Realignment Today: 10:08 p.m. - The Big 12 lives; Zenger, Gray-Little release statement; Beebe's out; and Mizzou luke warm in commitment


10:08 p.m. Update:

Still some confusion regarding the Big 12's long-term future and Missouri's role in it, but it seems like it's just a matter of time before that gets cleared up. May take some work and may remain precarious for a while, but the work will be done. More on that tomorrow.

With that said, here's a statement from KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger and chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little, released a little before 10 p.m. It confirms that all nine remaining members of the conference committed to the league.

“Tonight, nine members of the Big 12 Conference affirmed their solidarity and agreed to measures that will ensure the stability of the conference moving forward.

“The preservation of the Big 12 has been our primary objective as we worked to uphold the interests of KU, our student-athletes and fans. Tonight’s agreement will enable us to again look at expansion as a way to solidify the conference’s national standing. We look forward to working with interim commissioner Chuck Neinas in that effort.

“We want to thank Jayhawks for their patience as we have worked aggressively toward this outcome. We would have liked to have shared details of the various discussions with you, but it better served our common objective to proceed with the utmost discretion.

“While details remain to be worked out, this agreement points to a bright future for the Big 12 and allows us all to begin to turn our attention back to the accomplishments of our student-athletes in the classroom and on the field of competition.”

Stay tuned...

8:18 p.m. Update:

Just when you thought everything was peachy, Missouri's news conference dragged on and people are up in arms about the Tigers' long-term commitment to the Big 12.

Can't blame 'em.

MU chancellor Brady Deaton and AD Mike Alden had every chance to say they were proud members of the league — which Deaton spent the last two weeks fighting for — yet they did not say that and did not pledge long-term commitment.

It's things like these that have made this conference a laughing stock around the country and until it stops the Big 12 will continue to be synonymous with bad jokes.

The bottom line is this: Missouri said they're in TODAY and the Big 12 will live on. There's a chance that the Tigers are still talking to the SEC and/or still have their eyes on making a move at some point in the future.

While that may be true — and may someday happen — the league most definitely can handle the loss of Missouri. The sooner the Tigers realize that and act like it, the sooner this league can move on together and focus on becoming the great league it should be.

For now, though, the key players, Oklahoma and Texas, appear to be 100 percent committed and the focus shifts to putting the pieces back together and moving on.

Stay tuned...

6:53 p.m. Update:

It's a little tough to track down right now but here's the gist of what we've learned from the OU and MU news conferences.

All nine schools have committed to staying in the Big 12 and they're kicking around a new 6-year grant of television rights tied to the agreement. All nine presidents signed off on the deal and the respective boards must now approve it. That'll come in time.

If approved, the deal would mean the Big 12 will go a year beyond their media rights. Boren: "That really has teeth in it."

A couple of notes:

• Expansion committee has been put in place...

• Texas A&M free to go...

• OU president David Boren: "It shows that we fully intend to stay together. It shows we're going to be stable and not have year to year dramas like we've had."

• Chuck Neinas will be the league's interim commissioner. He will begin immediately and will start visiting the nine Big 12 schools in the very near future.

I'll try to post some links later.

Stay tuned...

6:40 p.m. Update:

Watch the Missouri news conference live here:

6:16 p.m. Update:

Here's an official report of Dan Beebe's last days.

Just waiting on the Oklahoma (6:30) and Missouri (6:45) press conferences to get started right now.

Evidently, Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott has been on Seattle radio for the last several minutes sharing more about Oklahoma's near move to the Pac-12.

I'd bet OU's press conference is all about them saving face tonight. Of course, with the Sooners jumping in front of Mizzou by 15 minutes, it's also possible that they will use this as an opportunity to steal the league's thunder by announcing the reform that MU chancellor Brady Deaton is expected to announce later.

Here's a link to the podcast of that interview, in which Scott said OU wanted in but without Texas.

Go figure. Seems like a fitting end to all this, doesn't it? Sure sounds like the perfect launching point for OU and UT to move forward together as brothers. Good grief.

Stay tuned...

5:18 p.m. Update:

Sources have told the Dallas Morning News' Chuck Carlton that Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe has tendered his resignation.

An official announcement could come tonight, when Missouri chancellor Brady Deaton, the chair of the Big 12's board of directors, addresses the media at 6:45 p.m.

Earlier this afternoon, speculation and fears about what Deaton might say or do tonight ran wild. But sources have indicated to me as well as several others who cover the conference that tonight's news conference is most likely going to be a forum for Deaton to announce some major changes for the Big 12.

Included among them are a change in leadership, with Beebe stepping down; a change in the way revenue-sharing is handled by the league; and talk of what direction the Big 12 will lean in expansion, should they explore moving back to 10 or even 12 teams.

Chip Brown, of, Tweeted just moments ago that Texas appears to be softening on its stance of not wanting TCU in the league and the Horned Frogs now may be the Big 12's top target for expansion.

TCU, of course, would not come without baggage. Currently in the Mountain West but scheduled to join the Big East in 2012, Big East officials have said that they would hold TCU to the same standard they're planning to hold Syracuse and Pitt to, who are leaving for the ACC. That standard? A 27-month wait before leaving the conference.

BYU also remains in the running for Big 12 expansion, as do a handful of other Big East schools such as Louisville, Cincinnati and West Virigina.

Stay tuned...

3:08 p.m. Update:

Quick thought re: Mizzou, as there's starting to be some chatter out there that Brady Deaton could be resigning at tonight's press conference. We'll see.

As for those fearing that they'll announce a move to the SEC, think about the lengths the SEC went to to avoid lawsuits when they were courting Texas A&M. Extensive, right? The SEC wanted this to be about A&M wanting to leave and basically wouldn't even touch them until they had "broken up" with the Big 12.

With that in mind, do you think the SEC's going to throw all that out the window and charge hard after Missouri? No way. They won't be willing to deal with lawsuits — which would come — to grab Mizzou if they weren't willing to do it to get A&M. Just doesn't make sense.

Rest easy. And stay tuned...

2:49 p.m. Update:

Some folks are getting a little nervous about an afternoon meeting of Missouri's curators and a little bit of silence that's come from Columbia today.

I'm working on finding out exactly what's going on over there but here's what I've determined so far.

• One, sources continue to say that the Tigers are all-in for the Big 12.

• Two, the no comment stance from a lot of these guys means nothing more than that. They've learned not to open their mouths for fear of their words getting twisted in a thousand different ways. No comment, in this case, is just precautionary.

• Dennis Dodd of CBS Sports, also has sources that have indicated to him that all signs point to Missouri being sold on the Big 12.

• Vahe Gregorian, of the St. Louis Post Dispatch just Tweeted that there will be a 6:45 p.m. press conference in which MU chancellor Brady Deaton will address MU and the Big 12.

Here are some things Deaton may say: Remember, Deaton is the chair of the Big 12 board of directors so his role here is about much more than MU.

• We're all in and we look forward to building a strong Big 12 Conference in the future.

• He may announce that Big 12 commissioner Dan Beebe has stepped down, something that most are expecting to happen any day, perhaps any hour.

• He may address the rumors regarding MU's "deal" with the SEC in a couple of different ways. He may flat-out deny them. He may clear the air. Or he may dance on the fence.

Either way, it seems as if there's not much to be worried about. Think about it this way, even if Missouri were to surprise everyone and leave now, the Big 12 likely would survive their departure. Texas and OU are in and committed. Now it's about putting things back together.

Speaking of..... this report has now surface with an Oklahoma source saying going to the Pac-12 was OU's plan all along. Refutes what a different source said this morning, but, hey, this was bound to come out. Now the only question is if anyone cares.

Stay tuned...

1:53 p.m. Update:

In digging around for more on the ongoing Dan Beebe/Chuck Neinas saga, this story was brought to my attention.

It's from 2003, when KU hired former athletic director Lew Perkins. The man who helped find Perkins? You guessed it... Neinas.

It's an interesting read and includes some direct quotes from Neinas about the search.

Take a look:

Elsewhere, no official word yet about Beebe's resignation, but multiple reports, including this one from the Fort Worth Star Telegram indicate that momentum continues to build for Beebe's departure.

Still tracking down my own sources about the Beebe story. Stay tuned...

Oh, one other note while I've got your attention. We'll keep the blog going as much as warranted in the next several days, but it will, no doubt, slow down considerably. At the same time, KU football heats back up after the bye week.

I'll stay on top of the conference stuff and will blog when there's big news but a good chunk of my updates may come via Twitter. If you're not following me now and you'd like to, here's the link:!/mctait

Thanks to all of you for your incredible participation in this blog during the past few weeks. I'm glad you found it to be a useful source and I'm also proud to say we had some of the best discussions out there on conference realignment. All class all the time. Well done!

Stay tuned...

11:36 a.m. Update:

Yard's mowed, fertilizer's down, lunch is made... Things are starting to get back to normal a little bit.

Anyway, while I was otherwise occupied, a few of you asked for more information about Chuck Neinas. Here's a link that I posted in yesterday's blog that gives you all the info you could want about the man who may be the Big 12's commissioner for the next six months or so. Check it out.

Here are the highlights of Neinas' qualifications, beyond him serving as commissioner of the Big Eight from 1971-80...

• Negotiated television contracts and administered a television plan on behalf of the CFA members from 1984 through 1995 that included ABC, CBS, NBC and ESPN.

• Assumed responsibility for promoting CFA sponsored NCAA legislation that included the improvement of academic standards, the development of the continuing eligibility rule requiring progress toward a degree, establishment of more reasonable and enforceable NCAA rules including the recruiting calendar and elimination of the alumni and boosters from the recruiting process.

• As assistant executive director of the NCAA from 1961 to 1971, Neinas served as secretary to the NCAA Council (the policy making board of the organization) and Executive Committee (responsible for financial and business affairs). He was supervisor of NCAA Championships including direct responsibility for the National Collegiate Basketball Championship and College World Series, and served as NCAA Congressional liaison.

• Also has experience with the U.S. Olympic Committee as well as experience working with the NBA's Denver Nuggets and NHL's Colorado Avalanche.

For a full look at his bio, along with a link to his actual resume. They'll search this out but Neinas sounds as good as anybody.

For those who already saw that or have had enough of Chuck Norris, I mean, Neinas, here's a great read from the LA Times that says there are no heroes in conference realignment.,0,6872008.column

Another good recap that popped up is this one from Yahoo sports entitled, "Stop Superconferences, Start a Playoff.";_ylt=Ar8CU4fSAbCHADa7rwJH0Ow5nYcB?slug=dw-wetzel_stop_realignment_start_football_playoff_092211

More to come, I'm sure. And I'm still working the phones to find out what's now and next for the Big 12.

Stay tuned...

9:49 a.m. Update:

Chuck Neinas formally has applied for the job of interim commissioner of the Big 12 in the event of Dan Beebe's departure.

Here's the link from CBS Sports:

Story says Neinas expects the job would last 6 months to a year, which should give him plenty of time to help get things reworked and also give the league plenty of time to seek out a suitable permanent replacement.

This is a great step for the Big 12 toward fixing the league's problems and moving forward to bigger and better days.

Stay tuned...

9:06 a.m. Update:

Reports began to surface late Wednesday night about Big 12 commissioner in exile Dan Beebe possibly working on his exit from the league.

The actual movement on this, however, began days ago.

When Oklahoma went public with its demands that it would return to the Big 12 if Beebe were to be replaced, Beebe's goose was cooked. Here's why. Oklahoma was never going anywhere.

At least that's what sources close to Oklahoma are telling Berry Tramel of The Daily Oklahoman. In Tramel's latest story on conference realignment, a well-placed OU source tells him:

“Frankly, we wanted the impression out there that we might go to the Pac-12 because that gave us some leverage. We were using that as leverage to say, ‘Hey, you want us to stay? Let's have some of these reforms.'”

Here's the rest of the story, which includes a quote about the Sooners being a little disappointed that things ended so quickly. See, they actually enjoyed their position of leverage and were hoping it could drag out a couple more days to further enhance the leverage that they had. It didn't, as Pac-12 commissioner Larry Scott put an end to the madness by announcing that his league would not expand. But not before OU was able to create a major shake-up in its conference.

So now we move on. In most instances, someone acting in the way that OU did here would likely be ostracized by its conference mates for being dishonest and creating one heck of a mess that forced everyone to the brink of insanity. Not the Big 12. There will be some talks with OU about what all went down, but, for the most part, they'll be appreciated when all the dust settles.

As one Big 12 source told me: “Some of the demands could strengthen the league. I’m never gonna say this was all worth it. We’re never gonna get back the last three, four weeks of our lives. Two years from now, though, we might say it was worth it.”

Two weeks from now, they might say it was worth it. Until then, talk will continue to fly, rumors will pop up and healing will happen.

Here's what I believe based on what I know:

• Missouri is in. 100 percent.

• Beebe is out. And he should be. Chuck Neinas could be announced as interim commish as soon as today.

• The Big 12 is not yet talking expansion in any official capacity, though that may come to the forefront quickly.

• The rest of the country is moving on, too. Finally.

Here's a great story from the New York Times' Pete Thamel, that outlines exactly what's happening around the rest of the country. Thamel says he does not expect the SEC or ACC to expand again any time soon and also talks about what the Big East will do now.

There is plenty of concern regarding what the Big 12 will do in terms of expansion and it looks like adding one team is likely to happen. But no timetable has been set for such a move and there's also the possibility that the league could look to add three and get back to 12.

There's time for all that, though. For now, it's about putting the pieces back together and taking a long, hard look at some of that reform that OU brought to the table.

Texas will have to make some concessions. And many I've talked to believe they will. OU will have to make some concessions, too. And the rest of the league — dubbed by some as the Forgotten Five and the Two Followers — will have to stand up for itself and for the league. I think they will. The thing about coming out of this on the other side with all limbs in tact is that those schools with less power here now believe they have a say. Thanks to Baylor's bold move with regard to A&M heading to the SEC and the strong plays shown by Missouri and chancellor Brady Deaton, who also chairs the Big 12's board of directors, the other seven schools in this league now feel they have a place.

Don't think for a second that Kansas, Kansas State, Iowa State and the like didn't have their role in all this. Their parts may not have reached the light of day, but league sources told me that officials at every school in the conference played a key role in saving the Big 12.

I'm going partly off of gut feel here and partly off of what I've been told. But, this time, I think the league may be saved for good.

I'll be tracking the latest developments throughout the day so be sure to check back often. There are a lot of aftermath pieces being written and some newsy stuff, too, such as Neinas' interest in taking the interim commissioner job in the very near future and more.

Stay tuned...


Matt Tait 11 years, 2 months ago

Well done!!! Short and to the point. I like it. Interested in a job with the Big 12?

kesmithstl1 11 years, 2 months ago

Thanks Matt for keeping us all up to date throughout this mess. Let's hope it's behind us, but as my dad use to say, "you can hope in one hand and sh#$ in the other and see which one fills up first."

Matt Tait 11 years, 2 months ago

Your dad's a smart man. Thanks for the note. We'll ride it out the rest of the week and see where it goes from there.

nckujayhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Ten minutes and no posts? Where did everyone go?

Matt Tait 11 years, 2 months ago

I actually was doing that first. Then I noticed that was his soundoff line, too. It's not ground-breaking or anything and it's 100 percent coincidence, but I wanted that to be clear :-)

Now, if you were talking about CU's mascot "Chip" then that's a different story...

Hank Cross 11 years, 2 months ago

Please, Rigg. Matt is an actual journalist, not a flack like Cowchip Brown who doesn't have a thought unless Dodds gives it to him.

LAJayhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Sounds better than:

"Good night and good... please check my blog again in an hour when I will likely have significantly more information, and by adding this little tidbit I am by no means stealing a soundoff line from anyone... luck."

Also, I believe "go away" was taken.

jgkojak 11 years, 2 months ago

One bonus of this is - if the Big East thinks it wants to be at least an 8 team football conference, it will have to add a couple teams, and those are likely to come from C-USA - meaning there will be 3-4 more teams in the AQ leagues, making a 4x16 realignment less likely.

(No way the BCS strips the Big East of AQ status - there's a lot of Big East alumni in Congress -- and you already have Obama on record as saying he'd love to push along a college football playoff as President - hey! Something Democrats and Republicans can agree on!).

Tony Bandle 11 years, 2 months ago

Please express all of us poster's apologies to your lovely wife for the interruption of her birthday celebration, upon our behalf.

But out of all this, Matt, you have emerged as the only source of information who could be trusted.

Your reporting of information plus rational projection of possible consequences was always tempered by, "let's wait and see".

Well done!!

Matt Tait 11 years, 2 months ago

Thanks a lot!

Went with the wait-and-see approach because that's all any of us could do. But I did try to back my information with good sources, sound information and logical thinking.

Crazy how that works, huh?

Thanks again.

Aaron North 11 years, 2 months ago

Ummm... I realize this is the line OU put out and you are just faithfully reporting it: "hah, we were playing 3-d chess all along, we never were going to leave at all, we just wanted to bend the conference to our will! Too bad the Pac 12 announced before we could fully execute our devious plan!"

I'm not going to believe that unless there's some kind of time-stamped proof. This video clip more likely explains OU's reaction:

coach2878 11 years, 2 months ago

Great, great job Matt! I've really enjoyed following all of your posts the last few weeks. It's been incredibly nerve racking, but I really appreciate your dedication to keeping all of us die-hard, KU fans in the loop. Thanks again!

e93bigd 11 years, 2 months ago

Appoint new commisioner. Bring in BYU. Profit!

e93bigd 11 years, 2 months ago

And thanks Matt for your thorough conference realignment coverage. I didn't have to look elsewhere for news. Very well done.

onlyinboards 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt, you've done a great job. Thanks for being so diligent on this topic!

Matt Tait 11 years, 2 months ago

Thanks a bunch. All about survival. If I'm gonna track what's going on so that I know what I'm talking about, might as well share it with everyone...

What a ride.

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt, heard you on 610 AM this morning. Good interview. One question I would have asked you is this....say the Big 12 is saved for good now and all parties return to the table. How soon would we know of any UT concessions or Conference expansion possibilities? Weeks? Months? Do you have sources that explain timelines, like saying stuff like "We hope to have this resolved by November", etc.?

Matt Tait 11 years, 2 months ago

No timetable set in place for any of it yet.... yet. This is a fragile league right now and there's some healing that needs to be done before anything else can happen in full.

They are talking expansion - though not officially with candidates.

They are talking about restructuring the league - and will do so for months and months.

And they are looking at what they can do to make sure this group is tighter and they never have to go through something like this again - and that's something that will be an ongoing deal.

All that said, I think they'll want some assurances that things are going to be different within the next few months. Agree to something in principle first and then get the ball rolling on putting action behind it.

At least that's what I'm hearing. Stay tuned... :-)

milwaukeeJAYHAWK 11 years, 2 months ago

Who knew the Big 12 would ever have such issues? Reminds me of a couple almost divorcing going through counseling or something. First, rebuild trust, try to work things out... that cruise. lol.


TenaciousD 11 years, 2 months ago

Thanks for all of your hard work, Matt. I for one appreciate it and have been glued to your blog. I don't talk to anyone who has been as informed as I have over the last several weeks. In fact, I keep running into people that tell me the "latest news on conference re-alignment" and to me, from reading your blog, it is usually yesterday's news. Maybe this saga has been a once in a lifetime freak show, or maybe it will happen again in a year or two, but it sure has been interesting. And more so through your coverage. Thanks again!

Matt Tait 11 years, 2 months ago

Thanks a bunch for the note. Glad I could help. Tried my best to stay on top of it all as it was happening. Glad to hear it went pretty well.

Our company received an email from someone expressing their gratitude and in that email they said the following: "Please tell Matt he is doing an awesome and he is making me look like a genius in an office surrounded by Texas Alums."

Score one for the little guys!!!

DCJayhawk0208 11 years, 2 months ago

What I don't really understand is why the Big XII isn't immediately pushing for expansion back to 12. BYU clearly to 10, then Louisville and West Virginia to 12. Not home-run moves, but solid doubles.

Waiting for some sort of craziness with Notre Dame is kind of like the chess club member deciding not to ask the nerdy girl who wants to jump his bones to prom because he's waiting for the head cheerleader to stop flirting with the quarterback and realize he has a heart of gold.

A truly tortured metaphor (simile?), but tortured is kind of how most fans probably feel right now.

Scott Murphy 11 years, 2 months ago

I agree with you completely!! They need to get back to 12 and they need to do it now, there won't be a better time.

Ron Prichard 11 years, 2 months ago

I agree on expansion, but I don't think any quality schools (such as BYU) will agree to join until they see the deals and agreements in place between the current member schools. Will there be equal revenue sharing? Is Beebe out? What about our third tier rights? Etc... As soon as that is set out, I think BYU is on the next train in.

Andy Tweedy 11 years, 2 months ago

So Matt, I see this Hargis dude listed specific schools as schools the Big XII has interest in adding. Now, if I'm not mistaken, those schools have homes in other conferences. Isn't this a dangerous thing to do considering the legal maneuverings of the likes of Baylor?

Phoggin_Loud 11 years, 2 months ago

Well done, Matt.

I have enjoyed your coverage. Your wife deserves and extra nice b-day present this year for her patience through all of this.

Through the last few weeks, KU comes out looking pretty good (along with Iowa State). They were surely, as you stated, working behind the scenes to keep the league together but they managed to stay out of the headlines and are the only one's who don't look greedy and arrogant. I'm sure that if the league does end up imploding in the coming years, KU will be remembered as a school that handles it's business in a professional and quiet manner. This speaks volumes to the leadership of Bernadette Gray-Little and Sheahon Zenger.

They deserve much thanks and congratulations. Thanks to all of KU's leadership team.

Kyle Sybesma 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt, Is the Big 12 now in control of setting off the dominos for realignment. BYU alone wouldn't do that but the rumors of W Virginia, and Louisville to the Big 12 would certainly kill the Big East and force UConn and Rutgers to the ACC, Big 10 or join a full blown Big12/Big East Power Conference. We haven't even mentioned South Florida or Cincinatti or even TCU. Would they then have to pay two exit fees?

By the way, Happy Birthday to your wife. And thank you for all the hard work you've put it. It's certainly appreciated.

Eric Dawson 11 years, 2 months ago

And from it you can understand BGL's drive to increase KU research efforts in order to stay in the AAU. KU is tied with NU at 101 in the US News & World Report ranking, and 138! (compared to NU's 111) in federal research expenditures. KState is just one step behind KU in federal research expenditures, and should jump up several spots once the National Bio and Agro-Defense Facility is going.

Kudos to BGL for making this a top priority. This is another big competition in which KU must come out shiny or suffer the consequences. Just another reason why it would have been great to go to either the B1G or the Pac12 -- the conference academic affiliations would have been extremely helpful for KU.

Aside: With Syracuse at 189 in fed research expenditures, it's easy to understand why it voluntarily left last year (at the same time the AAU voted NU out) rather than be put on probationary status by the AAU. Looks as if it would have been real hard for Syracuse to make up the ground needed in the probationary period to keep its standing.

lama 11 years, 2 months ago

A thinly-veiled effort by OU to save face. Bottom line: PAC didn't want you without Texas.

rob4lb 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt- let me echo the sentiments of everyone by saying great job in keeping us informed of the changing dynamics of conference realignment. By the end of it, I saw no need to look anywhere else for information but your blog. Everything else seemed dated.

Down here in Texas, the thoughts are that OU overplayed its hand and that UT is back in control You might find this column by Jerome Solomon in the Houston Chronicle to be entertaining.

I tend to think that UT wants 9 or 10 members so it will be easier to get to a BCS bowl. Doesn't the rest of the country see through that? Will the Big 12 be taken serious if it has less than 12 members and no championship game?

Eric Dawson 11 years, 2 months ago

rob4lb -- Having been a Texas resident from 1995-2006, I can assure your that the Austin school and its Exes (what, can't they spell or properly say "Alumnus, Alumna, Alumnae, Alumni?) always think they have the upper hand. Their hubris won't let them think anything else. It's both their best and their worst characteristic. Nothing new there.

OU is not the school that shopped itself to the Pac12, the B1G and the ACC and got told by all of them "thanks, but no thanks -- love the car, but the driver can't be trusted, and don't want the groupie" (ok, so maybe only the SEC would have couched in it NASCAR terms, but hey, it fits). The Austin school has been publicly embarrassed at every turn as the other conferences showed them that just being Texas doesn't trump everything, and (quote) The message, as one Bowl Championship Series executive familiar with the situation relayed it this week, was "Texas cannot be trusted." (end quote; from the LA Times article linked by The Great Tait).

OU has lost some of its leverage, but if it really is looking to establish more equality throughout the conference, the Others will be supportive and the Austin school will find itself overcome by numbers.

Finally, to be fair -- OU had the same idea as far as staying at 10 and not stubbing its toe in a Big 12 title game on the way to the BCS title game. I believe Stoops actually said as much last year. And yes, everyone can see that, even the fans of OU and the Austin school, although they may not acknowledge it (again, to be fair, I know those who do).

The conference will work to get back to 12, it has to now. The big reason the B1G finally went to 12 with NU -- and for that matter, why the Pac12 offered Utah last year when the Texas conglomerate negotiation fell through then -- was to get 12 and a conference title game. Every year the SEC, the ACC and the Big 12 entertained the nation during Championship week while the B1G and the Pac10 champions took the weekend off, keeping their brand off of the national stage and out of the limelight for that weekend. If the Big 12 doesn't get back to at least 12, it will be in the same boat. The title game money is nowhere near as important as the publicity it generates for the conference and the participating teams.

Steve Corder 11 years, 2 months ago

Yes, the UT pride & arrogance has stained and compromised their power. They have been shown to be vulnerable as they have over played their hand, for now.

Hank Cross 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt - you doing a great job. While this was going on I wasted too many hours surfing for info, including going places like West Virginia blogs where no civilized human should go. And this blog was always the place to go for the most accurate information, and not random rumours and magical thinking.

I also have to complement the commentors who consitently brought more thought and passion to this discussion than I saw elsewhere.

But enough of that. F -Texas.

classclown 11 years, 2 months ago

Tune in next year. Same bat time, same bat channel.

kureader 11 years, 2 months ago

Texas will gladly throw Beebe under the bus, if that makes everyone happy. We'll see if they really agree to share TV revenues more evenly.

ja3hawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Ahhhh, this is great news. I didn't like our Odds in all of this, if the Big12 were to fall. It seemed that officials in the state were dead set on making sure we went to the MW with the guys in Manhattan. We need to make some changes with the BOR in the state of Kansas.

On another note, UT is ridiculous with the LHN. We should instill stability by making it the B12 network.

bcc 11 years, 2 months ago

Nice work on all of the updates Matt, by boss appreciates it so it is quicker for me to check with what’s going on and get back to work instead of searching for the info myself.

I know this is but have you heard any news with the Mountain West and Conference USA combining into one conference after teams leave for the Big East?

Also doesn’t anyone at Oklahoma know the first rule to bluffing is not to admit to bluffing? Sorry I just don’t buy that they were bluffing this whole time.

Eric Dawson 11 years, 2 months ago

"And if we expect Texas to share revenue it gets from TLN, I hope we are as willing to share revenue we get from J-TV basketball broadcasts."

It must be an equal partnership across the board. If it does not become that, there will be no stability and the conference will end up going through this again.

All the little guys -- and I'm including KU in that because we are not, unfortunately, one of the prettier girls at the dance -- and even OU and the Austin school, for that matter -- stand to lose Big Time $$$ is they are so wrapped up in "gettin' mine" that the Big 12 folds.

First, travel costs will make significant budgetary dents for everybody, but that is small compared to the other bald, naked fact that cannot be escaped.

Going to another league will mean the Big Guys will have to equal share anyway, so there will be no advantage in doing it. While the Big 12 is a shaky conference, it is a solid brand that can be made even stronger if the conference foundations can be stabilized. All the members can do better for themselves and all involved by staying and playing that brand with the TV Powers That Be. Anyone that cannot see that is a fool.

Vote equality, and if the Austin school doesn't like it, they can try going independent.

Austin is on record that it really doesn't want to go independent because of all the problems associated with it.

Fasten your seat belts, it's gonna be a bumpy ride.

lothario64118 11 years, 2 months ago

Get the B12 office OUT OT TEXAS and move it to KANSAS CITY.

Steve Brown 11 years, 2 months ago

  1. first shoe to drop Bebee gone.
  2. second shoe to drop UT goes independant, get Bevo out of the truck. We add any combination of these four schools to get back to full compliment of 12 teams: Texas A&M, Houston, TCU, SMU, BYU, Memphis, Louisville, wish UT well in their new conf. of one. Give Jerry Jones stadium the annual FB championship game and Walmart free naming rights, the B12 Walmart championship, if they bring Arkansas. An unlikely dream.

UT is ND twin brother separated at birth. ND with finances from NBC is aware it doesn't fit a conference profile, UT with LHN is the same yet hasn't had the enlightenment, needs a shove from Sooner and the rest of us for B12 to survive long term, or we'll continue to lose schools. Next year Tigers.

if UT had been put in place couple years ago we would still have Cornhuskers and Aggies, the end game is the same, just a matter of when it is realized. The dust settling today after a couple hectic weeks, doesn't change the end game, just prolongs it. Hope I'm wrong.

Angus0199 11 years, 2 months ago

I hope you are right...Would love to see Bevo sent to another pasture to F' it up.

kuhawks28 11 years, 2 months ago

I always heard that if someone says they have leverage, they don't. :)

tecuani 11 years, 2 months ago

It would be better to be at 12 again. A few I wouldn't mind see joining us.

Top 3: Boise State - Long shot, but why not. TCU - Yeah UT would cry but football is all that matters right? BYU - Would just add to the Big 12 strength

Next 3: Air Force - Best of the military academies in athletics. Colorado State - Better than CU annually, and Fort Collins is fantastic Cincinnati - Bearcats!!!

tecuani 11 years, 2 months ago

Oh yeah, forgot about Memphis and Louisville! Lets go for 14.

ahpersecoachingexperience 11 years, 2 months ago

I'm going to guess that Mrs Matt is just as hot as Mrs Ari. Happy birthday to her!

LAJayhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Mrs. Ari (or as we came to fine out, "Melissa") was considerably hotter before she moved into the anorexically thin category, IMHO anyway.

BTW, was on that set a couple of times, and I have breaking news for you that you won't believe.... Emmanuelle Chriqui = hot.

I know, I just blew your mind.

Graczyk 11 years, 2 months ago

I think the Big 12 is too weak to survive. It has lost too much cohesion among its members and too much value with the departure of three teams. Yes, Nebraska was really the only one that mattered, but there are only so many prominent football teams in the Big 12 footprint. Being in the middle of the country, with a thin population, is constantly going to make the Big 12 a target for raiding since the other conferences are clearly looking to expand their footprint with contiguous additions. A new commissioner and a restructured league are only band-aids and won't solve the underlying problem of geography and population. This drama will repeated (ad nauseum) until the Big 12 is finished. A final thought, adding WVU would be a mistake. Unless we want to look like the Big East, which takes any and all comers, we need to create a league that has cohesive geography. What about New Mexico? They have the student population, even if the football isn't that great yet.

142466 11 years, 2 months ago

I agree with you 100% regarding geography, WVU, and the Lobos.

If the B12 could prompty solve the TV revenue issues and, soon thereafter, add 3 strong members from the mountain states and/or Texas, the league would survive, for a few years. It's difficult, though, to find 3 strong invitees. Except for BYU, any invitee would be significantly upgrading by joining the Big12, so they're not very attractive additions, at least in the short run. My choices would be TCU, BYU, and New Mexico, maybe Houston (otherwise known by Houstonians as "Cougar High"), but I don't claim to be making well informed choices.

Long-term, the league is doomed, for the reasons you have stated. This year's hunting season has closed, but the same outside agitators will return next year. The top half of the B12 schools will go to other, more stable, expanded Super Conferences. The lower half (which will include those members entering the B12 in 2011, 20112, or 2013), will then add a few more members and struggle along as a non-BCS conference. It will, though, be a stepping stone league, similar to the NBA's developmental league.

Will KU be a top half school? Or will we be sent down to Omaha? Close call. My guess, top half. Interesting.

sm5561 11 years, 2 months ago

Why is everyone so excited about BYU? Are they really that big of a national draw? They're 1,000 miles WEST of the nearest Big12 school (actually 875 from Lubbock according to Google). Doesn't east typically bring more TV exposure? Louisville, Cinncinatti, WV, Memphis are all within a days drive from at least one Big 12 school. Not to mention the Texas schools (TCU, SMU, Houston) if they can get past the politics. Also South Florida and UCF are further away (1100 miles from Waco) but get us into good recruiting ground in Florida. No?

LogicMan 11 years, 2 months ago

I'd say Louisville is the most optimal (tradition, balance, distance, attendance, etc.), but BYU has better football lately and a bigger national following. But we do need options in case one says no, and to strengthen our negotiating position. One major factor will be if that school can join the conference next year, or not.

But at this point I favor going to 12 over the next few years, likely with those two and VWU. If more a merger of all the then-remaining Big East FB teams is a neat, tidy solution, sold as a "merger". But leave the BB behind, including ND, as the new Big East.

jgkojak 11 years, 2 months ago

BYU is Notre Dame for Mormons and has a national following (albeit less than ND). You will get people from all over the Western US (Nevada, Montana, Idaho)-- not a lot of people, but equal to what Louisville would bring.

TheColonel 11 years, 2 months ago

The ugly truth is that it is bc BYU is the best of whats left. The Big 12 knows it can't draw anyone out of the SEC, Big 10, or Pac-12- and that is why the Big 12 is still finished. It has settled into being fourth banana from which it will be unlikely if not impossible to recover.

142466 11 years, 2 months ago

I agree with everything you say, except for your assertion that the B12 is definitely dead.

I think the odds are approx. 3:1 that it's dead. If it can promptly add 3 schools, those 3 being the strongest of all the mountain state and Texas schools, it might survive.

Of course, there might be 6 legged mice on Venus, too.

Jayhawk444 11 years, 2 months ago

This is just saying "go for the money" and hope the conferences survive. This doesn't really substantiate the claim that a playoff will save the just says if there's more money to share, it's more likely conferences are happy as-is. Not sure I but that.

But are we even sure the idea of a play-off is a good one. I know that it's one of those things that everyone with an ounce of sense is just supposed to "get." Playoff = good. But think about it for a bit. Basketball has a tournament. A damn good one, in fact. The Best Thing in Sports. But look at the regular season. It doesn't matter. The last two years, KU wins conference championships and puts up gaudy records, but does anybody remember that? No. Lunardi begins putting out potential brackets in October. October! Game Day focuses on "the bubble" beginning in January. Basically, the entire regular season is just foreplay for the Tournament.

Now look at football. Oregon and LSU played a meaningful game on Labor Day weekend Florida State and Oklahoma played a meaningful game in September. That doesn't happen with if there's a playoff. Why would any top team risk a loss like that and hurt its chances at being one of The Chosen at season's end?

I'm not arguing against a playoff for football, I'm just trying to point out that if/when there's a playoff, all of those meaningful non-con games in September become meaningless, and Corso and Herbstreit will start talking about who's in and who's out starting the first week of the season. Everybody needs to keep that in mind without blindly drinking from the Playoff = Good punchbowl

rob4lb 11 years, 2 months ago

Expansion targets need to be able to pay their way by adding value to the conference. If you have a ten team conference that gets $150M per year for its TV rights ($15M/school), any additional members will have generate more than $15M in order for the schools to get more revenue.

If you bring in TCU, SMU or Houston, do you think ESPN and Fox will renegotiate contacts to where all schools get more money. The answer is no. At best, each of these schools are #4 in their respective cities. You will not get more viewers by bringing in these schools.

Another way to add value is big sold out stadiums as there is formula for splitting gate receipts. Each of the Texas schools have stadiums smaller than any currently Big 12 schools and they rarely sell them out.

So expansion need to find value added teams. Yes, BYU is one of them. They are a national brand and they have a large stadium that is sold out every game. A trip to Provo is not much longer (by plane) than a trip to Boulder.

After BYU, it gets tough to pick more schools. Louisville is fairly close geographically. They have surprisingly large stadium, while they are not the most popular team in the area, there are no other Big 12 teams in the area so there is the potential to increase the TV exposure of the conference.

South Florida and West Virginia are isolated geographically but do open up new markets and in the case of South Florida opens up a fertile recruiting ground.

hawknfl 11 years, 2 months ago

I agree with you about the two Florida schools, being that I live in Tampa I would love to see the Big 12 if it survives come in and take both USF and UCF. The exposure in the heart of SEC and ACC territory would be fantastic, and the possible recruiting inroads would be just as good.

While I know geographically it makes little to no sense, With the fact that the ACC and SEC already have footholds in Florida getting USF from the Big East, and UCF from C-USA shouldn't be that difficult and could really expand the Big 12 brand in the future.

142466 11 years, 2 months ago

Adding any school that is not geographically contiguous with the body is inherently destabilizing. Seperated school(s), if they are attractive, academically and/or athletically, will always be the prey of nearer conferences. No good.

hawknfl 11 years, 2 months ago

normally, I would agree with you whole heartedly but the situation here in Florida is just like texas, why would the big 12 want a third Texas team. Here in Florida the SEC has the Gators, and the Gators will fight tooth and nail to keep another Florida school from joining. The ACC has two already and I dont think they would take on a third.

dmg97102 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt...I know it's off the subject of the Big 12 (indirectly), but what about TCU to the SEC? The Big 12 doesn't want TCU, and The Big East isn't looking all that appetizing at this point, and TCU opens up the state of TX a little more to the SEC. It also gets them into Jerryland's backyard in the DFW area, which I could see be a potential SEC conference championship site in the future to replace the Big 12 game. I also don't like seeing the SEC with an odd number and MU supposedly linked to them (the link to Big 12). It makes sense in my mind.

sm5561 11 years, 2 months ago

You're assuming that we keep the $150M contract with only 9 teams. Do we know that to be a fact? Surely they're not going to give us MORE money for trading A&M for BYU.

AlecRaenos 11 years, 2 months ago

Possibly. Without A&M the Big 12 still has Texas. With BYU the Big 12 ADDS 100% of Mormons in this country (which is roughly 5.5 million people nation wide).

Utah obviously is the highest concentration of Mormons but basically every mountain state has over 100,000 mormons and that could be parlayed into large TV dollars. More than A&M brought by itself.

justinryman 11 years, 2 months ago

Well now I have to change my avatar.

The Big 12 lives!!!!

DocBean 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt, Can you give us more info on who Chuck Neinas is, and what's on his resume?

dynamitehawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Off topic.. Just got tix to Lengends at the Phog. I am sooooo pumped up!!!!!!!!!!!!

jgkojak 11 years, 2 months ago

Read that the Big East will add Navy and Air Force if it wants to expand Football -

shouldn't we consider adding Air Force is that's the case?

mdfraz 11 years, 2 months ago

Someone talked AFA above, and I think they'd be an excellent addition as an 11th team. They'd be my choice right after BYU, for a lot of the reasons stated above. Although the academies' enrollment/alumni bases are small, people respect them throughout the country. There would be quite a bit of prestige (IMO anyway) in having them join us, their football program has been mostly competitive, and sometimes pretty good, and even in basketball they've had a few decent years. Academics are a knockout, they are no further away than CU was, and Colorado Springs is beautiful. I'd be all for it, and I think if we have any designs of expanding back to 12, which I think we have to do at some point, if not right away, we need to be talking to them before the Big East locks them up. I don't know how AFA would choose the Big East over the Big 12 if it were offered, despite all of our recent issues.

texashawk10 11 years, 2 months ago

All of the academies have very large fan bases that are bigger than most other schools out there. While the actual alumni bases of Colorado Springs, Annapolis, and West Point are relatively small, you don't actually have to had attended those campuses to be loyal to the military branch you served in. I only actually know 2 people really well who graduated from the academies, but I know plenty of people who served, went to school somewhere else, and now cheer for both the school they attended as well as their branch of military. I would absolutely love to see Air Force in the Big 12, although considering they run the same offense as Georgia Tech, I don't think KU's defense would like to see that right now.

Jjhawkgirl 11 years, 2 months ago

In many cases, when folks choose a college and subsequently choose where to live after collge, they choose near their college. When you choose to attend the AFA, more than likely you are not from Colorado, and you certainly will go other places upon graduation. This is great for the Big 12 since it spreads fans all over the country, and the world. Watching service academy games is a big deal to all members of the military, and it could put the Big 12 onto more television sets. How big a deal is it? Doesn't College Gameday do a show from a service academy each year?
I say - BYU, AFA and Louisville. Done.

gchawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt, maybe this was posted somewhere earlier and I just missed it, but I'd like to know about Chuck Neinas' credentials. Do you think he'd be a good fit? Thanks for all your hard work and keeping us informed during this tumultuous time.

Randy Bombardier 11 years, 2 months ago

Have to say that I still feel like the conference is shaky and leaves us vulnerable until we expand. See avatar.

Josh Galler 11 years, 2 months ago

Lets add BYU, Louisville, TCU to make it 12

DocBean 11 years, 2 months ago

I just hope that Turner Gill or the next coach in charge of football will get KU to a respectable level when the Big XII goes through all of this again in the next 5 years.

Once TV contracts start running out, we'll see another push to get to 16 teams, the SEC wants Missouri, but doesn't want a lawsuit. As soon as the Big XII adds some more schools then they won't have to worry about the Big XII imploding just by losing one school, so they'll be able to go after Missouri, with a better offer.

LogicMan 11 years, 2 months ago

If AFA leaves the MWC for the BE, then the MWC will be hurting. So going after some of theirs (Colorado State, Wyoming, and New Mexico) makes sense geographically and I think they'd jump at the chance, But $ and TVs stand in the way. Too bad. Is there a solution? We're headed toward more-equal revenue sharing in the Big 12, but didn't NU take a reduced cut, at least for a while, to get into the Big 10?

LAJayhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

So OU was just making a power move. Matt, next time you can avoid weeks of non-stop research and updates, and just pull from my comments. I did call that from the beginning.... ;-)

Seriously, though, great job on everything you do. Since the conference is now healing, I'm hoping the mental and physical pain that realignment has brought me will heal too.

Stay tuned...

LJD230 11 years, 2 months ago


Take a look at this story from the Wall Street Jopurnal! Not very flatttering to the Big XII or Big whatever:

LAJayhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Interesting article.

And, FYI, since it didn't say it in the piece I looked up KU's US News 2012 ranking of national universities: #101

In relation to other Big 12 Schools (in order):

Texas #45 Texas A&M #58 Baylor #75 mizzou #90 Iowa State #97 KU #101 Oklahoma #101 Oklahoma St #132 KState #143 TTech #160

lama 11 years, 2 months ago

KU's ranking would climb immediately if it could be more selective in admissions. The state has finally moved on this -- they need to get this done ASAP.

rob4lb 11 years, 2 months ago

I read this at lunch and was going to post it. My conclusion regarding KU is that our academics are 'borderline' acceptable for the Big 12 or Pac 12. I was surprised that KU and K-State were nearly identical in research money. If it were for AAU membership, we would be in tough situation.

It would be nice if we could focus on improving academics. None of my money goes to Athletics department, it goes to the School of Engineering.

PJ Karasek 11 years, 2 months ago

rh00lz, your posting through this saga has ranged from incessant to humorous, but this one is just dead on the mark! KU Eng. BS '10 & MS '11 for this guy.

Eric Dawson 11 years, 2 months ago

Provost Vitter message on improving academics from 2010-11-02:

Some of BG-L's messages on this issue. 2010-11-09:


More can be found at

The issues are in the leadership's gunsights. Hopefully they are not only developing a good plan but will also quickly, vigorously and successfully execute it.

Kyle Sybesma 11 years, 2 months ago

BYU looks to be the clear replacement for A&M. They have no conference affiliation there fore no legal matters to interfere with. But they have their own TV contract like Texas which is what started this mess. They have always been looked at as a "mid major" which weakens our conference. We should be looking first to add West Virginia. They are the prize here. East Coast vs West Coast. BSC conference team vs non BSC conference team. Rumor has it that WV has been denied by both the SEC and Big 10. Only option left is ACC which was rumored to be talking with UConn, Rutgers and Notre Dame. Get WV then worry about BYU and the rest of the Big East.

Ludwig Supraphonic 11 years, 2 months ago

I don't see the rush for expansion. None of the options offered seem to increase our marketability, prestige, or fan interest. Stabilize what we have before adding unessential members.

sekjayhawkfan 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt - Ditto on the awesome job! Mrs. Matt - a belated Happy Birthday to you! Mr. Beebe - so long! farewell! - PLEASE provide some info on when doors open for Legends game!!!! - see prior request!

JHawkFOREVER 11 years, 2 months ago

I don't trust the idea of bringing in an interem comissioner who already has ties to UT's AD, DeLoss Dodds, who started this whole mess by negotiating the Longhorn Network. Bringing him in WILL NOT help the B12's chances of growing for the better. It will simply put the power back into UT's hands once again.

There will be no chance of getting the quality Texas schools like TCU, Houston, or SMU because UT does not want any more competition in recruiting with these growing programs. Go for WV, Louisville, and then BYU. Expand now and get it all over with. I would love to see TCU in the B12, however.

AlecRaenos 11 years, 2 months ago

Neinas' ties to Dodds are that he was HIS boss, not that Neinas was under Dodds. I do not think Dodds could influence Neinas in any way.

TCU, SMU and Houston are not QUALITY options either. They do not expand the footprint of the conference and THAT is the goal here. Of the available options left, BYU offers 5.5 million fans in the LDS Church. Louisville sells out their stadium and gets the footprint of the Big 12 in Kentucky (SEC Country). South Florida gets you in the Tampa area and in general, all of Florida since there are several USF campus throughout the state. WVU's largest fanbase exists in PA, not WV (which only has 1.8 million people and like 3 TVs). ALL of those are better options than TCU, SMU and Houston.

Jeff Coffman 11 years, 2 months ago

I guess I am totally confused...We had all of these problems because of revenue sharing and specifically over the Longhorn network.

So after 3 weeks of a fight, we now have 100% revenue sharing of Tier 1 and Tier 2, but not Tier 3 (which is what the Longhorn network is) and according to Dodds, that is non-negotiable.

Therefore, arent' we in the same positon?

Tell me if I am wrong, but didn't OU actually come out the worst financially because of this move. they actually got significantly more out of the Tier 1/2 rights because they are on TV primetime so much more for Football, now they basically negotiated their edge away. Their Tier 3 aren't worth much because OU and basketball don't go well together (at least not of late).

Are we going to have more fallout, because wasn't this all about Tier 3 rights and they still have not been changed. Don't get me wrong KU has good Tier 3 rights, so I'm not about saying we need to share, but didn't OU and the rest think that was the way to go.

I don't think this is done...

Josh Galler 11 years, 2 months ago

I think the main issue is the one or two games a year that UT is not on Tier 1 and Tier 2 in football, they want to be on LHN, and those teams will not be benefited showing on that network, but It seems like KU with their internet network and LHN was worked out, so kansasans can watch the game.

I do not think it is money thing that needs to work on, it is the showings. the HS is what is going on.

rob4lb 11 years, 2 months ago

Interesting observation of the comments section of this article.

Eric Dawson 11 years, 2 months ago

Too bad the KBOR don't understand that.

pgittemeier09 11 years, 2 months ago

i disagree with the article because if this was all about good football boise would be the prettiest girl...its about television...which is why a 4 win rutgers team has more options then a 3 win kansas team

Mandie Eutsler 11 years, 2 months ago

Great job Matt. Now you can go and get a good night's sleep...

Benjamin Piehler 11 years, 2 months ago

I don't buy OU's "We never meant to apply to the PAC, this was a Machiavellian political move."

Jeff Coffman 11 years, 2 months ago

That is why I believe that ATM, OU, OSU, and MU will be talking to the SEC before the end of the month.

buckleyhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

If OU wasn't going to apply to the PAC, you would have thought they could announce it before Scott went public with the "We are through with you".

Totally agree, towel...OU got punked on this. It looks more like UT didn't want to give up the LHN and the PAC prez's weren't going to budge on it.

FlintHawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Repost from yesterday, just in case the hero hasn't had enough praise:

Matt, I'm joining the chorus of your fans who thank you for the terrific investigative work and reporting you've done for us the past couple of weeks. (Has it only been that long?) I too hope you get some big recognition out of your work on this — at the very least ole Keeg should give you a big raise and a promotion (your own column?).

I am so appreciative of having your blog to hang onto day and night. As others have said, you provided the best info on the conference realignment debacle of anything else available online — not just for us and the Big 12 but interesting and important insights into the other conferences.

You've got us all better prepared/informed for the 2012 debacle.......;

chipmunk1956 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt, can you, or anyone else for that matter, please "splain" something to me. If the Big XII revenue sharing was slanted towards the Longhorns from the beginning, why is this just now (well, over the past couple of years) becoming an issue? One can assume that all the Big XII school reps "signed off" on this format at the inception of the conference, right? If so, what's changed? Did all the other schools really think the conference needed Bevo to get the conference launched? Or, is it just a matter of economics...more $$ at stake now? Just curious. Thanks for all your diligent work in keeping us posted.

AlecRaenos 11 years, 2 months ago

The unequal revenue sharing is, contrary to popular opinion, not Texas' idea. When the Big 12 was formed, it was OU and NU leading the charge because at the time those were by far the two biggest names in the conference.

What changed is Texas. Texas became very strong in all their sports after dumping a ton of money into it and from being in a far better conference than the SWC. They became the top dog and Nebraska - who refused to vote for equal revenue sharing - began to get jealous because they had faltered big time. They are trying revisionist history and saying all along that they didn't vote for unequal revenue sharing but they are lying through their effing teeth.

When it became clear that Nebraska was falling by the wayside they looked for a way out and brought up equal revenue sharing again in the conference. This time they voted for it but were completely outvoted. The landscape had shifted and it was about population now and the rest of the schools realized their ticket to bigger paydays was through Texas. Texas had become such a money making beast that their presence helped everyone. Nebraska would be second fiddle forever in the Big 12.

Then the Longhorn Network came about and when the details of its contract were publicized, most of the schools were furious at the connotations of what it meant. That Texas was making a power play to force everyone to do what they wanted because when TLN was massive they would not need the conference NEARLY as much as the conference needed them.

In the end, it wasn't a big deal for anyone but Nebraska until TLN came about and the details of that contract were leaked. ESPN and Texas would continue to push and push until it could get even road conference games on TLN and not have to share one cent of that revenue.

This is why I believe Texas wont budge on TLN because their end game is independence but not until they can afford to do so.

chipmunk1956 11 years, 2 months ago

That "splains" it. Very informative. Thanks...

Funhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Maybe Lew Perkins will be the next Big XII commissioner.

LogicMan 11 years, 2 months ago

Nah. Will be a football guy. Al "crushed like a dove" Bohl?

jaychalk 11 years, 2 months ago


Now that the conference realignment mess has settled down. Have we heard anything on Ben McLemore and Jamari Traylor being cleared to practice/play by the NCAA?

Jeff Coffman 11 years, 2 months ago

The Big XII has just bought a week of silence...this isn't over and there will be no need for a new commissioner. Let's get back to where KU will be, because MU is gone...hence the impending resignation of the Big XII director.

ja3hawk 11 years, 2 months ago

soo.. what would cause deaton to resign?

Jeff Coffman 11 years, 2 months ago

I've been saying it since the PAC 12 announcement...OU/OSU/MU/ATM are off to the SEC.

MU - Deaton will resign so to avoid a conflict of duty when he leaves for the SEC.

The SEC can always say that when instability occurred, Missouri reached out to us to gain stable footing and we wanted to accept them as the 14th member of the SEC. We want to reiterate that although we were happy at 12 and 13 members, when a University like Missouri approaches, you have to listen, and we did. With that in mind we are pleased to have Missouri join the SEC.

This isn't over.

hawk4evr2 11 years, 2 months ago

Thanks for that vote of confidence Mrs. Perkins

Bville Hawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Could Deaton be resigning to become the new conference commissioner?

ja3hawk 11 years, 2 months ago

That's initially what went to my mind but why the need to resign? Wouldn't that just be the natural outcome of taking the commissioner job...

Matt Tait 11 years, 2 months ago

Excellent thought. Very possible but I wouldn't bet on it. Seems like an interim commish is gonna happen for a while and that wouldn't be necessary if Deaton were taking over. I like where your head's at, though.

Carter Patterson 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt, I thought that KU BOR was going to meet again today. Is that not so?

Carter Patterson 11 years, 2 months ago

This link says they are meeting today as well along with your article yesterday. Just wondering if we know what time?

Ben Kane 11 years, 2 months ago

stupid question,

but if the big12 is redoing some of the rules isn't it possible they could change the treatment of partial qualifiers thus allowing Braeden Anderson to be able to play?

ltownatrain 11 years, 2 months ago

So I want to hear others thoughts on re-alignment and Big 12 expansion but I have been saying this since last year that wouldn't Air Force in the Big 12 be a better fit and more valuable than BYU? I mean I know BYU has a strong following and has a strong tradition but follow me here: Air Force consistently seems to make bowl games and put up 7, 8 and 9 win seasons, however, I also thought that they would be more valuable than BYU because their games are broadcast on the Armed Forces Network which reaches American Troops around the world so wouldn't having AF which could potentially reach 1.5 million active military men and women not to mention vets be a more valuable commodity than BYU in terms of market reach for TV?

ltownatrain 11 years, 2 months ago

Also I was wondering because I know I heard earlier today that Ok St President ( I think) mention that the expansion committee was considering Air Force but it seems all the talk centers on BYU.

Jeff Coffman 11 years, 2 months ago

It seems like almost all Tier 1 games are broadcast on the Armed Forces Network.

I actually not sure if any of them are all that good, I'd go into the Eastern Seaboard, and get SFU and CFU and maybe a Lousiville before I went out west, but that is just me.

However, I don't think the Big XII has stabalized, I still project OU, OSU, MU, and ATM are all gone in the next couple of weeks.

We would have six, but at that point in time UT and KU pair up and go somewhere else.

ltownatrain 11 years, 2 months ago

Well I don't know about OU and OSU being gone at this point because I don't know where they would go right now as OU would rather go west than east. And Mizzou as long as OU stays probably stays in Big 12 as their leadership would rather wait till Big 10 expands and go there with KU. No sense in jumping to SEC just to jump to Big 10 5 or 6 years down the road unless they have no choice.

ltownatrain 11 years, 2 months ago

Also all signs point to ACC adding UCONN and possibly rutgers so only place for OU and OSU since they are tied would be SEC, which, I don't think OU wants and at this point it actually seems that conferences only want OU if Texas is involved in discussion as well.

142466 11 years, 2 months ago

B12 is on life support. It's probably going to disintegrate.

Before long the NCAA national football champion will be the winner of an annual final four tournament. The 4 participants will be the winners of the 4 Super Conference championship games. The public will dig it. The actual, and aspiring, big time football schools will love it. Our friends and neighbors in D.C. will open their windows, spit, and grin from ear to ear as they pontificate on the wisdom of the free market. The media networks will hype it for all it's worth. The Madison Avenue add agencies will sing hymns of adoration to a new trinity: Super Bowl, NCAA BB post-season, and the NCAA FB Round of 8. See ya'll at Sunday School.

If I were Mizzou, OU, or UT, I would have already set my sights on the SEC, Big10, ACC, and PAC. If my #1 choice conference invites me, I'm gone. If my #2 choice invites me, I leave a one week due diligence trail & then I'm gone.

Mizzou, OU, and UT all know this: It's impossible for the B12 to find, in short order, 3 uncommited BCS caliber schools in this part of the country. None of the invitees would join, anyway. BYU will wait for the PAC. TCU's going east. Even if the B12 could find 3 new members that don't enter Letterman's monologue , it would only temporarily stop the bleeding. Because the 4 Supers are each going to 16, then 18, maybe even to 20 (like the expanding NCAA postseason BB tournament).

The feuding members of this current B12 business venture have no choice but to put on their happy faces for public consumption. But behind their backs several of them are sharpening knives. Sneers are beginning to replace grins.

Jjhawkgirl 11 years, 2 months ago

I like the idea of AFA as well. Since CU departed for "a place more culturally like Boulder ", the Big 12's presence in Colorado is lacking. We need to be there in some way, shape or form and I think that is best served with AFA, for all the reasons previously mentioned and many others.

blindrabbit 11 years, 2 months ago

If the Big 12 becomes 8 with Mizzou leaving for the SEC, let Tigers go if they want; will put them at home with their southern brothers. Then go after some of the following, TCU, SMU, BYU, Colorado St. Rice, Houston, Boise St, Tulsa, Air Force and New Mexico. Don't want any of that Louisville, Cincy stuff.

ltownatrain 11 years, 2 months ago

SMU and Rice would only be added if Big 12 was desperate as they don't really add much. Louisville at least brings a new TV market to the table which is key. CSU doesn't add much either as the Buffs actually carry the bulk of Colorado market, Tulsa is almost worthless as Oklahoma is all Sooner or Cowboy fans. Air Force makes perfect sense, New Mexico is awful although it is a new albeit small market. TCU doesn't add much in terms of market but is far better prorgram than most others and I like the idea of adding Boise St. and BYU even though road games to those locals would suck.

blindrabbit 11 years, 2 months ago

New Mexico is a bigger draw than you might realize; and by adding them, it would replace the hippies that let the conference when Colorado departed. Would give me another reason to visit Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Taos as if I needed an excuse.

ltownatrain 11 years, 2 months ago

I'm not saying new mexico isn't an option just that their market size compared to say BYU, Air Force and Louisville isnt as desirable as BYU has a huge following, air force brings a lot of the military fans and vets and louisville while its market isnt as big since they control half of kentucky they are a far better football team and more desirable to tv networks.

lama 11 years, 2 months ago

It's a growing state, too. BYU ought to get major consideration -- no strings attached and a huge national draw.

Steve Hillyer 11 years, 2 months ago

If I'm MU and there is an invite from the SEC I'm gone in a second, much more stability, travel is about the same (in the division) and good money. I also hope they do go because I am not sold that this conference will stick together and I don't think there is anyone available that will take the place of A&M and Neb,, BYU and WVU are the best in my opinion but they're still not what we had. Also I've known for several years KU has been drifting in a downward trend academically but some of the links above point out that we are in trouble, while we did improve in this years US News and the BOR gave us permission to increase our selection criteria we still have a lot of work to do and that can only help us when the conference does indeed blow up (a more competitive athletic dept. would help too)

ltownatrain 11 years, 2 months ago

I agree with the academic portion. I know a lot of this has been about football but the one thing that has kept KU somewhat relevant in expansion has been their AAU status, which, they need to hold on to at all costs as I don't know if just being able to say "well we have KU basketball" is going to keep KU as a desirable school to the ACC, PAC and BIG 10 unless they can throw the AAU card in as well.

texashawk10 11 years, 2 months ago

I'm hoping the med school issue that was one of the largest contributing factors in Nebraska losing their AAU status doesn't cost KU their membership as well. As their med center is not officially considered part of the Lincoln branch of Nebraska, none of the grants they received counted for AAU membership. I'm not sure how the KU Med Center is classified, but if it's the same as Nebraska, KU will probably lose their AAU status as well in the next decade. However, if that's not the case, then the Med Center likely being designated a National Cancer Institute will generate billions of dollars in research grants and solidify KU's AAU status for the next several decades.

Eric Dawson 11 years, 2 months ago

Everything I have read says the the KU MedCen is appropriately considered part of KU, and not another branch.

And FWIW, I've read that it wasn't the NU MedCen but their ag funding that hurt them. Here's an excerpt from

What particularly hurt Nebraska in those metrics is that as a land-grant institution in a farming state, it gets a large share of its research dollars for agriculture. The entire University of Nebraska system had $13.2-million in federally financed farm-related research in 2008, or about 10 percent of its total federal research dollars, as compared with a nationwide average of about 3 percent.

The AAU, however, does not give such research the same weight in its membership criteria because much of federal support for agricultural work is awarded through formulas and earmarks rather than peer-reviewed grants. As a result, presidents of land-grant institutions say that the AAU metrics are stacked against them. They maintain that differences between states in climate, soil, and crops necessitate formula-driven funds.

texashawk10 11 years, 2 months ago

Ag funding and the med school were the two biggest contributing factors, and if either was counted towards AAU membership, NU would safely be in. Because of the weight biomedical funding receives now in regards to AAU status, if NU's med center was classified as part of the UNL campus they would safely still have their AAU membership. The NCI designation for KU's med center should guarantee KU's AAU future while the AAU has the current structure setup.

Eric Dawson 11 years, 2 months ago

kusteveh, ltownatrain, and others talking KU academics issue -- (edited repost of a comment buried above)

The issues are in the leadership's gunsights. Hopefully they are not only developing a good plan but will also quickly, vigorously and successfully execute it.

Selection critieria is just a start, much more to do. See Vitter's message in particular on where KU is lagging.

Provost Vitter message on improving academics from 2010-11-02:

Some of BG-L's messages on this issue since the Vitter message. 2010-11-09:


More can be found at

Robert Brock 11 years, 2 months ago

TCU? I have lived in the Metroplex for over 25 years and people here watch UT and A&M with vigor. TCU is nothing.

kureader 11 years, 2 months ago

nothing against TCU, but I'd hope we don't add another Texas school to the conference. The state of Texas has too much control already.

Hank Cross 11 years, 2 months ago

It's too bad Beebe's job didn't end with HR walking into his office with his final paycheck and a security guard to walk him out. Anybody who fails that bad at their job deserves that treatement.

hawksfanatic 11 years, 2 months ago

Well, if nothing else, it's been entertaining reading the past several weeks.

Kyle Sybesma 11 years, 2 months ago

We should absorb the Big East no matter what happens to UConn and Rutgers and become the first 16 team power conference.

East: UConn, Rutgers, West Virginia, Cincinatti, Louisville, South Florida, Iowa State, Missouri

West: Texas, Texas Tech, Baylor, TCU, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, Kansas, Kansas State

Great exposure on the east coast. Sorry BYU.

Eric Dawson 11 years, 2 months ago

TCU over BYU is not smart. Read some of the posts here from the Texas people, TCU isn't even king in its home town. Texas, A&M dominate. Plus I think adding TCU would hurt our Texas recruiting. And who really wants more Texas trouble, anyway?

BYU, on the other hand, is a brand with a national following, and twice the fanbase of TCU. BYU gets the conference into another market, one that is rapidly growing and dominated by BYU. Utah (2.76M in 2010) is just 90K people smaller than Kansas (2.85M), but growing almost 4 times faster since 2000 -- 23.8% v 6.1%. (The overall national population growth rate since 2000 is 9.7%, so Kansas is actually losing ground in the population growth race and will soon be passed by Utah.)

Kyle Sybesma 11 years, 2 months ago

I'm good with BYU over TCU. The only reason I put TCU in over BYU is because they are apart of the Big East starting next year. It would be a clean merger. All remaining Big East schools.

texashawk10 11 years, 2 months ago

BYU before TCU all day everyday. D/FW is controlled by UT, OU, TAMU, and then SMU/TCU depending on which city your in.

I know you didn't list Houston, but a lot of people have mentioned them in the past. In Houston it is UT, TAMU, LSU, and then UH

Only way another Texas school should be considered at this point is if the conference goes to 12 and even that should only be after other schools have said no such as BYU, Air Force, Louisville, Cincinnati, WVU, or USF.

Michael Luby 11 years, 2 months ago

Im not too familiar with TCU, but hey if they are in the midwest, inline with the other big12 schools, it sounds good to me. West Virginia and Arkansas sound like good ones to go for too. Really, at this point, Im done with the whole thing and want Big12 Basketball to go off with a Bang! To a lesser degree, football to continue as is. Im not much of a football fan...

Varlo52 11 years, 2 months ago

Just as nothing good happens after midnight, nothing good happens to a conference that includes Texas. Throw them out.

kureader 11 years, 2 months ago

Listen to Pac 12 Commissioner, Larry Scott's interview, mentioned in Tait's most recent post. It's excellent, though not exactly flattering for Texas or Oklahoma.

Eric Dawson 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt, please don't "throw up some links"! Just posting them is fine with us. Thanks!

LogicMan 11 years, 2 months ago

Expansion: Two potential easy fixes. Merge in the Big East FB schools, however many are left. If as a group they don't want to come, another option is to merge in the current Mountain West (+BYU?) as a separate division (with revenue shared generated by themselves). If the champ of the current Big12-3 can't beat the champ of the MW division, then they don't deserve to play for the national championship.

Pitthawk34 11 years, 2 months ago

Time to focus on football, to improve our shell of a stadium and to focus on building a respectable program. We need butts in the stands so you bandwagon people had better get off your damn couch and support. When you support football you support basketball as we all know goes hand in hand with the latest circus.

blackhawkjayhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

No to expansion and no to super-conferences. Have we learned nothing? That concept is dead on arrival. Larry Scott now looks like a fool and his conference is simply weaker. The ACC's troubles have just begun.

I never liked out two-division format for the Big 12 in the first place, not enough repetition to develop true allegiances or rivalries.

Stay at nine. More money for all, better football scheduling, what's the drawback?

Jeff Coffman 11 years, 2 months ago


9 is perfect

4 Home/4 Away games in Football 16 games in Basketball Home/Away for each team.

No additional split in Revenue

We win!!

Kyle Sybesma 11 years, 2 months ago

I'm with you. But the reality is that most college football fans want a playoff and conferences view the best way to accomplish that is to have four 16 team power conferences. Until yesterday it looked like those conferences would be the SEC, ACC, Big 10 and PAC 12. Each conference would set up a conference championship which equals money. Lot's of it. From there each of the four conference champions would be placed in a playoff for a true national champion with everyone else placed in bowl games to keep that tradition. Bottom line more money.

The Big 12 has the opportunity to be the conference to get to 16 first by adding the remaining Big East schools. That is if UConn and Rutgers don't go to the ACC.

Steve Hillyer 11 years, 2 months ago

I did not get to hear MU's presser but from what I hear from other sources (610 sports, Jayhawkslant) is that they were less than adamant about staying in Big 12, anybody else get that feeling?

blindrabbit 11 years, 2 months ago

Some of the posters are not giving TCU it's due. They should have been the other Texas school, not Baylor when the Big12 was formed. TCU has had a good football program recently, and with a newly remodeled football stadium (Remember KU played Houston in the Texas Bowl at TCU stadium a few years ago).

Maybe my impression of TCU is inflated somewhat by remembering what the "Horned Frogs" did to KU football on a regular basis back in the 1950'-60's. I'll bet we played them 7 or 8 years (or more) and we were lucky if we won more than 1 game.

Jayhawk1116 11 years, 2 months ago

Former governor and Baylor Alum Ann Richards was responsible for them being the 12th school. As I understand it the Big 12 almost wasn't because of her.

AlecRaenos 11 years, 2 months ago

Fine and good but we got Baylor, no need for TCU. ANother small school in the state of Texas does not help the conference.

Jayhawk444 11 years, 2 months ago

Kansas holds the record for number of games ending in a tie with 58. TCU is #2 with 57 (along with Navy)

And on at least three occasions KU and TCU padded their totals by playing each other to a tie.

... just in case anybody was interested :)

142466 11 years, 2 months ago

Sometimes ties really do count. They can even be the final verse of a sports anthology. Ask Jack Mitchell, of Spoon River.

Jayhawk1116 11 years, 2 months ago

Finally, I can get back to hating Mizzou and K-State again! I was worried there for awhile.

Jayhawk444 11 years, 2 months ago

Anybody have links to fan boards for BYU? Louisville? TCU? WVU? others mentioned as expansion candidates? It might be interesting to see what they're saying about possible interest from the Big12....

MrPilot 11 years, 2 months ago

Muck Fizzou. They started ALL of this crap in the first place a year ago. They can eat it.

Hank Cross 11 years, 2 months ago

No they didn't UT started all of this. MU's only problem last year was they couldn't cash the check their big mouth wrote.

Jack Wilson 11 years, 2 months ago

Can't blame Missouri being lukewarm.

Louisville would be a great add. Love the hoops.

Steve Hillyer 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt, I'll disagree with your 8:18 update, if MU leaves close up the conference, that would be a third of the league in less than two years, two 85,000 seat stadiums and one 70,000, and the second decent size state gone, there just isn't anybody to make that up that is available either stadium size wise or state population. As I mentioned earlier, if the offer from the SEC is indeed on the table you have to go, the only reason you wouldn't is you're waiting for the Big 10. As for KU this is why they need to be keeping their options open, let other conferences know that if they are ever ready to expand to give us a call as we are willing and wanting to leave.

AzureArgent 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt, I have never posted a comment to a blog before, but I wanted to thank you for all of your hard work covering this saga. I have read just about every written word since this freakshow began, and your reporting has been very, very good -- reasonable and insightful. Keep up the good work.

jgkojak 11 years, 2 months ago


1) Mizzou is waiting for the B10 to come calling in 3 years when the B10's TV deal is up.

2) Best add for the B12: Air Force a. it gets the B12 back into Colorado/Pac 12 territory where they still have a lot of fans -you can bet KU fans out there will go to those games b. Air Force not only gets us back into CO, but adds the Armed Services Network - every game you play w/them will be shown at bases around the world - that is some damn good branding/exposure for the B12. c. obviously solid academics/character - a nice addition to the conference (no cheating, no NCAA investigations, etc) d. Air Force would be so damn happy to be in an AQ conf, they'll be quick with loyalty to preserve the conf. if Mizzou decides to go e. If we are going to 12, giving BYU a Western travel partner is a good idea/enticement

3) BYU, Air Force and TCU are all "different" than the public universities (other than Baylor) and would add a nice flavor

4) Not sure how it could happen, but I'd be in favor of going after CO and UTAH and seeing what transpires,

Pitthawk34 11 years, 2 months ago

CO and UTAH...Are U serious? Am I missing something?

142466 11 years, 2 months ago

Yes. Don't forget the Illini and Northwestern.

They're both located in the same State. The Land of Lincoln, Sandburg, Grant, Obama, and the Cubs is already geographically contiguous to the State of one our most precocious member schools. Big plus. On the other hand, Utah isn't contiguous unless we can first persuade Colorado to come in from the cold. Utah & Colorado would both lose regular access to the Pacific. Spring break really isn't enough. For that reason alone, negotiations could be lengthy and delicate. Remember, the fiduciaries of all these great academic institutions must weigh all factors, especially the well being of our student athletes. (Sorry. I'm tired. I've played 3 games of computer chess already today).

I also feel that Northwestern and Illinois are superior, academically, to all of the Rocky Mountain schools. Yes, that's right. Superior to every single one of them. Just my opinion, though. I'm confident that some of the former Commissioneer's consultants have already assembled an exhaustive file on this very subject. The new Commissioneer should be brought up to speed ASAP.

Andy Tweedy 11 years, 2 months ago

Misery has played footsie with the Big 10 so many times I can't count, and every time it's been the Big 10 that's left them at the altar. It will be no different going forward.

nwhawk 11 years, 2 months ago

Seems to me that regardless of whether they're lukewarm or not, Missouri is now stuck for the next six years. They've signed away their television rights to the Big12. Not many doors gonna open with that in place.

Hank Cross 11 years, 2 months ago

MU is exactly right. Why pledge unconditional love to a conference that includes teams that didn't care what happened to MU or the conference twice in 2 years? MU ought to use all leverage that it has to further its own interests. UT and OU understand that type of hardball. Gary Pinkel has shown more guts than anyone at KU during this.

142466 11 years, 2 months ago

Yep. After all, business is business. What's good for General Motors is good for General Electric.

Stephan123 11 years, 2 months ago

Missouri playing in the SEC would, despite A&M's presence, negatively impact their football recruiting efforts in Texas. They would be joining an inferior academic conference as compared to waiting for the B1G. On the other hand, stability and equal revenue sharing does have a comforting appeal. Who can blame them? UT is a pain.

Steve Hillyer 11 years, 2 months ago

I'm not sure what BGL or SZ should say but I do know what they did say does not instill a lot of confidence in me about the direction of our university.

klineisanazi 11 years, 2 months ago

KU is not a "player" in this. They can encourage everyone to get along , but that is about it. What are they supposed to say? The ADs and presidents that did the most talking now have egg on their faces. And as MU has learned, loose lips sink ships.
I have no doubt MU would leave for the B1G, and maybe for the SEC. That would explain their apparent less than 100% commitment.

Nick Cole 11 years, 2 months ago

Can't wait for to deal with this all over again next summer...

Laurence Cooley 11 years, 2 months ago

Matt, I dont mean to refute you on this (since you know more than me), but it seems like missouri is trying to be vague and keep their options open in all this. i hope it ends, but it might not end very soon.

Tony Bandle 11 years, 2 months ago

I'm afraid I can second in St.Louis, the Missouri alum along with key members of the MU admin [Aldin, Pinkel, etc.] have made it pretty clear they are sick and tired of UT and OU and want out.

TAM took off after a pledge and Missouri will do the same when the time is right.

If The Big 12 was a high school:

Oklahoma and Texas would be the big men on campus football team co-captains.

Oklahoma State and Texas Tech would be their cheerleader girl friends

Iowa State and Kansas State would be the nerdie chess club members

Baylor would be the born again student council president.

Texas A&M would be the rich kid drop out.

Nebraska and Colorado would be the kids that moved out of town.

Kansas would be the National Honor Society multi-sport student athlete with Kansas being a basketball star.

And Missouri would be the football star.who can't wait to graduate

Phoggin_Loud 11 years, 2 months ago

Why did Mizzou hold a press conference to announce nothing?

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