Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Men’s basketball first in proposed Allen Fieldhouse apartments


— Kansas University is seeking permission from the state to build its upscale apartments near Allen Fieldhouse for student-athletes in two phases.

Phase 1 will be for members of the men's basketball team and other students.

The proposal was mentioned briefly Tuesday during a Kansas Board of Regents committee meeting. The full board will take up the matter later this month.

Earlier this year, KU sought from the Legislature $17.5 million in bonding authority to build the apartments. Legislators rejected the project, which some called extravagant.

Days later, KU officials announced they would seek private donations for the project.

Under the proposal, $11.9 million, raised from private donations, will be used to build apartments to house 39 students, some of them on the men's basketball team. The apartments will be fully furnished two- and three-bedroom units.

Under NCAA requirements, no more than 49 percent of the residents will be student-athletes.

Also included in the initial phase are common spaces, service areas and an enclosed athletic court.

Associate Athletic Director Jim Marchiony said the apartments are necessary to recruit top talent.

"We realize that we have a basketball program among the very elite in this country, and we feel a responsibility to do what we can to make sure it stays that way," Marchiony said.

If the regents give permission to the KU Endowment Association to construct the project, work on the apartments will start soon and, officials hope, finished by August 2015, Marchiony said.

Marchiony said fundraising efforts are ongoing for the second phase of the project, which will be used to house members of the women's basketball team and other students. A final pricetag for the total project has not been determined.

He said private donors to the project wanted to get the men's portion of the project done first.


Brett McCabe 7 years, 8 months ago

KU....continuing to thrive in spite of the most backward government west of North Korea. It won't be long and we'll effectively have a private university.

My thanks to the donors who dove in on this project. I'm guessing that the building will have 100% occupancy within about 30-minutes of reservation availability. By the time this project is done, the Hall of Athletics is done and new business school is done, the Nasimith corridor will be pretty impressive.

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 8 months ago

Brett, +100 on your opinion. I used to like KS because, growing up in Wichita, I find Kansans straight-forward types with good values. But then you see odd things from state govt, and odd things from school boards, and nonsensical debates in Topeka about archane ideology.

Regardless of partisan politics, when will every voting soul in the state realize that there is:

A) A limited (as in finite) state budget.

B) Several "drains" on the state budget, essentially 2 perpetual holes-in-the-bucket, with NO cap. Bleeding us dry. OF COURSE they are going to say NO to KU, because then KSU and WSU will come asking as well.

C) Limited taxable population. Go ahead and squeeze us some more!

I'll never donate a dime to the state of KS, but I sure will remain a WilliamsFund member. At least I will pick where a bit of my money can go (KU).

Anybody who hasnt, needs to see that youtube video of John Calipari giving a guided tour of KY's new "student" (ahem, cough-cough: basketball) housing complex. Posh!...and Im not talking about Mrs.Beckham. Computerized class schedules for each player, laundry service, 24hr private-duty chef...

Calipari has been in KY for 5yrs? And has 2 ChampGame appearances, winning 1. Not saying Self needs to adopt Cal's ways, but KU should be able to offer 'competetive' facilities & accommodations, is all.

Jack Wilson 7 years, 8 months ago

Brett - There is a budget. We can't spend money uncontrollably. We can't all get what we want. The problem with budget issues is that no one wants to give up what they want. And everyone's an idiot that wants to cut the spending each individual may want. But we have to live within our means. I'm sure you try to do that.

The denial of the funding has been proven wise. Private donations have covered a large chunk ($11.9 million) as opposed to tax payer dollars. And the project moves forward.

Danny Hernandez 7 years, 8 months ago

All in all, pretty darn impressive. I love it! I'm down for a $1000.00

Danny Hernandez 7 years, 8 months ago

Jack Wilson, Tax Payer dollars, really? Do you realize how much each tax payer would contribute towards the project? Less than $0.85 per taxpayer! I doubt anyone's going to miss the money that's going to a great cause.

No wonder the State of Kansas is in the situation it finds itself in.

Spend and they will come!

Aaron Paisley 7 years, 8 months ago

Let's say KState was building some extravagant building for one of their athletic programs and the entire state (including all KU alums still in Kansas) were taxed to pay for it. Why would a KU alum want to fund KSU in that manner?

This is a project that directly benefits very few people and indirectly a little bit more. This is a project that should be privately funded because it's not something that's absolutely necessary. It is a luxury item and I have no issue with the state board of regents telling KU to fund it themselves.

Mike Tackett 7 years, 8 months ago

Danny, spend your money, not mine. You guys that want to spend money, go ahead, but spend all of your money not mine. You spenders, this is all how works, 'it only cost $.05 every six months for everybody in world'. Say that a thousand times and you have the tax burden we all have today. If you work.

Danny Hernandez 7 years, 8 months ago

and if my aunt had testicles, she'd be my uncle.

Kansas University is the flagship University in the State of Kansas and brings lots of revenue to the State as a whole and therefore many Kansan's whether they're K-State, Washburn, Emporia, they all benefit as well as does the State with the tax dollars Kansas collects from the basketball program. So I don't have a problem taxing every Kansan for KU's benefit.

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