Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Vick reclassifies, will play in 2015-16

Kansas University basketball recruiting.

Kansas University basketball recruiting.


Lagerald Vick is an official member of Kansas Univesity’s recruiting Class of 2015.

Vick, a 6-foot-5, 175-pound senior shooting guard from Memphis’ Douglass High who committed to KU on May 17, on Tuesday afternoon stated on Facebook that he’d be reclassifying from ’16 to ’15 and play for the Jayhawks as a freshman during the upcoming 2015-16 season.

“Just confirmed when I’m leaving this weekend. Kansas it is!” Vick wrote on his Facebook page. Then, he added in an instant message to the Journal-World. “Yes, I’m (Class of) 2015; I’ll probably come on Saturday.”

About 90 minutes after Vick made public his decision to reclassify, KU coach Bill Self confirmed Vick’s signing to a grant-in-aid agreement.

“The whole thought with Lagerald was that he would reclassify and become a 2015,” Self said. “We knew he’s talented enough that if he stayed a 2016, we’d wait on him. He completed all of his academic requirements. We were cautious not to say too much, too soon. He’s officially signed and a member of the 2015 recruiting class.”

Vick, who averaged 26.0 points and 11.0 rebounds for Douglass this past season, was one of three finalists for the Class AA Mr. Basketball Award for the state of Tennessee his junior and senior seasons and was named Class AA all-state, by The Tennessean, in 2013-14 and 2014-15. A three-year starter for the Red Devils, Vick was named all-district three times and snagged all-metro honors twice. Vick plays AAU basketball for Team Thad and coach Norton Hurd.

“Lagerald is a terrific athlete that is going to become a terrific basketball player,” Self said. “He’s got great size for a guard and has tremendous quickness and explosiveness for his size. We think he can be a guy that can get his own shot but also force a lot of help by driving the ball and could be an elite defender in time.”

Vick, who had considered attending prep school a year, is ranked No. 33 by in the Class of 2015. He was No. 137 in the Class of 2016 prior to reclassifying. He joins KU power forward signees Carlton Bragg, from Cleveland; Cheick Diallo, from Centereach, New York and Dwight Coleby, a 6-9 transfer from Ole Miss in KU’s signing class.

“Lagerald’s mother, La La, has done a tremendous job of raising her family,” Self said. “Although we’ve only known Lagerald and his mother for a couple months, we really connected on their visit to Lawrence. I not only think we’ll have a great time coaching Lagerald, but I think we’ll also have a lot of fun with mom being part of our family.”

On May 17, he explained his decision to attend KU over Kentucky, Kansas State, Auburn and others.

“It was the history of it,” Vick said. “It is a good program. I felt it was home for me there.

“I talked to Wayne Selden,” Vick added of the KU junior guard. “He talked highly of the program, told me what coach Self was about and what he wasn’t about, stuff like that.”

The name: There’s been some confusion on how to spell Vick’s first name. LaGerald had been used in virtually all media reports until Tuesday. KU’s official news release spelled his name Lagerald. Vick’s mom told the Journal-World in a Facebook message the official spelling is with a small g.

The roster/visitor today: KU has filled its scholarship allotment of 13 for next season. The scholarship players are Vick, Bragg, Diallo and Coleby, plus returnees Perry Ellis, Devonté Graham, Brannen Greene, Landen Lucas, Frank Mason III, Hunter Mickelson, Svi Mykhailiuk, Wayne Selden, Jr., and Jamari Traylor. Paschal Chukwu, a 7-2 former Providence center, today will make a campus visit to KU after visiting Nebraska the past two days. Chukwu, who has three years of eligibility remaining, also has Virginia, Iona and Michigan State on his list. If he elected to come to KU, he’d either have to pay his own way a year or a returning player would have to leave the program.

World Games: Vick should get plenty of playing time in the upcoming World University Games. Perimeter players Mykhailiuk (not born in USA) and Greene (injury) will not participate leaving a guard unit of Selden, Mason, Graham, Vick and SMU senior Nic Moore.

Cliff injured in L.A.: Former KU forward Cliff Alexander suffered a right knee injury during a draft workout Tuesday with the Los Angeles Lakers, the L.A. Times reported. ESPN’s Chad Ford says Alexander has a mild MCL sprain and will be out three to five days.


Michael Sillman 7 years, 1 month ago

I certainly hope that Vick does not run into any problems with the NCAA Clearinghouse.

I like the comparisons to McLemore but I don't want them to be too close. I think we may need him him this coming season.

Jay Scott 7 years, 1 month ago

Green, Svi, Selden.... where will Vick get minutes?

Mark Lindrud 7 years, 1 month ago

Only reason I will put him in the mix is if Greene has any setbacks in his recovery. On the other hand, we can put Graham and Mason on the court together too, and I am still curious if Ellis plays at the 3 at all this season.

Marius Rowlanski 7 years, 1 month ago

I don't think the NCAA Clearinghouse will have anything to do with his playing time as he must have met the requirements in order to sign his grant-in-aid agreement. If he does run into problems it would more likely be from an NCAA investigation into something like what happened with Cliff or that he or the school misled the NCAA in getting cleared.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 1 month ago

I wonder if MERS continues to spread in South Korea if the WUG will be postponed? Its centered in the North, by Seoul, but WHO believes it will continue to spread there. SK is already restricting travel out of the country in certain areas for possibly exposed people.

Hoping for the best for all there.

Doug Longstaff 7 years, 1 month ago

This business with Chukwu is interesting. It's been established that Hunter has not graduated, so unless he does something unexpected (like transfer to a D2 school or something), he really doesn't have a basketball option, other than to stay. Lucas could go, but again, unless he changed levels, he'd have to sit a year and have just one year of eligibility.

Sounding more likely that Chukwu just had this trip planned, and since he's in the neighborhood (if we can still call Nebraska our neighbors after the whole realignment thing, ha ha), he decided he might as well go through with it. OR........if he wants to pay his own way through his year of ineligibility and be here for 2016-17......who in the world would have a problem with that? Not me.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 1 month ago

Or... he might have wanted some decent BBQ. I love seeing my family and all when I visit but there is no decent BBQ where I live, this is on the list of things I look forward to when I get back home!

Marius Rowlanski 7 years, 1 month ago

Nothing better than Hayward's BBQ.. Now owned by a good friend of mine and fraternity brother.

Brian Wilson 7 years, 1 month ago

Unless he pays his way there is not much chance of getting Chukwu,

Tony Bandle 7 years, 1 month ago

Well, if nothing else, Vick's Mom, La La, must rank on everybody's Top Ten List of Mom Names. :)

Crap, Rodney, I had the same thought but ! was hoping I was over-reacting. Maybe you just move the whole tourney to the Sprint Center!!

Rodney Crain 7 years, 1 month ago

Amazons deal of the day is a gas mask, no kidding, so times are a changing I guess... :))

Suzi Marshall 7 years, 1 month ago

We had been kicking around the idea of attending the WUG until this MERS thing, per Rodney's comments. MERS (Middle East Respiratory Virus), which originates from camels in Saudi Arabia, has a 30-40% fatality rate and there is no cure or vaccine.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 1 month ago

Fatalities,(2) so far in Korea, are mostly driven by complications of other conditions in the patient, but why chance it right? What makes this version unique is how easily it appears to be transmitted. The World cases of MERS are low due to it being difficult to transmit usually, but the Korea strain appears to be different. Lack of transparcy is causing the heightened concern too. Korea is hesitant to share information with the public. This caused 200 school closings in possible exposed areas as a precaution and a run of paper masks for the public.

There is time still to monitor this before we head out.

Rodney Crain 7 years, 1 month ago

Positive comments only please. You will be labeled on here if you are negative in any way shape or form. Wait, sorry Kristen you know this already. My mistake. :)

Brianna Zaleski 7 years, 1 month ago

Has anyone seen the new Addias commercial with Wiggins (among other Addias stars) in it? They very beginning has Wigs (in a KU jersey no less!) taking some chump to the rack an dunking (in a T-Wolves jersey). great commercial and great exposure for Addias' college teams as well as pro.... "Here's to the Takers" I believe its called.

Andrew Holmes 7 years, 1 month ago

First time watching it I thought Wigs stole the ball from a UCLA player. With a closer look it isn't, but the colors are a match.

Chuck Stones 7 years, 1 month ago

Is the 2016 class THAT loaded? Why the big disparity in rankings?

Shannon Gustafson 7 years, 1 month ago

A lot of it has to do with Vick's play this spring in AAU games which shows he's improved and was previously under rated. Part of it is these kid's rankings move up when they get interest from KU, Kentucky, etc. (he had offers from both).

Rodney Crain 7 years, 1 month ago

It is Chuck. The 2015 class is considered a weaker class overall between the two. Vick has improved as well.

Marius Rowlanski 7 years, 1 month ago

Rodney, do you have any sources/sites that show the 2015 class being ranked below the 2016 class in terms of talent. I am not challenging your comment as I've heard it before but haven't found anything to back it up.

Jesse Johnson 7 years, 1 month ago

I thought in a previous article they stated that his 2016 ranking moved up from 137 to 33 after he had a fantastic AAU showing this year, before he reclassified.

Alan Dickey 7 years, 1 month ago

Correct. Vick was upped to "the No. 33 prospect in the class of 2016."

Straight from the horse's mouth. 2016. There's little other evidence of this because, apparently, after he reclassified to 2015, he was removed from the Rivals 2016 list, but the 2015 list is closed, so he won't be added there. It has nothing to do with the strength of one class over the other. He was re-ranked from 137th to 33rd in the SAME year. He was just overlooked, but not by Self.

Tony Bandle 7 years, 1 month ago

Actually, on my computior he is ranked 33rd in the Class of 2015...of course, my computor makes all kinds of mistakes, bad judgements, wrong guesses, idiotic decisions and such!!

Aaron Paisley 7 years, 1 month ago

Yes, 2016 is a much stronger overall class than 2015 is. It's also not uncommon to see players make huge jumps in the rankings like Vick has simply because he's gotten a lot better. It's also not that uncommon to see a player take a big drop in rankings because they didn't improve as expected from their junior to senior year.

Marius Rowlanski 7 years, 1 month ago

Actually, Rivals has Vick ranked 33 in the 2016 class and not the other way around.

From Tuesday afternoon, confirmed that the No. 33 prospect in the class of 2016 would pass on a year of prep school.

Rivals has already updated the 2016 recruiting board with Vick's name no longer appearing.

Rivals had listed Vick as a four-star recruit in our 2015 recruiting class but with not a ranking.

Alan Dickey 7 years, 1 month ago

I wish I had said that 51 minutes earlier.

Marius Rowlanski 7 years, 1 month ago

LOL I wish I had read your post before I wrote this...

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