Originally published October 21, 2011 at 05:04p.m., updated October 22, 2011 at 12:48a.m.

Braeden Anderson to attend Fresno State

Kansas newcomer Braeden Anderson, a forward from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, is pictured on Monday, July 11, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse. Anderson, who arrived on campus July 4, was expected to fill in the front line after the departures of forward Marcus and Markieff Morris.

Kansas newcomer Braeden Anderson, a forward from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, is pictured on Monday, July 11, 2011 at Allen Fieldhouse. Anderson, who arrived on campus July 4, was expected to fill in the front line after the departures of forward Marcus and Markieff Morris.


Braeden Anderson, a 6-foot-8 power forward from Okotoks, Alberta, Canada, who originally planned to play basketball at Kansas University, on Friday announced plans to attend Fresno State.

Anderson was deemed an NCAA partial qualifier at KU in September, but was not approved for aid by the Big 12 Conference, which made him ineligible for participation at KU. The Mountain West Conference, of which Fresno State is a member, accepts partial qualifiers and is allowed to provide aid. Thus, Anderson will attend classes at the Fresno, Calif., school second semester and be eligible to play in games next season.

“I did not want to commit to two years at a junior college,” said Anderson, who would have needed a juco degree to qualify for a two-year career at KU. “Fresno is a really good fit for me. I really like the coaches there. I’m a West Coast kid at heart. I have a ton of family in California — a lot of cousins.”

Of course, he’s depressed that he’s unable to play at his first choice, KU.

“My ultimate goal is the NBA. Before that, my ultimate goal was to make a high-major Div. I school. In my mind, I made it there,” Anderson said of attaining an offer at powerhouse KU. “Kansas is where I wanted to go. I would have picked Kansas over any school in the country. I love all the people there. My heart will always be in Kansas. I’ll always have a really soft spot for Lawrence and the people there.”

Anderson will live with relatives and train in California until reporting to Fresno State second semester.

“I am working out every day and preparing,” Anderson said. “I want to wish the Jayhawks the best of luck this year. I’ll be cheering for them. Those (players) are my brothers. I want to thank the people at KU who are pulling for me,” added Anderson, who has received support on Facebook. “If I had my way, I’d be a Jayhawk. I want to make it clear I’m a Jayhawk at heart. It didn’t work out that I was able to go there. I start school with a 4.0 grade-point average thanks to the work I did in classes at KU (during summer). I think the people at KU know what I can do academically, and it will be the same at Fresno.”

Anderson, who first attended high school in Canada, said his status as a partial qualifier stemmed from re-doing his junior year at Christian Faith Center in North Carolina. He said that marked his fourth year of high school by NCAA standards, and the NCAA did not recognize his work at the school. He next transferred to Wilbraham and Monson Academy in Massachusetts. After leaving that school last February, Anderson took online courses back home in Canada.


Steve Gantz 10 years, 11 months ago

Already switched colleges. Isn't that partially what started this mess with these guys? If he has to sit a year to get eligible, why would he make a huge step down and play for Fresno?

Marcia Parsons 10 years, 11 months ago

Because he couldn't afford to attend KU without a scholarship.

Michael Bratisax 10 years, 11 months ago

Fresno isn't cheap either. Wish he had come back.

Michael Bratisax 10 years, 11 months ago

Thanks kureader..missed that. Sad that our own conference wasn't as helpful.

Charles Shirley 10 years, 11 months ago

jhawk7782: You are right. Fresno isn't cheap either, but since Fresno is in the Mountain West Conf, the MW Conf allows full ride scholarships for partial qualifiers. The Big 9, I mean the Big 12, does also but that full ride scholarship has to be approved as an exception to the general rule of no partial qualifiers by some kind of faculty committee made up of faculty members throughout the Conf. That faculty committee ruled that Anderson could not get an exception. I don't agree with the committee's lame decision, but it is what it is. Anderson made the best choice for himself and KU wasn't it. The Hawks will live without him--just like the Big 9 will survive and prosper without NU, CU, A&M, and MU. I wish Braeden the best the of luck with his new college.

wannabe 10 years, 11 months ago

A) He didn't switch schools because he wanted to, he was denied scholarship at any B12 school He would have had to walk on at KU and pay for school himself.

B) He would have to attend a Junior college for TWO years before he could attend any B12 school on scholarship.

sounds like a pretty good deal for him and I for one am happy for him.

Dillon Davis 10 years, 11 months ago

Sounds like a great kid. Best of luck to him

hawk316 10 years, 11 months ago

I agree, money. Seems like a great kid.

Braeden, I wish you the very best. May you enjoy terrific success in California, but come back and visit Lawrence from time to time.

Kevin Studer 10 years, 11 months ago

Good luck. Sorry it didn't work out here. Seems odd that he couldn't afford to go here without the scholarship, but can afford Fresno State. Are the tuition and fee discrepancies really that large? I thought most California colleges were much more expensive for out-of-staters than we are.

kureader 10 years, 11 months ago

The article says Braeden was awarded a scholarship at Fresno State.

And, he's obviously a good student. I've never understood the reasons for the NCAA or the Big 12 to disallow his scholarship for scholastic reasons. Maybe I missed the LJW article, but it would be nice to get a clear explanation as to exactly why our bball players were disqualified.

John Randall 10 years, 11 months ago

NCAA did not disqualify Ben, Jamari, or Braedon. Neither did they qualify them. There is a 3rd category (because the NCAA hasn't guts enough to take on the agents/AAU/academies directly) called "partial qualification."

Some Div I conferences (e.g. BigXII) )don't approve any partial qualifiers, some accept all of them. A few look at each case individually before deciding.

At any rate, Braedon now has the financial aid he needs, at a respectable school where he feels comfortable (family in area helps a lot). He also has the maturity to accept that nobody always gets their first choice, fair or not. I'm sure he'll overcome the disappointment of missing out on the KU experience through no fault of his own.

trentvoth 10 years, 11 months ago


As I type this, I am sitting in the Starbucks, across the street from the SaveMart Center, in Fresno, CA.

I'm sad you weren't able to play for the greatest Basketball program in history, but when you arrive here in Fresno I will still cheer for you like you were a Jayhawk. Best of Luck. Rock Chalk!

John Randall 10 years, 11 months ago

Don't count on it. Spending an extra year finishing high school didn't work out very well. Unless problems develop at Fresno, it's not likely Braedon chooses to add another bounce with its attendant delay.

For that matter, no one can guarantee an offer two or three years down the road. I hope B.A. moves on his own best interest – not just to please the myopes in the KU fan base.

Priest Fontaine 10 years, 11 months ago

I'm still confused. Couldn't he get student loans to pay for school like me and most of my peers did? Then, after the first year of sitting out and making good grades, would't he have been eligible to play starting next year? What's the story with Ben and Traylor? are they going to stick it out at KU?

average 10 years, 11 months ago

He's out-of-state, so we're talking $30k for a year. Plus, he's Canadian, so no federally-subsidized loans. The market for totally non-fed-backed student loans is very tight and Mafia-level sky-high rates if you can get one. This is not 1999 any more.

average 10 years, 11 months ago

You have to wonder if it isn't at least somewhat strategic. Do the other Big 12 schools want to give even the slightest bone to Jayhawk Basketball? If he was going to Iowa State or TTU, would the decision have gone differently? Mind you, the Big 12 put in the partial-qualifier committee game to smack down a powerhouse Neb. football program. This has always been the conference of backbiting, not the conference who chants the conference name.

I don't believe the WAC has the same kind of games regarding partials. Even if they did, most of them wouldn't be playing Fresno anyway (since they're going to the MWC)

John Randall 10 years, 11 months ago

The "strategy" is the NCAA picking a high-profile target to make a point about the AAU/academies/agent scene in general – labeling a recruit as "partially qualified" passes the buck on to a conference.

Two factors: Big 12 policy on "partials" and the visibility of KU b-ball in particular gave NCAA opportunity and we shouldn't be surprised they took it.

If these three accepted scholarships from a school in the WAC or a dozen other leagues, nothing would have made the sports pages.

Michael Bratisax 10 years, 11 months ago

Big 12 okayed Ben and Traylor but not Anderson. I guess in some Universe that makes sense.

Alohahawk 10 years, 11 months ago

Classy comments from the young man, whose dreams were taken away by something out of his control. Too bad KU lost out.

All the best to you, Braeden. With that attitude, you'll continue to do well, both on and off the basketball court.

BewareOfThePhogOnTheWater 10 years, 11 months ago

You are still a Jayhawk in our hearts, too, Braeden.

milehighhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

Funny how people who are commenting about Braeden's academic difficulties seem to have major reading comprehension issues.

Best of luck, Braeden.

63Jayhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

I hope you have a great college career, Braeden, and that you are able to play professionally some day. Best of Luck!

Funhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

Whenever I think of Fresno State basketball, I picture Jerry Tarkanian sitting on the bench munching on a white towel. So, dig a little deeper…. entire coaching staff is new this year. Three of the four Bulldog coaches are from Big XII country. Prior to his Fresno State hiring, Bulldog’s head coach Rodney Terry was a former Texas assistant coach for nine years. He recruited NBA players who played against KU. Mr. Terry is a forty-three year old native of Texas. This will be Mr. Terry’s first year coaching at Fresno State. He was hired in April, so perhaps our ex-Jayhawk is his first recruit at Fresno State. Bulldog’s associate head coach is Jerry Wainwright. He was the head coach of the DePaul Blue Demons until 2010. Assistant coach Michael Schwartz was Univ. of Miami’s assistant coach last year. He is a native of Texas and went to UT. Assistant coach Byron Jones is a native of Oklahoma City. This is also his first year at Fresno State. His resume includes being a head boys coach at Saint Mary's High School in Independence, Mo.

LAJayhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

And sit out another year....

Yeeeeeaaaahhhh, probably not gonna happen.

Dan Pawlowski 10 years, 11 months ago

Why not, It seems like he is a good student, would get it paid for and would get to play for Kansas. I don't think its as clear cut a decision as you think it is.

LAJayhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

1) I didn't say it was a "clear cut" decision. Simply said, "Probably not."

2) Yes it is.

Dan Pawlowski 10 years, 11 months ago

LOL. Now that is a sound argument. Way to play the "so there" card.

LAJayhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

Completely unbreakable. :-)

Look, if the kid was going to come back to Kansas, he would have either a) gone to a JuCo or b) gone to a D2 or less school. That way he could transfer in without having to sit out a year. Transferring to another D1 school pretty clearly signifies that he will not be back.

If he did transfer, there is a solid chance he couldn't red shirt, as the "5 year clock" rule starts from when he first enrolls which would Spring 2012, which would mean LOSING an entire year of eligibility. I have no idea how that would shake out, but it is rather clear to me that the chance of him coming back is very, very slim.

Which I thought I made clear in point number (2)... ;-)

Marcia Parsons 10 years, 11 months ago

I don't know anything about Fresno State. Is it a D-I school? If not, he wouldn't have to sit out.

KUDUDE 10 years, 11 months ago


Lonnie Ross Dillon 10 years, 11 months ago

I don't see him transferring and having to sit out another year...

Eric Dawson 10 years, 11 months ago

I could see it if he wanted to build in an automatic 5th year to achieve his academic goals. Other than that, no. Plus, I would think (and definitely hope) that by the time he would be able to transfer, Self will have fully reloaded again, potentially making playing time a real issue for Braeden.

I'm just glad he found a place to play so he could afford to go to school.

Best of luck, Braeden!

LAJayhawk 10 years, 11 months ago

He's already going to have an automatic 5th year, he won't start playing until Fall, 2012 and will have a full 4 years of eligibility. If he transferred, he'd have to sit out another year. If he took a redshirt to cover that year, he'd be looking at an academic 6th year.

And battling Brady for the Old Man Award....

Michael Bratisax 10 years, 11 months ago

Nope. Although there are exceptions, scholarship players must sit a year AND lose a year of eligibility when they transfer D1 to D1 after a complete season or 1/2 a season (basketball) if the they don't attend the second semester (Micah Downs/Jeff Withey).

Michael Bratisax 10 years, 11 months ago

NCAA Intra-Conference transfer penalty requires that you fulfill one academic year of residence and lose one season of competition in all sports before being eligible to compete.

Vernon Riggs 10 years, 11 months ago

Unless he gets his Bachelor degree from Fresno State in four years and transfers to Kansas to start his Master's Degree. He isn't playing this year. He will still have one year eligibility and can be immediately eligible. I wish him the best of luck to him at Fresno State.

REHawk 10 years, 11 months ago

Gary, thanks lots for checking in on Braeden and relaying this news. Sounds like a really fine kid who will have many fans of the Jayhawk Nation pulling for him to do well out west. With Jerry Wainwright as an assistant at Fresno, Braeden should be in fine hands. He might get more immediate playing time there than he would have gotten in The Phog. I wish him well and will look for him in the Fresno State stat columns these next few years.

missingdigits 10 years, 11 months ago

What a classy statement. Sure wish this kid was a Jayhawk this year. We sure could use more guys like this young man. Best of luck!

jaybate 10 years, 11 months ago

"Easy Way, or Hard Way, It Only Matters If You Come Up"

Thanks LJW, I was just whining on another thread about Braeden and hoping he either landed somewhere with an Okie Baller, or got back to KU after juco.

At first, when I heard he landed at Fresno State, I thought: oh, god, not there!!!

So I surfed a bit and here's the low down on Braeden's coach: Rodney Terry.

First, the bad news: Terry's not an Okie Baller.

Now the good: Terry was Granny Barnes top assistant and recruiter at Texas the last 9-10 years, and even though I can't stand Granny and Texas, they've appeared to operate a clean program, even if they do play butcher ball.

Rodney Terry did not play for a blue blood program, at least St. Edwards of Austin, TX, does not strike me that way.

Terry assisted first at Baylor for a little remembered college coach named Harry Miller, who made a name in Texas high school coaching, came to Baylor as an assistant himself, then suddenly, became interim head when the Baylor coach that hired him, probably for recruiting, got fired. Miller hung on just a few years, then he got the boot.

Terry then jumped to assist Jerry Wainwright at UNC Wilmington. Wainwright had been a Dave Odom assistant at Wake Forest before getting his shot at UNC-Wilmington. Wainwright and Terry did well enough at UNC-Wilmington to make a jump together to Richmond to replace John Belein who went to WVU.

Wainwright and Terry were only at Richmond a year, before Terry got invited to return to his home town of Austin and and assist Rick Barnes at Texas.

Barnes credits Terry with landing a lot of the Texas talent that Texas has been so flush with this past decade. Barnes praises Terry highly. Kevin Durant does, too.

So Rodney Terry takes over the Fresno State head job this off season from Steve Cleveland, an alum of Fresno State, who stepped down after 5 years of treading water at .530. But Cleveland seems not a bad egg. He had to clean up the program after Tark's swan song and Ray Lopes unremarkable stints. Cleveland couldn't win, but he did a good enough job to be promoted upstairs to be an athletic administrator.

So Rodney Terry, who has waited a long, long time for a shot at a head job, finally decided he wasnt going to do better than Fresno State, which may not be much, but everyone's gotta start somewhere.

Lance Hobson 10 years, 11 months ago

Interesting, Wainwright coached at my HS and I went to his bball camp. He is a tough SOB who knows the game, I can guarantee you this Terry guy knows how to coach. Too bad the recruiting doomed Wainwright at DePaul.

jaybate 10 years, 11 months ago

So Terry says good bye to home a second time in his life, hustles to hot, smoggy Fresno, which is also a stones throw from Yosemite and Sequoia National Parks and some of the most beautiful mountains and good skiing in America.

And one gets the feeling that maybe, just maybe, Rodney Terry, who knows something about the quality of athletes Bill Self recruits to KU, heard about Braeden's misfortune and dialed his cell.

Or maybe Bill Self dialed Rick Barnes, because Self heard through the grape vine that Rodney Terry just took the Fresno State job and would need some quick help.

Or maybe Rick Barnes knew Bill Self had always treated Barnes with respect, and never complained openly about the kind of butcher ball Barnes brought to the Big 12, and maybe, just maybe, Barnes thought Braeden got the shaft, because of all the bad realignment blood in the conference that somehow lead to a kid with a 4.0 GPA in a summer term at KU and a solid GPA in his high school years getting shafted by an academic review board that probably hadn't rejected any partial qualifiers in 5 years. Maybe Barnes dialed Bill Self and said, "Coach Self, I know there's never been any love lost between, because we are competitors, but I have respected you, and well, I realize you've got a young man you would like place, and my assistant, Rodney Terry might be able to use him. I just thought you might like to know. Professional curtesy."

And maybe Self said, "Thank you, Coach Barnes, thanks very much. I will tell Braeden. I like this young man and what has happened is most unfortunate. And if you recommend Coach Terry, then he is okay by me."

And so Braeden Anderson, the kid from Okotoks, Canada, the kid who was a Jayhawk for a very short time, gets a shot to play right now in Fresno. It is very tough luck that he cannot stay at Kansas, but he has got a shot at D1, a shot at a college degree, and that's probably a lot better than what a lot of the kids Okotoks have. And it is a lot better than what a lot of kids in the USA have right now.

So chalk one up for Coach Self and Coach Barnes, and new head coach Rodney Terry.

It doesn't matter if you have to come up the hard way. It only matters if you come up.

Go Braeden!

Go Coach Terry.

And maybe Coach Self and Coach Barnes can enjoy each other and their great competitions against each other just a bit more down the road with this bit of professional curtesy.

Rock Chalk!

djhawk75 10 years, 11 months ago

This is just one big WTF moment. So a good kid picks a college to attend on a basketball scholarship, takes classes there, passes the classes with excellent grades, and then is told by some conference administrator that he can't have the scholarship at his first choice of college...but he can go to some another college not affiliated with the conference? (Oh, and then the conference goes back to the same college and disqualifies two more incoming students for one year.) Something smells.

Best wishes to Braeden Anderson at Fresno State.

Mark Lindrud 10 years, 11 months ago

Good luck and I will keep an eye on him to see how he does. Sh8t happens and I hope for the best for him. We will have a tough year on depth, but Self finds a way. I am sure we will have a fun year of ups and downs and I am sure it will be a fun year. Rock Chalk!

Eric TheCapn 10 years, 11 months ago

"Depressed"? Please don't use that term lightly. It's a clinical term and refers to a state of drastic sadness for more than two weeks. If anything, this kid is elated, not depressed. Please use sensitivity when referring to diseases which kill tens of thousands of people per year, Gary.

Michael Bratisax 10 years, 11 months ago

Wrong..Clinically, depression refers to an entire scale of emotions from sad to suicidal.

Clinical depression is defined differently than 'depression' and fits your definition.

You should take your own unsolicited advice.


yates33333 10 years, 11 months ago

Good Luck Braeden. I hope you are an all american before long. Wish you could have enrolled at KU. The Big 12 probably shot itself in the foot again.

David Lara 10 years, 11 months ago

Wow, when I first read that headline my mind thought San Diego St and I thought whiny Steve Fisher got himself a moral victory by poaching one of ours.

Michael Bratisax 10 years, 11 months ago

Couldn't agree more about Steve Fisher, especially while at Michigan. At SDSU, I think he has at least tempered his whining (although you can still see it in his face) and has done a decent job.

AsadZ 10 years, 11 months ago

Big 12 screwed up big time here. This kid should be playing at KU. Really upset at Big 12. In any event good luck to Braeden.

Lance Hobson 10 years, 11 months ago

I'll certainly be rooting for him, I hope he does well there. Who knows, maybe he'll transfer to us in a year or two.

Michael Bratisax 10 years, 11 months ago

He could just come back next year if he still wanted to..good guy but gone for good.

Jeeveshawk 10 years, 11 months ago

Ah s***. I was thinking that Braeden and Jamari could be a formidable pair of power forwards in the 2013 season.

The bright side is that this opens up recruiting doors for more highly touted recruits.

Steve Brown 10 years, 11 months ago

Braeden we will be following and supporting your career, best of everything for you.

Vernon Riggs 10 years, 11 months ago

Good luck Braeden. Work hard. Get your bachelor degree in four years. You have to sit out this year. You can play at Fresno State for three years. Come to Kansas to work on your Masters Degree. You will have one year of eligibility left. You can still be a Jayhawk and won't have to sit out another year. Under NCAA rules, you will be eligibile to play immediately.

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