Friday, July 29, 2005

KU report initiated after ‘possible misconduct’


Kansas University's self-investigation of NCAA rules violations stemmed from "possible misconduct" regarding a KU football coach and possible improper recruitment in women's basketball.

A thorough review of the football matter, though, found no wrongdoing.

KU released a 125-page report of violations July 15, which included eight violations within the football program. Seven dealt with improper academic assistance toward prospective junior-college transfers.

But the investigation began after former interim athletic director Drue Jennings informed new athletic director Lew Perkins of "possible misconduct on the part of a football coach," who wasn't named.

The report later states that after several months of review, "The NCAA enforcement staff and the University agreed that no violation had occurred in the football matter." The violations that did surface appear to be unrelated, and several actually took place after the investigation began in June 2003.

Details of what the "possible misconduct" entailed wasn't revealed in the report, and associate athletic director Jim Marchiony said Thursday that details wouldn't be revealed.

"It turned out to be a non-issue," Marchiony said, "because it was not a violation."

Marchiony wouldn't go into further detail, paraphrasing what the report stated and stressing it was not misconduct.

A call to Perkins' office Thursday afternoon wasn't returned.

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