Sunflower State loaded with elite talent in 2019, 2020 hoops classes


Kansas University basketball recruiting

Kansas University basketball recruiting

It’s no secret that Kansas basketball coach Bill Self can go to just about any part of the world and come home with a talented basketball player to plug into his KU roster.

From Ukraine to Cameroon and Canada to Chicago, Self has had success with prospects from all parts of the country and the world.

So it comes as no surprise then that Self has had little trouble landing players from the Sunflower State, who (a) often grew up wanting to be Jayhawks and (b) love the idea of playing major college basketball close to home so their friends and family members can enjoy the experience with them.

Tyrel Reed did it. Brady Morningstar and Perry Ellis did it, too. And those are just a couple of Kansans who went on to enjoy terrific careers in crimson and blue.

Across campus, where David Beaty is set to enter Year 3 of his time leading the KU football program, putting a greater emphasis on recruiting Kansas kids has been a big part of his plan to rebuild that program and, for the most part, Beaty and company have done a fantastic job of backing up their claim that they will make their home state a priority.

While Self does not have to be so emphatic with any such claims, he has always talked fondly of his appreciation for local talent and the impact it has had and can have on his program.

Whether they all have similar traits or bring something different to the table, putting Kansas kids in a KU uniform has a way of making fans from all corners of the state feel good about life. And with that in mind, now is as good of a time as any for Self to be mining the state for talent.

Matt Scott, of 247 Sports site, recently put together an article that pointed out the number of elite-level players in Kansas during the next couple of recruiting classes.

While none of them are available in the 2018 class, things get rolling in a hurry in 2019 and 2020, where some of the top players in the country — at least as of today — have Kansas zip codes.

Here’s a quick look at the names. For more, including highlights and even more insight, be sure to check out Scott’s article, dubbed “Kansas Is The New Hoop State: The state of Kansas has more KU-level talent than ever. See what players are becoming can’t miss prospects for the Jayhawks.”

Class of 2019

• PF Jeremiah Robinson-Earl – Ranked No. 23 in the 247 composite rankings for the 2019 class, the 6-foot-9 son of former KU forward Lester Earl from Bishop Miege High is an athletic play maker with a wide range of skills who likes to play fast and hit the glass.

• CG Zach Harvey – Ranked No. 25 in the 247 composite rankings for the 2019 class, the combo guard from Topeka’s Hayden High is a bona fide scorer who is deadly outside but has become just as tough as an inside scorer.

• SF/PF Malik Hall – Ranked No. 92 and rising in the 247 rankings, the versatile forward from Sunrise Christian in Wichita, who can play on the wing or in the post, had a great summer and is as good a defender as he is a scorer.

• SF Blake Hinson – Ranked No. 65 on the 247 list, Hinson, a teammate of Hall’s at Sunrise Christian who originally hails from Florida, is a talented two-sport athlete worth keeping an eye on.

Note: Robinson-Earl, Harvey and Hall are all expected to be in attendance at Late Night in the Phog on Sept. 30 at Allen Fieldhouse.

Class of 2020

• PG Ty Berry — The Newton prospect who is known for his length and quickness is a player Scott says could wind up being the No. 1 ranked PG in the Class of 2020.

• PF N’faly Dante — 6-foot-11, runs like crazy and uses his athleticism all over the floor. Scott suggests that Dante, originally from Mali and currently playing at Sunrise Christian in Wichita, could wind up being the top-ranked player in the entire class by the time it’s all said and done.

Note: Both Berry and Dante are also expected to attend Late Night on unofficial visits in late September.

• CG K.T. Raimey — Olathe East prospect who, at 6-foot-4, is long and rangy and utilizes his speed while playing either on or off the ball.

• SG Jonathan Jackson — 6-foot-3 and the younger brother of former North Carolina standout Justin Jackson, this Jackson is known as a deadly shooter from 3-point range and he spent the summer playing up a division on the AAU circuit.


Buck Bukaty 4 years, 10 months ago

Let's not forget former Miege player, Mr. Bol Bol, who has since transferred to, I think, a California Prep school.

How about for a couple of years we sign nothing but these in-state guys and wager a game of our guys can beat your guys, just for the fun of it!

Brett McCabe 4 years, 10 months ago

Sign the four in 19, find one other Kansas player and create our own Fab Five - Jayhawk style.

Lonnie Ross Dillon 4 years, 10 months ago

I ran into Mr Bol Bol in a taco joint in LA. He had to duck under an 8ft doorway (to be fair, he was trying not to not his hat off...but still)

Dee Shaw 4 years, 10 months ago

Sunrise Christian in Wichita? Dang with that much talent on one team that team should dominate.

Humpy Helsel 4 years, 10 months ago

I am sure we can't get, or may not want to get all of them. But dang, it's fun to have Kansas kids on the team. Particularly those who are truly elite players.

Craig Carson 4 years, 10 months ago

lets hope Self can keep these kids in Kansas and get them in Jayhawk uniforms where they belong

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