KU's third consecutive football sellout is by far the most significant of the three


Big Jay waves the Jayhawk flag near midfield in front of a packed house on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022, when Kansas knocked off Duke 35-27 to move to 4-0.

Big Jay waves the Jayhawk flag near midfield in front of a packed house on Saturday, Sept. 24, 2022, when Kansas knocked off Duke 35-27 to move to 4-0. by Photo courtesy of Kansas Athletics

The Kansas football program on Wednesday night officially announced a sellout for Saturday’s 11 a.m. matchup with TCU at David Booth Kansas Memorial Stadium.

The news came as no surprise, but it was significant for a couple of reasons.

First, it marks the first time in 13 years that KU has had three consecutive football sellouts.

Second, this week’s announcement was the earliest of the bunch. The announcement for the Duke sellout two weeks ago did not come until Friday of game week. Last week’s sellout was announced on Thursday, two days before the Iowa State game. And this one came late Wednesday afternoon.

That progression makes sense given the role that momentum plays in all of this. KU fans are fired up about what this team is doing and they’re all believers now. Starting out 2-0 was cool and 3-0 was even better, but 5-0, with two Big 12 wins and two road wins — not to mention a No. 19 national ranking — is a clear sign that this is a good football team.

Just how good will be determined over the next several weeks, as the schedule continues to get tougher and the grind of the season starts to increase.

Second-year head coach Lance Leipold said this week that he thought this team still had a lot of room to improve.

“And that’s what’s exciting,” Leipold said. “Because you haven’t kind of hit what you can be. We know this (week’s game against TCU) is the biggest challenge so far in many different ways. So, it'll be another good measuring stick, that’s for sure.”

While all of that has contributed to the increased interest and support around the program, perhaps the last reason this week’s sellout is significant might be the biggest and most important.

In each of the past two weeks, KU had some sort of activity aiding attendance. For the Duke game, it was Family Weekend, meaning hundreds and hundreds of parents and siblings were in town ready to make the football game one of the focal points of their trip to Lawrence.

Last week was Homecoming, which likely attracted an even bigger group of people to return to Lawrence, once again all with the idea of building their plans around the football game.

There’s none of that this weekend. In fact, not only are there no additional celebrations inspiring people to come to town, there’s actually one that’s encouraging KU students to leave town — fall break. We’ll see how that impacts the crowd in the student section, but, from the sound of it, it’s not going to be an issue.

The expectation is for 47,233 fans to fill Memorial Stadium for the third week in a row. And with ESPN’s College Gameday in town and KU’s administration making progress in improving the concessions situation as best they can, this one has the makings of being the best home atmosphere yet.

After this, the Jayhawks are on the road for two games — at Oklahoma on Oct. 15 and at Baylor on Oct. 22 — and then they have their bye (Oct. 29) before returning to the Booth for their next home game against Oklahoma State on Nov. 5.

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Jonathan Allison 1 month, 3 weeks ago

I've been reminded so much of 2007 that it's been pretty crazy. The biggest difference to me is that coming into 2007 KU football had been overall a pretty average team with a very good defense and which was a few offensive plays away from being an 8 win or 9 win team for several seasons in a row. But this year's team despite the win over UT and the close game against OU last year had been so bad for so long now that the success at this point 5 games in has been much more of a surprise.

The road wins in week 2 and week 3 were such a shock to KU fan base and the national attention that followed has been so good to see. Especially for guys like Jalon Daniels, Neal, Hishaw, Grimm, Cobee, Dotson, and all of these guys who are representing KU so well.

Honestly, for so many years only news about football of any interest has been coaching changes, transfers, arrests, etc. It seems to be very impressive what the football staff has done to get the right players and keep their heads on straight and have them focused and prepared without the off-field issues and tuning out the distractions and newfound notoriety.

It all feels very surreal right now, but what a golden opportunity this week with Gameday and everything. A win over TCU will make the statement this success is not a fluke, and this team is for real, and probably moves us up to 15 or so in the polls. I have a feeling that the team is going to be so hyped at 11:00 that the first quarter will either be wild with big plays or will feature some sloppy mistakes from aggressive play

Brad Watson 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Fall break starts on Saturday at 3pm!!! Saturday at 11 am is an ALL SCHOOL ASSEMBLY!!!!

Dale Rogers 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Any word about Trevor Wilson? Wasn't his court appearance to be earlier this month?

Micky Baker 1 month, 2 weeks ago

His charges were dismissed due to lack of probable cause.

Brian Jahelka 1 month, 3 weeks ago

No offense, but this doesn't remind me of 2007 at all. Mangino had been there for several years, and our football team (and record) had been respectable for a while. We weren't a powerhouse, but we weren't a laughing stock either.

There were signs of life late last season, but most weren't ready to expect more than 2-3 wins this year. Those that did, well, even a blind squirrel finds a nut every now and again...

What is simply amazing to me is what this coaching staff has done with these athletes in such a short period of time. I know that the rankings on your recruiting class aren't everything. Look at what Snyder did with the talent he brought in. But we are WAY behind, even just the teams we've beat so far this year...

For giggles I looked it up on 247sports...

Recruiting/Transfer class rankings for 2019, 2020, 2021, 2022:

KU: 69, 55, 63, 67 - Avg 63

WVU: 48, 37, 42, 42 - Avg 42

UH: 73, 72, 85, 52 - Avg 70

Puke: 49, 62, 57, 61 - Avg 57

ISU: 46, 46, 59, 50 - Avg 50

TCU: 32, 23, 53, 28 - Avg 34

With the exception of UH (and Tenn Tech of course), this team has beaten better (perceived) talent. TCU is a jump up from the rest. Doesn't look good on paper, but neither have most of the other games.

I think we are going to need long sustained drives to chew up clock and keep the ball out of Doogie's hands. And I think we are going to need some big plays on defense, sacks, TFLs, and/or turnovers to win this game.

Thankful for every one of those kids that took a chance and committed to KU. I hope they don't regret their decision, and are having a great time here. Even if we only pick up another win or two on the season, I'd have to think its going to be a LOT easier to recruit quality kids to KU after the success of this season. I gotta go get my shades. The future is looking bright. To say I'm enjoying the ride is an understatement. Can't wait for Saturday!

Dale Rogers 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Brian, our 2022 transfer class is ranked #21 and is far more important to us than just the high school class. Not that there is no talent on the high school class because there is. But that transfer class has played a big role in our success so far this season.

Rodney Crain 1 month, 3 weeks ago

-- "no additional celebrations inspiring people to come to town".

College gameday (for football Dirk) on campus is not a reason to show up outside the stadium? National TV audience on site highlighting everything Crimson and Blue is not inspiring to show up and cheer? Somebody has to fly the WSU flag. Who is going to be the guest who picks winners with the hosts? Somebody has to give Chris "The Bear" Fallica a hard time for his pick of ISU last week? What signs are going to get on TV? Who is going to get booed when they question our record, will Lee put on the Jayhawk or the dirty frog?

There are lots of reason to show up for the 3rd sellout.

Brian Jahelka 1 month, 3 weeks ago

That 67th ranking for 2022 takes in to account transfers. Otherwise it was the 107th ranked recruiting class.

All I'm saying is, our talent level is "below" that of every opponent we will face the rest of the year. Wins will be hard to come by. The fact that we are where we are, and are optimistic that a few more wins are possible, is all because of the amazing job this coaching staff has done.

Rock chalk!

Dale Rogers 1 month, 2 weeks ago

I remember the coaches chose to go light on high school recruits in order to use the portal to fill our needs for experience since we had the youngest, or near-youngest, team in P5. So, naturally, our HS class would not rate highly. If I recall, the timing of the NCAA setting aside the 25 limit for two years was too late to help much on the HS side. In any case, we got some good help via the portal.

Brett McCabe 1 month, 3 weeks ago

Fall break is big. Getting kids back for the game is a great sign that the program is charging up the student body. I think the student section will be full and rowdy.

We don't have tickets but we are going to the hill just to experience the atmosphere.

This is a big test for the team: tons of distraction, and a really talented opponent. I'm eager to see how focused, and how prepared the team is for this big moment.

Dirk Medema 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Brian - Whether reminded of 2007 or not, you and Jonathan commented on essentially the same differences.

I’m not certain about the timing of the rankings, but pretty certain that it doesn’t include about half the transfers. The change to eliminate the 25 player limit didn’t go into effect until the beginning of June iirc. Many of the late transfers were on D, so it is understandable that the D wasn’t as up to speed early in the season. Just like the entire team’s improvement through the season last year, after also having just fall camp to learn from this staff, I’m expecting to see the D also continue to steadily improve through the next 7+ games.

Dirk Medema 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Valid research and point though that this staff is doing impressive things with the players. Even more people are starting to jump on the COTY bandwagon.

Dirk Medema 1 month, 2 weeks ago

It is fun to start to see the GameDay crew interviews.

Any word on recruits that are on campus? Wouldn’t it be nice to have some flip to us after all the years of losing recruits during the season.

Dale Rogers 1 month, 2 weeks ago

Just saw the judge in the Trevor Wilson case says there is no reason to bind him over for court. I wonder if that means charges will be dismissed and when, or if, he will be reinstated to the team. Maybe a surprise for tomorrow's game?

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