Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Broadcast gives fans opportunity to cheer on Jayhawks in Chinese


KU basketball makes history tonight, but not on the court

NCAA and NBA basketball are very popular in China, so KU decided it was time to broadcast a game to them in Chinese. This is a first for KU and has excited some very gracious fans across the globe!

Sitting courtside at Allen Fieldhouse, a play-by-play man announced the usual Kansas University basketball action.

"Ná lánban, Brandon Rush," he said. "ZántÃ-ng, Dartmouth."

The play-by-play man, Zhiqun "James" Liang, broadcast Tuesday night's Kansas University-Dartmouth basketball game entirely in Chinese - for the first time in KU history.

The event, organized by KU's Confucius Institute, helped fans get a new perspective on basketball by commissioning staff members Liang and Sheree Willis to call the action streamed on the Kansas Athletics Web site and inside the Jayhawk Room at the Kansas Union.

The Jayhawk Radio Network also broadcast bits of the Chinese play-by-play.

"We thought, what a fun way to celebrate our wonderful basketball tradition and also our rapidly growing connection to China," Willis said.

Tuesday night, about 15 students showed up to the Jayhawk Room to listen to the game, organizers said - most of whom did not speak Chinese but thought it would be interesting to hear the broadcast.

By the way, "ná lánban, Brandon Rush" means, "rebound, Brandon Rush," and "ZántÃ-ng, Dartmouth" means, "time out, Dartmouth."

Both of which happened plenty Tuesday night.

Audio clip

Chinese translations of important KU basketball commentary.

Cheering in Chinese

To cheer for the Jayhawks in Chinese, use the pronunciations:

¢ "Go!": To cheer for your team, yell "jyah-yoh!" ("add fuel")

¢ "Jayhawk!": To shout out the mascot, yell "jyeh-yeeng" ("quick and victorious hawk")

¢ "That's a foul!": To point out a foul, yell "fahn-guay! ("foul")

¢ "Bad call, ref!": To complain to the ref, yell "hay-hsiaow" ("Evil whistle!")

¢ "What a cute mascot!": To praise the Jayhawk, yell "KU jyeh-yeeng jun kuh-AYE" ("The KU Jayhawk is really cute")


JayCeph 13 years, 1 month ago

hay-hsiaow... evil whistle!

I like it! That might end up as my new call sign! Too damn funny...

justdoit23 13 years, 1 month ago

Haha this is funny stuff!!!

Lets apply this to the game and this might be a big deal on Sports Center! and may be China. They might put some interest on Lawrence,KS.

Neom 13 years, 1 month ago

Too bad it was a blow out game, would've been nice if the KU-FU game was broadcast overseas.

U2freak 13 years, 1 month ago

I'm sick and tired of KU doing this kind of half-hearted effort and but not truly embracing other cultures...'Keep up your appearance', administators...

WisconsinJayhawk 13 years, 1 month ago

OK, "add fuel" works for "go", but this much is obvious: "Jayhawk" is "Jayhawk" in any language. Place names and personal names are not subject to translation. Beijing University can be "quick and victorious hawks" if they want, but there is no word for Jayhawk in any language except English as it is entirely unique in its meaning to KANSAS.

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