Sunday, October 18, 2015

KU snares pair of rowing wins


Senior Maggie Duncan and junior Maddie Irelan gave Kansas University a victory in the first race of the day at the Jayhawk Jamboree rowing extravaganza on Sunday at Burcham Park along the Kansas River.

Duncan and Irelan won the women’s pair race in front of a big crowd of fans lined up along the riverbank.


Members of the Kansas rowing team head back to the dock after competing during the Jayhawk Jamboree Sunday afternoon at Burcham Park on the Kansas River.

KU also won the Novice Four race (Meghan Karoly, Kristen Underhill, Cienna Sorell, Regan McComb and coxswain Abby Lane).

Kansas placed second in both Varsity Eight and the Varsity Eight 300-meter sprint.

Jayhawk Jamboree

Sunday at Burcham Park

Kansas Results

Women’s Pair (A)- 17:51.04

Maggie Duncan/Maddie Irelan

Women’s Pair (B)- 18:18.76

Olivia Loney/Tessa Scott

Women’s Pair (C)- (18:48.32)

Allison Schaaf/Kaelyn Thierolf

Women’s Pair (D)- (19:43.37)

Jackie Adamle/Ally Fullerton

Women’s Pair (E)- (18:40.51)

Mackenzie Klaver/BriAnna Dittberner

Women’s Pair (F)- (18:59.10)

Lexie Lanphere/Angie Allen

Women’s Pair (G)- (18:52.78)

Katherine Young/Margaret Winter

Women’s Pair (H)- (19:26.18)

Jordan Helms/Emily Ruble

Women’s Pair (I)- (19:32.32)

Kylie Dewey/Madison Hovis

Women’s Pair (J)- (20:08.96)

Payton Vedders/Casey Kelly

Collegiate Single (K) - (21:52.82)

Daisy Tackett

Collegiate Single (L) - (22:55.53)

Keaton Poppe

Collegiate Single (M) - (21:54.73)

Emma O’Neill

Novice Eight (A)-(16:26.81)

Sarah McClure - Coxswain, Regan McComb, Cienna Sorell, Kristen Underhill, Lilly Stewart, Kayla Stubblefield, Victoria Snitsar, Marissa Gray, Meghan Karoly.

Novice Eight (B)-(17:27.40)

Abby Lane – Coxswain, Regan Braun, Jessica Kirchner, Morgan Lawrence, Michaela Theis, Rylee Goodson, Tumi Osunsanmi, Brooke Haskins, Meghan Dwyer.

Novice Eight (C)-(17:52.52)

Chandler Sloan – Coxswain, McKayla Ross, Brittany Cost, Mary Stites, Abby Calvillo, Janelle Lee, Valerie Swisher, Paige Young, Katie McWhirter.

Novice Eight (D)-(18:46.94)

Brittany Scoggan – Coxswain, Chloe Cudney, Conner Bolz, Whitney Winter, Kelly Koenigsman, Bailey Blood, Nellie Kassebaum, Kaitlyn Hartnett, Cali Wing.

Varsity Four (A)-(16:53.32)

Mary Slattery – Coxswain, Maggie Duncan, Olivia Loney, Kaelyn Thierolf, Maddie Irelan.

Varsity Four (B)-(16:50.83)

Kenzie Obrochta – Coxswain, Tessa Scott, Allison Schaaf, Kenzie Klaver, Margret Winter.

Varsity Four (C)-(17:44.40)

Briana Pina – Coxswain, Katherine Young, BriAnna Dittberner, Angie Allen, Ally Fullerton.

Varsity Four (D)-(17:30.99)

Bailey Coolidge – Coxswain, Jordan Helms, Lexie Lanphere, Jackie Adamle, Madison Hovis.

Varsity Four (E)-(17:32.88)

Mallory Miller – Coxswain, Catie McNulty, Casey Kelly, Brittney Railsback, Bailey Brandon.

Novice Four (A)-(17:42.23)

Abigale Lane – Coxswain, Regan McComb, Cienna Sorell, Kristen Underhill, Meghan Karoly.

Novice Four (B)-(20:19.46)

Sarah McClure – Coxswain, Kayla Stubblefield, Jessica Kirchner, Marissa Gray, Victoria Snitsar.

Novice Four (C)-(20:19.76)

Chandler Sloan – Coxswain, Regan Braun, Lilly Stewart, Rylee Goodson, Michaela Theis.

Novice Four (D)-(20:44.47)

Sam Sharp – Coxswain, Morgan Lawrence, Tumi Osunsanmi, Brooke Haskins, Meghan Dwyer.

Varsity Eight (A)-(15:04.20)

Mary Slattery – Coxswain, Maggie Duncan, Olivia Loney, Tessa Scott, Allsion Schaaf, Kaelyn Thierolf, BriAnna Dittberner, Katherine Young, Maddie Irelan.

Varsity Eight (B)-(15:45.32)

Mallory Miller – Coxswain, Kenzie Klaver, Margaret Winter, Angie Allen, Emily Ruble, Jackie Adamle, Lexie Lanphere, Jordan Helms, Ally Fullerton.

Varsity Eight (C)-(16:14.90)

Kenzie Obrochta – Coxswain, Caitlin McNulty, Madison Hovis, Kylee Dewey, Casey Kelly, Daisy Tackett, Keaton Poppe, Payton Vedders, Bailey Brandon.


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