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Weis, Grunhard issue statements on offensive line coach’s upcoming resignation

Late Wednesday evening, Kansas University football coach Charlie Weis and offensive line coach Tim Grunhard released a joint statement confirming what we reported earlier in the day.

Grunhard is stepping down after Saturday's game against Kansas State following two seasons in Lawrence as the O-Line coach. Below are the statements from Weis and Grunhard, whom sources told the Journal-World will be replaced by Rice offensive coordinator John Reagan in the near future.

According to the source, Reagan will join the Jayhawks as the O-Line coach and offensive coordinator. Read the link above for more, if you haven't already.

Just wanted to make sure you didn't miss these statements.

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!

Charlie Weis
“Tim Grunhard and I had prepared a joint statement concerning his future that we intended to release on Sunday after the Kansas State game. We were trying to avoid being any distraction. Tonight we are releasing the statement.”

“Sunday, Tim Grunhard is stepping down as offensive line coach so he can spend more quality time with his family. We began talking about this a month ago. Next year, all four of his kids will be in the same high school at the same time. Tim and his wife, Sarah, are great parents, but Tim felt it wasn’t fair to put that all on her. We started as friends and that friendship has only grown stronger. I wish Tim and the entire Grunhard family happiness and success.”

Tim Grunhard
“As of Sunday I will be leaving my position as offensive line coach at the University of Kansas. With the time commitment and challenges of major college football, I felt I was being delinquent in my responsibilities to my family. With three kids at Bishop Miege and one more attending next year, the burden was too great for my wife, Sarah, to handle on her own. I would like to thank Coach Weis and the rest of the Kansas football staff for teaching me the valuable lessons of loyalty and due diligence. I plan on continuing my relationship with the KU community that I have grown to love and respect.”

Charlie Weis
“We have already hired a replacement for Tim. When that coach becomes available we will provide more details.”

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Charlie Weis press conference notes: Nov. 26

KU football coach just wrapped up his final Tuesday press conference of the 2013 season and, as expected, he spent a lot of time hyping up the fact that "It's K-State week!"

Beyond this week's match-up and what he's learned about the rivalry, Weis talked a little about the immediate future beyond Saturday, which, to no one's surprise, will include a heavy dose of time on the road recruiting reinforcements for the returning roster.

Here's a quick look at most of the topics he discussed:

• The updated depth chart lists Montell Cozart as this week's starting quarterback. Weis said it would've been easy to put Jake Heaps on top but he didn't want to risk Cozart going into the tank heading into the offseason and still likes the different dynamic the freshman brings to the field.

• Weis says Thanksgiving is his favorite holiday because of the significance it holds for being a holiday that allows you to reflect on all of the things you're thankful for and all of the blessings you have in your life. He'll encourage his players to really think about that and is doing that himself, too. Even took time to thank the media for doing jobs and covering the team. Genuine moment.

• Weis said this game — 11 a.m. Saturday vs. K-State — is all that matters right now because it gives KU a chance to end the season with a bang and some momentum heading into the offseason. There is no bowl game. This is it for KU. And that's how they're treating this week.

• Big reason K-State is so important: You're not playing just for football team and football program. Playing for fan base and Kansans and would love nothing more than to give fans a chance to go into work or grocery store on Monday in the position to get the last jba.

• Weis says he was never a part of Mizzou rivalry so he doesn't get that one. All his focus goes toward KSU. Says Notre Dame wanted to treat every game like it was the biggest but there it was always USC.

• Weis on K-State taking in walk-ons: I think that's always a mentality that can work and one he likes to do. He's always liked it and he's trying to get it going here at KU, too. Says the approach works well in Kansas... Having guys in state wanting to go to the state university is a great thing.

• As he's said in the past many times, Weis reiterates that he's tried to emulate, not steal, things from what Bill Snyder has done at Kansas State. Looking at how K-State had done it was one of first things he did and one of the biggest things he noticed was the heavy juco influence on Snyder's rosters. Snyder's been able to fill out his roster/lineup with juco guys — sort of picking his spots — as well as anyone in college football.

• Weis says Snyder does not get enough credit for being a brilliant offensive mind. One of best things he does is mess with O-Line splits. One play it'll be a few inches, the next it could be a few feet. Makes it hard on the defensive linemen and also on coaches to find tendencies in K-State offense. Also says Snyder is as good as anyone at power running game with quarterbacks. Not just zone read type guys who try to get to the edge, more like true running backs.

• With a young guy like Montell Cozart, you love 'em up at the end of a bad game, then you hammer 'em in the next day or two and then you love 'em up again. Weis said they're at the start of the second round of loving him up. Weis says Cozart's bad game at Iowa State would be a learning experience but he'd never

• Weis said Tedarian Johnson has been a pleasant surprise and added that Johnson juco teammate Andrew Bolton, who has red-shirted this year to rehab a knee injury also has made great progress academically. Both are equally important and Weis is encouraged by both.

• When asked about previous teams' success running the ball against K-State, Weis said: I just know we're gonna have to play a heck of a lot better than we have recently to have a chance to win the game. Weis also said the loss of safety Ty Zimmerman is significant for KSU. Said KSU has given up fewer points with Zimmerman in there and more points when he's sat out.

• Weis said he'll head out on the road to recruit first thing Sunday following K-State game and he'll be out there until Friday hitting it hard for Class of 2014 commitments.

• Weis said he'll go after some high profile guys and highly ranked guys (mostly juco) at positions of greatest need. Said that should be obvious, which, most likely, puts wide receiver at the top of the list.

• Weis said Nick Harwell has been as good as could be, both as a wide receiver and also as a teammate and member of the community. Even went as far as to say that he's reached the point where he's stopped worrying about him. Seems very pleased about the maturity Harwell has shown.

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A couple of quick hitters from today’s Charlie Weis press conference (10/22)

Updated depth chart:

Full Charlie Weis audio:

Good afternoon, everyone. Busy day in land. Hope you're enjoying all of the items from today's Big 12 basketball media days in Kansas City as well as our regular coverage of KU football.

Next up, the Jayhawks (2-4 overall, 0-3 Big 12) play host to Baylor at 6 p.m. on Saturday and, today, KU coach Charlie Weis talked plenty about the Bears' incredible offense.

We'll have all kinds of coverage on that throughout the week, but for now here are a few nuggets of information that came from the news conference.

Montell Cozart is listed as the lone back-up to Jake Heaps at Quarterback. Last week, Cozart was listed along with sophomore Michael Cummings as the co-back-up, but this week Cummings dropped off the depth chart. To that end, Weis said the entire game plan would be available to Cozart this week and the young guy from Bishop Miege High likely would play more and do more.

No concrete injury updates but it sounds like KU could get a couple of guys back. Ben Heeney, Tony Pierson, Andrew Turzilli, Tedarian Johnson and Trent Smiley all were listed as day-to-day on the latest depth chart. Weis said Pierson and Heeney were both much better but would not divulge whether they would play.

Baylor is a run-first team, running 65 percent of the time, and linebackers coach Clint Bowen said he thought Baylor's first choice would be to run the ball. Makes sense considering they've got two guys averaging more than 7 yards per carry.

Weis said the thing that makes Baylor's defense so nasty is the defensive ends. Baylor has played from in front so often this season that the Bears' defense has seen almost exclusively passing from opponents trying to play catch up. That allows the D-Ends to pin their ears back and go get the quarterback. And they're good, Weis said.

Weis said one thing that could help KU was a loud crowd. The louder the better because that could disrupt Baylor's verbal calls and make it so the Bears have to slow down a little bit on offense. Weis was asked when the crowd should start yelling and he said, "When they get there." Then he said: As soon as our defense goes on the field until the time they go off would be good.

Weis said the transition to Ron Powlus and Jeff Blasko doing more of the offensive game planning has gone well. In fact, he noted that he did not even have a call sheet during last week's game against OU and that he was "advising" on offense and not calling plays. Blasko is the run-game coordinator and Powlus is the pass-game coordinator and, together, they appear to be running the offense with heavy input from Weis.

We'll have much more from Weis' news conference and on this match-up later and throughout the week, so stay logged on to for all your KU football needs.

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Big 12 Media Days 2012, The Day After: What others are saying about Kansas football

One of the most interesting things about coming home from an event like Big 12 Media Days is logging onto the Internet the following day and doing a simple search for all of the stories about Kansas.

Although there are times and places built into the media days schedule for reporters to gather a little exclusive information, the majority of the week is spent with the same several hundred reporters hearing the same soundbites from the same coaches.

Depending on your angle — and your agenda — different things stand out to different people and what’s written typically falls in line with that concept.

Take this week’s KU team, for example. While many wanted to chronicle their first encounter with new KU coach Charlie Weis, others focused on quarterback Dayne Crist and still others on the low times that have plagued the Jayhawks in recent years.

Many of the topics the local media has written about for months is fresh meat for the rest of the reporters who cover the Big 12, so, with nearly five hours of interview opportunities packed into a single day for each team, there’s plenty to go around.

Being the local beat guy, it was my goal to track how KU was received this year, while also making sure to pick out whatever newsy items might have popped up.

During the past couple of years, because of the way the things have played out on the field, the rest of the working press generally regarded KU as a joke. Sure, they listened and, yeah, they were courteous, but the Jayhawks did not make the top of anyone’s priority list.

That wasn’t the case this year, a likely sign of what’s to come as the fall arrives and the wins and losses start mounting.

With that in mind, here’s a quick look around the web at some of the initial reactions to the new-look Jayhawks.

Here’s the Associated Press’ KU story from Tuesday’s Big 12 media days:

Here’s blogger David Ubben’s quick-hit wrap up of Day 2 of Media Days in Dallas, which includes a couple of KU mentions:

KU grad Mac Engel, who blogs for the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, had this reaction:

John Hoover, columnist for the Tulsa World, was disturbed by Weis linking KU and Notre Dame:

Hoover’s colleague, Guerin Emig, appreciated Weis’ forthcoming nature:

Those are just a few of the stories that were out there, and, again, since the Jayhawks are picked to finish last in the league this season, it’s not as if every reporter there was racing to file his or her story on Kansas.

There surely will be some more that come out during the next couple of weeks, but, by then, we’ll have moved on and will be tracking the changes to the depth chart and the daily happenings around Memorial Stadium.

Ready or not, it’s football season, folks!

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