Thursday, October 15, 2009

Students’ halftime exits disappoint Jayhawks

Kansas receiver Kerry Meier tries to get away from a tackle by Jesse Smith in the first half of the Kansas and Iowa State game Saturday.

Kansas receiver Kerry Meier tries to get away from a tackle by Jesse Smith in the first half of the Kansas and Iowa State game Saturday.


Fans of the Kansas University football team have come out in droves this season — setting a single-game attendance record in the Jayhawks’ season-opener against Northern Colorado and exceeding the 50,000 mark in both of the team’s other non-conference home games.

What they haven’t done, however, is keep their backsides in their seats for the duration of the game.

Through five games this season, the Jayhawks are unbeaten and ranked No. 17 nationally heading into Saturday’s 6 p.m. road matchup with Colorado, but on multiple occasions — including last Saturday’s shootout against Iowa State, in which the Jayhawks led just 20-12 at halftime and the game wasn’t decided until the final minute — a mass exodus has occurred, sometimes by the start of the second half.

“I’ve done all I can to get them here,” said KU coach Mark Mangino, who declined to discuss the issue further Wednesday but said it might be something he would address in the offseason. “Somebody else is going to have to do something else to keep them here.”

Players, meanwhile, seemed to have no problem this week voicing their displeasure with the early exits, which seem especially abundant in the stadium’s student section.

“I’m not going to sit here and say I’m not disappointed,” said quarterback Todd Reesing, who threw for a career-high 442 yards against the Cyclones. “Because it is disappointing when you’re in a conference game and you’re a top 20 team and you’re in a close game where you could really use some fan support and half the student section leaves.”

“All the guys notice that on the team,” he added. “It’s hard not to notice.”

Heading into the season, Mangino made a point to forge a rambunctious gameday environment, urging fans during this summer’s fan appreciation day to help turn Memorial Stadium into a “hostile” environment for opposing teams.

And through halftime of four home games this season, that’s exactly what they’ve done.

It’s fans’ late-game tendencies that have left players shaking their heads.

“The fan base at KU, we’re known for having a loud atmosphere — especially at basketball games,” said senior receiver Kerry Meier, who has been in Lawrence long enough to remember the years when the football team had trouble filling seats at any point during a game. “But we’re trying to switch that to a football atmosphere, trying to get that going, and to come out and not see them there (after halftime), it’s kind of upsetting.”

In the end, Meier said, there’s not much players can do besides put the best product possible onto the field and hope for the best.

“As long as we’re doing good things and making exciting plays, I think the fans will be there,” he said. “But it’s their choice if they want to leave. We got to keep on playing ball.”

Quarterback Club holds meeting

The KU Quarterback Club will host its weekly meeting at 5 p.m. today at Buffalo Wild Wings, 1012 Massachusetts Street.

The week’s guest speaker will be Lieutenant Colonel (Ret.) Jeff Long, a former KU baseball and football letterman. The meeting will be followed by “Hawk Talk with Mark Mangino” at 6 p.m.


Andy Hess 10 years, 7 months ago

it's really disappointing and embarrassing, considering i'm still a student (until i graduate in December, of course). i don't like to be associated with those non-fans.

kranny 10 years, 7 months ago

Not to mention that 4 and 5 star recruits on visits aren't going to come to KU if this is the kind of support that football receives. Stay at the freakin' game!!! The Wheel doesn't close til 2 a.m.

kranny 10 years, 7 months ago

If we're in a close game against OU and Nebraska and fan support remains the same after halftime, then nobody should bitch about the losses because obviously the student body doesn't care enough about football to care if they win or lose. Good lord, this is one of the reasons why you go to college!! And you can't blame the weather because the exodus has been happening at all the home games.

gardenjay 10 years, 7 months ago

Why even show up? Do you walk out of movies too? Talk about weak.

Rodney Stice 10 years, 7 months ago

The CU game is the only game I get to attend this year. I shall not leave early no matter what the score.

Aaron Carpenter 10 years, 7 months ago

I've been thinking about a couple of things this past week. First is the student attendance and people leaving at halftime. We (my family and I) have been going to games since my memories allow and have always been season ticket holders. It is not uncommon now to see programs that have traditionally been doormats to rise to much higher levels. In KU's case, a much higher level that has been one of the best turn arounds in cfb. Unfortunately, the students are telling us that it will never be a football school as it appears to be more of a social outing. Is it the laid back wanna-be hippie attidude or are all the students now the emo types that don't even understand football? Either way, I hope and pray that comeday a true fire and passion will spread to those students the way we have carried it for all these years.

Secondly I want to talk about the lack of a Heisman campaign for Todd Reesing. This is of great concern to me and bothers me a great deal. HCMM has been on the record saying that he will not be involved in this as it can lead to focusing of the wrong goals and take away from the ultimate team goal. I disagree. The recent success of the program has done a great deal for recruiting, but imagine having a Heisman Trophy winner to sweeten the recruiting pot. Is there a chance a top notch QB or RB or WR would come to KU knowing that they have a shot at the Heisman and a chance to wear the shoes of a very special college QB in Todd Reesing. I truly feel like Sparky is getting the shaft here and hope that, if they beat some big teams this year he goes to NY. Sorry about the lenghty post.

Rock Chalk AC

Kevin Kelly 10 years, 7 months ago

Lets get something clear. The crowd at KU FB games has been a disgrace for years. Showing up after kickoff (i.e. not supporting the band in pre-game) and only cheering on a defensive 3rd down (i.e. not making noise throughout the defensive stan) when we know damn well what a crowd can do in other sports.

But lets get something straight.

The football team is embarrased of us??? Of us? Really? Nice.

Lets go back about 1 month shall we?

I'm sorry if this comes off as me being an jerk. I'm a season ticket holder and alumni. This is not the year that I want to hear any complaining out of either of these teams. You are a national embarrassment AND play like garbage. Don't complain on top of it, please. I've paid my money. I cheer all game long. You are wasting what I've given you so far with unfocused play and comments after the game.

I love this team more than life itself. But I wonder if they need to get their head straight.

phogthedog 10 years, 7 months ago

Let's get it right. Both students and other fans are to blame here. The students leave at half time. That's very frustrating. The other fans don't come in until after the game has started, missing the tradition rich opening. Both are embarrassing. It's also frustrating that we continue to pipe in music, while our band (which has doubled in size as the team has improved) marches its way down the tradition rich hill. Would we allow any of this to happen in AFH? Fan's don't stand until third downs. Hmmmmm.....perhaps we could support our defense by yelling at opponents on first and second downs as well. We make fun of NU fans, but they fill their stadiums and they intimidate the opposing teams on their home field. Why can't we do the same?

jahawkdave 10 years, 7 months ago

It's ridiculous to lump all the students together. Those that go to the games a large pecentage are awesome and a percentage are only awesome for 1/2 the game. I believe these bigger games they will be at a 100% as long as KU is in the game and not getting blown out ( and I don't see this team getting blown out ).

I suppose since only 1/2 the team was preforming well against ISU, only 1/2the students who enjoy offense stayed, the other 1/2 must be defensive fans and left figuring why did they even show up if our D didn't.

This FB turn around is recent and is going to take a little more time for that football culture to take root in all our fans and students. Heck this is the first year in forever that when i travel back for the home opener, I've even had to worry about buying a ticket before the day of the game, and before that I didn't have to worry about buying a ticket, someone always seemed to have one they were willing to give away.

The culture is changing and with #7, 35, 24 being our promising offensive core of the future, and great recruits and great coaching, our fans and home enviorment will become what everyone strives for it to be. These future KU students in HS have witnessed great KU football the last 3-4 years they have watched a winner, games constantly on tv, national exposure, bowls games, rankings, BCS win, hiesman canidate. That is all something I never grew up witnessing niether did most of the current students when they were in high school. Most future KU students who are sports fans will be coming into KU knowing something about recent KU football, they will have an enthusiasm about KU football an understanding. They will start their time at KU already familiar with Kansas football being a winner.

We are going to get there, these current players have set a strong foundation andshould be proud of the attedence records, not worried about who's leaving. They need to worry about winning games. I hope Todd worrying about the student section when he short hopped the pass to Wilson on a crucial 3rd down our last possesion of the ball game. I'm not bashing Todd we rode his back to get that win, they just need to focus on the field and not the stands.

Thank you students for showing up and 1/2 a thank you to half the students for 1/2 the game. The weak students will move on and become weak alumni ( hopefully not) and new enthusiastic students willing to stay and be fanatic and hostile for an entire game will replace them. Rock Chalk

Michael Leiker 10 years, 7 months ago

I don't know what it is going to take to get people at KU excited about KU Football other than just a good amount of time. Mangino has done such a good job of putting a consistent product on the field that it seems like the fans just know they are going to win the games they are supposed to and lose the ones they're supposed to. I tend to think the number one factor in fan enthusiasm is the predictability of the program.

I consider myself a die hard so I went down to OU last year honestly thinking KU would win the game. I think we have an excellent shot of beating UT this year in Austin. I just think the average KU Football fan doesn't think KU is going to win those games so it's hard to get up for them, and it's hard to get up for the mediocre teams because they have a good faith expectation that the team will get it done. I don't think you see fan excitement go to that next level until the team gets that true marquee win, or until the program starts to decline and folks realize they're losing something and decide to get behind it because they .

NE - If you don't think Kerry Meier and Todd Reesing have a right to mention something about the support of their fellow students in my opinion you are way off base. I think these two especially have a right, if not a responsility to say what's on their mind. Now, do I think that their heads are in the best place this year, maybe not, but I don't think it's because of this conversation.

Michael Leiker 10 years, 7 months ago

NE - Just read your comment again and I think I was a little harsh. You're right, they have been unfocused and underperforming. I think the fans do sense that and maybe that is as much of a cause of this as anything.

jhawk23 10 years, 7 months ago

Here are some productive suggestions (hopefully someone in the athletic dept. reads this):

1) Saturday was cold, especially when the wind picked up. How about a KU stocking cap or KU mittens/gloves promotional giveaway?

2) Remember a few years back when Perkins really put his teeth into trying to get students into the stands in the first place? I seem to remember there were some type of lottery- or drawing-style promotions for a partial scholarship or a computer or something. Why not have similar giveaways, but do it at or near the end of the game? Not sure if awarding something by seat number would work, i.e., calling it out over the P.A. system. The student tickets might need to have some unique numbering or code. Or, speaking of a code, I believe all of the tickets already have bar codes. They could just utilize the bar code scanners at the student exits, just as they do for entering the game, and use that as the opportunity to give out some prizes.

Jason Bailey 10 years, 7 months ago

I was waiting in the concessions line that is located just under the student section as halftime started. I overheard a few of the students saying they were leaving and heading to a "big party" later that afternoon. The ones I heard were saying they had to get beer and then head over to the party.

Even if we were #2 and playing Flordia at home the last week of the season, setting up the National Championship bid, you're going to have a hard time keeping these students there when there's a big beer bash going on and the possibility of engaging in carnal activities. 18-20 year olds are a selfish lot (I know I was at that age) and that's all they think about.

Rivethead 10 years, 7 months ago

Our students are pathetic. They are not FANS. Fans support a team whether they are winning OR losing. Playing well OR getting the snot beat out of them.

The fact is that students today have the opportunity to watch one of, if not THE Greatest, KU football player in history play ball. And they're wasting it.

This isn't a recent turnaround - KU hasn't had a losing season since 2004 - so I'm not buying that weak excuse either.

This is going to have an impact on our program. Two months from now we might very well be passed over by a bowl selection committee due to our pathetic fan support. I can hear it now:

Holiday Bowl Selection Committee: "Well, we go next who should we take? KU or OSU? KU has had a problem all season with getting fans to stay at their games....incredible I know, so I doubt they'll travel all the way to beautiful San Diego to support their Jayhawks......let's go with OSU"

Hello Sun Bowl in El Paso, TX.

Our players deserve better.

TKELuke 10 years, 7 months ago

Here is a good idea... sale beer at the games! I myself don't leave games early mainly because I want to get my full $60 a ticket worth. I know many people who leave the game to go get beer or whatever and never return.

Joel Hood 10 years, 7 months ago

It is quite unfair to characterize the half-time exodus as just students. There were many empty reserved seats too. I know it was cold - but c'mon folks - who likes 90 degree football games? Come prepared. I don't know how many people I saw at the stadium way under dressed.

Andy Hess 10 years, 7 months ago

jhawk23 - they tried that earlier this year with the PS3 / Wii / iPod giveaway, except they randomly drew from all student ticket holders, rather than the students at the game, thus decreasing one's odds of winning quite a bit That said, they shouldn't HAVE TO do that to keep the students there. If it's any consolation, my friends and I boo the students who leave early and chant "it's-not-over".

labbadabba 10 years, 7 months ago

Also embarrassing considering it was a close game, on homecoming, and the fact that we only get 2 more chances to see this team in Lawrence.

thehawkster 10 years, 7 months ago

just stay the entire game if you are going to be there

Adam Evans 10 years, 7 months ago

Its a shame that they come to drink, and when that's done, they leave. Obviously not real fans. These "pretend" fans need to find something else to do on saturdays, and better not show up in the Fieldhouse.

GridironHawk 10 years, 7 months ago

They ought to stop giving away cheap tickets to students. Sell them to people who really want to go to the game and will stay through the whole thing...

Michael Leiker 10 years, 7 months ago

Gridiron - Best idea so far...shrink the student section.

TexasJayhawk78 10 years, 7 months ago

Put the top 20 rows up for sale as season tickets.

Philip Bowman 10 years, 7 months ago

Have you all forgotten the disgusting actions of some members of the teams, apparently supported by a lot of the team members since they were milling around the scene? Thuggery doesn't command a lot of respect or interest.

And, how about the lack of respect the administration has for us of the great unwashed, non-rich ticketholders that have to use filthy, inadequate and out-of-date restrooms and stand in long, long lines to get refreshments at halftime?

Yeah, Gridiron, take away the student tickets, then you'll have an empty east side of the stadium and brag when you are able to get 25,000 people to a game.

jayloco 10 years, 7 months ago

My 2 cents on this is concerning the family zone. I have 2 small children and my family purchases the family plan every year for the last 5 years. HOWEVER, I think it's time for Lou to work his magic again. Get rid of the family zone. The reason I say this is it basically makes the North Bowl a non-factor in the game. I would much rather have rabid fans making noise ALL game and helping this football team, than to have a bunch of kids running around and not allowing the parents to watch the game. There is little if any noise coming from the North Bowl. We gotta get the students, the alumni and every fan on the page that when you come to the game, make noise! Get loud, help the defense out! I don't find it to be a coincidence that in the 4th quarter of close games (S. Miss and now ISU as well), when the game is on the line and fans are being loud, our defense has gone out and made the plays to win the game. This defense needs all the help it can get. I grew increasingly frustrated the whole ISU game as we had zero crowd noise and we allowed ISU to go up and down the field on us. Fans need to bring a hostile attitude with them when they come to the game. As a Chiefs fan, that is what made Arrowhead so great in the 90's and part of the reason why that defense was stellar year in and year out. If you are going to make a financial commitment to buy tickets, than make an emotional commitment to come out and give it everything you got to help our defense get an edge!

suttonku 10 years, 7 months ago

Im so angry! I go to the University of Nebraska and I don't like their fans but I will say they go to the games no matter what the weather looks like and most of them stay until the end, especially big 12 games...KU students need to get their heads on straight and support their team to the end...The ISU game was a close game and people left at halftime? that's ridiculous, if you arent going to say until the end of the game then give your ticket to someone else!

Phoggin_Loud 10 years, 7 months ago

NEJhawk & leikness, Do you really think they are "playing like garbage"?? When did this program "arrive" on the national scene?? When did this team play for the Big XII title?? How did the expectations get so big and jaded to think that other teams don't have athletes to match up?? This is the heart of the issue. These students are too young to remember anything before 2005. This program was HORRIBLE!! I have been following KU Football since 1980. I have seen teams "play like garbage". This is not one of them. They give max-effort every week!! The truth is that this program is still in it's infant stages. We are not to a point where the fans can be complacent. HCMM has done a wonderful job so far. He's the best coach in KU History. But It's not a finished product. It's a work in progress.
This is the exact reason that EVERYONE must stay and support this team. KU still has to beat OU, UT, & TTech to take the next step. Let's win a Big XII title or two before we write those kind of comments.
Right now, This team NEEDS our support on Game Day!! Let's give it to them.

TexasJayhawk78 10 years, 7 months ago

One good point is they at least show up now. It may not be for the whole game, but it is an improvement over a few years back. (A very few!)

Rivethead 10 years, 7 months ago


I guess I need you to remind me about this thuggary that "doesn't command a lot of respect or interest." Please remind me.

Are you talking about the incident three weeks ago? The one where a KU bball player (admittedly) threw a punch and bragged about it on Facebook (also posting some very classy KU-representing rap lyrics too). The incident where eye witnesses claim a KU bball player threw a KU football player down some stairs? The incident where the KU bball team had to send coaches to Wescoe to whisk KU bball players away in KUAC vans (funny....I didn't see or hear about any KU football coaches doing the same....I wonder why?).

Despite all of this "thuggary", I don't plan to have any less interest or show any less respect to either KU fball or KU bball. Those kids have made a commitment, they work their a$$es off paraphrase a line from "Hoosiers"....that kind of commitment demands and deserves our respect.

BH195788 10 years, 7 months ago

To repeat some other posts; I think it's unfair to single out the students. The entire crowd leaves early and shows up late. I will say at least the students are cheering when they are there. I would even make an argument that during basketball games many of the non-students don't make a whole lot of noise but it's a much smaller venue and the students can make up for it. I sit on the west side of the stadium with a lot of recent grads and older alum. It is basically discouraged to stand during the game until 3rd down, a big play, or a score. Even more so, if I cheer from my seat it is seen as an annoyance or that I'm the drunk obnoxious one when I'm simply trying to do my part. I think KU fans in general have gotten a little lazy with the recent success and need a kick in the butt. If you watch just about any other college FB game on TV you will see ALL of the fans there AND on thier feet cheering.

I say instead of finger pointing why don't each of us fans take it upon ourselves and the people next to us to try and make a difference. That's the only way anything will change.

As for complaints about the football players calling us out? Why not? They were/are ridiculed for the way they behaved with the fights, and rightly so, but why can't they call us out for not being better fans? If I was on the field I would be disappointed too.

Phoggin_Loud 10 years, 7 months ago

BH195788, We all do need to be louder, but the "hole" of seats in the student section was pathetic!! It was the most obvious. And they are the ones who should be the most "hostile".

Dirk Medema 10 years, 7 months ago

TexasJayhawk78 - One good point is they at least show up now. It may not be for the whole game, but it is an improvement over a few years back. (A very few!)

Absolutely. In 2007, the complaint was that the team was undefeated, and the stadium wasn't full. Now, the complaint is that it isn't full long enough - but seems to miss the fact that it was a record crowd for the worst team on the schedule, and near capacity for the others. That is a huge improvement.

Part of the reality of football in particular, is that it takes longer to change the attitude of groups of people that large. Another way of referring to attitudes over time is tradition, and that is something KU is just starting to develop. Nebraska drew 80k or 90K during their pathetic BC era (even to their spring scrimmage) because they had developed a tradition over several decades of elite teams/individuals. The same goes for OU, UT, ... and other programs with a football tradition.

Coach Mangino is half right about what he can do with respect to the fans. He's done as much there as he has with the team, but what is the mantra of the team? "Keep sawin' wood." It is appropriate for the fans as well. 4-star athletes are starting to come to KU - because it is a great place that now has great facilities. More 4-star, and someday 5-star athletes, will come to KU if everyone keeps sawin' wood. KU FB can build the same tradition in Memorial Stadium that KU BB already has in Allen, but Rome wasn't built in a day either.

Is the glass half full, half empty? The enginerd says it is twice as big as necessary. How big are the stadiums at NU, OU, UT, ...?

hawkone 10 years, 7 months ago

Part of the problem is the early starts. Unless you ahve a long tradition in Football it is hard to make an event that happens from 11am to 2pm the biggest focus of your day as a college student. On Saturday, students think about what they are doing Saturday night. We need some later starts and the fan base will stick in longer. I have noticed this more and more as TV scheduling pushes us to the early slots. I am not complaining about TV coverage jsut stating my observations.

We have alot of growth and consistency to occur before we can ever expect our fanbase to act like Nebraska or OU or Texas. It takes players, coaches and fans to build that tradition. We are improving, but we have a long ways to go. Lets not forget what happened to KState after the considered themselves an eilte program and even went as far as comparing Bill Snyder to Tom Osbourne. Really?.

We need to keep winning games and winning the hearts of fans over to football. My biggest irriation still is sitting in the stands listening to everyone around me talk about everything but the game and complaining because i don't believe sitting is aloud in football. The one exception was while sitting next to Caleb Blakesley's brother. That guy gets it! Of course, having a brother that plays doesn't hurt.

As KU fans we grow to care about out BB players and consider them friends, its about time we showed some of that love towards the greatest sport today....College Football!

justinryman 10 years, 7 months ago

Sitting up here in Omaha and only hearing about how Nebraska has sold out 300 straight games I would love to go to a KU game in Lawrence. I do go down to Lincoln when they travel every other year, but to be able to see THIS team with this class of seniors would be a real treat. So anyone that dosent want to go to the NU v KU game in November please let me know I'll take your tickets and sit for the whole game in my Blue and awaiting the chant of, "Rock Chalk JayyyyyHawk", as they beat NU agian at home.

jayhawkboogeyman 10 years, 7 months ago

This isn't all about students. It's no secret that a good chunk of the students at the games just show up to drink a few snuck-in boiling warm Natural Lights and then take off, but the better chunk of the students there are loud and intense the whole game. The alumni and family zone, on the other hand, never stand up or make a peep except on a couple occasions throughout the game. Part of the problem is that we simply don't have enough students who actually care about sports to fill the student section the entire game. Believe it or not, there are people in this world who actually do not love sports. I know dozens of Honors students who really don't care about sports but watch or go to a game now and then because it is something to do. There are also thousands of students here looking for a party, not necessarily a football game. That is their business. Obviously it doesn't look good for them to leave halfway through a game, but that is their business I guess. I think we get about 4,000 students at each basketball game, and twice that or more at each football game. The 4,000 students at Allen Fieldhouse are the best in the country. That same chunk of students is also awesome at football, myself included, but we make such a small percentage of a 50,000 seat open air venue that we can't affect the game on our own. The other people need to get in the stadium, you know, before kick off, and make some noise too. Students only get 1/6th of the stadium or so, we can't fill the whole place with sound, or with bodies really for that matter. Although our football program is on the rise, I simply don't think we have a big enough student population or town to afford filling the stadium yet. Tickets to the biggest games of the year are 90 each for non-students. In a town of 100,000, it is hard to find 40,000 people who can both afford that and have any interest in it.

ginger2015 10 years, 7 months ago

NEJhawk: Preseason #1 in basketball, top 20 in football. I'm not at all embarrassed. What is your definition of garbage?

Phoggin_Loud 10 years, 7 months ago

Enough d&mn excuses.

Dress warmer & stay for the entire game!! You already made the effort to get out of bed and get to the stadium...Now man-up and cheer your a$$es off.

And, as 100 so eliquently states it, Just Beat Colorado.

Kevin Long 10 years, 7 months ago

People sitting here blaming the team for half effort makes me sick. KU football in the early 80's was terrible. Die hard fans don't care. We will be there for our team no matter what. Hell even when they were 11-0 it wasn't even that big of deal for most fans. As I said yesterday though, the students are not the biggest problem here. It's the older people who think just because they have money that they can't be a real football fan. I'm tired of talking about it. It's not going to change or it would have by now.

jhokfan 10 years, 7 months ago

One of my earliest memories of KU football was a game against K-State in the pre-Snyder era. Naturally we won, but what struck me was the Wildcat fans and band that were making so much noise after the game. They lost but that small contingency of fans was making more noise than the KU fans who had every reason to be happy. I was pretty young at the time and asked my dad what they were so happy about. He just shook his head and we walked out of Memorial Stadium like everyone else. I suppose it’s just the culture of KU football. Winning is supposed to change that but we are winning. I may be a rare KU fan who cares more about football than basketball but I can think of no reason why any Jayhawk would not be excited about what has taken place on the football field in recent years.

Note to fans. Mark Mangino will not be here forever. When he retires or leaves for another program there is no guarantee that the level of success he has worked so hard for will remain.

Matt Hothan 10 years, 7 months ago

I'm glad to see people finally talking about this. I have been to every home game in the last four years, And every year, the student section disappears well before the game is over. Just look at the highlights, you'll see where the empty seats are. I sit in the family zone, and we boo you while you are walking out. The same way we boo you when you yell :Home of the Chiefs: But I do want to thank the Good student fans that stay and yell throughout the game, keep it up. You guys are true fans...

Kevin Kelly 10 years, 7 months ago

It may be a bit harsh. But I call not even coming close to playing as well as you are able as playing like garbage. And we havn't earned that ranking this year yet so you can save that argument. The defense in many ways is just like the crowd. Late to arrive with 1/3rd the people making up for the other 2/3rds.

I totaly agree with the posts here calling out the fans. I just don't want to hear it from the team. Not this year. They don't think we 'represent' the university well? I just found this idea completely ironic considering the half-hearted appologies we recieved a month ago. I'm ready to move on and have. But I don't want to hear that they are worried about anything but what they can control and I certianly don't want to hear that they feel hurt in someway. That just didn't fly with me.

That being said. Where was the team on this subject after the 2006 season? The fans that year made me want to puke. How close were we to a bowl game? How many games did we loose by one play or by one drive? Game after game after game the fans sat on thier hands while teams like aTm ran down our throats and took away the win. The difference between what happened that year and this is night and day. Compared to 06, this issue is nothing.

And as far as comparing this team to the crap teams we all had to watch in the 90's? I'm not giving this team an eternal pass to phone it in because things used to be much worse. They play to their potential or its garbage. I'm not asking for the National Championship. I might have tried to use a more polite or PC term. But it is what it is guys. We shouldn't be trailing to ISU at any point in the game past our 2nd possession. The team certianly knows this and the rest of us should too.

So my own hurt feelings aside :)

What is the solution? Cheer on every defensive down. Stand the heck up. And when people look at you like you are from Mars because you are trying to make noise on OU's 1st and 10, ask them quite directly why they are not helping.

shelleysue 10 years, 7 months ago

Of course you can tailgate before the game and also leave at halftime and reenter. I do not understand why that is not enough drinking time. We don't need to sell beer in the stadium.









I want Bradford telling the media after our game that Memorial Stadium is one of the most hostile places he's ever played.

It's so simple really there's no need for all of this discussion. Decide whether or not you are a true KU football fan. If you are then commit to being the best fan you can be. If not, sell your ticket to someone who will.

shelleysue 10 years, 7 months ago

Oh yeah ...

To the fan who wants me to sit down: I will not sit down. I will cheer.

tennesseest 10 years, 7 months ago

Everyone is getting so upset about the students, but it's not entirely their fault. Yes, it is a shame that about 1/3 to 1/2 leave after halftime. However, anyone who has been watching and looking for this would have seen, as I have, that the "Family Zone" (the north bowl) is just as empty if not more than the student section after half.

Kevin Kelly 10 years, 7 months ago

Would it not help if either the LJW or UDK created a game day guide at the begining of the year. Its kind of pathetic but I think a huge issue is just un-educated fans. At the first game this year a student came to sit in our section and proceeded to cheer. When we didn't cheer with him he berated us, "Cheer for your team!!!"

"You don't cheer on offense" he was told.

10 straight minutes of him cheering and berating us followed. He was told by a full dozen season ticket holders that it is common knowlege that you don't cheer on offense until the ball is snaped.

"I cheer for my team at ALL times!" he replied.

"What about when they are shooting free-throws?" I asked to stunned silence. The guy moved to a different seat but you could tell he didn't believe us at all and thought WE were bad fans. I would totally welcome, if they think its thier place, for the team the coaches or the university to tell us exactly what they would like to see and hear so we could use it in situations like that one.

swkhawk24 10 years, 7 months ago

i'm sorry. i'm a student and i stay the whole game, every game. i have found myself many a time this year with no voice on saturday night. its hard cheering for a defense that can't stop anything. but i still do, i'll do my best to keep those kids in the stands.

Phoggin_Loud 10 years, 7 months ago

Here's a t-shirt idea. Write on the back:

Don't get mad, STAND with me.

This could replace the juvenile "Phat" coach and "We still Booze" t-shirts.

The culture of KU Football fans must change. The time of making fun of ourselves is over. We need to act like we belong!! If someone stands in front of you, STAND with them!! Stop the "down in front" comments. Make Memorial Stadium as hostile as AFH!!!

And, of course, Beat Colorado!!

Lance Hobson 10 years, 7 months ago

I guess they feel they have something better to do, but I doubt it has anything to do with studying and more about being lazy and selfish.

This is about service and loyalty, two things which this group of students doesn't get. I suspect we can expect a similar apathetic attitude to what they will contribute to society when/if they graduate.

Ryan Mullen 10 years, 7 months ago

I think that Lew should give out a prize package at the end of the game that is full of crap. The only way you can get the package though is if you stay until the end of the game when they announce a couple of winners.

TexasJayhawk78 10 years, 7 months ago

Please note one item: Folks do show up early; really early! Stay a long time. And yes, some leave early, but it looks like the place is rather full for kickoff. Please take a look at this link to the time-laps video of the ISU/KU game:

Joseph Kuebel 10 years, 7 months ago

Phoggin Loud "The truth is that this program is still in it's infant stages. We are not to a point where the fans can be complacent. HCMM has done a wonderful job so far. He's the best coach in KU History. But It's not a finished product. It's a work in progress. This is the exact reason that everyone must stay and support this team. KU still has to beat OU, UT, & TTech to take the next step. Let's win a Big XII title or two before we write those kind of comments. Right now, This team NEEDS our support on Game Day!! Let's give it to them."

I definitely agree with this comment that we are in our infant stages and to say that we are "horrible" is an incredibly snappy descriptor when comparing where we were in 01 and 02 when I was first at KU...

KU's fanbase as a whole SEVE RELY (CAPS) needs to step it up on Gameday though. We were called out in an article in USA Today about our fans being terrible. That looks real good for recruits... I'm currently wishing that I could still go to a KU game (now that I live in California) so I could yell all game long (besides offense lol NEJ) because this really makes me sick to my stomach. I've talked to several close friends most of which are recent grads (07 and 08) and 1 of which is a former student who didn't finish who all 4 had attended the entire game and our previous games (versus Southern Miss Nor Colorado and Duke).

Now I realize not everyone can and will be a college football fan, but growing up in Chicago and just going KU made me pay attention to college football. Granted I was a sports fan growing up, the best college team in my area was the Northwestern Wildcats- not so entertaining during Bears season(Keep in mind Northwestern is one of the most pretentious student bodies in the mid west). Bottom line is, when you go to school there you eventually (I'd hope) get so much support for the team that it "gets in your blood" just like KU hoops...this has definitly been the case for me, but maybe I'm just more of an avid sports fan than the new KU student body...but really I live in Santa Cruz California where everyone smokes weed, surfs and skateboards all day for fun because it is Warm and Sunny out...seriously, these people have an excuse not to sit around and drink and watch sports. Since you obviously aren't doing that in KS spend the extra 1 hr at the game and make up for it by drinking more later!

As Jwiddle said, "This makes me sick (wanna puke)!"

Philip Bowman 10 years, 7 months ago

Reesing's statement is pretty surprising, coming from a really bright guy. He might hear about it from the student section the next time the team is at home and he throws an interception. These kind of cracks can come home to roost.

Besides, it isn't the crowd's job to win games; it is up to the players. The players should concentrate on the game instead of running around looking for TV cameras after making a tackle or other good plays, if they did, maybe they'd play smarter. I am sick of the grandstanders jumping up after a good play and running away from their teammates to the center of the field and pounding their chests. Of course, this didn't originate with KU, they get their lessons from the NFL. Too bad Mangino doesn't speak to them about such boorish behavior.

And to the poster said she/he wouldn't sit down, but would cheer, why is it necessary to standup every time a good play starts? You can cheer and make noise without standing up and ruining the view of those behind you. But maybe you just like calling attention to yourself.

Joel Hood 10 years, 7 months ago

TexasJayhawk78 – thanks for the link. That was great footage.

Clearly, the students that arrived late, sat in the top NE corner because the better seats were taken and they were the first to leave.

And sorry shellysue… if you are in a section that 99% of the people are sitting, you need to sit until it is time to stand. If you want to stand the whole game, get there early and sit in the student section where everyone stands. At football games, if no one is standing in front of you, continuously standing in front of someone else that is sitting, with no regard to anyone but yourself, is just rude. You aren’t improving the spirit of the stadium – you’re just a pain to fellow Jayhawks.

I love AFH as much as anyone. It is sacred to me. But, if it were not for the dedicated student campers, the electric atmosphere that charges AFH would be mediocre. The kids that camp have a vested interest in being the best fans. They have earned the right to sit in the floor level seats and they give AFH its soul during game time. It has almost nothing to do with renovations, wealthy donors, or students who show up a few minutes before tip-off. Right now, Memorial Stadium does not have a large enough core fan base that brings out a hard-core passion for football. Hats off to the students who come early to Memorial Stadium and cheer the whole game on their feet. They are likely the same students who camp for basketball games. This type of fan base will just take time to develop.

Todd 10 years, 7 months ago

I've been to games on both sides of the stadium. There's always been problems with KU fans no matter the venue. Some of the older alumni in both football and basketball just don't seem to understand the value of standing on your feet and cheering the whole time. They want to relax in their seat back chairs in Allen and in their reserved seats in Memorial and just enjoy a good game and have a pleasant afternoon/evening. The hardcore fans at KU are the best. The students who stay the whole game are the best (I was one of those. Stayed the whole game in the driving rain against Northwestern and all those blowouts to NU) Unfortunately a rather large minority have other things they want to do. Families come and watch a bit and then go back to their tailgates so the kids can run around and pass footballs on the hill. Students have to go get their next beer buzz started since it was fading around 12:30 for those early games.

The bottom line is people can talk about the economy or tradition or non interest in the football atmosphere all they want but I guarantee you, put the basketball team in Memorial Stadium then those 50,000 seats would be sold out with no problem and nobody would leave until the last few minutes. You can't blame time of day all the time either. Lots of students are going to leave because they're obsessed with being drunk on their time off. Put the game in the morning and they drink to rid themselves of Friday's hangover or to wake up. Put it in the afternoon and they'll drink to get ready for that evening's party. Put it in the evening and they'll leave because there's a big bash starting at 10 and they have to get ready to look good before they get sickeningly drunk. And there's the ever popular "we've gotta beat traffic" excuse among the general population thats actually dumb when you consider the amount of people who do the same thing and cause a traffic jam anyway.

I hate to give Mizzou credit for anything, but they have been no better at football consistantly any longer than KU and yet they sell 65,000 tickets. You can't tell me Columbia is a better place to watch a game or the city is better equipped to foster a great game day experience both in pouplation and people interested than Lawrence/the KC area.

I love KU with all my heart. But students aren't the only problem. It's disappointing to sit on the west side and feel like I can't cheer because I'm a lone voice in a sea of silence. What is there that is really that much more important than where you are during those few hours? Drinking can wait (they'll never stop making beer). Even old legs need a stretch. College athletics, football especially, is a great way to spend a day especially when we have a team that is constantly competing now. I was at school during the Terry Allen years and was disappointed in fans then. Step it up. Stay at the games. Cheer. Show this team you love them as much as I know KU fans do.

Phoggin_Loud 10 years, 7 months ago

Calihawk33, With all due respect, let me clear up my comment regarding the use of "horrible".
HCMM is 50-41 overall at KU. The last head coach with a winning record at KU was Jack Mitchell who coached from 1958-1966. The 7 coaches between HCMM & Coach Mitchell are a combined 159-214-9. How would you describe this?? I'll stick with "horrible"!!

Phoggin_Loud 10 years, 7 months ago

HCMM is doing a fantastic job. With wins over Colorado and OU (Please?!) HCMM will tie for the most All-Time wins in KU Football history with 52. Not bad (or is it?) for a program that was started in 1890.
I think we all agree that our Game Day support needs to improve as well. We owe it to the Big Fella for bringing winning back to KU football!! I'm just sayin'.

drewdun 10 years, 7 months ago

Jesus. This comment section might be the most pathetic thing I've ever seen. Wanting prizes for staying for the whole game? Just who the **** do you think you are? "Good little student. You stayed the whole game...your mommy will be so proud. Here's a treat." Grow a pair. If our current students are so pathetic and apathetic that they need inducements other than the chance to witness one of the best (and certainly one of the most exciting) football teams this university has ever fielded, then you're a sorry excuse for a Jayhawk.

And the other excuses. "It takes time to build a fanbase." BS. First, KU is BY FAR the biggest team in town in Johnson County with approx. 3/4M people, not to mention Lawrence and Topeka. There are tons of KU fans, they're just sticker fans or the worst people in the world "Basketball Only Fans." Secondly, as someone else pointed out it's not like this is the first year we've been decent to good. There's been a few years of sustained success now. And look at KSU during the "DOD." There fans and students were there at the first hint of success. Our pathetic - pathetic - fans can't be bothered for 3.5 hrs 6 Saturdays a year to come in and cheer on a team that represents our university with pride. The "fans" terrible showing this year is truly shameful. Not even selling out our conference opener on Homecoming is beyond pitiful.

And anyone that thinks that this crap stops at Row 1 is kidding themselves. You don't think the Cornholers or the Slavers are going to use this against us in recruiting? More ominously, if you listen to what Mangino has said on the subject, we have every reason to be afraid. The man is a miracle worker and has fielded a competitive and highly entertaining FOOTBALL TEAM AT KANSAS UNIVERSITY. He won a BCS BOWL and was literally begging fans to show up and cheer. That right there says it all about our wine and cheese fanbase, basically confirming every stereotype about us of the idiots to the east and west. And when Mangino says "we'll discuss it after the season" and won't comment further, alarm bells should be sounding. Does that sound like a happy coach to you? If another school that has good football support (from the fans) comes a-calling, what do you think he's liable to do? What do they say, you don't know what you've got 'til it's gone...

TexasJayhawk78 10 years, 7 months ago

You know, I don't know about you guys, but when I win, I get excited. I high five, pat fellow team mates on the back, yell, etc. Ya' have to play and give a hoot, show some excitment. If not, it would be like holding a conversation with Lilith Sternin, M.D., Ph.D., Ed.D., A.P.A of Cheers.

I like to see the Jayhawks excited! If they are excited, I bet we are going to be excited too.

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 10 years, 7 months ago

yeah, pretty lame. I was a student from 2000-2005 and we stayed the whole time, even if K-State was beating us 44-6, or Nebraska was pounding us by 60! It's still a fun atmosphere, watching the game with friends and fellow fans.

And now that we're WINNING people are leaving!?!?! blows my mind......

gardenjay 10 years, 7 months ago

Agree with drewdun. KU students seem to be more into themselves than any kind of broader pride in the University etc. Yuck. That is NOT the way it is everywhere, and it is NOT a sign of the times.

It smells like that self-entitled KU thing, of twittering nitwits - some with nicer cars than their profs - they were always there, but now seem to be quite a force. Try a real major boys and girls, and then find out who your real friends are after you fail.

Spencer Goff 10 years, 7 months ago


Greatest KU football player of all time. Are you referring to Reesing, Meier, or Briscoe? People nationally know Reesing is the man, but they forget that Meier and Briscoe are challenging for receiving records. Not trying to open a debate over Sayers etc, just saying, there are some really good players on the offensive side of the ball right now.

Not arguing the point, but more like piling on. Somebody brought up KSU fans. Half my family are purple freaking weirdos, but I have to hand it to them. They pile up as a family and attend at least one KSU home game. I didn't even know what this "Harley" game was until they let me know, as though I committed a sin for not knowing.

I place a lot of blame on our student body. I mean, KU IS the rich school in the state of Kansas. I was easily the most broke ass kid on that campus, and I had my GI Bill to live off of. They are pretty spoiled in their first year or two here. Mommy and Daddy still foot their bill, buy their car, and give them more money than a lot of kids make at their job. You see their posts about teachers on ratemyprofessor for some pudd 100 level course, "Teacher was insane, graded grammar on papers, worst class ever, expected too much." Uhh, it IS a college level course...

Maybe I am just getting old though, and bitching about things that are just a reality. I mean, those same KSU (or Nebraska) fans don't lose their mind over basketball. Actually, even Texas, with its 50k on campus enrollment, doesn't always pack their basketball stadium for those "lowly" games.

In that realization I will try to mediate. Yes, our younger students are pretty spoiled. But these prior to noon games are crap, and the defense has been skeptical at times. So I can see not going, but I cannot see leaving at halftime to go get blasted when you already decided to show up. Pretty stupid.

As a side note, I wish we could buy beer at the football games. Football stadiums and no beer has always felt kinda strange to me. It is terribly expensive, and I typically only buy one, but I still enjoy having a beer sometime around halftime. Blue Moon, good stuff. Mmmm.... Lew you could make a lot of money off me, I mean, a lot more money. Think it over.

Spencer Goff 10 years, 7 months ago

This is a bit of a rant, sorry folks, feel free to skip!

I have this theory on generational developments of team support.

I think team support is only truly at its peak when parents pass it on to their kids. For example, Nebraska football survives in down years simply because the current students had parents that were big on it, and their grandparents were big on it, etc.

Another example is soccer. Americans don't have generational support for it, so it only takes hold here to a minimal level. We all have that one family member that loves it, and played it, but his love for it stops with him. Hockey falls into that same category.

Baseball, conversely, has been a terrible game the last fifteen years. Marred by steroids, lies in front of congress, with virtually no rotation in teams that are competitive (compare MLB playoff teams with NFL, its hilarious, 80% same teams every year), it makes for a comparatively bad game (unless you are one of the "in" teams). Yet baseball stays around, it stays with me. Because I grew up with good baseball, I cannot leave it. But it makes me wonder what the next generation will do with baseball, when it isn't so built in.

We have had that for basketball, but not so much for football. So I would say if we want to change it, then keep supporting it over time. KSU has started to build that, KU is lagging behind, and we need to pick up the pace.

Spencer Goff 10 years, 7 months ago

Oh hey, Riggins probably should be on that list too, and if you haven't seen his speech yet regarding Jim Zorn, check it out, so direct I almost feel like it is the textbook on "how to fire somebody and make them feel like a moron" all at the same time.

Kent Kossoy 10 years, 7 months ago

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Kevin Long 10 years, 7 months ago

Salthawk, your a complete retard! You have no clue how to be a fan. Just do art or ballet or something. Your probably one of those guys who don't want to keep scores of games at all, because heaven forbid we have a loser. Just get back to knitting and shut up!

KUGreenMachine 10 years, 7 months ago

...this is the price you pay when you turn KU Athletics in to nothing more than a professional money making machine. this has happened the past few years at home basketball games at Allen Field House. there are a good number of people that go to the game for the atmosphere, to pay for a weekend activity, and to be a part of a good team. this is the same for both sports. in basketball the same thing happens, because they gave away the lifelong ticket holders (true fans) seats to the highest bidder. those same highest bidder "fans" go to the football games. they go because KU is successful, and they want to be a part of it. they could care less about the actual game or even the team. they worry more about how bad traffic will be after the game. they also worry more about getting tanked at half time, and don't care to come back for the second half because they are too busy relaxing in their coorporate tents....anyway, i'm just trying to cut to the chase, I'm not sure why everyone is trying to over analyze the "fans" when it just is what it is.

Honestly, I've turned down free tickets to games because I'd much prefer to watch the game at home on the big screen in HD...does that make me less of a fan?...NO

Ryan Shelton 10 years, 7 months ago

Salthawk: Ask yourself this question: why do teams like OU normally have undefeated seasons at home? It's the FANS! You ever hear of a home-field advantage? Hello? Our student section is LOUD when it's at full strength. The time is going to come when the defense is going to need all the screaming fans it can get to provoke a false start, rattle the QB into throwing an INT, and yes, inspire our guys to a win! Like it or not, fans are part of the game!

Don Everett 10 years, 7 months ago

NEJhawk - you are just an idiot - The would "embarrased" was never used in the article. I'm not sure you aren't one of those clowns wanting to start a KU/mu fan club in Lawrence. Just shut the **** up. No one cares what you have to say. Stay home in your mom's basement and keep both hands on your keyboard.

I now live 1170 miles away and would LOVE to come to games. I had season ticekts when a 3-8 season was not bad and stayed until the end every game.

I agree with the players. There were just a few involved in the crap a few weeks ago so you can't throw everyone under the bus. Most of these kids care a lot about the program because they know this is probably it for them.

Please look at other established programs. Their fans stay to the end. Take LSU for example. Their best games are night games. They start tailgating at 6 AM and stay until the end.

Also, don't give me the excuse it was cold. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!! You can dress to stay warm, you can't dress to stay cool. I live in Montana, cold is a realtive word.

Just keep this up and eventually the team will go back to the 80's and there will be plenty of cheap tickets and everyone will be gripping no one is COMING AT ALL to the games.

lollylane 10 years, 7 months ago

I would give just about anything to be able to go to a game occasionally. Tickets are expensive and hard to come by these day. I cannot believe that people that have tickets LEAVE EARLY??? What? Are you kidding me? Everything that I think about that is already in this thread somewhere. If you don't want to stay for the whole game...send your tickets my family's way!! We are die hard fans that live 3hrs from Lawrence and would love to have an opportunity to see a game! And we would stay until the clock reads 0:00!

pcheck44 10 years, 7 months ago


jayhawkboogeyman 10 years, 7 months ago

I think that part of the problem our whole fanbase has toward football is that we collectively are so up in our heads about history and tradition, with respect to basketball, and with obvious good reason, that we don't know exactly how to get behind a team that, as Mangino says, is prone to having a bad century every so often.

bocktar 10 years, 7 months ago

  1. Stop trying to drown out the students on kickoffs. There's no shortage of unity in our student football fans. Be choosy about how they express it and you're bound to get half-hearted involvement. They have to make it their own.

  2. Stop playing the most fan-unifying game of the year at arrowhead, which is inaccessible to many students, and dangerous when combined with their propensity to drink.

  3. Lower the field and remove the track before building the gridiron club. I like wine and cheese as much as anyone, but beer and brats go better with football.

JayHawks2008Champs 10 years, 7 months ago

First of all, it was wicked cold out, I thought I was gonna die! I know I could have dressed warmer but guess what, I didn't. Second, why are the games starting at 11 in the morning? I have a life outside of Kansas Athletics, I got stuff to do on Saturday. Yeah, I know our team is good and yes I love KU football but I work all week and then on my day off I have to spend my Saturday morning in 30 degree weather with K-state sucking and Missouri blowing, it was so darn windy :). I know you don't want to hear me wine but I'm a season ticket holder, I sat through all the other games why can't I leave early? I paid my $1,000 for my seats, I think I have a right to leave when ever I darn well please! That is all.

lewdaman 10 years, 7 months ago

To the KU wannabe fans:

Show your team some support! KU football is on it's way to becoming a nationally respected program. The AD and coaches have done everything to bring it to this level, and we the fans have to do our part. Stay through the whole game regardless of weather, score, etc! JayHaks2008Champs (above) is a perfect example of a whinning, wannabe fan. Listen, if you want to be a halfazz fan save your money and watch the games on tv in your snuggies with a cup of green tea. and no, you cannot leave when you darn well please. no one cares about the lousy 1k you paid for the tickets. they do care however, that you stay for the whole game. and you're not the only one who works hard during the week. if you can't handle it, stay at home. And may be if you plan better (i.e. dress warmer) you'd have a better experience. may be you should have bought $500 tickets and spend the other $500 on a warmer jacket.

Are some of the kick off times wierd? sure but maybe that's what we need to do to get on tv (accomodate to their schedules). Until we get to Texas or Michigan football level, there is no TV channel that will accomodate to our schedule. Deal with it, or stay home. We'd rather not have queer fans like you!

to the players: be patient. KU football hasn't been this good in years and it takes a while to change the attitude of the entire fan base. keep doing what you are doing (minus the "incidents") and the passion from the fans come automatically.

Dirk Medema 10 years, 7 months ago

Someone also needs to write an article using the material from: , which has KU ranked #21 in the nation for filling better than 99% of the stadium's capacity, as well as: , which has KU ranked #44 in the nation with an attendance of more than 50K.

Winners find the positives and make lemonade.

Rock Chalk.

Kent Kossoy 10 years, 7 months ago

For the usage police, keep your arses of my comments I will kindly stop wasting my time on your stupid sites.

tryandkeepup 10 years, 7 months ago

Mark Mangino and Todd Reising have ask that we stay....that's enough for me.

Todd 10 years, 7 months ago

First of all it's "whine" people. You drink wine and whine about things. Regardless, you people that say you have other things to do on Saturdays need to stay away. Don't pay the $1000. Keep your money and your precious saturday mornings at home in the warmth. And people need to stop complaining about the money issue. I'm sick to death of it. It goes right in with this entitled mentatlity that many of KU fans seem to be saddled with. Yes I liked the pricing when you could get a football ticket for $25. But this is not Lew trying to grab as much money as possible despite what everyone wants to believe. He's trying to compete. When schools like Texas and Nebraska have about double the funding in their athletic departments as KU then he has to change the culture.

No, I don't like the fact that regular fans like myself can't afford the nice cushy chairs or gridiron clubs or chairs with seatbacks in the Fieldhouse. But KU ATHLETICS needs it. We NEED that money to put the best teams out on the field. Before Lew got here, even my love for my school can't put on glasses rose colored enough to show that the teams' facilities were well below our contemporaries. You can't keep thinking we'll get great recruits based merely on the fact that we're KU. And despite the lack of fan attendance, there are sports besides football and men's basketball. Those need money that doesn't come directly to them through ticket sales and I'd rather it trickle down from the big programs than have those teams go door to door selling candy bars. This is the way sports are today. Get over it. KU has to keep up.

"Fans" are just as whiny and self entitled these days as the worst players in those categories. So many whine about ohhh how cold it was or oh the pricing. Yes things are expensive. But it is how it is. Go to the game and enjoy it and cheer your team or stay home.

keldus2001 10 years, 7 months ago

All I gotta say is, I was there in the very last row yelling my head off (there isn't a bad seat in that house right now), whipping my blanket around and trying to will my defense to stop those darn cyclones! I had more fun at the game than I ever did as an undergrad, and I think it was probably because I didn't really care what people thought of me... all I cared about was the game and being the best darn fan I could be! The fans that stay could make a difference if they were willing to put themselves all on the line, just like our guys do... lets not worry about the students, those of us that are there could create an environment that makes the students want to be there... so let's hear it for the Jayhawks! Rock Chalk!

hawkone 10 years, 7 months ago

I have season tickets and travel 1800 miles to watch the KU Football team play. I have been a fan for a long time and will continue to stand up, cheer, curse the refs, laugh, jump, yell, and root for the Fighting Mangino's! I do appreciate those who fill the stands but only get off their seats to wave the wheat, but hope they can grow (quickly) to appreciate what it means to 100% involve yourself in the excitement of the game and stand up and be loud. There is a reason the players on the side lines look up to the stands and wave their arms to tell the crowd to stand up. Because everyone physically able already ought to be.

The next home game is huge and we need every man, woman and child in the crowd to stand up and be heard. It will be an embarassment and pathetic if he OU visitors are louder than the KU home fans like the Texas fans were last year.

Rock Chalk Jayhawk, Go KU!!!!

CrimsonPhoenix 10 years, 7 months ago

Staying for an entire college football game. Serious business.

VTHawk 10 years, 7 months ago

The problem with KU (a University that I deeply love) is that there are a bunch of self-entitled, whiny little brats that attend and don't care about anything other than getting drunk/laid. When I still lived in Lawrence, I attended every home football game EVERY year--never leaving until the outcome was well decided. I left the 2002 64-0 KSU debacle with 1 minute left, like many of the devoted old-school fans around us.

Any program needs a fair amount of the bandwagon/big money types (often not the loudest fans) to give the program enough financial backing, but it is really a shame for the STUDENTS to claim that they have something better to do on a weekend. Guess what, the 11am games are an indication that our Hawks are finally on TV, which is a big improvement. Rolling out of bed, sobering up while jumping up and down for a couple of hours, then proceeding to celebrate victory/drown out loss is a perfect expenditure of 6 weekend days per year.

If KSU and TAMU can continually fill the stands, there is no reason that KU cannot as well. There is no more picturesque setting in college football, and the team on the field is EXCITING to watch. Sure, the defense is lacking, but it should be a point of pride that the team isn't merely eking out victories over the Montanas and MoStates of the world any longer.

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