Originally published April 5, 2011 at 04:44p.m., updated April 6, 2011 at 12:00a.m.

Josh Selby working out in Vegas, hasn’t declared for NBA Draft

Kansas freshman Josh Selby goes up for two points against Texas Tech on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011 in Lubbock, Texas.

Kansas freshman Josh Selby goes up for two points against Texas Tech on Tuesday, Feb. 1, 2011 in Lubbock, Texas.


Kansas University freshman guard Josh Selby hasn’t declared for the 2011 NBA Draft ... yet.

Tuesday’s news that the 6-foot-2 Baltimore native is in Las Vegas working out at Impact Basketball with famed trainer Joe Abunasser, seems to indicate he’s leaning heavily in the direction of playing for pay, however.

“He’s in Vegas working out. He has no agent. He hasn’t declared for the draft. He hasn’t done anything except work out,” Selby’s mom, Maeshon Witherspoon, said Tuesday in a phone interview.

“There’s been no decision. He could come back to school. He could leave,” she added.

Witherspoon would not say how long Selby would remain in Vegas. Selby remains enrolled in classes at KU.

“Coach (Bill) Self and I agreed on a time limit. When the time limit is up, we’ll let you know,” Witherspoon said.

Self said on Tuesday night that he is OK with Selby working out this week at Abunasser’s training facility.

Impact Basketball’s official website refers to Abunasser as “the world’s top basketball trainer and trainer to the pros.” College players must pay their own way to work out at such a facility.

“Josh went to Las Vegas with our permission to work out a few days to get a feel for where he’d potentially be (in 2011 NBA Draft). It’s something we did not discourage. We are fine with it,” Self said.

“He has not declared (for draft) nor is he committed to an agent. We said he could have a few days to get a better feel for where he is by working out with some folks in Vegas.

“As far as schoolwork, he is OK there. He has put himself in a position he could afford to miss a few days. He will need to get back by next week,” Self added.

At least one national news reporter believes Selby is on his way to the NBA.

Alex Kennedy, NBA reporter for HOOPSWORLD and ESPN1040 contributor, tweeted that “Josh Selby will enter the NBA Draft and hire an agent, according to sources. He’s currently working out at Impact Basketball in Las Vegas.”

Responding to that report Tuesday morning, Witherspoon said those reports were not true and no decision on Josh’s future had been reached. She said she was “sorry for the speculation” and would report news when any decision had been reached.

Underclassmen have until April 24 to declare for the draft. If they don’t sign with an agent, they can return to school if they withdraw their name by May 8.

Selby averaged 7.9 points and 2.2 assists per game last season. He played in 26 of KU’s 38 games, starting 11. During the Big 12 season, he was slowed by a stress reaction in his right foot.

Twins undecided: KU juniors Marcus and Markieff Morris have yet to announce whether they will enter the draft or return for their senior seasons.

“The twins are back in class, in school. They did go to L.A. (last week to meet with an aspiring agent). The (Morris) family paid for the trip. A decision is close, but has not been made yet,” Self said.

KU fourth: KU finished fourth in the final ESPN/USA Today poll, released Tuesday. National champ UConn and runner-up Butler finished 1-2. Those schools were followed by Kentucky, KU, Ohio State, VCU, Duke, North Carolina, Arizona, Florida, San Diego State, Pittsburgh, BYU, Notre Dame, Wisconsin, Texas, Purdue, Syracuse, Florida State, Marquette, Richmond, Louisville, Washington, Kansas State and Utah State.

KU-South Florida on Dec. 3: The date of KU’s home nonconference basketball game against South Florida will be Dec. 3, KU officials confirmed on Tuesday. South Florida of the Big East Conference went 10-23 last season.


David Meredith 6 years ago

doesn't sound like he is attending classes,... bye bye Josh

phi4life940 6 years ago

Seriously. We hardly knew ya is an understatement.

Honestly...this really ticks me off. He did nothing for KU. Oh wait...he won our game against USC and that's it. Ok, so maybe he made a few more shots but for the most part....what did he do???

We took him in like we do all our players and now he's in VEGAS WORKING OUT!?!?!

I'm sick of all this "It's all about the education," and "We just want him focusing on school" from these kids' parents. No it isn't...that's like coaches saying "Give credit to the other team..." after every game, even if that team loses by 50 to us. It's become an automatic response to shield the real objective which is "I can't wait to get my kid in the NBA so I can get that money." If ANY part of it was about "school" and "education" Josh Selby wouldn't be working out in Vegas on a Tuesday and tweeting about being in B-More last Thursday.

I remember when he announced that he was coming to KU. "I'm going to be a Kansas Jayhawk." were a Jayhawk, but when you completely disregarded classes like it's nothing, you stripped yourself of that title.

Now hurry up and get drafted in the late second round or else have fun in the D-League. Oh, and take off "Class of 2011" from your facebook'll never graduate from KU.

jhawk23 6 years ago

Harsh. Take it easy on the kid. We all know he's not ready. But there are more tactful ways of conveying the message.

jhox 6 years ago

Look at it this way. If you're going to recruit top 10 type players, this sort of thing is the price of admission. I believe he's being short sighted and making a very big mistake, but it's his right to make whatever decision he wants to make. Just feel fortunate our school has the ability to land top 10 players. This is a problem MU would love to have.

phi4life940 6 years ago

I'm not so sure I feel fortunate to land top 10 players if this is where we end up. As someone states later in this forum, give me some 60-80 recruits who stay 3-4 years anyday over a "Selby."

Ron Prichard 6 years ago

Sure, I'll give you the recruits in the 60-80 range and you'll be finishing third to fifth in the Big XII. Then you'll be complaining that we don't get top flight recruits and cussing our fall from a national power.

I feel extremely fortnuate to get the top recruits that we do. As for "Selby" (whatever the quotation marks mean), I would take him again and again. If he would not have gotten hurt, he very likely would have continued to improve as the season went along.

phi4life940 6 years ago

OK...I'll give you the 60-80 thing. I'm just conveying that I'm PO'd at these "Top Recruits" coming in and acting like they give a darn about our program when clearly they don't. If Selby came in and said, "Look, I'll be honest. I just want to play in the NBA. If I didn't have to be here per NCAA rules, I wouldn't be. The first opportunity I get...I'm out."

That would be great! But they don't....and I'm just getting sick of it.

When I wrote "Selby" (with the quotation marks) I meant a 5-star recruit who comes in, one-and-done, no matter what as compared to the lower ranked guys who stay 3-4 years and develops. So a "Selby" would be a John Wall type of guy who really doesn't care about the college program but acts like it for a year...he certainly doesn't care about education.

Rodney Atkinson 6 years ago

Seriously? What kid that plays college ball would not have aspirations to the higher level?

Who can possibly be disappointed in their decisions? Have you walked in their shoes, grown up in their nieghborhoods, seen what they've seen? Who are you to be so damn judgemental?

Would we all not like to see our players play for a full 4 yrs.? For God sakes, this would be a new twist for some of you, be thankful for the efforts of our coaching staff, and everyone elses involvement, including the families of the players. RCJH the Mothers.

We are KU and don't forget it. Their is no better venue to play or crowd to play in front of.

We welcome these young men into our fold and we should wish them all the good luck that life has to offer them whatever decisions they make. I will take whatever they give us while they are here and be damn grateful for it.

phi4life940 6 years ago

I get it. I probably am being selfish and I have always been the first to say "Whatever these kids wanna do...that's fine."

For some reason this Selby article just really got to me. I think I (as well as everyone else) got so hyped up by him and then certain things just didn't fall into place, that I became consumed with wanting to see more out of him...wanting him to live up to his potential.

We do have the best staff and fans etc. I're right. I'm sorry I got carried away...I'm pretty sure the pain from the elite 8 lose is still fresh in my mind.

Can I claim a "heat of passion" defense and be excused??? haha


Rodney Atkinson 6 years ago

Seriously? What kid that plays college ball would not have aspirations to the higher level?

Who can possibly be disappointed in their decisions? Have you walked in their shoes, grown up in their nieghborhoods, seen what they've seen? Who are you to be so damn judgemental?

Would we all not like to see our players play for a full 4 yrs.? For God sakes, this would be a new twist for some of you, be thankful for the efforts of our coaching staff, and everyone elses involvement, including the families of the players. RCJH the Mothers.

We are KU and don't forget it. Their is no better venue to play or crowd to play in front of.

We welcome these young men into our fold and we should wish them all the good luck that life has to offer them whatever decisions they make. I will take whatever they give us while they are here and be damn grateful for it.

Ron Prichard 6 years ago

I understand your frustration, but put yourself in his shoes. If someone is offering that money (or possibly offering that money), you are going to listen. As for coming into the program and saying he doesn't care about education and he just wants to play a year to get to the NBA, if he did that, he would be crucified by fans and media alike.

It's a flawed system, but I don't blame the kids. If we want the best teams, we have to get the best players, and they are always going to have an eye on the NBA. It's just the way it is, and like it or not, we just have to make the best out of it.

Imagine how frustrating it is for Self. Yet he still goes out and gets the highest ranked kids available because he knows they are the ones that will eventually get him another championship.

phi4life940 6 years ago

You have very valid points. Everything you said makes sense. I can imagine the headlines if Selby said what I wanted him to. Everyone would call him a huge a-hole and ultimately no NBA teams would want to recruit him for fear they would damage their reputation.

The system is the you said, like it or not...that's the way it is.

lee3022 6 years ago

Being P.O'd at the player seems harsh as the arrangement he has is with the AD and coach Self. From Self's own statement he is in tune and in agreement. Josh does not owe us anything except to give us his maximum effort while he is here. His scholarship may be canceled by the coach so why is it wrong for him to choose to leave? I went to college for an education but more important to prepare for a career. If Josh has made that preparation his leaving is consistent. And he has not yet made that decision.

phi4life940 6 years ago

I like your analogy. It is like leaving to prepare for a career. Good point.

PPTruth34 6 years ago

the kid is going to Vegas to work out and get a gage at his draft stock (relevant to his future profession). I don't see how this is different that a student from the business school missing classes for a job interview. Sorry he is more concerned with his own future than making sure KU fans are happy sitting on their couches watching the games. Additionally, you are right, the top 10 thing doesn't work because UK hasn't gone deeper into the tournament than KU the past 2 seasons.

minipman 6 years ago

Josh Selby = Sebastian Telfair

Joe Satterwhite 6 years ago

smh..he's gonna regret leaving just like xavier did...

selfishhawk 6 years ago

Xavier regretted leaving? Is that fact or speculation? Xavier was a high pick. I don't think Selby gets drafted in the 1st round.

Hawks444 6 years ago

I don't think Selby gets drafted at all. He's going to be one of those guys crying on draft day.

KU_alum_2001 6 years ago

I'll take that bet. Trust me, "if" Selby leaves, it's because he'll receive enough feedback from scouts and coaches to give him comfort that he'll be a 1st Round pick. "If" he leaves, he'll definitely be drafted. I'm happy to bet anyone on this.

Brad Boline 6 years ago

The thing with Xavier is, he was a lottery pick. You almost have to go if your a lottery pick. Although I think he needed another year. Selby isn't even close to a lottery, he will be lucky to make the 1st rd. But guys like him don't seem to be team players so the question is, would it be a good thing if he did declare, for the team?

lee3022 6 years ago

What support do you have that Josh is not a team player? He has gutted out a very difficult year and stayed throughout with a positive attitude apparently supporting his teammates even when he was not playing.

collegebb 6 years ago

does xavier regret it? He had started half the games he played in this year, and makes a very healthy guaranteed starting salary. Ran into bad luck with an injury though. I wouldn't be too quick to say he regrets it...

Ben Kliewer 6 years ago

A few things. 1. We all know Selby isn't actually ready to go to the NBA, but in his mind, like a lot of these kids nowadays, he thinks he's LeBron and he's going to get drafted by the (insert NBA team here) and turn (whoever) into a championship NBA team. Because in his mind, he's just that good... 2. We all pretty much knew Selby's mental attitude has always been that he's a one-and-done player. None of us should act surprised. 3. Nobody is going to play in the NBA next year, because there won't be an NBA season next year. (Still speculation, but could be true) 4. If the surprising happens and Selby stays...well, I'm not sure if that would be a good thing or a bad thing. Seems like he had one, maybe two good games this year, and had a poor attitude the rest of the time. (That's kind of a general statement, but you always remember the bad things after losing in the tournament) However, I think another year learning under Coach Self would do him a lot of good, and could probably improve a lot of the things I'm complaining about above.

Alex Berger 6 years ago

Wow, can Selby not speak for himself? Agent, public relations manager, and mother.

Here's to hoping Selby realizes he needs at least one more year of college ball to refine his game.

Jocelyn Kennedy 6 years ago

and perhaps another year to learn to speak for himself??

kranny 6 years ago

He's getting evaluated. If general managers put him on the board, he'll go pro, if not he'll be back in school. His instructors will put his grades on hold, this happens all the time. Good luck Selby!

Troll_or_AntiTroll 6 years ago

The word is out. Selby was mishandled. Big-time recruits, "Beware of the Phog!"

Krohnutz 6 years ago

Mishandled by the NCAA? Absolutely. He should have just played football at Auburn, you can take all kinds of "gifts" if you do that.

Troll_or_AntiTroll 6 years ago

I'm sure you're right. No reasonable recruit would think twice about coming to KU. Surely they will understand it was the NCAA's fault.

Krohnutz 6 years ago

No, I'm sure you're right. KU will never land another reasonable recruit in basketball again.

I trolled baby, yeah!

Mike Bratisax 6 years ago

I agree Selby was mishandled but when you look at the number of players Self has helped move on to the NBA, big-time recruits will keep coming to Kansas.

mojayhawk 6 years ago

Mishandled by who? Give me a break. His development was delayed by the slow NCAA decison. He was set back by the injury, and really never was able to get established. Coach Self gave him the same opportunities he does every other player.

Coach Self does NOT play favorites because of hype or reputation. Players still have to earn their spot. Josh was set back twice and by the time he was ready, the team was flowing without him. Give him a full season and he'll be fine, BUT he needs another year so that he can SUCCEED in the League, not just get a contract and then D-League.

Mike Bratisax 6 years ago

Self undermined his confidence in himself. Give me a break and take off those rose colored glasses.

Ron Prichard 6 years ago

Self undermined his confidence in himself? Exactly how did he do that? Explain, jhawk. Since Self undermined his confidence, please tell us how you would have done things different to make sure Selby's confidence was higher.

Mike Bratisax 6 years ago

You're right. Self did almost as well w/Selby as he did with X last year' I'm sure pulling him out after every mistake filled Selby w/confidence. EJ also has thrived under Self..A 5 star recruit who almost averaged 4 pts and 2 assists per game in only his second season. I wonder if he will start in his 3rd. Maybe 26 games just wasn't enough time for Selby to fit in with the rotation. After all, Coach K needed an entire 11 games to make Kyrie Irving the projected #1 pick in most mock NBA drafts... Selby is projected to be picked in the 2nd round. Rivals had Selby #1 and Irving #4 coming out of HS...hmm Since HCBS is infallible, these results must fall solely on Selby's shoulders. I hope Ben isn't looking for a shoe endorsement after only one year

Troll_or_AntiTroll 6 years ago

Sometime the perception is more important than the reality.

phi4life940 6 years ago

Selby would have left after one year no matter where he went.

Hank Cross 6 years ago

If he was staying, he'd be working out at KU and going to class. Vegas is the last place you go to develop reasonable expectations about luck and the future.

That said, I can see why he wouldn't want to spend another year in school fighting TT, EJ, Ben, Travis, Tharpe and maybe even Woolridge for minutes. A year on the bench and/or another injury and people would think the rust has set in and he wouldn't even be mentioned as a draft prospect.

Best to luck to you Josh.

ahpersecoachingexperience 6 years ago

i know a lot of gm's that will be looking for a player to turn it over and force bad shots in limited minutes.

Krohnutz 6 years ago

Dude, I had to laugh at this.

My smartass reply to this, and hopefully you will get the humor:

"If Isaiah gets rehired somewhere, Selby's stock skyrockets!"

Take it easy man, I'm out.

oldrocker 6 years ago

Ha! This cracked me up...I almost spit out my coffee!

bradynsdad 6 years ago

Too bad. I would have to say I think he is out there hoping someone tells him he is NBA ready. If he gets any hint that someone will draft him he is gone. If I had to put it in percentage I would say 80/20. 80 says he goes. Good luck to him if he goes, I know his family is on hard times.

Stan Unruh 6 years ago

Maybe he can do some online KU course work from Vegas?

Chadus 6 years ago

He won't make an NBA roster if he declares this year. Youngblood needs one more year to show that he can play with the big boys.

LJ Gee 6 years ago

I dont know about anyone else, but Id say the KU experiment with one and dones has been a total failure. Selby couldnt even find court time in the post season and Xavier Henry never really seemed to fit with the team last year. Id rather us go after the 75-85 guys in the ESPNU100 who dont think they are one and dones. Look at our championship team in 08, the only freshman contributer was Cole and that was off the bench in limited minutes. Amazing things happen when young talent returns and becomes experienced talent

bradynsdad 6 years ago

I have to completely agree on this one. Chemistry is always a question and it does piss the upperclassman off when freshmen get the nod. I like the players that aren't in espnu's top thirty. These are the players that know they aren't one and dones but also have the potential to be great. Carmelo was about the only freshmen to lead a team to the promiseland. I would rather invest in players that will be here for at least three years. I didn't want Marcus or markieff touching the ball when they were freshmen, and this year they were the only ones I trusted. Hard work and time paid off big for them.

Ethan Berger 6 years ago

Not really a fair statement. Brandon Rush was a top 15 recruit along with Chalmers. Arthur was also a 5 star. We dont even know his choice yet, lets wait before we call something a failure.

Andy Tweedy 6 years ago

And don't forget Rush was supposed to be one and done, and would have been two and done if not for the injury. You are right on here, you have to recruit the best players period!

bradynsdad 6 years ago

Hawk90. I don't think it was a failure at all. Your are right about rush and arthur. My point is to just stick more to the players that don't think their one and dones. I would rather invest a few years in a good player becoming great than a great player for one year.

cklarock 6 years ago

+1. Three and four year players are what makes a program -- Juniors and Seniors know how to win.

kranny 6 years ago

I've never heard any recruit admit to being a one and done. Kentucky has 3 or 4 one and dones (McDonald's) and got to the final 4 this year. I think any coach in the nation would go for that.

lee3022 6 years ago

This so called experiment is not new and not a failure and not even an experiment. Coach Self has long said he is not against a one and done player. Having more than one might be disruptive but having Josh this year did not hurt the team, helping earn a #1 seed. I do trust coach in this process. His record is better than any other NCAA coach over these 7 years and he has earned our respect and support.

Hank Cross 6 years ago

Somewhat OT - What is up with, ""Coach Self and I agreed on a time limit. When the time limit is up, we'll let you know," Witherspoon said" ? Is Josh incapable of making his own decisions? I thought part of going to college was learning how to make decisions about your life without running to your parents.

Furthermore, this 'Bring Mommy to School' business is also rife with possibilities for NCAA investigations. Ask Reggie Bush.

selfishhawk 6 years ago

+1000 re: Bring Mommy. Another Self "program" that has rubbed me the wrong way.

redlegger 6 years ago

Better just stick to rubbing your selfishawk then.

Jared Grillot 6 years ago

Dunno. I've met a whole lot of 18 year olds (college faculty), and generally they aren't so hot at making good choices on life-changing decisions by themselves. If he was a senior? Sure. Not-quite-finished-being-a-freshman? Not so much. They need good, solid advice from both mentors at school AND parents at home (let's be honest, even Seniors probably need this). On the other hand, definitely agree that bringing Mom with you to college isn't quite it either, and there are definitely a lot more player's moms around than I would have expected.

Ron Prichard 6 years ago

You're seriously going to complain because a freshman in college discusses his options with his mom? Wow...I guess someone is a little grumpy today.

This 'Bring Mommy to School' business is one of the reasons the players feel like they are a part of a bigger family. And from all accounts, it is also one of the main reasons that TRobb was able get through this season as well as he did while dealing with multiple tragedies.

If you want to complain about something, make it something worth complaining about. Jeesh...

Hank Cross 6 years ago

The point is that these situations are targets for NCAA investigations. Who paid moving expenses and how the mom got her new job could be subjects of inquiry.

Uhlrick_Hetfield_III 6 years ago

In this case I'm thinking if he goes it would be an example of one and dumb. I know the NBA will gamble on potential, but where did he show potential, against a couple of sisters of Mary schools? Certainly not against even mediocre NCAA talent. KU has another good point guard on the way, who cares what Selby does?

Andy Tweedy 6 years ago

Part of the problem is that Selby wasn't even a point at KU, he played the off guard most often. I just can't imagine what he thinks he's shown that will get him drafted. I know this...Sherron had way more game his last year at KU and he didn't even get drafted.

eastcoasthawk 6 years ago

And THIS is why it is better for some guys to get drafted on potential. Sherron became a known entity. With Josh, the sky is still the limit because they haven't seen him develop.

greenworld 6 years ago

Why do so many people say that he needs one more year to polish his game? I get so tired of that comment. How many times does a player make himself better the next yr when he's already good. If someone tells you that you are a top 10 or top 20 player for the NBA draft your not going to be that much better the next yr and even if you are and move up 5 spots if that really that big of a deal. The last time I checked the top 10 first picks in the first round is guaranteed money, the others just signed contracts. So basically unless somebody tells him that he will be a top 10 pick then he isnt going to improve himself that much getting drafted late first round or early second rd. If he's being told that he's a top 25 pick he might as well go as far as I see it being the playing time that he is getting probly wont improve that much. The only thing you have to be able to do in the NBA is shoot and dunk and your already a shoe in. You really dont even have to dribble to much or pass and your already a superstar. There is no team ball in the NBA, its all about getting ones numbers and being selfish. When's the last time somebody in the NBA benefited from being a team player. I cant remember.

Ethan Berger 6 years ago

only 2 out of the hundereds? Team ball in the nba is dead. The only NBA games I watch is playoffs, when suddendly guys try to play real basketball a little bit more.

Kevin Studer 6 years ago

James Anderson, Matt Bonner, Da'Sean Butler, Tim Duncan, Daniel Green, George Hill, Richard Jefferson, Antonio McDyess, Gary Neal, Steve Novak, Chris Quinn...

And those are just the current American-born San Antonio Spurs that disprove your theory.

Laurence Cooley 6 years ago

+1 i love the spurs' team ball approach. it has won them championships in the past and i think (if they get healthy) they have a shot this year.

just like self likes to see good team defense. he knows that a team can get passed one guy that is shutting down his assignment on d but if they whole team locks down, there is nowhere to go. i think selby will benefit from more time in college. he didnt do a whole lot this year. he is a good player, but honestly he needs to get better (at least start. not a whole lote of teams will take a guy for their 15 man roster who couldnt make it into the top 5 at his college) think about that. he wasnt top five here, how can he expect to be at least in the 15 on a pro team?

79ictjhawk 6 years ago

I undertand JS has a high ceiling, but if a player is not good enough to start for his college team, he sure as heck isn't ready for the NBA. So.......he needs one more year to polish his game! That's why so many people keep saying it.

Hawks444 6 years ago

And a guy who couldn't even get playing time over Morningstar and Reed at that.

Hail_To_Thee 6 years ago

Please name a time this year where Selby proved that he was "good".

The league is gonna eat his lunch.

And if you dont think that another year would benefit Selby, well,.................................

I dont know what to say.

I just dont understand taking the risk of the D league or European ball, when you can stay, develop, and guarantee yourself a spot in the league. Selby comes back, buys in to the system, and let the game come to him, I see no way possible hes not a lottery pick next year.

tis4tim 6 years ago

"When's the last time somebody in the NBA benefited from being a team player. I cant remember."

Ask the entire San Antonio Spurs organization.

Ryan Wilson 6 years ago

The first 14 players in the draft are lottery picks, not the first 10. Moving up 5 spots can actually be a big deal, if 1) it moves you into a lottery position where you are guaranteed $ or 2) if it moves you into a higher lottery where you make a lot more $

Kevin Huffman 6 years ago

greenworld...You don't watch much NBA do you. There is "team ball" in the NBA...the better teams play it - Thunder, Celtics, Lakers (yeah, I know Kobe, but when they're on is when EVERYONE's involved), Spurs to name a few.

Also from various sources I saw they have Selby as mid to late 2nd round....not Top 10 - 25!!!

BEFORE he came to Kansas he was thought of as a Lottery pick.

Fact of the matter is, LOTS of players show a HUGE difference in a year or two....look at the Morris's, look at K.Wlaker, look at Derrick Williams of 'Zona......a TON of the best players this year were Sophomores and Juniors.

Andy Tweedy 6 years ago

That's crazy! What's your source for this?

Ron Prichard 6 years ago

+1. Same source as my source, or at least that's what my source says his source said.

Is Dr. Seuss around here somewhere?

Alan Mills 6 years ago

re. greenworld...the name Michael Jordan comes to mind. He won championships once he learned the value of team play. The Celtics won a couple of years ago with team play. Not sure the solid teams in the NBA are as selfish as you think.

Good for Selby. If he goes and makes some money, good for him. It's his choice. What is clear, however, is that KU is better off without these celeb recruits. I, for one, hope this McLemore kid isn't another Henry/Selby type. Sounds like he's a team player. Remember, the 2008 team won AFTER losing a star player who left early...remember? Everyone thought it was a disaster in the making. Hm, seems like that was the tone on this board last year when Henry was leaving early. Seems like the Jayhawks made out OK this year.

Rock Chalk!

kranny 6 years ago

Getting Scottie Pippen to play with didn't hurt either.

Joe Joseph 6 years ago

This is good news for Conner Teahan fans.

Ashtin Meerpohl 6 years ago

Conner Teahan will never and should never play im sorry

Troll_or_AntiTroll 6 years ago

Excuse me? Dude won the DiRenna Award! Alec Burks (2009), Marcus Denmon (2008), Connon Teahan (2007) . . . . Sorry, but the DiRenna committee doesn't get it wrong.

Hail_To_Thee 6 years ago


Why you would red shirt a kid and keep him around, when you know he going to benefit absolutely nothing, is beyond me.

If people think Teahan is going to help our program this year, they are sadly mistaken.

Joe Baker 6 years ago

Teahan is Matt Howard-ish. Teahan and Wesley are the two most overlooked/underrated players.

Dustin Engelken 6 years ago

Now thats some ish if I ever heard it re: Teahan. I do agree on Wesley though.

champs528808 6 years ago

Let the Coach Self bashing begin - are you kidding?? First of all, go back to the day after the USC game and no one would be thinking about Josh staying in school - everyone thought he was the savior (the media and yes, some of you fans.) But guess what - he got hurt!! That stunted his growth as a player and makes this decision look pretty bad. But then again, we should be used to seeing that (Julian Wright & Xavier Henry - both sitting on the end of the bench in Toronto and Memphis respectively - showing us firsthand what happens when you leave too early.) Second, he's in Vegas and not in class - a pretty good hint at what's going on. Going to the NBA right now is a big mistake, but then again, what is anyone going to be able to say to a kid who has his mother speaking about a "time limit" they have with Coach Self. We just need to step back and take the blinders off - they are going to the NBA for money, period. Not because they're being 'mishandled' by the coaching staff. I'm sure some of you were trying to figure out how to blame Coach Self for Sherron Collins missing TWO plane flights back to Charlotte to sign a contract for the remainder of the season a couple of months ago (since he seems to be blamed for every bad or unfortunate thing that happens with KU basketball.) As long as the NBA has this stupid OAD rule, we're going to continue to see players making a money-based decision without the necessary development to back it up.

SaulGood 6 years ago

Agree with your statement about the OAD rule. It makes fans like us victims of circumstance. Kids are deciding where to "get their education" like they would choose a day spa - "Which one makes me look prettier?"

The only thing I would say is that at least Julian and Xavier are getting paid to sit around at the end of the bench. No question - a lot of these kids go pro because they don't want to risk an injury like Selby's. If Josh could have, he probably would have tried to go straight pro (and gotten pwnd), then he'd be collecting checks to sit around with a bum wheel.

I agree also that the OAD rule makes a victim of coaches with strong recruiting capabilities. You bring in a so-called "weapon" to try to impact your run at a championship, but without loyalty, the weapon jams and the coach is left in the lurch.

Thomas Matlock 6 years ago

Mama must have lots of bills if she is sending baby boy into a lose lose situation. He wasn't good enough to play in college. What makes her think that will change? Let him grow up and develope his game. Maybe with some maturity, he might start for the Jayhawks next year.

Ashtin Meerpohl 6 years ago

He's an idiot if he leaves. He did NOTHING , ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in college. He had a couple good games here and there but he's nowhere near ready for the NBA. He should talk to Cole about leaving early.

John Randall 6 years ago

You, of course, are so good at judging talent (all the GMs care about), that they consult with you regularly on the direction they need to take with their team ???

Pray tell, how many upperclassmen receive your blessing as having "done somethin" ???

Since you infer knowledge of Cole's opinion, would you please enlighten us?

Ashtin Meerpohl 6 years ago

So you think having Selby this year helped our team remarkably (other than his first few games)?

I think he has a tremendous upside to him and if he gets a full summer of workouts and one more season as a college athlete he will help his game greatly and then he would have a much better chance at being a great NBA prospect. Right now I just don't think he's ready since he missed so much time (broken wrist this summer, NCAA investigation & suspension and a broken foot)

Also, you think Cole is having a blast being sent back and forth between the D-League and his spot on the bench?

lee3022 6 years ago

The wonderful thing about living in a free country is we each get to choose our path and live with the consequences of those choices. I may not agree with Josh's decision (when he makes it) but I have defended with my life his right to make it. Since Josh is consulting with a heavyweight trainer he will get good advice on his readiness from a professional. He may also get so good tips to use next year at KU.

Kevin Studer 6 years ago

Bottom line: I think most of us (and basketball analysts; check it out) agree Selby NEEDS another year if he is serious about developing into a legitimate NBA contributor and having a decent career.

Ron Franklin 6 years ago

maybe Josh knows one more year will 'expose' him?

Troll_or_AntiTroll 6 years ago

Exactly. He still has the appearance of "potential."

Hail_To_Thee 6 years ago

I'm not sure why people are on his case about leaving. Its not like he brought alot to the table in most the games he played in this year. So we're not gonna be hurting without him. I'm not slamming the kid, he just had a down year.

That being said, I do feel that the talent and potential is there. Unfortunately for college fans, thats what the NBA looks at. I think Selby could be that leading guard in the NCAA. But I dont think we're going to be given the opportunity to see that.

I wish him the best of luck and hope some day he finds himself behind a large pay check representing KU in the league.

Gonna hurt KUs chance of having one and dones in the future? Is that a bad thing? How many one and dones have won championships? I'll take a bucket load of the bottom half top 150 recruits in a class over 2 or 3 top 10 one and dones any day.

I know, I know. Rush was supposed to be a one and done. But he was smart/mature enough to realize he needed another year.

Only way college ball is going to get back to the way it used to be, is to get rid of the damn 1 year of college rule.

Kevin Studer 6 years ago

People aren't upset at him for abandoning KU. People are on his case because, given how unprepared he was for college ball, he would be making a huge personal mistake if he left now. Dude's not ready.

Thomas Matlock 6 years ago

I wish him well too. It is just that his mom is the only one who is coning out ahead in the long run. KU will be fine (or maybe better) without him. He and the NBA team that picks him will be the ultimate losers. I agree that the rule should go. It hurts the players and the college game.

jayhawkinATL 6 years ago

His stay in Vegas surely is being subsidized by someone else...i.e., bye-bye, Selby!!!

jayhawkinATL 6 years ago

Oh, wait...he can just repay the cost to his charity of choice before next season starts. No worries then.

JRandall 6 years ago

This whole Josh Selby experience at KU has been a JOKE! Biggest BUST ever at KU. All the time, effort, bending over backwards by KU and Coaching staff.... only 2 get bent over and $crewed by this overly hyped kid. Self put all his eggs in one basket and got shafted, Love Self, but c'mon.. no one person is bigger than KU basketball. Selby did not & does not deserve the privilege of donning the KU proud uniform. C'Ya Josh

Ron Franklin 6 years ago

Josh has been one and done since he got on campus.

"god willing" he said, when he first got on campus.

personally, i'm tired of the elite level talent using Kansas as a stepping stone, thus forcing Bill to play the game and divvy up minutes based on potential. unfortunately, this is the world we live in, as far as basketball goes. these kids have people in their ears since 12-13 years old. they feel so entitled. Kansas for Josh Selby & X, is not the same Kansas Tyrel Reed & Brady Morningstar, Hinrich, Vaughn, Collison, Pierce, Pollard & LaFrentz played for.

josh has not been performing in class for several months. he's known that he was planning putting his name in the draft, so he didn't even bother with school. for his future, he has to put his name in the hat this year. this years draft class is weeeeeaaaaaaak. that's why TRob needs to put his name in too. Next year, not only is the incoming talent deeper, but many of this years "stars" are likely not entering the draft due to the lockout. next years draft will be loaded, and average players like josh selby will drop even further than they are positioned to go this year. also, josh could continue to struggle, and remove all doubt of his 'star status'.

there will be a lock out. when the lock out is resolved, they might get rid of one and done and make it 2-3 year rule, just like college football. Current NBA players are tired of the saturation caused by one and doners. It will be better for the NCAA and the NBA. Personally, I enjoy watching people like Darnell Jackson, Sasha Kaun & others grow as Jayhawks. As part of our family.

Though, I don't hate on individuals for chasing their & Selby, but it does make me less of a fan of them because they take the STUDENT out of STUDENT ATHLETE.

AsadZ 6 years ago

Personally, I enjoy watching people like Darnell Jackson, Sasha Kaun & others grow as Jayhawks. As part of our family.

Though, I don't hate on individuals for chasing their & Selby, but it does make me less of a fan of them because they take the student out of student athlete.

Well said

oldalum 6 years ago

I don't know where you got this information --"josh has not been performing in class for several months. he's known that he was planning putting his name in the draft, so he didn't even bother with school." According to the article now up on, Self knew about the trip to LV in advance and gave his approval. He also said Josh had his school work done to the point where he could be gone for a certain length of time. No doubt that's what his mother was referring to when she said they had a time limit with Self.

Ron Franklin 6 years ago

Well, I won't tell you where I got the information, because it doesn't matter. But, I don't believe Maeshon & Coach Self are being honest about this.

Joel Hood 6 years ago

Actually, it does matter. People lose their jobs from disclosing confidential academic information - why don't you ask Tom Penders about that one.

Obviously, you can believe whatever you want from whatever source you have, but each student has an indendent relationship with each instructor and unless someone from KAI academic support is spilling the beans, you cannot possibly have comprehensive knowledge of his academic status. Publicly disclosing that detail is akin to disclosing medical records - both have legal protection.

Joel Hood 6 years ago

"josh has not been performing in class for several months. "

Ummmm, do you have some sort of inside info on his grades this semester? If so, someone has violated FERPA regulations. Seriously, even if you had first hand knowledge - which I doubt - posting that kind of statement is irresponsible.

Ron Franklin 6 years ago

Nobody has broken any rules. Im not a teacher nor have I spoken to one. Yes im irresponsible, but so are those who get a full ride scholarship to KU and then don't attend class.

Joel Hood 6 years ago

One is true:

A. You & your friend had access to protected academic information for a 3rd party and you have shared that information. That violates FERPA laws. It does not matter if you or your source are not "teachers."


B. You & your friend do not have access to actual academic records and your statement that "he has not been performing" is actually speculation. This means your statement has no credibility.

Hail_To_Thee 6 years ago

Something else that makes me laugh is how they have Selby predicted before LaceDarius Dunn. Dunn would run circles around Selby right now.

John Randall 6 years ago

If they each have two good legs, the edge would be hard to guess.

gchawk 6 years ago

I can't seem to get the phrase "I want my son to get a good education" out of my head. I guess a good education means different things to different people. I realize that my comment makes it sound like Selby's leaving is a foregone conclusion, but I think it is.

Hail_To_Thee 6 years ago

Selby's getting payed. Mommas getting payed....

Thomas Matlock 6 years ago

Selby is getting pLayed. Momma is getting pAyed.

tis4tim 6 years ago

That education is coming really soon because it looks as if he's about to transfer to the School of Hard Knocks.

cowboy 6 years ago

This young man is reading his own press , unfortunately the articles are from over a year ago. He has not even earned a starting spot at KU much less deserved a pro contract. He showed no ability to get his own shot , could not run a break , was completely inconsistent from the arc with the exception of one game. His feet were stuck in concrete on defense and he was a turnover machine. Son quit listening to the moneychangers around you and stay a tear or two and learn your craft at the college level.

HawkKlaw 6 years ago

I think the writing is on the wall with Selby being in Las Vegas. He didn't showcase a whole lot this year (with the exception of the USC game) and we're still loaded at the guard position with Tyshawn, Elijah, Releford, McLemore, Royce, Tharpe and Teahen. I'm not saying I'll be glad to see him go, because I think he would be awesome next season if he came back; but looking at the situation, it appears that he's very ready to go to the NBA.

I'm also fed up with the one and done rule. Both the NCAA and the NBA would benefit from having players in college for 2 or 3 years. If I had it my way, I would like to see the rule be changed so that players can have the choice of either going pro right out of high school (because let's face it, Lebron's/Kobe's/KG's/Dwight Howard's/Amar’e Stoudemire's do come around once in a while) or, if a player commits to college he is required to play at least 3 years. I realize that's probably not what will happen, but I think the NBA and the NCAA would both be a lot better if that were the case. Players would be ready to make immediate contributions to the NBA, and there would be a lot more upper class men in NCAA basketball.

jayhawkinATL 6 years ago

Agreed. Exactly like MLB does it...either direct of 3-year minimum.

JayhawkBigXII 6 years ago

What? And put Snake-Oil-Calipari out of a job?

rockchalk80 6 years ago

We knew he was 1AD...but after the year he had (suspension, injury, performance, etc.)... I thought he would have to return.

It will be interesting to see where the NBA GMs project Selby.

Cameron Schienebeck 6 years ago

Hope you come back Selby. Would love to see you play at a high level for the Jayhawks. I understand the money factor, but when you're that good you're going to go pro at some point no matter what. Why not spend another year of being the man at KU instead of getting lost in the NBA.

NationHawk 6 years ago

If he leaves, it will come as no surprise to me. At all. Granted, his numbers were not very good this season, that is because of how he was relegated Self's offense, not because he woke up less talented one day. Gaurds simply cannot thrive in the high low. Sherron did as good a job as any, but still the offense of 09-10, was different than this year. This is not a bash on Self. I would not have changed the offense one bit this year either having the twins, just because of Selby. But from his shoes, I would NOT want to come back either if I had to play the 2 because TT doesn't have as reliable a shot and has the upper hand for the point spot. Not to mention comp with EJ, Tharpe, and prob BMac. With our offense, Josh can't do what he was born to do at the two-spot. Sure, he is a good 3 point shooter, but he needs to be blowing by people in transition and creating shots for others. As I watched the NC the last night, I could not help but think of how his game could (and will perhaps in the NBA or if he ever plays point for KU) look a lot like Kemba's, it's how it would have looked if he played for Calipari or Sean Miller( without injury, of course). We have all seen the youtube clips, and unfortunately so have all the bona fide scouts for the League. He has surely heard an earful, just like Arthur did... Its just like the stock market, scouts are teeming on an investment like Josh -- although risky and un-established, they know profit margin is huge. All it takes is a little convincing, money talks. Sure a year would do him a lot of good, but not if he is confined to playing the 2 again...I think the benefit of going outweighs the burden of staying for him..i hope he stays, but he is likely ready, he was just at the wrong position all year and the scouts know that.

Greg Lux 6 years ago

Damn Josh was the 8th best player on this years team and he's leaving for the NBA? Maybe I can get in the draft? Opp's I forgot I am too old and too fat .. lol oh well. This is getting a little ridiculous in my opinion ... This one and done thing is a waste of a good scholarship that could go to a player who would help the team in his 3rd and 4th year .. Josh other then a couple of games was more of the bench player then a 6th man even. I will be sick if he leaves not for KU but for him. He may do well but he may end up in Europe the next 10 years also. His skills are not close to NBA level.. Best wishes if you go Josh but I think you are making a huge mistake.

Rock Chalk

Greg Lux 6 years ago

The way this is turning out Self is right about needing to hit a home run in recruiting this spring.

Rock Chalk

irvan moore 6 years ago

ya know why Morningstar and Reed started instead of Shelby? 'Cause they were better..

jayhawkinATL 6 years ago

+1 Definitely not as athletically gifted, but what the system needed.

jaybate 6 years ago

nail in with one swing of the hammer.

Jack Wilson 6 years ago

Although I may disagree with Self's approach to some things .. most particularly, having the stomach to let players develop and make mistakes, you are exactly right.

Self's system does not need the one and dones. It just doesn't.

Perhaps he recruits to that edge, and leaves the OADs alone. McLemore is a good example. Now we might get a kid that catches fire and plays into an OAD. But that's different.

As far as beatnik's point, it depends on the game you're playing. Brady/Reed were more acceptable to Self because of what Self wants to do. And when Self is that coach, that's all that matters.

gchawk 6 years ago

"Good riddens"? You're kidding, right? I have no idea what a riddens is.

slowplay 6 years ago

Seems we have a lot of GM's posting here recently. Believe me, Selby is getting advice from people a lot more qualified than anyone here. One thing he has to take into consideration is that he may be the 4th best guard on the team next year. In any event if goes, he goes. Best of luck it was nice knowing you.

REHawk 6 years ago

Josh showed up in Lawrence with one huge strike on his scoresheet. His subsequent injury chalked up strike two. Seems to me that he is mighty close to a seat in the Jayhawk dugout even if he comes limping back. As HawkKlaw pointed out, we have 7 other perimeter players primed and ready to roll. The major focus has to be on securing TRob's return for a 3rd season. Then if the coaching staff can unearth a couple of bigs, one of whom can be counted upon for 20 minutes of immediate action, the team is set to fly with a very quick squad. Withey has to beef up and step up, produce good returns for his 3rd season of KU investment.

jhawkroger 6 years ago

Poor old Josh must be delusional. Or are they drafting ball boys in the NBA? If you can't be a star for the Jayhawks as a freshman, you probably won't be a star in the NBA.

bossman1962 6 years ago

As Charles Barkley pleaded to these freshmen to stay in school, he also said the NBA IS FOR MEN. Well I believe Mama is answering for her baby boy. He isnt ready to be a ball boy. Listen to a Hall of Famer, Josh you are nowhere ready. Truth hurts bro.

greenworld 6 years ago

His playing time means nothing as he is being told by various NBA scouts that he could be drafted 1st round. You do the math, 1st rd equals dollar signs whether he has played, hit his prime or whatever. So if Morningstar and Reed are better than him than why arent they going to the NBA?? Once again Self may thought they were better TEAM players which could be true but once again the NBA isnt about drafting team players, they want somebody that can score 40-60 points a game block 10-20 shots a game or dunk the ball 100 different ways or get tattoed up and spray paint their hair (Rodman) or otherwise sell tickets for them. For every one team player in the NBA there are 20 that wont pass the ball and dont know what the word TEAM means. Alot of names have come and went at KU but not everybody can play in the NBA. I mean if Selby is already suffering injury it could work both ways, if that only gets worse he may want to jump immediately before his stock may go down. ex: (Remember D Arthur) or he can take a chance that he will heal up stay another year , get more playing time and get his average up to 20-30 pts a game and maybe who knows hit that winning shot like someone we know did in a championship game-Chalmers.

greenworld 6 years ago

I know Bobby Knight isnt big on Selby and he's one of the most winningest coaches around so that must mean something. (LMAO) There are two types of b-ball players out there, one and done or ones actually getting a degree. Morningstar and Reed were at ks to play the game of b-ball and get a degree, Selby and others obviously are here to say hi and bye. Dont hate the player hate the game!!!!

Jeff Coffman 6 years ago

As much as I think he needs another year as well, there are a few reasons why he should go:

1) This year's draft is supposed to be one of the weakest drafts in recent history...I'm no judge of it, but looking at the draftees there really aren't a lot of names. 2) He will be one year closer to his next contract (or to Europe, which he can make money at). 3) He can focus on his game and not his education. 4) Another year unless if he totally lights it up, won't go shooting up. 5) With the collective bargaining agreement in super chaos, a lot of people might stay if they are on the fence and he might move up a few spots. 6) D-League is still fulfilling his lifetime dream of being in the NBA (and they make more than me). 7) Shoe contracts and other endorsements, every penny is a lot compared to what he has been accustomed to.

Personally, I think there is value in coming back. I got my MBA in a year from KU, and if I could have gotten my "N"BA in a year, don't ever doubt that I would have left gladly with that mantle.

Ultimately, I like the 3 year investment and I think future CBAs will have that in them, it will benefit college and the NBA. If the NBA didn't have the one and done rule, Selby would have been given a lottery draft this past year and the NBA would be sitting with a large contract that would take some time to pay off.

Michael Luby 6 years ago

Yep, Ive heard the exact same thing! Cant believe that Dleaguers only make 30k. Just doesnt seem right at all. Btw, Id love to see Kaun over here next year.

Jack Wilson 6 years ago

Just like the NBA, where some say the salaries are too high, the market defines what is fair.

lee3022 6 years ago

There are some counter arguments to your points.

  1. The weakness of this draft is not a help if Josh is perceived as weaker.
  2. The NBA contracts are for two years with options for two more (1st round). If he does not play in the first year he will have only one year to prove himself worthy of year three. Only a few stars (this year Kevin Durant was the only one) get max contracts in their second contract. Worry about getting the first one and earning it before considering a second one.
  3. Focus on his game when sitting on the bench does little to improve a player. Big sections of the season go by without time for practice. In school he will get more instruction and opportunity to apply that instruction.
  4. Teams want to see a player's body of work. It is why the 19 yr old rule was passed. Another year will provide a down payment on that desire. He may not go shooting up but he may be drafted. (This factor works in reverse for a player who stays 4 years and has little 'potential' left to tantalize.
  5. A number of really smart people believe there will be no NBA season in 2011-2012. This lost season will result in zero pay for players and zero experience for rookies. Even if the season is salvaged in February there is no training camp, no margin for losing a game or two and no playing time at all for rookies from teams needing to be in playoff mode early.The CBA situation provides every incentive to remain in school until the agreement is reached.
  6. The D-League is not a dream to be desired. They travel cheaply and stay cheaply and live cheaply while hoping to be called up. This year a few were called up (10 day contracts) and even fewer stayed up. D-Leaguers play for this hope alone.

Kendall Simmons 6 years ago

I hope Josh really, truly understands how a lockout can effect him. Not just no pay and no play. He's going to have to stay in top shape all by himself - and we all have seen how well that works for most kids - not.

The Summer League will go on, but not be available to him if he's drafted. No D-League either.

And, before anyone mentions "Europe", there are going to be so many other players looking at that option that the competition for the limited opportunities for American players will be fierce.

Agents can promote "you'll be that much closer to your second contract" all they want. But second contracts aren't guaranteed and, even assuming Selby gets one (which I assume he will), the money is going to be dependent on what he's shown during his first contract.

So, if he comes out and there's a lockout, I really hope he doesn't get all caught up in spending fronted money he hasn't earned yet, i.e. loans from people who want a piece of him, on partying and living the high life. His mom can wait another year to get a new house. Josh can wait another year to get an Escalade.

Woody Cragg 6 years ago

If he makes an NBA roster next year it will be a surprise to alot of people. But that said he can likely go to Europe or South America & take care of his Mom if that's what he (she) wants. I wouldn't mind seeing him leave either-he doesn't perform that well at the off guard spot & that's where he'll play. We've too many guards now & he doesn't want to be here anyway.Good'll need it. As for the take your Mommy to school stuff, it can really be a big red flag for sure. Plus, I doubt if Cal will ever win with all his blue chippers and all their Mommas. HCBS needs some more kids like Darnell & Tyrel & Sasha that are dedicated to school & getting better instead of the OAD's. JMO. We've good enough coaches & educators to get alot of them to the next level and beyond, far beyond.

Bret Eckert 6 years ago

Really! Really!!
Maybe he can find a team where he does not have to play Defense or handle the ball. I know the perfect place. Japan has a 6'4" and under league.

KEITHMILES05 6 years ago

Does everybody forget why Josh got in trouble with the benefit question and had to sit out 9 games?

The guy involved is a childhood friend of his mother. The guy is CARMELO ANTHONY'S business manager.

Connect the dots people! This guy is the one driving the entire Josh to league stuff. I mean, if he has connections and the family trusts be it.

Kent Kossoy 6 years ago

Don't let the door hit you on the a$$ on the way out. Bye bye.

jaybate 6 years ago

Maybe the most interesting thing about this story by Gary Bedore is that there is no indication of where Maeshon Witherspoon was when she made these comments.

Was she in Lawrence?

Or somewhere else she may have moved to, as some have suggested?

Oh, well, I suppose it is none of our business, anyway.

Ron Franklin 6 years ago

I'm also curious as to know this: Why was this news broke by Alex Kennedy, and not the LJW if Self did, in fact, know this beforehand.

But you're right, we are probabl being a little nosy!

mispay4ku 6 years ago

Personally, I think he's lucky the NBA goes off of potential because his performance wasn't great. For his debut I thought...yep, he's a one and done but that was the only time I thought it. His injury didn't help matters but I still think Reed and Brady played with more heart and that is a huge factor in being a winner. If I was a coach, I'd want play who I could trust to take care of business and half the time, although many think Selby should have gotten more time, I was screaming, "Get him out of there!" I wanted to win the game and his percentage of error was too risky. If it's about money, leave. If it's about improving your game for the future, stay. I'd love the twins to stay and everyone can improve but they are ready in potential and performance. I don't feel comfortable saying that about Selby but good luck to him regardless.

Dale Kroening 6 years ago

Looking at all the mock drafts out there, it doesnt look to good for Josh. He was listed in 1 as a 1st rounder and that was 29th, out of all the others his best was 38th overrall . Been paying attention to these since the tourney started and Josh has continued to slowly drop, while the twins continue to rise, and now both seem to be 1st round locks, and Marcus maybe even getting into the lottery. One other thing that scares me is that TRob was only listed in a couple previously, and now all of a sudden he is starting to appear in more and more as a 1st rounder. While mock drafts arent ever exact, they are usually reasonably accurate and or close. My opinion is this, I would love for the twins to stay, but they are good as gone. Selby, who I dont think is ready, I believe is also gone. TRob is the biggest question and I think our biggest concern. I can understand if he goes, but I think one more year with Danny would do wonders and imo, make him a lottery pick next season. I wish all who decide to leave the best of luck, but please be sure your making the right decision and not listening to someone in your ear to the extent you'll regret it down the road. I expect if we lose the twins we will sign Anderson, and Traylor, but either way Whithey is going to have to step up next year, otherwise we could be very, very , small. Will be interesting but you know what, we will be just fine. We are KANSAS..................RCJHGKU !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

KEITHMILES05 6 years ago

Somebody said Langford make 500 grand. He just signed a contract for the next 4 years at 2.3 million a year.

oldalum 6 years ago

No, he said it was $2.3 million a year for four years.

Kent Kossoy 6 years ago

As I read all of these comments, I have only one question. Can anyone remember him getting the ball in the hoop? I can't. I do not have a problem with OAD's if they at least play well. But I do not think his attitude is healthy for the team to consider winning next year. Xavier did not bring a championship. Neither did Selby. Take a pass on the next one.

cobweb 6 years ago

Just a year ago, Selby and his mom were talking about getting his degree being his number one priority. Uh, oh. No wonder Brad Stevens wants to stay at Butler. He doesn't have to deal with this crap.

amatxjayhawk 6 years ago

Oh how I yearn for the days of the late, great sage, Al McGuire. "The best thing about freshmen is they become sophomores." It is indeed a different world.

mariofan11 6 years ago

You're an idiot if you declare Josh.

LngTimeFan 6 years ago

Gotta respect that Josh wants to play pro ball, good for him. Gotta also be amazed at his inflated ego after the kind of performance he gave this season. Surely he can't look at his T/O's, his low scoring, his lack of playing time because others were better and deserved to play. Maybe he fed off of TT;s bad attitude. But in any case Josh wouls sit the bench on most CBA level teams. Stay in school Josh, work hard, or transfer somewhere you think you can be the star. Hope you stay at KU.

Mike Kendall 6 years ago

There's dumb and then, there is dumber. You pick which one you are, Josh. This is unbelievable. Henry wasn't smart when he declared. I know parents had something to do with his decision. Obviously, Josh's mom is pulling some strings here. Josh is making a big mistake, and yes, as someone said above, Josh is delusional. I wish you would re-consider Josh, but I have a feeling you mind has already made a decision to go to the next level. I have just two words for you, young fella---------good luck!

yates33333 6 years ago

I suppose if you can make NBA money that is what you should do, but how an NBA team can spend money considering Selby's performance during the past season after the first two or three games beats me. They must have some ouija board to take him on his "prospects." I would think that in the long run he would make more money if he had at least one good season at KU.

Someone wrote that the final NCAA game was an "ugly affair." The reason is obvious. The playoff games are refereed under a different set of rules. Rough play is rewarded and finesse is a word reserved for milliners. Teams like Butler just don't have the beef and roughness to beat a team like UConn. KU was semi-tough this year. Some one needs to devise pads for basketball players and appropriate helmets and let them go at it. Unfortunately, KU hasn't done too well in football with the new coach or with many coaches recently except the one they fired. Perhaps Self could do better with a rough basketball team. I think Eddie Sutton used to practice in football pads, or so I seem to remember. We need players like the original Kansas cavalry unit in the Civil War, the 7th I believe, and be real "Jayhawkers!"

Brad Pottorff 6 years ago

WOW!!! Did I miss something? Has my boy Josh Selby already announced he is leaving for the NBA? OMG! He's working out in Vegas at Impact Basketball with Joe Abunasser! Wait a minute. Isn't Joe a top world trainer to the pros? By the way i'm being sarcastic in case you haven't figured that out. To all those Kansas fans that are ripping Selby for simply working out with this infamous trainer and evaluating where he may potentially stand in regards to the NBA and/or the draft, SHAME ON YOU! You don't suppose that maybe, just maybe Josh may be interested in getting some pointers on how he could refine his god-gifted talent and evolve his skillset further in his upcoming sophomore season? You know, get tips from a world class pro basketball trainer on what he could improve upon next season. Oh but thats right, now he's on a bunch of your guys' hit lists for doing so. And was I the only one reading or did this article mention Selby had Bill's permission to do so? Now don't get me wrong, I'm sure Self knows how to evolve that talent himself but is it really such a bad thing for Josh to consult with someone as close to the NBA as Joe Abunasser? Self appears not to think so. Oh but I forgot, you all could do a lot better job than Bill right? I'm as die-hard a Kansas fan as anybody could possibly be but if I were Selby after reading all this bs from MOST of you all, I'd rather go elsewhere my damn self! To those who are not bashing Selby simply for seeing where he stands with the NBA Draft, this does not apply. But to the arrogant ones, lighten up. It's just basketball and don't you pride yourself in being some of the most loyal fans around? How rediculous!

yates33333 6 years ago

Do you really think it's rediculous?

Andy Rieger 6 years ago

The thing that nobody seems to be mentioning on these boards is the fact that an NBA lockout is nearly 100%. I know a guy who works in the front office and he tells me that it is all but a done deal. He said that the players will get prorated salaries for the year dependant on how long the season is, which he estimates to be 30-50 games. This is a pretty substantial pay cut.

He also mentioned that his scout says the kids are easily both 1st round picks if not both in the top 20.

The lockout is real and these players are going to see how real it gets. They right now have the option of committing themselves to one more year of hard work to get bigger, stronger, faster, and more consistent. That is a great equation for entering as a higher draft pick next season. Or, they can go now and have the uncertainty looming along with a stacked draft class.

I sure hope these kids listen to Self and don't listen to these $ hungry agents.

Andy Rieger 6 years ago

I was referring to the Twins in terms of them both being 1st round locks

Brett Forreal 6 years ago

What a waste of a scholarship. He's gone to just sit on the pine.
Wow, what a waste.

vd 6 years ago

How can the Morris twins afford a trip to LA? How can Selby afford the trip and the cost of camp? Single motherhood is the way to finacial freedom.

DocBean 6 years ago

Someone please have Josh give Kemba Walker a phone call today.

I know a lot of you guys are ready to run him out of town, but I think he's got a lot of potential and could be great next year at KU. I for one, hope he stays.

Jack Wilson 6 years ago

+1 on that

Nice UConn pick, by the way.

Justin Lindsley 6 years ago

He should come back. He may get payed, but he won't play in the league for a while. He should come back. If he goes that would be a huge mistake. Someone needs to get in these kids ears besides their money hungry family members. What a shame!

GabrielMichael 6 years ago

Its just like a practice interview for a job... the more exposure he can get the better for him. You and I (in his shoes) would do the same thing. It's a good decision so let him be.

You guys are going to eat your words if he comes back and 'takes over' next year like we all know he is capable of...

FarSideHawk 6 years ago

Good point kansas18 and drgnslyr.

Also, can we please stop pretending that we give a flip about the 'education' and the improvement of their 'nba potential' by coming back to school. Let's be honest, we want them to come back to KU if they can help us win a national championship. period.

Kye Clark 6 years ago

You're absolutely right that we want players to stay longer so they can help us win a national championship, and also that no one cares about the education. However, when bringing up 'nba potential', that is valid, for two reasons. First of all, when some posters bring that up, we're usually saying they should care about that - the player. Secondly, as fans it would be nice to see some Jayhawks having success in the NBA. We've produced one star in the past 20 years - Paul Pierce. A handful of starters, several solid role players, some end of the bench guys, and some washouts. If players can improve their chances of succeeding in the league by returning for another season of college ball it would help recruiting. I'm not saying that anyone of this year's potential early-entries has the chance to ascend to Paul Pierce status by staying another year, but it could be the difference between being a starter and a bench guy. You just never know.

FarSideHawk 6 years ago

I don't disagree with you on the nba stuff, but again, we want that for our own selfish reason. So we can brag about how many nba stars we have, and we could use that to recruit better players and win more.
My point was that a lot of us fans make it sound like that we have the players' best interest at heart, when really that is the last thing on our mind. It may be that what we want is really in the best interest of the player also, but the motivation behind it is still different.

smhend 6 years ago

Seriously, Selby is 6'2''? If so, and it must be true, because it is being reported as fact by the LJW, doesn't that make Tyshawn 6'5"?...just asking.

Ron Prichard 6 years ago

FarSideHawk: "Also, can we please stop pretending that we give a flip about the 'education' and the improvement of their 'nba potential' by coming back to school. Let's be honest, we want them to come back to KU if they can help us win a national championship. period."

This is the best post on this entire thread because it is honest. Let's look at the facts:

  1. If anyone, and I mean anyone, is willing to possibly pay me upwards of $1,000,000 a year, even if it is only for a year or two, I listen long and hard.
  2. No one, and I mean no one, is going to offer me $1,000,000 a year to do anything, so I have to stick around and root for my Hawks.
  3. Because I will continue to be poor, I want my Hawks to win the NC and give my pathetic life some meaning and give me bragging rights over my idiot friends who root for anyone but KU.
  4. Anyone who does anything that in anyway seems disloyal to KU is automatically an idiot, a.k.a., X Henry and Selby.
  5. The only things anyone on this board knows for sure is that Selby is in Vegas working out with a world class trainer; Self has knowledge of this; Momma has knowledge of this.
  6. Selby may or may not declare for the NBA draft. Selby may or may not hire an agent. Selby may or may not play for KU next year.
  7. Selby isn't doing anything any of us wouldn't do if we were in his shoes and someone was potentially willing to pay us more money than we could ever dream of having, regardless of how hard we would have to work to get it and what we might be giving up in return.
  8. I want the Twins to return, I want TRobb to return, and I want Selby to return. If they don't, I will be sad, but I will wish them well becuase they were Jayhawks, and I enjoyed rooting for them while they played here.
  9. Whatever happens, I want Coach Self to continue to recruit the best players because they give us the best chance to win championships.
  10. I resolve to get a life with some perspective.

Joe Baker 6 years ago

Working out at Impact Basketball with famed trainer Joe Abunasser, seems to indicate he’s leaning heavily in the direction of playing for pay, however.

How much does Abunasser cost? free? food and lodging? clothes, equipment, etc.? Wonder if he's using KU shoes and clothes to the workouts?

This is pathetic.

Where's the money coming from? Momma Maeshon doesn't make that money. I didn't want to admit it, he's gone. There's no way he goes to Vegas, works out with a pro trainer (unless free) and stays in nice accommodations without some financing. If they borrowed, they will have to pay that back too. Selby is as good as gone: NBA, money, debt all points to playing for some pay. I hate to admit it but he can't come back for infractions/gifts. There's no way he pays for this trip. He's a broke college bball player with no money. Frazier is paying for this whole trip.

Now we have a fourth schollie available. So far, Reed, BStar, Little and Selby are gone, add Thape and BMac. We now have two schollies available, maybe three? four?

Good luck "Showtime", you're going to need it. You're going to be a little boy playing among men. I hope you prove me all wrong. Go to the NBA, make it big or come back to KU without any infractions. LOL

Can you say Walking Infraction? Good grief how can you say, "he may come back"?

Scott Smetana 6 years ago

Good move by Selby.
He works on his game and builds hype for next year. I don't think any of us should criticize this move... he'll be back next year.

When will Stern and the NBA stop robbing these kids of their time to develop as players and people?

doctorWho 6 years ago

Okay, I'm usually the first to defend underclassmen entering the draft, but this kid has me befuddled. If Selby turns out to be a lottery pick, he made the right decision. But it doesn't appear that is going to happen based on current Mock Drafts, and given his lack of demonstrated ability at KU, it doesn't make sense.

Hopefully this is just a knee-jerk reaction to the end of a bad season (for him).

Kristen Downing 6 years ago

Rush was really smart! He went to one of these camps, hurt his knee, lied and said he hurt it in a pick-up game and got free surgery from KU. I'm sure Self was glad to see him back, but Rush worked the system. He admitted it two years later. These kids need to be watched, not just by their mommies, but by the universities they use. I wonder if Self would have to take Selby back if he injures himself too? I wonder if he would really want him back?! Good riddance.

benKUfitz 6 years ago

let him go. if he leaves after this year he obviously isnt what this university or what our basketball program needs. its his legacy that he should worry about it and if he wants to leave after what he did (basically didnt do) then thats his decision. if the morris twins, trob, and selby, and even tyshawn want to be remembered at all at KU then they would come back. well never forget mario, b rush, darrell, sherron, sasha, darnell, cole and that gang. KU basketball will be just fine no matter what.

WilburNether 6 years ago

Selby going in the first round of the NBA draft? Um...April Fool's Day was five days ago.

On the other hand, the collective stupidity of NBA general managers is unsurpassed, so ridiculous though it sounds to rational, thinking people, the "potential" thing might cause some idiot NBA GM to draft him.

JayDocMD 6 years ago

(repost) He has an outside shot at the end of the first round - seems most likely he will go top/middle second round. If he sticks around, and if given the chance to play point, I think he can become a team leader and play his way back into the lottery discussion. He has the physical tools to do so - he needs a full off-season and pre-conference schedule without suspension/injury to gain confidence and show he can finish at the rim and not just be a (spotty) spot-up shooter.

Having said all of that - I think he's gone. While standing in a pool of my own urine/excrement in the stands of the Alamodome, I watched the KU bench after the final horn with great interest. I found it telling that Selby was the last one to get up - covering his head and not shaking VCU players' hands. Coach Manning eventually came and got him and literally supported him as he walked across the floor toward the locker room. He appeared to be the most visibly devastated from my vantage point. It seemed like the reaction of someone thinking, "That was my shot - my chance." Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe that was a good sign - it just didn't feel that way to me.

Hopefully Maeshon, who seems to have guided her son well in the past, will be the voice of reason. I hope he stays. I think he could have a special Sophomore year. But if he goes - I hope he does well. Whether here for one year or four years, he chose KU and will always be a Jayhawk.

brgregory 6 years ago

Give the kid a break. He has the right to do what he feels is best for himself and his family...laughable as it is. The guy wasn't even a regular starter at KU and expects to be a first round draft pick? Unfortunately, reality and what he wants to hear are clearly two different things. Question is which will he listen to? See you soon either way kid. Next year at KU or at the local car wash.

JayDocMD 6 years ago

From all indications, he has at best an outside shot to be drafted at the end of the first round - most likely he will go middle second round. If he sticks around, and if given the chance to play some point, I think he can become a team leader and play his way back into the lottery discussion. He has the physical tools to do so - he needs a full off-season and pre-conference schedule without suspension/injury to gain confidence and show he can finish at the rim and not just be a (spotty) spot-up shooter. Its hard to think of ANY college freshman that played the limited games he did and was an impact player their first year.

Having said all of that - I think he's gone. While standing in a pool of my own urine/excrement in the stands of the Alamodome, I watched the KU bench after the final horn with great interest. I found it telling that Selby was the last one to get up - covering his head and not shaking VCU players' hands. Coach Manning eventually came and got him and literally supported him as he walked across the floor toward the locker room. He appeared to be the most visibly devastated from my vantage point. It seemed like the reaction of someone thinking, "That was my shot - my chance." Maybe I'm wrong. Maybe that was a good sign - it just didn't feel that way to me.

Hopefully Maeshon, who seems to have guided her son well in the past, will be the voice of reason. I hope he stays. I think he could have a special sophomore year. But if he goes - I hope he does well. Whether here for one year or four years, he chose KU and will always be a Jayhawk.

JayDocMD 6 years ago

sorry - double post (second one edited better though!)

Brad Pottorff 6 years ago

At least some of you have some common sense. (FarSideHawk, drgnslyr, and raprichard) Regardless of what happens we'll reload, we'll compete, and hey if UCONN could pull off what they did this year, couldn't we do the same thing next year regardless of who stays or goes? As long as the rule in which players can come out stays the same, everyone will have a legit chance every year regardless of who the starting five is. JUST WIN BABY WIN!!!

Joe Baker 6 years ago

I'm excited about moving forward. Dwelling on the past and getting depressed about uni and vcu won't help. I'm excited about BMac, Anderson, Porter, Simpson and maybe DD.

Late Night can't come fast enough.

It's happened before and this will all happen again in due time. Yes, KU survives every year. Funny because other fans say, "We're not worried about KU, they always have a good season apart from all the recruiting issues." Many KU faithful act like its the end of the world. Let's accept what happens and move forward.

It's still great to be a Jayhawk

Rock Chalk

jaygun 6 years ago

Who is Alex Kennedy, and why is the LJW trying to give credibility to HOOPSWORLD? ESPN1040 is in Tampa, Fla. What sources does this Kennedy guy have? None, I'm guessing. Bedore, are you just Googling "Selby to NBA" and then going with whatever comes up? This is ridiculous. My sources say he's staying. Why don't you run with that? My sources are credible, I swear. Would I make something up on the Internet just to get attention?

FarSideHawk 6 years ago

By the way, can we please not use this picture of Selby ever again! I mean, I know a lot of people are angry at his play this season and his inclination to leave early, but come on, there has to be a better picture of him. This is just mean.

NotWiller 6 years ago

I'm no fan about how Josh's year played out, but at this point I'd rather hang out w/ him than most of the posters here. Why WOULDN'T you go to Vegas and do the workouts?? Is there any reason not to? I missed a lot more classes for a lot less justifiable reasons than this.

I don't think he's ready for the NBA either, but crap, give the 19 year-old a break.

If there is ANY type of person out there capable of having a bad attitude and a bad run of things, then sitting down and taking a deep breath, and then FIXING tons of problems and coming back much, much's a talented 19 year-old!!!!!

It's like you all think you hired a 30 year-old veteran. Tough crowd.... If you really want to get pissed, look at 'Keiff's no-shows in key games after three years in the system.

I went from screaming "He's THE ONE!" at the end of the USC game to "NO, NO, NO!" in most other games, just like the rest of you. But unlike most of you, I'm not ready to torch the kid. Cooler heads should want to sit him down, teach him more about the game, and see what he's really capable of.

But at this point, if I were Josh, I'd rather play in the Tijuana league than play for most of you.

Armen Kurdian 6 years ago

Marcus & Markieff could probably declare and be OK. They'll do well in the NBA. Josh will not, especially after this season. He needs one more under his belt at least, then he could command a much better salary.

KansasComet 6 years ago

Josh Selby needs to what's best for Josh Selby. I wish him well either way. Personally, I liked the way he played this year. He had on a Kansas Uniform. I am with Josh Selby no matter what decision he makes. Thanks for choosing KU, and I will always be a fan.

dcmander 6 years ago

So if Josh does leave, is he the most overrated recruit in the history of Kansas basketball?

I think people are really hard on Xavier. He was a really good player. He was our third leading scorer and really stretched the defense. He got better at driving and dunking putbacks as the year went on. I think he was a lot better than Brandon Rush's first year.

nursehawk 6 years ago

I think that Josh isnt ready, and if he would stay his game would improve. But having a top recruit leave after the first year is just gonna help our recruiting. Because if he goes pro then it could bring us more superstar kids. At first I was upset that he was thinking about leaving, but then I had to think that he wasn't active with the offense. He didn't move to try to get open, he rarely drew double teams and if he did he didn't pass he turned it over or shot a poor percentage shot. He also rarely boxed out or went for a rebound. Lets get another good recruit that will be more affective in our offense. Someone will draw double teams, pass the ball to the open man, grab a rebound or two, and play defense. KU plays as a team, we dont need someone who plays selfish.

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