name correctly. And, they called Elijah Johnson, Elijah Jackson. Of course, they didn't know enough about KU to even mention the loss of Danny's Manning's dad, Ed just yesterday ... something not every KU fan knew.

... a big "East Coast" screw up by CBS in New York, and a bunch of bogus excuses by Channel 5 in Kansas City ... pathetic!!!

lincase 10 years ago

Also called him Elijah Robinson.

morroray 10 years ago

Does CBS think we're idots? Sun spots right at the top of the hour when the other games, Michigan & the Oregon-Arizona games. began. GIVE ME A BREAK! Where I live, Clovis, CA. (next to Fresno) we got the start of Oregon-Arizona & it just happened to be 11 AM PST.

Vittorio1224 10 years ago

Sun spots?? Really?! Do they think KU fans/grads are morons?? Missouri graduates perhaps would buy into this lie-- but even they have common sense from time to time :) lol We are in Dallas/Ft Worth and they carried the game till the end here. In any case, a great ending to another surprisingly STELLAR season and a SEVENTH straight Big 12 regular season title. Unheard of in this parity-filled era of college sports. Bill Self and his impressive coaching crew should be commended for inspiring, motivating and cajoling these young adults into believing they are championship caliber athletes. We have just a good a shot as any other team of cutting down the nets in March & April!!

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

Capital B capital U capital L capital L capital S capital H capital I capital T!

CBS cut to either Arizona Oregon or Michigan Michigan St.

Greg Bumble (purposely misspelled) was announcing it when KU went up by 13 or 15 with just under 2 minutes to go.

Please, please, please let another network get the NCAA contract in the future.

Steve Brown 9 years, 12 months ago

sorry, I would vote Abc & ESPN also, but CBS joined with Ted Turner and locked up march madness for years to come. So Dan Rather will once again get to switch out close games with 2 minutes left to play while we watch the start of Dartmouth Duke or anyone that plays Duke or Big East.

baachus 10 years ago

I'm in New York City watching the game in a very popular bar when the lights go out on Kansas vs Missouri. Trust me these amateurs have a history or poor performance. They would sell their soul to the devil. Quality is not a word they have ever heard. Its like saying "you viewers are stupid and we know what is best for you. There is a revolution coming!

Wayne Gordon 10 years ago

Liar, liar, CBS ain't on fire in Texas. Play the full game. How stupid is CBS mgmt?

KUbsee69 10 years ago

Like Jesse Ventura said ... Don't start the revolution without me!

average 10 years ago

I'm not saying "no more CBS". Nor is it the end of the world.

However, we in Lawrence (at least with antennas or cable) are among the few people that do have some choice in our CBS affiliate. WIBW obviously had someone with his head screwed on at the board this afternoon. KCTV clearly didn't. I know which one I'll watch the tournament on.

baachus 10 years ago

I will believe CBS is remorseful when they publish the name of the employee that made that decision. Its like the pilot of the Exon Valdez running aground because he wanted to take a cruise around his girlfriends house. What do you suppose this dickweed from CBS was doing when he/she switched games?

LondonBluue 10 years ago

Is there no alternative at all to the games covered by CBS Sports?

Makes you love ESPN all the more, (even though they make me crazy waiting for our game to start when they're showing the last minutes/seconds of first game.) ESPN has the decency to say that the non-HD channel is carrying a game you tuned in to watch. They also have ESPN3.

CBS is touting TNT, TruTV & TBS for the tournament coverage. They could have had the decency to dump it to one of these other channels and have the announcement bannered at the bottom. They should have had this plan in place beforehand. Good practice for the NCAA tourney.

CBS lied outright, and we all knew it when announced. How embarrassing to be a liar on such a scale and be so blatantly bad about it. My vote is they not cover Big 12 or any college basketball action ever again.

Sponsors are going to suffer with this debacle.

It ruined the day for a lot of people. Certainly took away our joy and excitement. Still steaming...

YourFavoriteJayhawk 10 years ago

I cant believe they changed games! Shame on you CBS! So many Jayhawk fans are so mad right now! Shaking my head! I wanted to see the look on MUs faces at the end of this game!

Rock Chalk! I love my JAYHAWKS!!!

Phil Minkin 10 years ago

SUNSPOTS?? In related news, a student says that his dog ate his homework.

jhwkfanincali 10 years ago

First we get screwed by ESPN after Big East games, then CBS uses the Vasaline (sunspot excuse) to screw us again. CBS=Currently Blaming Sunspots.

Cameron Schienebeck 10 years ago

Happened in Wisconsin as well. I can understand with this being big 10, really 11, soon to be 12 country, but that was ridiculous. Too good of a game to cut out and show the start of some bubble teams.

Michael Lindsey 10 years ago

Ch.5 is announcing they will replay the: 2nd.half of the KU game tonight at 10PM. Then said possibly delayed slightly past 10 because of broadcasting more games tonight.

E4KUJHawks 10 years ago

This is a flat out lie.....For one thing, living in Lawrence, when KCTV5 crapped out, I flipped to WIBW13 outta Topeka, and ya wanna guess what they were showing?

MICHIGAN VS MICHIGAN STATE--that's right, not KU vs. MU. So this is just a blantant lie from the big people to all the little people.

SCREW CBS, and on, don't buy the hype--REPORT the TRUTH.

Michael Lindsey 10 years ago

I am here in Lawrence and we switched to Ch 13 and saw the last minute. What the hell are you talking about?

Michael Lindsey 10 years ago

I am here in Lawrence and we switched to Ch 13 and saw the last minute. What the hell are you talking about?

Curtis Lange 10 years ago

Sorry buddy, but like you, I live in Lawrence and was watching on KCTV5. After others told me to switch over to WIBW, I did...and was able to watch the end of the Border War game.

YourFavoriteJayhawk 10 years ago

KCTV and CBS would like to apologize for the pre-empting of the Border Showdown Saturday.

CBS Sports experienced technical difficulties out of our control.

KCTV5 Vice President and General Manager Bobby Totsch said the station regrets the loss of signal and will ensure backup systems are in place to ensure this will not happen in the future.

KCTV5 offers its sincerest apologies to our viewers.

KCTV5 will re-air the entire 2nd half of the game after the 10 p.m. newscast.


KU_Mitch 10 years ago

I am sending emails to to have them find out who the idiots at KCTV5 are....and why the lie about sunspots .... wanna bet they don't investigate? Anyone else want to email em?

texashawk10 10 years ago

I seriously doubt KCTV5 is going to investigate themselves and rat out the dumba$$ who did this, but I'm guessing that the other networks in KC would love to expose even more of the ineptness of KCTV5 and publish the name, picture, and address of the moron in charge.

Andy Tweedy 10 years ago

Sun spots that conveniently happened at EXACTLY the same time they switched affiliates to other games. Whatevs!! I'm not buying it.

milehighhawk 10 years ago

That excuse does not pass the laugh test.

"It was sun spots" and "It will never happen again"


A naturally-occurring phenomenon won't occur again? I think the excuse machine at CBS needs a copy editor.

Eric TheCapn 10 years ago

next game, the fans in KC should bring lots of CBS acronym signs. You guys are funny.

currently blaming sunspots can't broadcast sports couldn't be stupider

quietwarrior 10 years ago

Sun spots is a ridiculous excuse/lie. I'm in Florida and our CBS affiliate broke to Greg Gumble in studio to say that they would be switching the viewers expecting to see Arizona-Oregon to that game and "all other viewers" to Michigan-Michigan St. Sounds to me like they were planning to do it all along - sun spots my butt.

Kent Kossoy 10 years ago

Great for Kansas City. What about jayhawk fans who got the royal screw in the rest of the country?? Crappy Bad Service is just what it is!!!!!

ChicagoAlum 10 years ago

I feel like this is fitting for my thoughts on CBS the rest of the season....

Thomas Thompson 10 years ago

I feel that the CBS announcers for the game were terrible. They were so intent on being able to see MU upset KU. They had not done their homework before the game. One announcer said he couldn't tell the twins apart except for their tatoos. My wife and I both graduated from KU and we watch all the games on TV. We have never been pleased with CBS. Sunspots, give me a break, are an excuse to cover the move to a Big 10 game or other game. I like the CBS acronym signs. currently blaming sunspots can't broadcast sports couldn't be stupider


Debbie Mangen 10 years ago

If they knew anything about the twins, they would know that their tattos are identical too.

Michael Auchard 10 years ago

Was wondering if you were going to see that. No prob. Your heart was in the right place. :)

RockCaCO3 10 years ago

Awesome, thanks!

That "intentional" on Marcus was B.S.

Jim Pendleton 10 years ago

Thanks for these links yahweh! Much appreciated from someone who was out of town yesterday, and missed the end of this like everyone else.

I was in Branson this weekend at a convention, lot of my Missouri friends in attendance (interesting they were unusually quiet afterwards, unlike some recent games in other sports). We were watching on the Springfield CBS station, which of course experienced the same issue everyone else had.

While I agree this game switch is the big issue here, and totally inexcusable, I would like to add a point that I have not seen much on this board which I believe added to the problem. There were a number of stretches in this game, particularly the second half, where the officials blew the whistle seemingly on every possession, and seemingly many ticky tack calls. If we have a little less of that, the game moves more quickly, and perhaps at 1:05 there is about a minute to go, and maybe the switch doesn't take place. Just a thought.

Now that I have seen the last 3:40 or so, I would also like to register a complaint against whoever wrote the game summary article for which I read on my phone. The article mentioned that Denmon made a lay-up for the Tigers and Marcus Morris committed a flagrant foul on the play.

I am immediately thinking six point play which would have contributed to their rally. Later on I was also thinking very weird that no highlights throughout the day mentioned anything about a flagrant foul. Now that I have finally seen the end of the game, I now know that Denmon did not score on the play, the foul was an intentional foul, and that the Tigers did not score after the free throws.

At least thru all this garbage, we got the win and the outright title. Let's continue to build on this and have a great Big 12 Tourney this week. Rock Chalk!!

brooksmd 10 years ago

No, he explains the difference between sun spots and solar interference. The problem was neither one. The problem was a big screw-up by CBS. And in KC it was compounded by inept management.

KU_Mitch 10 years ago

What KCTV (Mr. Totsch) did was place a paragraph of double talk on their web site to try to exclude them from blame. What happened is, CBS switched the feed from MU/KU, and NO ONE at KCTV did anything to switch back to our game. They first tried the sunspot lie, then Technical difficulties, and now this BS. IF he were telling the truth, they would have scrolled that they were having technical difficulties and were trying to resolve the problem. They did NOTHING. As long as they keep lying, we need to keep the pressure on them and contact advertisers with hundreds/thousands of emails letting them know we are unhappy with the station and will not frequent their business until KCTV is forthcoming with the truth. Unfortunately we are probably going to be even more upset with the truth.

doc1 10 years ago

According to 610 Sports, Bob Fesco this was his facebook post from earlier: Ch 5 employee told me KCTV did NOT have anyone assigned to work the KU MU game today that's y the feed was lost.

Curtis Lange 10 years ago

Sun spots are absolutely NOT the cause of what happened today. The 'technical difficulties' KCTV5 alluded to in their apology is just a CYA for whomever screwed up at their station.

bbhawk234 10 years ago

I want a NASA expert for clarification on these sun spots. I mean are our lives in danger?

Ceee 10 years ago

What I want to know is why, if it were a matter of technical difficulties, did not the announcers say so. "Technical difficulties" didn't become a explanation until after fans started to complain.

riverdrifter 10 years ago

Here's a great throwdown on this CBS bullcrap:

I see they're scrolling an apology during the Dook/NC game. Golden rain on them.

riverdrifter 10 years ago

Here's a great throwdown on this CBS bullcrap:

I see they're scrolling an apology during the Dook/NC game. Golden rain on them.

Debbie Mangen 10 years ago

I'm southwest of Wichita. They announced they were going to send the Ku-Mo. fans to either of the other 2 games. When they came back from commercials, the KU game was still on here. Pretty sure we use the same sun down here that Kansas City, and the same satellite dish. I'm on Dish Network and so is my kid in KC and they changed there and not here. I also hate watching CBS because they take 3 minute commercial timeouts instead of the usual 2. Just say you screwed up instead of lying. They switch off games during the tournaments too.

Steve Brown 9 years, 12 months ago

Google owns the world, that Bill Gates and Steve Jobs doesn't hold title to. Get Google owned YouTube, a great resource with little revenue stream, to make YouTube the official Jayhawk Basketball media center. Get google to sponsor it as a beta for if it works for us, then they would launch a sports only competing web based network. hate to own any CBS stock, a dying breed.

kawman_sense 10 years ago

Sun Spots? That had NO EFFECT whatsoever on ANY other station? Gmafb.

kusp8 10 years ago

For the record my Uncle in Georgia was able to watch the whole game....CBS=a bunch of idiot liars.

KU_FanSince75 10 years ago

Sun spots? I can see whoever is responsible in the control room at CBS, "Well, I can't use that excuse anymore. Maybe I will use flying saucers next time."

Janet Olin 10 years ago

Sun spots are an outright lie. Screw you CBS for screwing your viewers. Anybody with brains knows that you think there will be more viewers in a big city area like Detroit, versus a smaller market like Kansas City.You don't care who you screw.But we care and will find a way to make it count. You've got nerve switching from a game with 2 top 25 teams that has NCAA tournament implications to a game with no post-season importance and two unranked teams with a combined loss record of 24. May your directors, your programmers, your viewing public and your entire station eat feces and die.

Dan Harris 10 years ago

I'm surprised CBS Didn't blame it on global warming! Wait, sun spots must be global warming in disguise?

BCRavenJHawkfan 10 years ago

I just saw the You Tube clip of the last of the game. Did everyone notice at the bottom of the screen in that feed CBS provided a steady diet of the scores from AZ/OR and Mich/Mich St.

justoneperson 10 years ago



In a related story, some Cali fans were privy to a show about horses instead of the first half of the game. Really?

Makes no sense to cut away from a close game between two top 25 teams (one #2) to air games between two unranked teams or one with one team in the top 25. Regardless of the area of the country. The only areas that they should even think about doing this for are those markets where the teams they switch to are from.

But, it's still BS, because in the past they have shown the end of crap games before cutting to any other game.

whats_going_on 10 years ago

Omg people, SERIOUSLY. you hope CBS employees will rot in hell/die horrible deaths/etc??? Its a godda** game. I realize it was annoying but get a grip on yourselves!

bbhawk234 10 years ago

It is all in good fun, lighten up a little...tighta$$

Kye Clark 10 years ago

Other weather/atmospheric phenomenon excuses used by CBS:

  1. Punxsutawney Phil doesn't see his shadow meaning only 2 more weeks of winter, but unfortunately it also means an NFL lockout.

  2. Charlie Sheen's incoherent ramblings and party ("winning") binge blamed on high tides.

  3. David Letterman's sex scandals with his female employees blamed on Indian summer.

  4. Janet Jackson's infamous "wardrobe malfunction" during the Superbowl in 2004 blamed on full moon.

5 The New Adventures of Old Christine, Gary Unmarried, Ghost Whisperer, Cold Case, Numb3ers, Medium, Miami Medical and every other show canceled in the past 5 years blame it on global warming, and more specifically Al Gore pointing it out in "An Inconvenient Truth."

  1. Sarah Palin blaming poor performance during Katie Couric interview on "No rain. No rainbow!" that day.

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago

Sun spots over Columbia? More like methane gas clouds affecting the uplink.

johnnyphoton 10 years ago

Global warming caused the original problem.

kureader 10 years ago

I had a girl friend once who had trouble with sun spots.

Ted Adams 10 years ago

Letters, emails, etc. likely will fall on deaf ears with CBS. However, I suggest everyone get in contact with Dan Beebe at the BigXII. This is a problem with CBS thinking that other league's games are more important than BigXII games, and it's been going on for years. The BigXII needs to step up for its fans and berate CBS. Threatening to be done offering the BigXII product for CBS to show would do wonders in keeping this kind of crap from happening time and again.

Steve Brown 9 years, 12 months ago

Yes it is our AD responsibility to nail down contract details and contingencies on broadcast rights. Don't sell out for top $$$ to allow rights to broadcast 95% of our games.

ccarp 10 years ago

This is why I would like KU to have it's own television channel. I know it is the current aspiration for huge TV contracts, but I do not live in the kc area and I want to see better coverage. I pay $120 for the full court advantage, but still miss the first 10 mins of every big Monday game and am subject to break aways like yesterday or when they broke away to Texas during the Colorado game. I missed the Selby assist to Releford. I would pay $300 for a jayhawk network. I would pay for it if it was of the quality of channel 6 or even the KU all access. At least KU all access shows crowd shots during time outs and uses the audio feed from the lazer. This is pathetic. I would like to get the pre game, the whole game, some half time and crowd shots, and the post game. I would pay for that and wish KU would offer it. Could just make it a basketball seasonal thing, or show all sports and university activities in the down time....or audit a class. I am just sick of not getting the coverage I pay for and would pay double if I could just see the coverage I grew up with...guess there is always a sling box.

Steve Brown 9 years, 12 months ago

Technology has changed and we all should be able to webcast the games in full. The contracts should state carry the game to conclusion even if triple overtime and Heidi the movie is due to start.

Vittorio1224 10 years ago

Thank you CBS for creating fodder for ALL these outrage-filled posts!! Your master plan worked to drive more traffic to LJ World & !!

Foster Coburn 10 years ago

This still doesn't help those of us outside of the KC area who pay large amounts of money for various sports subscriptions so we can get every KU game. Even with the money spent, we often miss the beginnings of game so that we can watch Big East teams continually foul. And here I got to watch the beginning of a thoroughly uninteresting Arizona/Oregon game. If these networks are going to schedule games too tightly, they need to somehow compensate and make FULL games available to those who PAY to subscribe!

grammaticallycorrect 10 years ago

Sunspots my rear end. They stated clearly that they were switching over to the Michigan game, then the screen went blank. No wonder Sheen hates CBS. Buncha liars, all of them.

Martin Rosenblum 10 years ago

CBS switched over to the Oregon/Ariz. game in my market here in Memphis as well as in the Portland, OR area without any notification.

Talk about Widespread Panic! I had to watch the crawling scores at the bottom to keep up with our score. Of course, with free throws, time seemed to stand still watching that way.

Michael Bratisax 10 years ago

Not that it matters but CBS stayed w/MVC Championship and then switched to their marquee game OSU v Wisc. Which is how it should be.

Curtis Lange 10 years ago

Well, they did switch to the WI @ OSU game w/ 18 seconds left in the MO Valley game, but then switched it back and promptly went to commercial while the game was still going on. The BS today further disproved the sunspot lie from yesterday.

brich 10 years ago

Just to add to the "sunspot" conspiracy, I am a displaced Jayhawk stuck on tobacco road, major ACC territory and I too lost the CBS feed and it was replaced by Maryland v Virginia........two schools that would have a hard time winning the local high school tournament. At the time, I just thought one of the local (Charlotte) CBS affiliate directors of programing was a gradutate of one of those two. Too bad that I cannot watch the replay of the final 3:48 on MY biased CBS station, like you can out there, but despite that, the outcome is what I wanted. I am sure this 'cover-up', now that it is 'uncovered', won't happen again! Rock Chalk!! Here in NC, they don't take anyone but themselves seriously, especially the Big 12. I hope they will 'recognize' us in the end as we hopefully will have the opportunity to whip up on 'Roy's boys' and the Dookies somewhere in the big dance!! Oh, still trying to figure out how that spokesman assured us that these "sunspots" will NEVER happen again! How does he do that (lol). Total BS

REHawk 10 years ago

I lost the game down here near the South TX border, Dish Network local CBS. Bumped to Arizona game. My neighbor has Direct TV, CBS East and West. He was bumped to both the Arizona and Michigan games. All those bumps fell conveniently near tipoff of those other contests. Here's hoping that Big 12 commissioner wields clout for future financial negotiations to drop CBS, even if it costs the league dollars. The league is in dire need of a Big 12 TV network of its own, perhaps as an ESPN affiliate. (Or would the Texas TV package nix that possibility for sites outside the grand nation of Tejas?)

kureader 10 years ago

This is off the subject, but when I read blogs like this I realize how many Jayhawks there are and how much distance separates us. Being somewhat local and having the good fortune of attending the basketball games in Lawrence, it's awesome to be reminded that there are Jayhawks everywhere. It's got to be exhilarating for our players and coaches to know that so many people care about KU's success ... makes you proud to be a Jayhawk.

Steve Brown 9 years, 12 months ago

KCTV and CBS would like to apologize for the pre-empting of the Border Showdown Saturday. (afterall we had a Big 10 game to start and wanted to see the tip off)

CBS Sports experienced technical difficulties out of our control. (because we are just a local station not in any control, our job is to create viewers for the big boys)

KCTV5 Vice President and General Manager Bobby Totsch said the station regrets the loss of signal and will ensure backup systems are in place to ensure this will not happen in the future. (because we know he$$ will freeze over before we get another game.)

KCTV5 offers its sincerest apologies to our viewers. (Gregg Bumble won't so we will.)

Hey Billy, read this above and see if it should go out or do you want to come up with any other lame excuse why we don't control our own feeds. How do we answer that NY predicted the sunspots, how come the sunspots came right exactly at the tip off of Michigan, how do we say it was network difficulty when Tulsa, Wichita, Topeka, and Texas kept the border war. What do you mean the sponsors want a refund. Oh, and which MU college intern was running the tech board last weekend? No, I don't want to take a call from Charlie Sheen, winning!

KU_Mitch 9 years, 12 months ago

Well they finally admitted it. After coming on the early morning Border Patrol and AGAIN telling a bunch of BS.........this afternoon, Kevin Keechman ( sp?) got them to admit that someone at THEIR station didn't re-boot a receiver and that is why they didn't broadcast the remainder of the game. It is also clear that CBS did nothing wrong at all, only our own nitwits. If Totsch can keep his job after this fiasco, it would probably be a good thing because he would not ever allow that to happen again. This is why I listen to Bob and Chris and suffer ( for now ) with the time delay. I am building an audio delay that will allow me to sync the radio to the TV.

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