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Recalling the rout: A few current Jayhawks were on hand for ’07 blowout of Nebraska

Nebraska I-back Marlon Lucky (5) gets stacked up by a host of KU defenders including James Holt, left, and Darrell Stuckey in this file photo from Nov. 3, 2007. The Jayhawks recorded a rare and historic 76-39 victory over the Huskers that day, but haven’t beaten NU since.

Nebraska I-back Marlon Lucky (5) gets stacked up by a host of KU defenders including James Holt, left, and Darrell Stuckey in this file photo from Nov. 3, 2007. The Jayhawks recorded a rare and historic 76-39 victory over the Huskers that day, but haven’t beaten NU since.


— For Kansas University football fans, there have been dozens of forgettable games played against Nebraska.

There was a streak of 36 straight losses that stretched from 1969 to 2004. There were home games played in an almost completely red Memorial Stadium. And some of the beatings the Jayhawks suffered on the road in Lincoln, Neb., were as inhumane as any in this history of college football.

But in 2007, one year after the Jayhawks took the Huskers to overtime on their home turf, one game made up for all of that.

Kansas 76, Nebraska 39.

“That was a great feeling,” said junior defensive lineman Patrick Dorsey, a red-shirt freshman who was in uniform and on the sideline that November day. “Beating them like that and scoring that many points was great, and it’s something we want to try and do again.”

With the Jayhawks (3-6 overall and 1-4 in Big 12) and Cornhuskers (8-1, 4-1) set to do battle at 6 tonight in Nebraska, for what will be the final time as members of the same conference — and perhaps the final time ever — several players like Dorsey, who were there the day of that improbable beatdown, took time out to reflect on the thrashing.

“I remember execution,” said senior kicker Jacob Branstetter, referring to the effectiveness of KU’s offense, not the punishing victory in general. “Although I was a red-shirt and a kicker, I got to watch practice, and I saw the execution, and every time a play got dialed up I was like, ‘I remember this play, I remember this play.’ And (each play) got executed perfectly. That’s the thing I remember the most, just the execution that we had on that day. It was flawless. Just flawless.”

Consider just some of the eye-popping feats that were accomplished that day.

In racking up the most points ever surrendered by a Nebraska team, the Jayhawks scored 11 touchdowns and had one missed extra point.

KU quarterback Todd Reesing, a sophomore at the time, tossed a school-record six touchdown passes, and senior tailback Brandon McAnderson tied a school record with four rushing touchdowns.

The Jayhawks recorded 572 yards of total offense, and the defense snagged five turnovers. All of this came in front of a then-record-setting crowd of 51,910.

Said Branstetter of the mostly blue-clad crowd: “That stadium was packed. I couldn’t tell who was Kansas and who was Nebraska at times.”

Junior tight end Tim Biere, an Omaha, Neb., native and KU commitment at the time, was one of those in attendance. He remembers very little about the game, but plenty about the trip home.

“I had a couple friends who were Nebraska fans come with me,” Biere said. “And it was great because I could go back to Omaha and say, ‘Hey, did you see the game on Saturday?’ It was a good feeling.”

That gratification surely was nothing compared with what the Jayhawks felt that day. Though he didn’t get in, Dorsey remembers a sideline scene unlike any he’s ever been around.

“It was a lot of energy on the sideline. Everybody was into the game and just cheering on the offense and the defense,” he said. “I guess you could say it was somewhat of a party. It was just a real team atmosphere.”

Added Branstetter, who did not suit up but did have a reserved spot in the stands at the 50-yard line: “I was going nuts in the front row. It was one of the best experiences I’ve had as being a fan.”

For Nebraska, Nov. 3, 2007, certainly was a dark day. Even with all of those previous triumphs over Kansas in the bag — NU leads the all-time series, 90-23-3 — the Huskers never had scored 76 points in a game. The highest the scoreboard ever ticked in their favor came in 1986, when NU hammered KU, 70-0, in Lawrence.

The Jayhawks haven’t beaten Nebraska since 2007, losing 45-35 in Lincoln in 2008 and 31-17 at home last year, but that hasn’t surprised the few Jayhawks who were around to experience one of the most memorable victories in KU history.

“I’m pretty sure the (Nebraska) guys that were on that team wanted revenge,” Dorsey said. “And every time they played us after that they were gunning for us.”


100 9 years, 3 months ago

"Please thank your mommas for the ride to the stadium this afternoon."

--- The Nebraska football team

minnhawk84 9 years, 3 months ago

I think KUAD should resolve to never, ever, schedule Nebraska in ANY SPORT or activity again, not even twiddly winks. They turned their collective big red asses away from over 100 years of tradition with the old conference(s), and I hope those old conference foes, especially Kansas, boycott the huskerdos into the next century.

ozarkshusker 9 years, 3 months ago

Oh, no! Kansas is going to boycott scheduling NU? Whatever shall we do? Face it, you're just mad because NU had options, and KU did not. If the Big 10 had somehow decided they wanted to invite KU, they would have been gone in a heartbeat, so spare me the 100 years of tradition garbage. KU can go ahead and "boycott" NU if it makes them feel better, but is it really a boycott if the other party doesn't care?

gchawk 9 years, 3 months ago

Too bad your parents didn't exercise their right to birth control. Maybe there's still time.

duanep5ku 9 years, 3 months ago

Hi Ozarkshusker you might want to wait a while before you celebrate to much to see how you do in the big 10 first. I mean think about this KUand KSU and even MU and Colorado in the past history of playing each other ,those teams helped your program alot by losing to your NU team, I hope you realize your big 10 experience will be a nightmare for your program.,in the long run.

stuck88 9 years, 3 months ago

I was at the game, it was the most electrifying atmosphere I have ever seen at a KU football game. Nothing gets a stadium more pumped up than a fly over before kickoff...that and an undefeated record playing a team you haven't beat in a while.

Huskers go Shuck yourselves

Rock Chalk

FreddyinLA 9 years, 3 months ago

After sitting through a few beatdowns by NU in the early ’80, it was fine retribution to witness that glorious day in person.

Husker fans, would fill the bowl and always stay to the very end, watching their 3rd string “I” back have a career day in the 4th quarter.

It was nice watching them scurry out of Memorial Stadium like a wet rat starting at halftime of the 2007 game.

KU08 9 years, 3 months ago

One of my favorite memories from the game was the smart blonde in the stands behind me. After NU scored the first TD, she had already given up and said "it's over!" Then she got upset when the NU fans started waving the wheat, so after KU scored its first TD and the fans waved the wheat, she said, "Yeah! That's how you wave the wheat you f---ers!" Good times! I think my senior year at KU is still the best year of my life so far! Pretty tough to beat both an Orange Bowl victory and NCAA men's basketball championship in the same academic year!

JayhawkBigXII 9 years, 3 months ago

I live in Lincoln, and every single one of the NU fans I know and talk to do not like NU leaving the Big 12. They had no choice. The only fans to defend it are mouthy pin-head imbeciles like ozarkshusker on these comment sections.

To ozarkshusker: Good luck to your "only-one-university-in-Nebraska-because-you-have-absolutly-nothing-else". You have even tried stealing our original 'waving wheat". The only thing you had that was truly original was your name... CORNhuskers, but I see you have dropped the CORN part because it is what... embarrasing? We sincerely hope all of your turncoat BIG 10 dreams come true. However, we have something you don't have... the only thing that has ever came out of the Nebraska football program with an ounce of integrity, Turner Gill. Oh yeah, one more thing. The only thing us KU fans choose to remember about NU is the 76 point record blow-out you most assuredly deserved. And also NU being a perrennial doormat to the best basketball program in the country. Thank you, and good bye, and don't ever come back.

Huskernaz 9 years, 3 months ago

I've only been on this thread a few times but it surprises me that most of the Kansas folks seem to be a pretty sour group in general. Growing up in the Midwest one thing I've always loved about it were the people. Can't exactly say that about you Kansas people. Whats odd is that right next door is Missoui and Iowa who are pretty amazing fans. Your more like Colorado fans, pretty mad at life.
I thought Kansas played pretty well Saturday, had a few things gone differently Kansas wins. Whats wrong with that? Winning is great, you people surely understand that when it comes to Basketball but everyone has to lose sometimes. Come on people it's just a game, played by young kids from all over the Country. How can you despise a States population (Nebraska) simply because their imported kids happened to outscore your imported kids. Better take a more adult view of things, your going to get ulcers. Anyway I was glad to see Turner Gill do well. If you put your support behind him the other Coaches and your players I expect you'll be playing for all the peanuts pretty soon. That is if your attitudes ever clean up from all that hate.

Huskernaz 9 years, 3 months ago

Sorry gchawk, I see that your absolutely right. I see the same grouping all the time about Nebraskan Fans but it's usually on a positive note. Go figure huh?

JayhawkBigXII 9 years, 3 months ago

Careful, your arrogance is showing. On the bright side, you won't have to associate with us fans from KU, KSU, MU & CU now that your fearless leaders have decided the BIG 10 is the "better conference". One can only hope that Perlman will steer you right, as he always has...except for hiring the Pederson/Calahan duo and running your football program completely into the ground. But that is no reason to distrust him. No doubt, Perlman and Congressman Osborne will eventually lead you to the promised land. Growing up in the Midwest, one thing I've always loved about it... were the people. Can't exactly say that about you Nebraska people.

P.S. BTW... "Go Big Red"... was actually originated at the Universty of Oklahoma.

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