Going deep: My early stab at filling out KU football's fall depth chart (for now)


Kansas quarterback Dayne Crist (10) gets set to run a play during the first day of spring practices on Tuesday, March 27, 2012.

Kansas quarterback Dayne Crist (10) gets set to run a play during the first day of spring practices on Tuesday, March 27, 2012. by Richard Gwin

We now are officially two full weeks removed from the end of spring football and that seems like as good a time as any for me to release my projected KU football depth chart for the fall.

A couple of quick things to remember before diving in:

  1. I only saw the first 20 minutes of about five practices and 90 minutes of another.

  2. These projections are based not only on what I saw and heard this spring but also what I didn’t see and include plenty of players who will arrive on campus in June. Those players have a bullet point after their names in the depth chart below.

  3. It’s possible — likely even — that not all of the players below are listed at the positions they’ll play this fall. Take wide receiver, for example. On the pre-spring depth chart that KU coach Charlie Weis handed out, seniors Daymond Patterson and D.J. Beshears were listed as the 1 and the 2 at the same WR spot. However, based on what I saw this spring, it seemed as if Beshears emerged as one of the team’s top three receivers, so I’ve got him as a first-team guy. I’ll tighten this up when August rolls around (thankfully, we should get some more help from Weis then) but, for now, I’m going with my method.

  4. This thing has changed about six times during the course of the past six weeks and could very easily be tweaked again next week. But, hey, I’m not the head coach and it’s not my job to set this thing in stone. So let the speculation begin and let’s see how different this version looks from the one we get in August.

WR Kale Pick (Sr.) — Josh Ford• (Jr.)
WR Daymond Patterson (Sr.) — JaCorey Shepherd (Soph.)
WR D.J. Beshears (Sr.) — Christian Matthews (Jr.)
LT Tanner Hawkinson (Sr.) — Chad Kolumber (Soph.)
LG Duane Zlatnik (Sr.) — Damon Martin (RSFr.)
C Trevor Marrongelli (Sr.) — Dylan Admire (RSFr.)
RG Aslam Sterling• (Jr.) — Gavin Howard (Jr.)
RT Riley Spencer (Jr.) — Bryan Peters (RSFr.)
TE Jimmay Mundine (Soph.) — Charles Brooks• (Jr.)
QB Dayne Crist (Sr.) — Turner Baty• (Soph.)
HB Tony Pierson (Soph.) — Brandon Bourbon (Soph.)

DE Josh Williams• (Sr.) — Keba Agostinho (Jr.)
DT Jordan Tavai• (Jr.) — Pat Lewandowski (Soph.)
NT Ty McKinney• (Jr.) — John Williams (Jr.)
DE Michael Reynolds (Soph.) — Keon Stowers• (Jr.)
SLB Toben Opurum (Sr.) — Tunde Bakare (Sr.)
MLB Schyler Miles• (Fr.) — Anthony McDonald• (Sr.)
WLB Huldon Tharp (Jr.) — Darius Willis (Jr.)
CB Greg Brown (Sr.) — Greg Allen• (Fr.)
CB Tyler Patmon (Jr.) — Nas Moore• (Jr.)
SS Lubbock Smith (Sr.) — Ray Mitchell (Soph.)
FS Bradley McDougald (Sr.) — Victor Simmons (Soph.)

Special Teams
K Ron Doherty (Jr.) — Alex Mueller (Soph.)
P Ron Doherty (Jr.) — Victor McBride (Soph.)
KR D.J. Beshears (Sr.) — Bradley McDougald (Sr.)
PR Daymond Patterson (Sr.) — D.J. Beshears (Sr.)


baldwinjhawk 10 years ago

Hey Matt, so just curious did you have Marquis Jackson in the third slot or Sims? I thought Jackson was exciting at the spring game. He had guys bouncing off of him.

Randy Bombardier 10 years ago

With as many backs as we have I don't see the relevance of a depth chart. I would really like to see Bourbon and Pierson in at the same time, using Bourbon to lead some, misdirect some. I still think our ground game is going to open up the passing game and now we have someone who can make the throws. If our D is much improved I would like to see us adopt more of the K-State model of ball control offense. With our backs four yards is not a lot of real estate to ask for. Thanks for the article Mr. Tait.

Bville Hawk 10 years ago

We can't adopt the K-State offense model because we can't run our quarterback two thirds of the time.

We'll be pro-style offense, that's what Charley knows and that's what Charley does.

texashawk10 10 years ago

Marquis Jackson may end up being the that fullback type running back that does some lead blocking and is in the game the same time as Pierson.

KGphoto 10 years ago

If Schyler Miles beats out both Anthony McDonald and Darius Willis for MLB duties I'll be very impressed. At 220lbs and being 2/4 years of college weight lifting behind those guys, I'm guessing he will lack the thump needed for Big 12 MLB until at least next year. So I have him battling Tharp for WLB, which should be a good one, and McDonald and Willis for MLB.

To begin the season I bet Cummings is still listed as #2 QB. He has more time working with Weis, and even though Baty is studying his tail off, it might be almost mid-season before Weis is comfortable putting him in for any significant snaps. Sort of depends on Crist's health. If he goes down for the year, I could see Weis forcing Baty in there quicker.

For the sake of pass protection, and to keep him fresh for the entire season, I don't think Pierson will be a true #1 back. If Bourbon is healthy he is better equipped to keep Crist safe in the pocket. If he isn't I wouldn't doubt that Taylor Cox steps in until Sims is back in game 4. Doesn't mean Pierson won't be the star, just not the most used RB.

Of course this ALL hinges on what Weis considers #1. He could easily put a guy in at #1 for no other reason as to mess with the opposition. Wouldn't surprise me a bit. Also based on game situations #1 could end up #3 without notice, and vice versa.

Keeps us busy for summer though. Thanks Matt.

Hank Cross 10 years ago

Interesting. But not as interesting as FSU to B12 speculation and rumors. Fire up the realignment blog. Why wait for actual news?

Jayhawk1116 10 years ago

"Why wait for actual news". Love it! The news media sure doesn't wait, why should we? Bring on the percentage wheel!

pizzashuttle 10 years ago

Agree with oxcaljayhawk. We need more speculation about realignment and Matt's the man for the job.

Matt Tait 10 years ago

Working on it.... I'll have something more later this week. I've been on the phones as much as possible, but also have have been tied up with other stuff this week. When things wind down a little more, I'll jump back on it. Hang in there!

VaJay 10 years ago

Question for Matt (or any other "experts" around...)

What Juco players have really made an impact at Kansas & what's our percentage of success been with them? - I don't recall any major ones, but I sure hope this coaching staff has a little luck...

Bangkok_Jayhawk 10 years ago

A few that come to mind...

Guys who contributed... Bill Whittemore, Chet Hartley, Kendrick Harper, Brian Murph, Paul Como, Jake Cox, Wayne Wilder, Alonso Rojas

Guys who didn't contribute much... Nathan D'Cuhuna, Jaques Crawford, Quinn Meachum, Calvin Rubles, Quintin Woods, Rameses Arceo, Marc Jones, Patrick Resby, Rod Harris, Travis Stephens, Vernon Brooks

Jeff Coffman 10 years ago

Hey Quinn was the QB that won our lone Big XII victory last year.

You got to give him a tad of credit.

wastewatcher 10 years ago

There is a lot of opporetunity for some brand new faces in the kicking game. A lot has been said about the coaches unhappiness with the kickers so maybe new faces get a chance.

Matt Tait 10 years ago

Very possible... I still think Doherty, with his experience and ability, has the lead.

Matt Tait 10 years ago

All valid points, and I could certainly see that. I'm just going off of Coach Weis' less than enthusiastic response when asked a few weeks back about Howard as the fifth lineman.

Still, it's going to take an awful impressive camp for Sterling to land a starting gig, but I don't think it's impossible. And, based on his size alone, I would think the staff would love to give him a chance to get in the mix.

roosey 10 years ago

Remember that Aaron Rodgers went from being a backup at Butte Community College to starting at Cal in less than two years. I'm not saying this kid is the Aaron Rodgers of offensive linemen, but it is very possible to make the jump from Juco to college and see success early on. He's got the size and Grunhard will make sure he has the skills before he starts a game.

KUFAN02 10 years ago

Unless one of the incoming RB's a stud, I think Jackson will be the starter come fall (until sims is eligible). Pierson is talented, but not an every down back.

Bangkok_Jayhawk 10 years ago

I think it would be a tall task to ask a converted receiver to be th starting running back when running back was already the strongest position on the team. Give Jackson a year at the new position before expectations get big.

I bet it's Pierson as the starter, Bourbon and Cox as 2-3. It will be a mess when Sims comes back.

I hope Shaw red-shirts.

Bobby Burch 9 years, 12 months ago

Pretty solid chart. TE is a hard call. I imagine it will be somewhat evenly divided among Mundine and Brooks.

After looking at Matt's roster feel a little more confident in LB -- Bakare, McDonald, Opurum, Miles and Tharp offer a nice blend of experience and raw talent.

Can't wait for September!

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