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Max Falkenstien

Max Falkenstien

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As the news of the passing of Max Falkenstien sinks in, hundreds of Falkenstien fans — whether they knew him or not — have taken to Twitter to celebrate the longtime KU broadcaster who was a friend to everyone and an ambassador for all things KU.

For many, the stories they tell are personal in nature, that one lasting memory of their time with Falkenstien or that one moment that made them laugh or cry or think the most during years of interactions with him.

For others, the stories are of a time when they grew up listening to “Bob and Max” on the radio or chose the radio broadcast over the television announcers because they had to have their KU games feel just right and Falkenstien and longtime broadcast partner Bob Davis made that happen better than anyone alive.

Regardless of the connection or the reason for their memories, the outpouring of love and respect and admiration for Falkenstien’s life and career showed in no uncertain terms just what kind of an impact he made on the entire KU fan base, those he knew well and those he met in passing.

To include all of the memories and reactions to his passing here would keep one busy for the rest of the week and you still might not get to all of them.

So, in the spirit of honoring him beyond the words about his passing, here is but a small sample of the kind words others offered about their friend Max Falkenstien in the hours after his passing.

Falkenstien died Monday afternoon at age 95 after living a life that could only be dreamt up in the pages of a Hollywood script and will not soon be forgotten.

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None by Brian Hanni

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Chris Bailey 3 years, 4 months ago

Beautiful tributes to a beautiful man. Rest In Peace Max. ROCK CHALK JAYHAWK FOREVER!

Titus Canby 3 years, 4 months ago

Like everyone else, I grew up listening to Max call KU football games. He had a voice and a way of calling a game that made me feel at home.

This makes me wish we said things like all of the sentiments above while people are still alive so they can hear it.

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