New KU forward Tristan Enaruna makes commitment to Kansas official


Four-star Class of 2019 prospect Tristan Enaruna attached this photo to the Twitter message he sent announcing his commitment to Kansas on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. Enaruna is a 6-foot-9, 205-pound forward from Netherlands who played his high school ball at Wasatch Academy in Mount Pleasant, Utah.

Four-star Class of 2019 prospect Tristan Enaruna attached this photo to the Twitter message he sent announcing his commitment to Kansas on Tuesday, May 7, 2019. Enaruna is a 6-foot-9, 205-pound forward from Netherlands who played his high school ball at Wasatch Academy in Mount Pleasant, Utah. by Photo courtesy of @TristanEnaruna

Class of 2019 forward Tristan Enaruna wasted no time making his commitment to Kansas official, signing his national letter of intent on Wednesday, barely 12 hours after announcing his decision to join the Jayhawks.

The 4-star prospect from Wasatch Academy in Mount Pleasant, Utah, chose KU over Creighton and Miami (Fla.) and said his desire to join a big time college program ultimately won out. But Enaruna was not the only one overjoyed by his decision to join the Jayhawks.

“We have been recruiting Tristan the entire year and have always been impressed with his IQ, skill set and tremendous athletic ability,” KU coach Bill Self said in a news release Wednesday.

A 17-year-old, 4-star prospect who jumped 61 spots in the most recent rankings — from No. 105 to 44 — Self called Enaruna “young for his class,” but lauded his newest player’s versatility and all-around game.

“He would remind KU fans of a Kelly Oubre and Andrew Wiggins-type from his size, athletic ability and skill set,” Self said in the release. “He is still time away from having the impact that those two players had and strength will be very important in his development. We feel like Tristan's ceiling is one that he could be one of the most complete offensive players that we’ve had here at Kansas over the last several years.”

Enaruna said Tuesday night during a phone interview with the Journal-World that his recent visit to Lawrence helped cement his desire to join Self's Jayhawks.

“The guys, the teammates, we had a good time," he said. "Obviously, the fans are amazing. I’ve always dreamed of playing on a big stage like this. I’m excited about that.”

Originally from Almere, Flevoland, Netherlands, the 6-foot-9, 205-pound Enaruna moved to the United States during his junior year of high school. During his senior season at Wasatch Academy, Enaruna averaged 10.6 points, 4.8 rebounds and 2.4 assists per game while leading his team to the GEICO National Tournament in New York, where Enaruna’s sixth-seeded squad fell to No. 3 seed Oak Hill Academy.

“He had a great year,” Self said. “Tristan has been very well drilled and very well coached. He has been in the United States the last two years which should allow his transition into college to be a fairly seamless one.”

Enaruna officially becomes the third player in the 2019 class to sign with Kansas, joining 4-star guards Christian Braun of nearby Blue Valley Northwest and Issac McBride of Little Rock, Ark. Both of those players signed with Kansas in November and Self and his staff remain on the prowl for additional bodies to add to the 2019-20 roster.

Depending on what comes of KU’s four players who have declared for the 2019 NBA Draft, the Jayhawks figure to have at least two or three more scholarships available to hand out to players in the 2019 recruiting class.

Three members of the 2018-19 roster who declared for the draft — Devon Dotson, Quentin Grimes and Dedric Lawson — officially appeared on the NBA’s list of 66 invitees to next week’s predraft combine in Chicago.


Steve Zimmerman 3 years ago

Uh oh, "He is still time away from having the impact that those two players had and strength will be very important in his development. " to me it sounds like another bench warmer..

Brian Wilson 3 years ago

To me there is no "Uh oh" about it. If he warming the bench then our starters must be pretty good. Now, I sure do hope Walker signs and Silvio comes back. I I really like this this lineup:

  1. Dotson- Walker
  2. Agbaji - Garrett
  3. Enaruna - Braun
  4. Silvio - Lightfoot
  5. Dok - McCormack

If we sign R.J and one other big man we should be looking pretty good assuming Dok and Silvio play of course.

Brett McCabe 3 years ago

That's two If's and two Assumptions in one sentence. Thanks for the assurance.

One of the many problems with the program is that we repeatedly head into mid-May trying to throw some stuff together. It's generally not a great idea to become really adept at crisis management.

Sae Thirtysix 3 years ago

BMcCoob, holder of honorary lifetime achievement award in self-crisis management.

David Friend 3 years ago

worked very well for Texas Tech last year

Steve Zimmerman 3 years ago

BW could mean redshirt, here. If coach BS thinks he's not ready, future r/s.

Nick Kramer 3 years ago

The lineup will shake out of course, but I don't believe we've seen Silvio (if cleared to play) ever play the '4' spot. I think he played only the 5. Maybe he's developed some range in practice. I'd be more inclined to believe Garrett will start at the 3, with Enaruna and Lightfoot manning the 4 spot. Now hopefully we get a Hampton or other starting wing with a trey stroke to compete at the 2-3. Garrett can also play 4 against a small lineup opponent.

Joe Baker 3 years ago

Appreciate your optimism on recruits, but I've learned not to count on any recruit at this point. We don't have them til we have them. Don't count Walker yet.

Jay Scott 3 years ago

"We feel like Tristan's ceiling is one that he could be one of the most complete offensive players that we’ve had here at Kansas over the last several years.”

Does that sound like a bench warmer? Even for you Steve, that was a moronic comment.

Steve Zimmerman 3 years ago

Reality is, you're not KUMBB's head coach, Jay. No matter how hard you try. But I like to believe what you said above! It'll be a waste of talent, otherwise.

Jay Scott 3 years ago

Stevie...the quote was from HCBS in the same paragraph where you quoted from.....

Sometimes it's just too easy...

Scott Proch 3 years ago

You mean like Ochai? I'm starting to like these '4 star' guys who stick around a couple of years.

Dale Rogers 3 years ago

Exactly. Plus, time with Hudy and time in practice, then maybe coming off the bench until ready to start.

Buck Bukaty 3 years ago

Welcome, Mr. Enaruna!!!

Free Mr. De Sousa!!!!

Pius Waldman 3 years ago

It is unbelievable the punishment he has received without a hearing. Lets get a decision.

Phil Leister 3 years ago

Would you rather have a guy who has a high ceiling but still needs to develop, and thereby stays at KU for a few years? Or a guy who is seemingly ready to play, but no guarantees how he'll perform his freshman year, who is bound to leave after a season, regardless of performance because he's been told since he's in 9th grade that he'll be a one-and-done (see: Grimes, Quentin)?

The three guys in year's recruiting class so far are all multi-year players. There are no negatives to be found in that.

Craig Carson 3 years ago

A combo of both..sure you get a Grimes, but you also get a Josh Jackson....keep in mind that just because a kid comes in as a 4 star doesn't mean they won't leave after a season...abolishing the OAD won't stop kids from being impatient and leaving for the NBA after 1 season..all that it changes is instead of KNOWING who is a OAD (Zion for example), we won't truly know who is leaving until after the and believe if a 3 star kid comes in and averages 25 ppg as a freshman and is projected as a 1st round pick, they aren't staying beyond that season

Ryan Zimmerman 3 years ago

Question here: Is he rated in the top 50 mainly based on his potential? Because a 10 PPG average isn't exactly mind blowing.

Jay Scott 3 years ago

Seems like a great addition!!

Notice how Matt points out that there are likely 2 or 3 scholarships available? This, for the simplest of Chicken Littles (yes Craig Carson, you) is because the NCAA allows teams only thirteen. What that means is that if a team has 11 players with eligibility left, and who aren't projected as high draft picks, only 2 more can be signed until some of those 11 players announce their intentions. (Kansas had 2 signed) Players don't want to sign where there are no openings and scholarships that are unavailable can't be handed out.

For those aforementioned simpletons, a "fully stocked recruiting pipeline" simply isn't possible in February when you don't have scholarships. For these same simpletons (yes, you again Craig) it would be easier to earn the respect that you demand in profanity and juvenile anatomy reference filled tirades if you could take the time to understand these simple factors and learn to count to 13.

Craig Carson 3 years ago

When you give respect then you get didn't give it so no, I'm not giving it back to you. .and I suggest you get my name out of your don't seem to be capable of sharing ideas in a mature way..if you don't agree with some one thoughts..great..but don't throw out insults like "chicken little" and think no-one will come for you ...class dismissed

Jay Scott 3 years ago

Craig. I make fun of arrogant people who post stupid comments. If you don't like being mocked, stop posting stupidity.

It really is that easy.

It's usually not personal, unless someone like you chooses to make it so.... Feel free to "come for me". Making a fool of you will be easy and amusing to others.

Eliott Reeder 3 years ago

While I am agreeing more often with your takes, Mr. Jay Scott, I feel the need to point out that you are the by far the most guilty party in the juvenile name-calling dept here on Just an FYI.

Jay Scott 3 years ago

An example? I aim to mock comments rather than people...until they first make it personal...

Craig Carson 3 years ago

@jay .um do mock lack the ability to show respect towards people with opinions you don't like ..when you call someone "chicken little" make it personal

Jay Scott 3 years ago

Opinions? No Craig. You 're entitled to your opinions.

It's when Chicken Littles moan and whine about things that could or should be done that simply are not possible that a degree of mocking commonly ensues..

As an example, someone recently ranted that HCBS should have 6/7 new recruits locked up in a year when 11 players project to return. Such stupidity isn't "opinion". It's a mathematical and functional impossibility. 1) 11 + 6 is four more scholarships than teams have. 2) Signing a player when they know a playing role and a scholarship really doesn't exist is impossible. No parents or kids are that stupid. One poster seemed to be the exception. What was his name?

If you find the objective analysis of gross stupidity to be "personal", maybe it's time for some personal reflection.

Craig Carson 3 years ago

Pointing out obvious concerns such as a lack of recruits isn't "whining " i not suppose to show concern for obvious things that SHOULD be concerning?!! There you go again with the personal insults..calling people "chicken little" for their opinions....take yourself whatever pedastal you are on because trust me,you don't belong there..if you don't agree with my god given right to have an opinion then don't take it upon yourself share yours when it isn't are no authority figure nor are you a bastion of truth

Jay Scott 3 years ago

Craig, I not only support but look forward to you exercising your God (always capitalized) given right to an opinion.

Similarly, I enjoy my God given right to point out the massive stupidity that comments here often contain. An example? Expecting to have 6 or 7 new recruits sign when you have 11 players already on scholarship with remaining eligibility. Imagine someone that clueless?

One can whine, pontificate, babble, snivel or try to justify in any form that 11 + 6 or 7 does not exceed 13. It's all just comical stupidity.

Again, if the notion that public comments such as those above could be objectively assessed for their stupidity is "personal" to you. That's a sign you need to do some serious "personal" reflection.

Craig Carson 3 years ago

@Jay..I NEVER said I wanted KU to sign 6-7 might have me mixed up with someone complaints have always been to the lack of recruits this upcoming season, the constant misses on high level recruits and the potential to be in a worse situation next season when they could lose another 4-5 players if they have another off recruiting NO, you arent pointing out any stupidity on any of MY comments..why the hell would I expect KU to sign 6-7 guys in 1 single class? neither Duke or UK have ever done that!!!!..

Jay Scott 3 years ago Craig...if they need more recruits, in your whacky opinion, even though they have 11 projected returners and have no schollies...and you don't want them to actually sign these recruits...what would the coaching staff do? Have these recruits wear promise rings of some sort in case Kansas suddenly has openings and scholarships?

Please Craig....explain how you recruit kids without scholarships or playing time..

This promises to be the most amusing opinion yet.

Craig Carson 3 years ago

Fist off, take that pompous arrogant tone out of your I said, you don't have the intellect to by trying to lecture anyone. 2nd..if KU didn't have the open scholarships to give then why would they have been going after Stanley, Hurt AND the kid they just signed...not to mention all the grad players they are targeting...and lastly, why don't you try talking to people in a respectful manner .your common sense and knowledge if basketball is not superior to anyone else

Steve Zimmerman 3 years ago

Off topic, - what does it take for you guys to secure your website instead of keeping the http? It's time to adapt.

Jay Scott 3 years ago

Such a good post that I promise not to mock your posts for the rest of May.

Steve Zimmerman 3 years ago

You made my day, Jay! Better keep your words..

Keith Gellar 3 years ago

Sorry...all funds currently being funneled to KU BBall recruiting. Maybe in a few years when Adidas ponies up another few hundred millions.

Steve Zimmerman 3 years ago

.. has no affiliation whatsoever to KU BBall program, IMHO. Perhaps, you referred to But yes, really..

Barry Weiss 3 years ago

glad to get this kid, sounds good!

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