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Danny Manning gets hero’s welcome at Wake Forest

By now, you've all surely heard that former Kansas University assistant coach and one of the school's all-time great players landed a head coaching job at Wake Forest after two successful seasons at Tulsa.

The stories we posted got a lot of hits and comments and, as has been the case since the late 80's, everyone in Jayhawkland seemed to be pretty pumped for Manning, his family and the handful of KU alums on his coaching staff.

Now, take that excitement and happiness and multiply it by 100. That's the kind of reaction that Manning received at Wake Forest, where students, players, administrators and fans of the program welcomed him with open arms and some serious celebrations.

Below are a few videos and links to some of Wake's coverage of Manning's arrival. It's worth a look, just as Manning is worthy of that job.

Danny Manning's introductory press conference:

Manning's first day on campus:

Here are a couple of player reaction videos:

The folks at Wake even threw together this "Manning 101" infographic:

"Manning 101" (courtesy Wake Forest athletics)

"Manning 101" (courtesy Wake Forest athletics) by Matt Tait

And, finally, here's a link to the photo gallery from Manning's big day:

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