Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Big-time coach wants KU job


Ideally, Kansas University needs to hire a football coach who has won a national championship, has Bill Self’s personality and Bill Snyder’s attention to every detail of a football program.

Impossible, right? Nobody who fits that description would be interested in one of the tougher coaching challenges in the BCS, right? Wrong and wrong.

Former Tennessee coach Phillip Fulmer is ready, willing and able to whip this fractured football program into shape, according to a Lawrence man who shared a four-bedroom Wichita duplex with Fulmer and two other young men in 1974.

“He told me a little over a week ago, ‘Let ’em know I’m interested,’” said local crop insurance man Rich Jantz. “The guy had a 152-52 record playing in the best conference in America! He wanted the job two years ago, and they hired a guy who was 20-30 in a bad league?”

Jantz’s friendship with Fulmer started when the men worked in the Wichita State athletic department. Jantz was a tennis coach/assistant athletic director, Fulmer an assistant football coach.

“He’s like Bill Self, the way they get along with people, that personality, that charisma,” Jantz said. “Bill’s got that knack, he doesn’t forget names, doesn’t forget people. Phillip’s that way. It’s unbelievable the way people just want to be around those two guys.”

Robbing a line from Ronald Reagan in his debate against Fritz Mondale, nobody should make an issue of Fulmer’s age, 61. His youth and inexperience relative to that of Snyder, 72, should not be held against him.

“Bill and Phillip would own the state of Kansas,” Jantz said.

Shortly after Lew Perkins had hired Gill after interviewing Fulmer and several others, Kansas played a basketball game in Knoxville. Jantz invited Self and Fulmer to lunch so they could meet. Who spots them 10 minutes into it and joins them? Perkins.

“Phillip was very nice to him, first-class all the way,” Jantz said. “I can’t be that way, but Phillip handled it fine.”

Jantz said Fulmer, “is on top of everything, right down to a kid spelling a word wrong at Fantasy Camp. That’s the way football coaches have to be. He’s in control of everything. He’ll be busy doing something across the room, and I’ll be talking to someone else. He hears every word of it.”

But could Fulmer recruit Tennessee athletes to Kansas?

“At Tennessee, he recruited nationwide,” Jantz said. “You have to at Tennessee. It’s not the greatest job in the world as far as talent in your state. Phillip did a hell of a job getting kids from all over the country. And he put together a great staff.”

North Carolina wants Larry Fedora, and Texas A&M; is interested. Not looking good for Kansas.

Hiring Fulmer two years ago would have resulted in Kansas being “off and rolling by now,” Jantz said.

Better late than never.


Jeff Coffman 8 years ago

My top choice!!

Even those people posting that he tabled off a little in the last 9 years, forget that he played for 3 SEC championships in that timeframe, had a record of .654 in those years and went to 8 bowl games.

All I have to say is I was disappointed that we didn't hire him last time, but this time around I hope we learned our lesson.

Plus anybody like the fact that he already knows Bill Self and wants to come to Kansas?

DrGraydog 8 years ago

Tuberville was my choice last time around.....I like Phillip this time....lets get him and roll

NebraskaJayhawk 8 years ago

My top choice as well and have been saying it for about 2 weeks only to be rebuked everytime I mention his name. This guy is a proven winner in a major conference. He's won two national championships and actually wants to come to Kansas for this job. This is a no brainer.

NebraskaJayhawk 8 years ago

Well, maybe not two weeks. I guess Gill hasn't been fired for that long. But since his firing what...10 days ago?

NebraskaJayhawk 8 years ago

Do you even read what people respond to your posts? I was and still am a huge Mangino fan. So no, I was not particularly a Gill supporter. I wasn't a hater like some people, but have never thought it was a good hire. You really need to get a clue.

NebraskaJayhawk 8 years ago

Man you are so wrong. Go back and read my post that you are referring to. You didn't understand it from the beginning which is why you posted incorrectly to begin with. I was saying that Gill was not a good hire. But yes, I did say that a lot of Nebraska people and even those within the administration thought he was a good hire. Go back and read my post on it before you respond negatively again. You are so lost it's not even funny brother.

NebraskaJayhawk 8 years ago

I went back and did the research because I know you won't and this is what I originally posted and what you are saying I said is totally false probably because you can't read or can't comprehend English. Anyway, here is what I posted.

"Wrong again, hihawk. There was a very large group in Nebraska that wanted Gill over Pelini during that hireing and many thought Gill was a great hire at Kansas. We both know that's not true hindsight, but once again you have no idea what you're talking about. There's still people in Nebraska that think KU is stupid for firing him even after two of the most pathetic seasons of football we have ever watched."

Now, if you can understand that, I said that it was "two of the most pathetic" seasons of football we have ever watched". Does that sound like I am a Gill supporter? Get a clue homer.

osbymartin75 8 years ago

You are correct about a proven winner. He was successful..only 1 natl title though (1998). He did get a little stale and complacent near the end. I am a huge Vols fan so I can speak with extreme familiarity!

Spencer Goff 8 years ago

Seriously, did I read that right?

"He was successful..only 1 natl title though (1998)."

Come on man, I'm not trying to be an a$$ but you sound ridiculously spoiled. A share of at least four SEC crowns, one national title, a bowl appearance every season he was there, and they canned him. They fired an old chubby guy to go with a "sexier" Lane Kiffin, because the exterior package was so much better.

I knew it was a mistake when they fired him, I knew it was a mistake when they hired Kiffin, and they have been in the junker ever since. Fulmer was the man, he got shafted, if anybody should be looking to hire him it should be Tennessee.

hawk316 8 years ago

I have to admit, Fulmer is starting to look pretty good.

Dillon Davis 8 years ago

Yeah my interest has now peaked a bit. He'll have to bring in some damn good coordinators but I guess that's true with whatever coach we bring in. Him and Malzahn are now my two favorites. Haven't heard anything about us having mutual interest though. That may make this article moot unfortunately.

Warren 8 years ago

Better Never than ever. Too old and has been out of the game too long.

minipman 8 years ago

he needed three years to re charge the batteries.. look at snyder at k-state.. three years out, comes back had has his team rolling..

2005grad 8 years ago

I don't think it was Snyder that needed his batteries recharged... I think it was the team...

doctorWho 8 years ago

Too old? The guy is 61, not 71. Certainly he is not part of a long term future, but we need someone to repair the damage the Gill-years did to the program. We can hope for better, but we could do much, much worse. This wouldn't be a bad move.

dylans 8 years ago

He has 10-12 good coaching years left. Who sees KU's next football coach lasting 10+ years? Fedora, if he lives up to the hype, will be gone in 3 years to greener pastures. Fulmer will just retire at the end of his tenure. One last hurrah.

railer20 8 years ago

Dang 3 years is too long....good thing Leach got back in this year or he would have been done!

Randy Bombardier 8 years ago

Yeah, and the scandal at Penn State saved its football program from years of continued mediocrity led by an octogenarian.

johnnyhrdwd 8 years ago

Let's hire somebody before all of our talent transfers, we just need somebody who knows how to coach D1 football.

d2psugrad 8 years ago

Works for me. He probably still has the spunk to get it done. Definitely worthy an interview.

stravinsky 8 years ago

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texashawk10 8 years ago

I'd prefer someone younger than Fulmer, but if he truly wants to be here then he deserves serious consideration for the job.

bradh 8 years ago

I thought KSU had made a mistake when they rehired the old guy. It worked out fairly well for them.

Gregor Southard 8 years ago

Fulmer is a winner. Seriously, look at Tennesse's record since they dropped him.

Gregor Southard 8 years ago

Fulmer is a winner. Seriously, look at Tennesse's record since they dropped him.

Gregor Southard 8 years ago

Fulmer is a winner. Seriously, look at Tennesse's record since they dropped him.

BlueRaiderVOL 8 years ago

Tennessee's record is what it is BECAUSE of Fulmer NOT because we dropped him. He ran a TOP 5 program into the freaking ground. Fulmer's success was based on excellent assistant coaches and excellent recruiters. After Cutcliffe left the Tennessee offense was putrid. Chavis is at LSU and even though he and Fulmer are bff's he aint coming to Kansas. So basically you DO NOT WANT PHIL FULMER.

salmo38 8 years ago

And who hired those "excellent assistant coaches and excellent recruiters"?


He would a great hire, but only if we can't land Fedora. His age won't be an issue at all in my opinion. Snyder has turned k-state around AGAIN and he's in his 70's. Even if he were only to stay for 4 or 5 years, he would fix Gill's mistakes and turn the program back to at least a respectable level. After doing this, finding another coach would become a much easier job.

KGphoto 8 years ago

+1 Keep our sights on Fedora and pencil in Fulmer as our safety coach.

BCRavenJHawkfan 8 years ago

Great to see a fellow Benedictine Raven here. JRoss is another. What years were you at BC?

DrGraydog 8 years ago

call him and ask.....its the least we can do

nuleafjhawk 8 years ago

I want the job too ! I'm interested ! Hire me !!

I could stand 2 mil a year for producing virtually nothing and humiliating my school.

Sorry - I'm in need of an attitude adjustment. Or a good football coach.

KGphoto 8 years ago

Don't go back to those whining ways. Turner Gill did not humiliate our school. He took a guaranteed contract worth a lot of money. Then he did his very best and represented KU with class. Your hating on him because of that?

In my opinion HE was the one who got shafted. He was supposed to get 5 years "guaranteed" to turn around the program, so he stripped the team down and started rebuilding with a 5 year plan in place. Not a 2 year plan, a 5 year plan.

I know you're better than that. Whether you are right or wrong, Gill is gone, let him go in peace.

dylans 8 years ago

It didn't take Snyder 5 years. There was immediate improvement not a steady downhill slide.

dylans 8 years ago

BTW I absolutely despise KSU, but that old guy can flat out coach.

nuleafjhawk 8 years ago

lol KG - please come up with a new word. It's not whining to say you'd like a job that pays 2 million dollars per year and you don't even have to perform well.

And if such jobs are available - I would like one.

I did not mention TG's name once in my post. Don't read into it. The comment would have been the same no matter who the ex-coach was.

Steven Mathew 8 years ago

Then why would Fulmer tell his buddy to tell KU that he's interested in the job? It's not like Kansas contacted him and and then him saying he's interested in the job. He was the one that said he's interested in the job. His words are pretty synergistic with "wants KU job".

Thomas Matlock 8 years ago

At least he does want the job. Maybe he would be able to develop a head coach in waiting. Maybe a coordinator, like Mike Stoops, or one of the others that have been mentioned, who have no head coaching experience. That way, when he leaves, we won't have to go through this again.

mjhawkchalk 8 years ago

Mike Stoops is going to Ohio State.

John Gallup 8 years ago

This whole younger coach thing is crazy, We hired an obese coach and to be honest Fulmer is probably in better shape as crazy as that sounds. This was a good option two years ago and now it's a great option. I was !00% behind hiring Gill but it just did not work and not only did it not work it was a disaster. We hire Fulmer and I bet we win some games in the Big 12. I know they want some hot shot coordinating from a wining program or a third cousin twice removed from said blah blah blah winning coach. Let's just get a coach that knows how to win some games and understands a winning program and be thankful for this early Christmas gift.

Rock Chalk

neo_star 8 years ago

Check his blood pressure, make sure he has one and its not off the register like the obese guy. Keegan: burning the midnight oil?

Andy Tweedy 8 years ago

For me, the age is only a factor because if it works out, you'd like to think you have a decade or more of a guy's career. If a coach is 61, you never know how much longer he'll be in the game.

Clarence Glasse 8 years ago

"I know they want some hot shot coordinating from a wining program or a third cousin twice removed from said blah blah blah winning coach. Let's just get a coach that knows how to win some games and understands a winning program and be thankful for this early Christmas gift." Well said! +1

blackhawkjayhawk 8 years ago

Never wanted him before.....I may have changed my mind. The line about having someone who can stand up to Snyder sold me. He might very well be the right guy.

I can't believe we interviewed him two years ago and hired Gill. Perkins truly is an idiot.

Maracas 8 years ago

Didn't he have some NCAA violations when he was at Tennessee? I seem to recall that.

Dee Shaw 8 years ago

And your point? Who cares! If the NCAA wanted to, every coach in Div 1 would have some type of violation. Go ahead and hire the squeaky clean guy. Like Turner Gill. That turned out real good.

Maracas 8 years ago

My point is that I recall he was constantly linked to problems with the NCAA while at Tennessee. Perhaps he was never found to be in violation of anything, but something was happening to get the NCAA's attention. Hiring Fulmer may be inviting the NCAA to start nosing around. Nothing good can come of waving a red flag in front of the NCAA.

Randy Bombardier 8 years ago

Well, who are you for. I don't recall seeing you on here under this name.

Dan Pawlowski 8 years ago

But coaches that get on the NCAA radar tend to stay there.

Alice Clayton 8 years ago

I'm from Tennessee and don't remember Phil being associated with any NCAA violations. Are you sure you are not confusing him with BB coach Bruce Pearl??? Now, there were some violations!

Maracas 8 years ago

Well, it's called the Fulmer Cup, not the Pearl Cup.

osbymartin75 8 years ago

That was an SEC rivals paper relating to off the field issues..arrests...not NCAA the way other coaches had more issues..georgia, florida, bama to name a few.

KGphoto 8 years ago

No. In fact Tennessee's infractions started raining a couple of years after he left. He was running a very straight program against probably the most crooked competition in the nation. In hindsight he's probably the SEC golden boy of his generation.

KGphoto 8 years ago

Actually, I'm not even sure they had NCAA infractions after he left, but they had serious misconduct. They were like a clown car of thugs and thieves down there.

KGphoto 8 years ago

Never mind all that. My clock is wrong. The Fulmer Cup doth indeed exist. I thought that stuff happened later.

salmo38 8 years ago

Hello, I'm just here because I heard that Coach Fulmer might be a possible for your new coach. I'm a Vol, have been since the sixties. I'm sure there were some kind of secondary violations, and also those kids that got into trouble. But overall, the Tennessee football program never had serious violations.

I have no idea what you Kansas fans might want in a coach, but integrity would be no issue if Phil Fulmer is your coach.

Dee Shaw 8 years ago

As the process goes on and on your choices are limited each day. I would rather hire a guy like Fulmer than some new young stud. The young guys is a sexier pick but go on and hire the more established proven coach in Fulmer. The guy can coach and recruit. Something we have been missing here for some time. Even if he is here for 5 to 8 years fine. Allow him to hire someone he can mentor and mold into the next KU coach. Guys like Coach Fulmer and Coach Houston Nutt excite me way more than Coach Fedora, Sumlin or Dykes. Go with the safe proven guys rather than the risk.

KGphoto 8 years ago

I get what you're saying. I like the idea of BCS experience and success too, but did you watch Fedora's defense getting after Houston? It was beautiful. He has that team humming and while I may not be too jazzed about Sumlin, Dykes, Christiansen or Doeren, Larry Fedora is ready to take the next step for sure.

irvan moore 8 years ago

proven to be able to coach at high level, i like him a lot better than most of the names mentioned

Ashwin Rao 8 years ago

The more I think of it, the better I like it! Let's get him! We are giving him an opportunity to prove that he is "still" the best... and he is giving us the opportunity to "own the state of Kansas"

Casey Gee 8 years ago

61! When I started reading this article I was thinking he was in is 70s. 61 isn't bad at all. He could easily have 5-6 years of coaching left in him, and if he wanted to go longer he could. I was skeptical of this article, but you really convinced me here Keegan; this guys sounds great.

blindrabbit 8 years ago

Didn't he (Fulmer) get in some kind of urinating scrap down in the SEC, reporting on the program at either Auburn or Alabama. No skin off our teeth, but it seems like he may have some baggage down there; never really understood why he was out at Tennessee, but then again they kept the slime Pearl longer than they should have, politics no doubt.

blindrabbit 8 years ago

Didn't he (Fulmer) get in some kind of urinating scrap down in the SEC, reporting on the program at either Auburn or Alabama. No skin off our teeth, but it seems like he may have some baggage down there; never really understood why he was out at Tennessee, but then again they kept the slime Pearl longer than they should have, politics no doubt.

salmo38 8 years ago

Perhaps Coach Fulmer did report recruiting violations at Alabama. Bruce Perl lied about a recruiting violation. Maybe you are mad because the Vols beat Kansas in basketball?

crimsonwithblue22 8 years ago

Much different article than the original from last night and a more respectful headline. Glad Keegan reads the comment section and can make proper adjustments.

Pbbut 8 years ago

Does anyone have an inside information on Fulmer's ascension to head coach at Tennessee? My recollection is that he was OC for Johnny Majors and basically went behind his boss to get Majors fired and himself promoted. Not being an insider, there's probably more to this than I know, but I'd be interested in getting more of the story. I found what's in Wiki... There has to be more to it than this, doesn't there?

KGphoto 8 years ago

Sounds to me like those phone calls were being made to Fulmer, not by Fulmer. Majors health was an issue, Fulmer kicked butt as his interim, he was the popular choice and the AD knew it. Plus is mentions that Majors was being a pain in the neck about his contract. If I'm the AD I probably make the same move.

Bion Ostrander 8 years ago

Hmmm, me thinks maybe the problem is that Fulmer is telling his crop insurance friend to tell KU that he is interested, maybe Fulmer should do that directly.

I'm wary of a coach that is 61 and out of coaching 3 years, its easy to lose touch, lose your edge and competitiveness, lose your contacts, is he still relevant to recruits, do they know him...its a "what have u done for me lately thing" and I don't think recruits will know who he is or care what he did over 3 years ago.

I don't care what you say, in almost any profession someone that is 61 is usually at their last job and sometimes they treat the job that way and coast a bit, I think Fulmer offers an opportunity but also some downside risk. What if KU hires Fulmer and he decides he doesn't have the energy or spark any more, especially with trying to turn around a difficult situation at KU?

I worry that while Zenger is flying around the country on his 2011 coaching tour, other ADs are using those new-fangled toys called cellphones and internet to interview and hire coaches before Zenger's plane ever lands....

areyouserious 8 years ago

I dont think you understand the connection that Mr. Jantz has with the athletics department.........

NebraskaJayhawk 8 years ago

The thing is, this guy is a good recruiter. But more importantly he knows how to coach. I think people are already forgetting what got us into this mess to begin with. Our team has lacked coaching for 2 years. Gill brought a little talent into the program, now lets bring in a coach to develop it and build this program into something special. Hopefully he can turn it around and turn it into a powerhouse by the time of his retirement and then we can hire a big name out there.

JayHok 8 years ago

Don't we have a 6'8" receiver coming in next year? Dual threats Cummings and Berglund at QB. As I recall we have a very large redshirted freshman line? Have the running backs no doubt. Do we have adequate receivers? Have a new strength coach thank God. It appears with the right offensive minded coach the Hawks might be looking solid even in year one of the transition. Didn't we sign a bunch of 3 and 4 star recruits last year? If any of this isn't true, please help me to understand our situation. Last I heard, besides the stadium which needs to rip out the track, we have state of the art football facilities thanks to donors, Mangino, ticket sales, the Orange Bowl and Lew. That's not the feeling I'm getting reading posts the last 10 days. From what I can see from across the US, Kansas football as of the last 4 years is a great job if you're a great coach. Unfortunately for two years we learned the hard way the importance of fundamentals in practice and quick coaching decisions from the sidelines. Besides the fact that Kansas is not in Texas, am I missing something? This is a pretty sweet job from all I can see. The players are already there. The salary was already $2 million a year and with the right coach could be as high as any in the nation. Am I wrong?

Noweigh 8 years ago

I am assuming that Zenger had a deal in his pocket or at least a wink & nod agreement with a quality coach before firing Gill. The big time programs don't lanquish and flail around publicly trying to interview and negotiate for a new coach.(like KU has done in the past) Hopefully a new coach is announced very soon or its understood a new one will be hired from a successful program once the bowl season is over.

1jhawk2 8 years ago

In a battle for old guys, who would you rather have Fulmer or Gary Barnett? Why?

1jhawk2 8 years ago

Barnett did say on 810 WHB he is interested in KU.

JayDocMD 8 years ago

A guy with Mizzery background with a history of running a program that includes the words: prostitution and rape


A guy who, by all accounts, is a gentleman with a history of running a clean program that includes the words: National Championship

As I mention below, I'm not sold on Fulmer but he is clearly the better choice of the two.

Kansashawk 8 years ago


Barnett has too many carry-ons

JayDocMD 8 years ago

Would be a better hire than Doeren, Venables, and many of the other names tossed around, but not really sold on this idea yet.

The current offenses in the Big 12 are different than what he coached against in the SEC 5-10 years ago. He would have to have top notch coordinators to keep up - and ideally some with Texas connections for recruiting an area of the country he hasn't before.

Pochad4431 8 years ago

I just graduated from the University of Tennessee and have lived here for the past 12 years. Fulmer literally lives 5 min away from me in Gatlinburg, Tn driving his grandchildren on his gator around all the time.

Fulmer did not get Johnny Majors fire(Heart problems) and snitch on any team. He commanded respect everywhere he went and got it in return. He got fired due to it was just time for UT to move on after a 2 ok years.

This is a man that did have to go all over the country to recruit and was a tremendous recruiter. Got the likes of John Henderson, Peerless Price, Albert Haynesworth, Peyton Manning, Jamal Lewis, Arian Foster, Eric Berry, Kevin Burnett, Robert Meachem, Al Wilson, Leonard Little, and etc.

He has a ego that will drive him to make KU a winner. He wants to prove people wrong. A motivated Fulmer is a dangerous one. He went 152-52 at UT. Most people here in and around Knoxville will tell you the worst decision UT has made wasnt hiring Lane Kiffin....It was letting Fulmer go.

FSUJHAWK 8 years ago


PF knew what he was doing. As much as I dislike UTenn, I have to respect the body of work that PF produced. Unfortunately he lost traction in the last years of his tenure. Regardless, he has all the tools, and of course the TK-sized EGO, to make him a success wherever he lands.


Larry Ewart 8 years ago

This is the most accurate post of any I have read lately. Knowing the whole situation involving Fulmer from his rise to the HC position of Tennessee to the travesty that occurred 3 years ago in his firing. I was in his home the day he lost to Wyoming. It was the week of his firing. He was so down but still had time to be a gracious host. He will bring us back to respectability and that is all we can ask. We have the worst BCS program in the nation and it is high time that we all take notice of that. To get a coach of this caliber would be unprecedented in my opinion.

RockCaCO3 8 years ago

2 ok years at Tennesse = 2 rockin years at KU. Those folks take football seriously.

I say, tell the crop insurance agent to tell Fulmer were interested. Then Fulmer will tell the insurance agent to tell KU he's interested. Then they meet behind the tree after school..........OR.... Fulmer can tell SZ himself that he's interested, and the insurance agent can go check out a corn field, and KU has a respectable FB coach. Geesh!

Alice Clayton 8 years ago

Do I hear Rocky Top playing in the background? And don't forget Jason Witten! Go Big Orange!

KGphoto 8 years ago

...Marcus Nash, Terry Fair, Tee Martin, Chad Clifton, Shaun Ellis, Travis Henry, Travis Stephens, Donte' Stallworth, Aubrayo Franklin, Julian Battle, Gibril Wilson, Dustin Colquitt, Jerod Mayo, Robert Ayers, Monterio Hardesty...

Roughly 80 NFL draft picks in 16 years. And probably almost a third of those guys were/are long term, impact players in the league.

Pretty impressive.

Mike Nicco 8 years ago

How many high school football players watched the movie The Blind Side? The movie made him look really good.

blindrabbit 8 years ago

Colorado sports program still recovering from the mess that Gary Barnett caused out there! Guess no female place kicker would apply at KU if he was hired here.

Fulmer may a bit of a load if he has had previous problems with sneaking around his former head coach, troubles with the Tennessee program and ratting on fellow SEC members. I was always a little off-put by his Good Olde Boy accent; maybe that was a affectation to convince the Tennessee crowd he was one of them.

Guess everyone has some skeletons out there; even Herman Cain.

salmo38 8 years ago

Coach Fulmer was born in Winchester Tennessee, attended Franklin County High School, entered the University of Tennessee in Knoxville in 1968, about two hundred miles from Winchester, and played offensive guard on teams that went 30-5 while he was there.

Kansas folks, I think you have a troll here using the "blindrabbit" name.

d2psugrad 8 years ago

Im not completely against Doeren, but Fulmer would be more likely to satisfy the fan bases need for a big name with experience.

Andy Tweedy 8 years ago

This won't happen for one readon...Keegan said it will. And I'm not picking on Keegan, it's just that his OBP hasn't been very good with our coaching hires. I may be completely wrong, but I have this feeling our hire will come completely out of left field.

ignatius_j_reilly 8 years ago

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Sayers44 8 years ago

+! agree --Great choice --He has paid his dues and he is ready....

Nolan Cromwell....

texashawk10 8 years ago

You know how there were a bunch of red flags about TG having been an assistant at Nebraska for about 20 years (or however long it was) and never even being promoted to a coordinating position. How long has Cromwell been a position coach in the NFL and never been promoted to or offered a coordinating position in the NFL. Plus keep in mind that he voluntarily left Texas A&M to go back to the NFL. That to me is a huge red flag that he prefers the NFL over the college game, and/or that he does not possess the skill set to be a head coach.

FSUJHAWK 8 years ago

Good to see everyone up so early and pumped.

Good to see TK actually doing some reporting and then some analysis based on facts.

Good to see PF interested in Kansas.

If SZ is as good as some say he is, it will be a good day again for Kansas Football.


Ludwig Supraphonic 8 years ago

During Fulmer's last few years at Tenn., the team had lots of headlines for arrests. As we know, no Division I program is immune from that. Not a dealbreaker. Would be a good hire and restore some credibility in our program.

getserious 8 years ago

You've got to be kidding. As a Tennessee native I can tell you, the game has passed him by. Once Alabama, LSU, Florida, Auburn and even Georgia started to rise, he had no clue. He changed a proud culture at Tennessee into one that lowered standards for athletes, numerous arrests, cheating and off field issues. The joke in the SEC is that you can't spell THUG without UT. He also stabbed Johnny Majors in the back to get the job in the first place. I'd rather have anyone but him.

Larry Ewart 8 years ago

I think it is so amusing to hear you VOL fans cry about your glorious football program. I will bet you were cheering and applauding Fulmer and his team the day he won the NC title againest FSU. Hypocrite

utforever 8 years ago

Ahhh, the real reason in your rant about Coach Fulmer comes out in the last sentence.....Johnny Majors fan you are! The true reason, KU fans, is that Majors was declining in health and Fulmer was the interim coach and won his first 3 games. Majors hurried to get out of the hospital and told then AD Doug Dickey to get off of his practice field, that he wasn't welcome. Well, how well do you think that went over with the AD and Board of Trustees? Majors got too big for his britches and thought he owned the place! A recharged Fulmer would be a great hire for KU and would make me an instant Jathawks fan!!

Joseph Kuebel 8 years ago

Yep, this "getserious" guy shows his love for Majors and chooses to put blame on Fullmer instead of blaming another "jerk"... Sounds like Majors is quite similar to Mangino (in personality), yelling all out at a parking attendant arguing, "DON'T YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I WILL HAVE YOU FIRED". I know what remark/spiteful comment that will be made now (from Mangino lovers): "look how hiring a nice guy (Gill) worked out". Well my rebuttle is look how it worked out for Tennessee... I don't understand why people assume that being a decent person, with the ability to see other perspectives outside of their own cannot be a coach who is demanding, stern, and disciplinary. Those who insist a good coach must also automatically correlate to one who is a selfish, angry, and has no people skills and also must by nature have no ability to separate personal interaction from game and motivational strategy must have some personality and behavioral issues as well. I hope we get Fullmer, and personally I hope he was responsible for Majors getting fired. He is clearly q coqch that helped stand up for his fellow players and got rid of jerk who can't interact with players, fellow coaches (Mangino) or even his own superiors. There's no excuse for this type of behavior (this behavior equating to: a 12-yr old girl on her first period, acting like the person you are talking to had an affair with their wife wife, or thinking you are king (poop of huk mountain) and are better than everyone and everything around to a point you cannot talk, and yell at the slightest thing that may set u off...

Dan Harris 8 years ago

Top 3 choices

  1. Fedora
  2. Malzahn
  3. Fulmer

I'm just as anxious as everyone else to get this done but lets get it right this time!!!!!

Robert Howard 8 years ago

My take is that our patient is in critical condition. I'd much rather have an experienced surgeon working on me than some kid who hasn't finished his/her residency yet.

Once we get the program healthy again, then we can start grooming our own young hot shot as an assistant coach.

leawoodhawk33 8 years ago

Does anyone know if AD is considering Fulmer?

Haiku_Cuckoo 8 years ago

KU was smart not to hire Fulmer in 2008. Back in those days he was losing games, his players were being arrested and he still reeked of NCAA controversy. Not a good follow-up for the Mangino drama.

Maybe he's different now though. Might be worth interviewing.

hailtoku 8 years ago

Is anyone else concerned how serious he is going to take this job if he's hired?

The guy has very little to prove, our program has a lot to prove.
I'm all about the big names, but at the same time we need a guy with a fire up his a** who wants to turn this program around.

This job may be more work than Fulmer wants.

getserious 8 years ago

There is a reason that he hasn't even had an interview with anyone else. His rise or success in the past was due more to lowering standards than great coaching. Eventually if you let every idiot in school to play football(see Miami) you will have some success. Once Alabama(and everyone else) started beating him on a regular basis, he saw fit to snitch on them to the NCAA over something minor. I love KU. Please do not hire this bumbling idiot.

getserious 8 years ago

There is a reason that he hasn't even had an interview with anyone else. His rise or success in the past was due more to lowering standards than great coaching. Eventually if you let every idiot in school to play football(see Miami) you will have some success. Once Alabama(and everyone else) started beating him on a regular basis, he saw fit to snitch on them to the NCAA over something minor. I love KU. Please do not hire this bumbling idiot.

BillsBrother 8 years ago

I realize that Bama fans consider $150,000 for a HS player and a couple of Federal convictions for Racketeering and Bribery minor, but I am surprised that a KU fan would think the same. Here's two things for you to do 1) do a Google search on Lynn Lang and read an article that comes up 2) write 100 times, "I will not comment on KU football again"

Steve Corder 8 years ago

I ask myself why is KU so quiet? Why are there no well timed anaonymous leaks from the athletic department or friends thereof? Even the LJW reporters have no idea of where Zenger is or where he's been in the past week.

PERHAPS.... Zenger wants no additional pressure on himself or the school by dropping hints or even letting people know how many coaches are even on his secret list. With no idea of expectations dogging him now or coming back to "bit" him in the future, he can simply guage interest and wait for the dominos to fall once the big dogs make their move.

PERHAPS.... Zenger has already made an offer and/or is about to to someone he is not sure would accept. Better, therefore, to keep any discussion or offer secret so as to prevent imbarrassment. Rejection stinks and can only hurt morale.

PERHAPS....KU really doesn't have the financial ammo that may be needed to bring in the coach Zenger wants. There is nothing more embarrassing than realizing you are shopping for expensive merchandize with friends in a store you cannot really getting price checked at Neimans then buying at Old Navy. But you never let anyone know. Bad for the image.

Regardless, it seems that we know more about other schools' pursuits than our own.

hailtoku 8 years ago

Zenger is doing a great job I assume. You don't want to come out saying, "We want Leach" and then have egg on your face when he goes to WSU.

I suspect he is staying so queit because our top prospect(s) are preparing for a bowl game.

Fletcher Anderson 8 years ago

Let's get it done! Fulmer wants to be a Jayhawk, so let's grant him his wish. Fedora will always be interested in the a&m job, so every time it is open his name will come up. Fulmer has the history and knowledge to win at this level. His age is a plus because it buys KU time to see what Doeren can do and it allows for Fulmer to develop a coach in waiting if Doeren does not pan out.

Benjamin Piehler 8 years ago

OK Cool. Now someone pull the trigger and land him.

Benjamin Piehler 8 years ago

(2 Keegan Articles about the same guy?)

CardHawkFan 8 years ago

The issue is and always will be that KU is a tough place to win and always will be compared to a lot of other schools in big time conferences. We don't have a ton of top tier talent in-state and the ones that we do, we have to fight K-State, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Nebraska, and Missouri for. The last few years that we were a solid football team under Mangino was because we had a good portion of the best talent from the state (Meier, Sharp, Stuckey, McAnderson, Rivera, etc.), three of whom are currently on NFL rosters or scout teams. Even if they don't turn out to be stars, at least they aren't stars for another team, correct? Right now, those players are going elsewhere (starting running back at OSU is from Wichita!!!). What this means is that we have got to have someone who's name alone can bring recruits in. So what if Fulmer is 61. The other coaches look at Kansas as "I have to be able to steal big time recruits away from Texas and Oklahoma along with resurrecting a program that plays a daunting schedule?" It is a tough sell right now. Say we get Fulmer for a few years, he gets this place up and running before he retires for good and then hands it off to the next young coaching stud. RCJH! I am good with that!

Micah Mandy Haase 8 years ago

"Somebody that's committed to winning championships and being the best that they can be, with a chance to compete in a conference that's nationally recognized. I'm not going to go walk into a door somewhere that you have no chance to be successful."

Here is a quote from Fulmer.... With him showing interest in the KU job.. He either thinks there is a chance to change the team around rather quickly... or he isnt intimidated by the big 12 schedule.. I say if we can't land Fedora, might as well give him a shot.

Carter Patterson 8 years ago

Can't wait to read Article #3 tomorrow.

Maracas 8 years ago

I'm more concerned with becoming the home of the Fulmer Cup.

Dennis Mahorney 8 years ago

If you cant trust your local crop insurance salesman, who can you trust?

Sayers44 8 years ago

I like the Nolan Cromwell choice...

KU guy

Like it...

JamesA 8 years ago

-1. No Head Coach experience. Next.

Clinton Laing 8 years ago

I think Keegan should just stay out of this: all he does is muddy the waters and make it that much harder for Zenger to get the job done. It shows what a really small man Tom is: he can provide no light, so he just generates heat.

gorilla10 8 years ago

I absolutely love the way Zenger is running this search for our new coach. It keeps all of the reporters guessing and stumbling around for information. In the end, Zenger will announce and we will have a new coach. I like the way Tait is running his blog every day. If you're reading this article make sure you're reading his.

The last thing KU football needs is negative fans sticking around even after Zenger makes his decision. If you plan on that, you aren't a true fan....

Jeff Soisson 8 years ago

He's been out of the game too long and is too old. We don't want another coach for two years get paid $10M.

grog 8 years ago

It doesn't matter who ku hires to coach the football team.

You will remain the doormat program in a doormat conference for years to come.

Get used to it.

Randy Bombardier 8 years ago

You have got to be either EPAW (Every Person a Wildcat) or Mizzu trash. After Bill Snyder retires the next time, KSU will be in a tough spot so you better be nice. Same for you if you are a Mizzu rat. Karma is a bit**.

salmo38 8 years ago

No idea here if Mizzu fans are trash or not, but they need to be getting ready for an azz kicking like they have never seen before.

John Gallup 8 years ago

Really, wow... That was just amazing how you did that. Great post man, Really challenging yourself on that one.

Larry Ewart 8 years ago

This hire is about having a HC with a lot of visibility who can hire an outstanding coaching staff who can recruit. Phillip F. brings that to the table. Remember this football program is so low it has to look up to see bottom. If he can bring us back to even 6 wins or 7 a year I am in big time. I was here during the years of Valesente and this past season was a mirror image. Pitiful! Zenger will bring someone with a strong FB background. Fulmer knows where mistakes are made when heading up a program he would get us turned around to respectability.

Mat Davis 8 years ago

Hiring a coach that has won a National Championship? This may be the homerun hire KU needs. The HC is more of a CEO, so his name should be able to bring in some top notch assistants. Also, his name rings a bell with recruits and flashing that ring will definately be a bonus. Plus he had sustained success at UT, so he has proven that he is more than capable of continually winning, versus a coach that has had only a couple of good years. Fedora is good no doubt, but he's been a head coach in a non BCS conference for only 4 years. Fulmer is tops on my list, no question.

Randy Bombardier 8 years ago

This would be a solid hire. I cannot remember his name surfacing last time. Cannot believe that Perkins chose Gill over Fulmer. I think we would have him for some time, too, as long as we wanted to keep coaching. He had 8pointninefour wins per year in the SEC. Those are real numbers people. Tennessee was stupid to get rid of him.

Frightwig 8 years ago

In 2008, Fulmer was carrying a lot more negative baggage than Mangino. Maybe time has changed him for the better, but there's a reason nobody hired him after Tennessee let him go. He was a liability.

okiedave 8 years ago

Keegan, I heard that NULEAFJHAWK is "interested" in the job as HC. A KU guy. Does not have a losing record as far as I know. Would probably negotiate his salary from the 2 mil./yr. going rate. Do not know if he has actually had the personal initiative to contact the AD to express and interest, but... if you write an article, maybe the AD will contact NULEAFJHAWK and open discussions.

missmagoo 8 years ago

3/4 of the battle in this would be finding someone that's interested in KU. Get 'er done Zenger!

tis4tim 8 years ago

Can we please just knock it off with the "If (insert the particulars of a conditional statement here), then you're not a true fan" stuff?

If you want to take an accusatory tone with those whose fanhood may be in question, perhaps you should do so in a forum not called, where the bulk of the visitors, posters and other participants show up daily (or every ten minutes as is the case during our current coaching search) to discuss everything Jayhawk in excruciatingly minute detail.

Even more unfortunate is that the last two sentences of your post sullied what I thought were a couple of very good observations in your opening paragraph.


tis4tim 8 years ago

This post was intended as a response to gorilla10 above. Why it posted as a separate post and not a reply, I'm not sure. A true fan would have known how to reply to someone else's post, though. :^)

gorilla10 8 years ago

Just tired of hearing the "wait til basketball season" from our own fans...Because you know those same fans will be big time KU football supporters when KU is back on track! You just don't hear(as much) of the bs at other Univerisities than you do at KU.

Sam Constance 8 years ago

"You just don't hear(as much) of the bs at other Univerisities than you do at KU."

You don't actually believe this, do you?

gorilla10 8 years ago

Well, obviously you hear it everywhere but some KU fans have taken the "fair weather" to another meaning. It's one thing to make fun of another school for doing it but our fans flat out admit it....If KU football isn't that great, they don't care.....

John Randall 8 years ago

We hear more (good,bad,indifferent) about KU than other places because we we look, read, listen more to KU and its issues.

tis4tim 8 years ago

Understood, but not everything people say has to have some hidden agenda. Just because someone makes a comment about basketball season doesn't mean he or she secretly hates the football team. It could be the case that said person is just excited about the upcoming basketball season.

But even if the comments are intended to be snarky, can you really blame the offenders? KU football has been so bad for so long that citing basketball has become a quick-draw defense mechanism, a way for fans of this university to salvage our pride in the face of merciless taunts from rival fans with regard to our football "program" and a national football media that won't hesitate to make us the butt of every gridiron joke.

I've said it before and I'll say it again: sports is best when it's a symbiotic relationship. That is, the fans go nuts for their team and the team in turn responds with inspired play. It won't always result in a "W" as that's the nature of sports, but the effort is there. What KU has is a parasitic relationship with its football fans. We go to the games; we spend the money; we give up our Saturdays to support this team (in some cases for decades) and what do we get in return? A 1-17 conference record over the past two years?

Look, I'm all for supporting my team, but everyone has limits. Nobody wants to pay to see garbage week in and week out. At this point, it's up to KU to deliver something the fans can be proud of. As I see it, the fans have done their part ... over and over and over again. The boosters too have coughed up millions of dollars to get the previous mistakes corrected. Why should we all not expect a better return on our investments?

The only way to get the fans back in droves is to put a good product on the field. And that responsibility lies squarely with KU now. Blaming the fans, IMO, is ridiculous.

Pat Sullivan 8 years ago

I was at the Fiesta Bowl in '98. Two words: National Championship!

VolDad 8 years ago

No Way! Fulmer apologist have told me forever that he does not have a coaching job because he is not interested in coaching.

8thMaxim (dot) Com

Sam Constance 8 years ago

You had me at "he knows Bill Self".

One could say that my glass is half-Fulmer.

Or maybe, I want to get my Phil of KU football, and I won't stop until I'm Fulmer.

But in all seriousness, I like Fulmer for many of the same reasons I liked Leach. He's a proven, successful coach who has instant cache with potential recruits and brings instant credibility and ticket-selling power to KU Football, which is sorely needed after a record-settingly rough two years.

The biggest risks with Fulmer, as I see it, are two-fold:

1) He's been out of the game for awhile and might be rusty, which is not a huge deal in and of itself. But if a coach with the reputation and credibility of Phil Fulmer comes in and is unsuccessful, then KU risks the stigma of being a program you just can't win at with any consistency. Might make it even harder to hire the next coach.

2) The other side of the coin for #1 is that he might come in here, be successful and use KU as a launching point to get back into coaching. Either that, or he's not a long ways off from retirement and KU gets something going just in time to lose the guy who got it going. Either way, this risk--of losing Fulmer after a short time--is easy to swallow, because if he is successful, then KU will be that much more appealing to potential coaches next time around.

gorilla10 8 years ago

I'd give him another 8-10 years with success....He will not use KU as a launching point to get back into coaching though. I can tell you that right now.

tis4tim 8 years ago

Reason #1 is why you have to hire a guy like Fulmer, even if it means reason #2 is an inevitability. Like you said, a successful run, albeit brief, will make KU an attractive destination to any successive hire.

The sad truth is that failure is simply not an option this time. If we don't attain at least some measure of respectability on a national scale this go 'round, the football program may never recover.

pepper_bar 8 years ago

If Fulmer were a realistic candidate, his advocates wouldn't be shilling to Keegan, and Keegan wouldn't be shilling his name publicly.

And seriously, Fulmer hasn't been big-time in years.

Larry Ewart 8 years ago

Well, VolDad, you are wrong. Know the guy personally and he has talked to several schools these past 3 years.

tennesseefan 8 years ago

As it has turned out i sure wish tennessee had kept Fulmer. Was ready for him to go but now he don't look so bad. I think Fulmer is ready to prove that he can still get it done. I'm not convinced he can but I think he still believes. The fans ran him off here. I definitely don't see him looking for a launching point to get back into coaching. If he does well enough for traditionally more successful programs to want him then I think he would be satisfied to play out the string at KU. Phil's aloyal guy.

VolDad 8 years ago

The problems UT has do not stem from losing Fulmer. They stem from losing Kiffin.

8thMaxim (dot) Com

WaxAndWane 8 years ago

If he's that good, why has he been unemployed for the past three years?

gorilla10 8 years ago

Because he is that good. None of the other schools even interested him until the KU job opened up! That's what my sources are telling me.....more to come!

WaxAndWane 8 years ago

What other schools offered him a coaching position during the past three years?

Randy Bombardier 8 years ago

That is like kickin around in the dirt and finding a 10 carat diamond, and saying, it can't be diamond, otherwise someone would have cut and polished it by now.

Gregor Southard 8 years ago

Why do I get the feeling that for the third time in the last 15 years KU will say "I"m sorry Mr. Proven HC, we're going with a loser mid-major coach instead of you."?

getserious 8 years ago

What about Dennis Franchione? Coached at Pitt St so he knows the area. Had success everywhere, just not enough of it at A & M.

getserious 8 years ago

What everyone else seems to forget when dumping on Lew Perkins for hiring Gill is that KU doesn't exactly have a glowing record when it comes to hiring African Americans in Major sports. I don't blame him for hiring Gill, it just didn't work out.

areyouserious 8 years ago

and paying $2million per??? Cmon man! Gill was a fraud and so was Lew. Keep in mind he didnt hire Bill Self Lew has nothing to hang his hat on except a terrible football hire!

Geekinout 8 years ago

Hey what everyone else seems to forget is that KU doesn't have a glowing record when it comes to hiring Asian-Americans, Latino-Americans, and Inuits (eskimos) in major sports. It's about successful records and doing your job well, not about race. People should not be overlooked because of race, NOR should they be considered. Get serious!

areyouserious 8 years ago

You all are missing the point here. Fulmer should have been hired 2 years ago, and would have been if it werent for that one-man AD wrecking crew called Lew Perkins. Lew's ego was so big that he wanted to prove to everyone that his selection of an up-and-coming coach was backfired, and often times does at second tier BCS programs. Had Perkins done the right thing 2 years ago, we wouldnt be reading this nonsense today. Fulmer has had plenty of interviews with other schools, but like one poster said above, he is not looking for a place that has no chance for success. He is set financially and can now be picky on his decision to get back to coaching. It never was a case about being tired of coaching, it has always been about the "right situation". And you have to respect that about someone who is smart enough to recognize the difference in each situation at each University. My opinion is that Fedora is waiting on A&M, who is waiting on Sumlin, and then KU will be Fedora's second option. Why go after someone who is interested in being in another place. Hire Fulmer Today!!! Lets move on and up!

Randy Bombardier 8 years ago

I still don't get that from the way Mangino was ousted to the hiring of Gill to the terms of his contract. It was all one big mess.

volinva 8 years ago

Coach Fulmer will be good catch for KU. At UT we stupidly tossed him aside after what was thought to be decline in his abilities. Now three years and two coaches later we are SEC doormats.

Jeff Coffman 8 years ago

Don't worry you now have Missouri and Texas A&M to kick around for a little while. They can be your new doormats!

shelleysue 8 years ago

Haha! Missouri as SEC doormats. That's going to be so much fun to watch.

VolDad 8 years ago

The problems UT has do not stem from losing Fulmer. They stem from losing Kiffin.

8thMaxim (dot) Com

Randy Bombardier 8 years ago

Fulmer is a cleaner version of Jimmy Johnson or Barry Switzer. I would be thrilled to get him. Sure hope you don't outsmart yourself, Mr. Zenger. I really hate to admit this here for a number of reasons, but here goes. I dreamed that KU hired Fulmer last night. I guess I have been kinda preoccupied with this search.

142466 8 years ago

Fulmer appears to be acceptable. Looks like those candidates who might be better are unavailable.

His age, 61, is okay, provided he intends to stay for at least 5 years. For KU football a stay of 5 years is probably at least an average coaching tenure. Five years is enough time to resurrect the program.

tennesseefan 8 years ago

kiffin would have gotten it done. not the thread here voldad

RealisticVol 8 years ago

How many of his recruits worked out?

RealisticVol 8 years ago

Fulmer was a great coach, but for whatever reason he started sliding after winning the National Championship. Even then he had a record an awful lot of schools would be very happy to have, but Tennessee has a special place in football history. Look it up. Even though they have been through a few tough periods ( as any other school including Alabama and LSU), very few schools meet or exceed what the Vols have done historically and the fans just will not put up with a coach that can't keep up the tradition. That said, Coach Fulmer is a very proud man and I can assure you, if he takes a job, he will bust his * to prove that Tennessee made a mistake. He sure would not take it just for the money since he is a multimillionaire with everything he wants.

VolDad 8 years ago

He started sliding after winning the National Championship because better coaches entered the SEC.

8thMaxim (dot) Com

tennesseefan 8 years ago

i agree realistic some of that has to do with him leaving, i was just replying to voldads off topic post.

Haiku_Cuckoo 8 years ago

We're obviously at the point where we're scraping the bottom of the barrel to find a coach, so I'll throw out two more possibilities: 1) Henry Winkler. He played a funny coach in "The Waterboy". And 2) Ruth Buzzi. She could keep the players in line by hitting them with her handbag.

tennesseefan 8 years ago

i think a good fit for an old offensive lineman. corn fed country boys from kansas.

Matt Schwartz 8 years ago

Hey Vol, were more about wheat here.

tis4tim 8 years ago

Friend, we're only at the pre-damage heat up stage. Just wait until the announcement of the Shaka Smart football equivalent as our next head coach. THEN you will see a full-blown meltdown.

hdotk 8 years ago

I don't understand why Fedora would want this job. There are better jobs out there for someone as highly coveted as him. Getting Fulmer would be huge for this program.

jgkojak 8 years ago

You have to recognize the real timetables here are about TV Contracts and re-alignment.

KU has 5 years to get good at football.

That's when the next TV deals will be negotiated and when, if the B12 blows, it'll blow.

So... in 2017,

a) KU is 3-9 in the conf. having not gone to a bowl game since 2008, vs.

b) 2017 KU is 8-4, ranked No. 21, heading to its third straight bowl game, or

c) 2017, KU is 11-1, ranked No. 7, firmly in the Top Ten, having challenged for the B12 title the last 2 years, and is going to a BCS bowl game.

Scenerio A, we're probably stuck in the Big East-C-USA mess. Scenerio B, probably gets us Pac-16 with KSU, OU and OSU. Scenerio C, probably gets us Big 10.

Lonnie Snow 8 years ago

Philip Fulmer is a good coach and a big time recruiter. I was born and raised in Lawrence and married my wife from Knoxville a big time Vol. had to watch many games. It was known if he showed up to see a recruit he came away with them. He is a ball control coach (run first), sometimes a little predictable in his play calling but I believe he would not only get this program back to where is was a few years ago but keep it there. He would be my first choice a winning SEC coach, come on a step up big time!

VolDad 8 years ago

"It was known if he showed up to see a recruit he came away with them."

Michael Oher disagrees with this.

8thMaxim (dot) Com

osbymartin75 8 years ago

One example..heres a few more..john henderson, eric berry, peyton manning, jamal lewis would agree with it.

VolDad 8 years ago

One example is all it takes to debunk such a blanket statement.

8thMaxin (dot) Com

PS: Are you sure Fulmer visited all of those you listed?

Lonnie Snow 8 years ago

Philip Fulmer is a good coach and a big time recruiter. I was born and raised in Lawrence and married my wife from Knoxville a big time Vol. had to watch many games. It was known if he showed up to see a recruit he came away with them. He is a ball control coach (run first), sometimes a little predictable in his play calling but I believe he would not only get this program back to where is was a few years ago but keep it there. He would be my first choice a winning SEC coach, come on a step up big time!

Geekinout 8 years ago

I will lose faith in KU if they hired some Missouri Jackson County Chiefs product. Being unsuccessful in the NFL doesn't translate to success in college football. Duh!

irvan moore 8 years ago

nice job mr. keegan, i think you hit a home run on this one.

johnsont1 8 years ago


Matt Schwartz 8 years ago

UT used to recruit for what happened....? either way, he's tops on my list. Rocky Top meets Rock Chalk...I like it.

tngilmer 8 years ago

Kansas is not smart enough to hire Fulmer. Just wait and see. They will hire another loser like Gill.

AZHawk72 8 years ago

I had no idea what had happened to Fullmer before this thread. He built Tennessee into more than it was before he arrived. While I may be partial because I'm older, he always developed excellent assistants who went onto great things. Also, we're looking at too many up and coming coaches who are only considering us as a stepping stone toward what they really want.

Still, Fullmer is my second choice. Dirk Koetter is my first.

Randy Bombardier 8 years ago

  1. Fulmer and Now! or Petersen and Now!
  2. Barry Switzer
  3. Jimmy Johnson
  4. Leavitt Later - If this is the way we go we need to clear up the future of the assistants who are still on staff so we don't lose them while they are carrying out our recruiting until the NFL Season is over.
  5. Or Koetter later and same applies with assistants.

The main thing is there is no guess work here about capability. No risk. Get a proven winner who is hungry to get back in. There are a few others that I think might be good but if the name doesn't create some excitement this time, I am checking out until the season begins. I imagine the same can be said for a lot of people. Buzz and name mean something. This needs to be our Larry Brown hire, which was quite unbelievable at the time.

squawkhawk 8 years ago

Retread! It is obvious that we are far down our want list now. SZ needs to ear his pay.

VOLMAN126 8 years ago

Coach Fulmer is a class act and a great coach and teacher of young men. I wish I could wake up and us firing him would be a bad dream. 2 back to back losing seasons at TENNESSEE in 100 years. He gets a bad rap for hiring Clawsen, its the pressure to find that young guy with all the answers that led him to make that decision. And it cost him his job. Dont listen to the fools that say find the Urban MIRE of football. He got lucky with T-BLOW, lets see how he does at OS. Hire him now...wish he was still in KNOXVILLE! 152-52 at TENNESSEE..sounds good to me! GO VOLS!!

harleyjspoon 8 years ago

I am a Baylor fan...and a fan of the BIGXII. I want every team in the BIGXII to be good in all sports so we can leave the SEC in our rear view mirror as the best conference in college sports...I do hope Kansas will give strong consideration to the interest Coach Fulmer has indicated regarding the University of Kansas Head Football Coach's job. He is a good man and coach. He knows how to win with class and dignity. He elevates everyone around him. He profoundly cares about the kids he coaches. His personality, like Coach Snyder at KSU, fits the University of Kansas and the people of Kansas. What more could Kansas fans want in their next Head Football Coach?

AgeeVols82 8 years ago

Fulmer would be a good hire at any school. He got forced out because of FORMER AD Mike Hamilton wanting a hot shot young coach to "recharge" the fanbase. And you see how that turned out, Lame Kiffin, NCAA issues, and Derek Dooley.

OwensboroVol 8 years ago

As a Tennessee Alumni and Fan I can tell KU that they can only do worse than Coach Fulmer. There is only one thing that he is better at than coaching football and that is being an example and leader of the young men who play for him. He one fault may me the loyalty that other show to him. His Coaching Staff changed very little over the years he was at Tennessee. When Doug Dickey left the AD job at Tennessee a Slimy little twit name Mike Hamilton became AD. His actions including not retaining Philip Fulmer as Football Coach has destroyed the Athletic Department at Tennessee. Philip Fulmer is very active in several charities including one which seeks to combat teen suicide. He has worked tirelessly for that organization. KU can maybe hire a better coach (I doubt it), but you will never hire a better man than Philip Fulmer. He is everything a parent would want their son playing for.

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