David Beaty thinks KU 'found the right guys' in his first recruiting class


David Beaty is introduced as Kansas University football coach, Monday, Dec. 8, 2014.

David Beaty is introduced as Kansas University football coach, Monday, Dec. 8, 2014. by Mike Yoder

New Kansas football coach David Beaty almost couldn’t believe at his national signing day press conference Wednesday afternoon he already had been at KU two months.

The timing of getting hired and putting together a coaching staff, of course, was nothing easy to pull off. And that’s one reason Beaty seemed so excited about the 24 signees the team added in the Class of 2015.

“We were behind just a tad bit when we got here,” Beaty said.

The former Texas A&M assistant said Kansas addressed a lot of needs with the class, including “much-needed” depth, improved length and speed, and more. The new man in charge said the players the staff went after not only had to be talented, but also good kids.

“We found the right guys,” Beaty added. “Men who fit the Kansas way.”

He spoke about all 24 signees at the press conference.

Dorance Armstrong

The coaches are extremely excited about the DE’s burst, and he defends well in the run game

Shola Ayinde

The DB can run, he’s long and has instincts that always put him around the ball. KU will man up outside, and corners have to be able to play on an island. Could help in the return game, as well, and he’s a competitor.

D’Andre Banks

The “big ole” lineman is already on campus. The staff thinks he can play guard or center, and he has played all five positions in his time.

Bazie Bates IV

Another DB, this one from the junior college ranks, does a good job of causing turnovers “because of where he puts his hat.”

Jeremiah Booker

A big WR out of Texas. Beaty had him at camp when he was working at Texas A&M. “He was not an easy get.” He should be able to help near the red zone.

Jacky Dezir

The DL can line up outside or on the nose. He doesn’t stay blocked and he finds the ball.

Denzel Feaster

A DB who stands 6-foot-3, the staff found him late, with the work of Klint Kubiak. “He will come downhill and he will knock the fire out of you.” And he is just learning the position.

Aaron Garza

An O-lineman who had already committed to KU before Beaty and his staff arrived, he has good work ethic and he addresses an area of need.

Chase Harrell

The 6-4 WR already is on campus, and has been recruited by Beaty “since he was just a pup.” Harrell reminds Beaty a lot of Texas A&M standout Mike Evans. He plays the ball at its highest point and has a lot of speed.

Ke’aun Kinner

The juco RB is “a talented dude” who has vision and great burst, with the ability to finish long runs in the end zone.

Taylor Martin

A RB from the high school ranks, he was “extremely hard to hold on to” because other programs showed a lot of interest in the explosive back from Fort Worth, Texas. He’s a track guy and “a pretty big dude” for 5-10.

Clyde McCauley III

Another Dallas area recruit. “Skinny as a rail” for 6-5, 275 pounds. Just chose KU this weekend. He has a huge frame and has the ability to put on a lot of weight to help him.

Tyrone Miller Jr.

The DB came to KU late due to Regie Mitchell doing some recruiting work. He has speed to make big plays off turnovers, can really run.

Emmanuel Moore

A 6-0 WR from the Dallas/Fort Worth area, it took Beaty about 5 minutes of watching video on him to decide to make an offer. Has terrific balance and built like a RB. Also runs like a RB after he catches the ball.

Osaze Ogbebor

A 6-1 LB, a “bunch of schools” tried to get him after he committed to KU. He can run, “and he will strike you.” He doesn’t run around blocks, he sheds them.

Marnez Ogletree

Another DB, he called Beaty at about 5:05 a.m. Wednesday morning because he was so excited to sign.

Jayson Rhodes

An O-lineman from the juco ranks, he’s originally from the Houston area. Beaty saw him this morning, and “this is a big dude.” The coach “was a little bit shocked” he was still available.

Shaquille Richmond

A prep DB, he committed quickly after Beaty got the job. “Shaq can run, Shaq can tackle… and if that ball gets close to him, he’s probably going the other way to return it.” He got a lot of picks playing man coverage.

Steven Sims, Jr.

Beaty has been recruiting the WR since he was at Texas A&M. The coach loves the “run-after-the-catch factor” from him. He has long arms and can make contested catches. Has a little “swagger” to him.

Will Smith

A junior college O-lineman who played in high school at Shawnee Mission Northwest, he has a lot of size to him at 6-3, 315, and he has really good feet for a guy that size.

Carter Stanley

The QB from Vero Beach, Florida, is a guy the staff “did not think we would find.” They got a tip to look at his tape and they went after him. He’s a dual-threat QB and has an understanding of what KU’s offense will do, because he ran it in high school.

Jace Sternberger

A 6-4 TE from Oklahoma, Beaty and the staff think he addresses a lot of needs. He’s a great basketball player and he can do it all on the football field, too. Can really run for a guy with his length and build (225 pounds). And he’s a hard-working, blue collar guy.

Brandon Stewart

The seventh DB in the recruiting class, the 6-0 junior-to-be was recruited by Beaty when he was in high school at Cedar Hill, Texas.

Ryan Willis

The other QB in Beaty’s first recruiting class, the 6-4 product of nearby Bishop Miege didn’t waver when KU started recruiting another QB in Stanley. He can sling the football.

— After talking about all 24 signees, Beaty fielded questions from the media. Here are some of the highlights.

Most of Beaty’s staff has a background in the state of Texas, and that has a lot to do with the 17 Texas kids signing with Kansas.

They would’ve liked to have signed more than two kids from Kansas. But Beaty is glad they already are building relationships with high school coaches here.

All that is written in the world of recruiting websites isn’t always all that is there. Beaty and his staff are really excited about these guys. The staff looked at techniques of the players they were recruiting. It’s hard to teach those.

High school coaches in the state of Kansas are helping KU by identifying potential walk-on players. Beaty can only speak about the guys they signed today but there is progress on that walk-on front, too.

The best players will separate themselves before next season starts. KU will go with the best guy at each position, including QB. So the true freshmen will have a shot at playing QB. “It’s extremely difficult to play as a freshman,” he added.

When Willis visited, Beaty and the staff told him and his family that they were recruiting another QB. It doesn’t matter where you go, there is going to be competition at every position. Willis never balked, and Beaty loved that.

Stanley wasn’t worried about competition, either. Those are the types of guy who help you win.

On the differences between the two QBs: Willis wasn’t asked to run as much and Stanley was.

The new staff addressed all the guys who had previously committed to KU.

• Length is important to Beaty. Over the past few years, guys are breaking up passes in man coverage a lot more. There are fewer small corners out there now. KU also needed more length. The profile of the roster needed more length and speed to it.

You need length at the tackle position on the offensive line, too. KU is trying to find as many athletic big guys as it can find. Those defenders coming off the edge are lean and fast. You need big, long guys who can move their feet to protect the QB.

In the recruiting process, the staff made it clear KU will be an up-tempo, throw-the-ball around offense that will be exciting to play in. On defense, they want to be aggressive, too. And that helps in selling the program.

KU is always looking to improve its roster and is looking for ways to do that all the time. You need depth. (Beaty said that after being asked if there will be more additions to the recruiting class.)

Building a staff is a lot harder than people think. Timing is important and it is not a deep market. Next year, when they can completely focus on recruiting and not have to worry about hiring a staff, things will go so much smoother.

In the recruiting scramble, Beaty saw staff members come through and help him and the top assistants out. It was fun to get to know his assistants better and see what they are capable of.

Reggie Mitchell and Clint Bowen “literally” kept this recruiting class together. They did a great job.


Clarence Haynes 7 years, 8 months ago

What a lively presser! I can see why a recruit would want to follow Beaty!

W Keith Swinehart II 7 years, 8 months ago

Nice summary. But, indeed, you need to hear Beaty talk about the men, needs and program. He as also pays homage to the high school coaches and staff who made everything happen. Unless this is all bull, we've got a hell of a coaching staff. I like the fact that Beaty made note of wanting to strengthen the Kansas coverage. He could have ducked the shortage of Kansas players but he highlighted it. I'm excited about next season.

Michael Lorraine 7 years, 8 months ago

I don't think we could have expected anything better. Now the question becomes, can he coach?

Aaron Paisley 7 years, 8 months ago

Coaches can spun this class as positively as possible because that's their job. That said, this isn't a good class. 2/3 of the class are 2 star players and KU's class is rated as the 5th worst among the P5 schools. People can spout off all players who significantly overachieved from their rating in HS, and there are exceptions, but good teams are not built with exceptions.

I'm not blaming Beaty for this class because you have to sign who you can in a coaching change. This class was putting together wasn't going to be good at all. We'll see how good this staff is with the 2016 class which they should already have started on with watching film, making offers, and bringing in for unofficial visits.

Dale Kroening 7 years, 8 months ago

Did someone say this was a great class ? The class is ranked 66th so I don't think anyone is expecting any miracles , but why so negative ? If they can be coached and play hard that is all that can be asked considering the coaching change and late start . While 2/3 of the class are rated 2 stars , some were actually recruited by good programs so I am optimistic and willing to give them a chance . It cant be any worse than a majority of the jucos brought in by Charlie. Yes there are always exceptions as far as overachieving , but why spout off about how bad this class is when we haven't even seen them play . Lets wait and see instead of being negative from the start....

Chris Shaw 7 years, 8 months ago

Throw rankings out the door. You are not gonna rebuild a program if you keep paying attention to rankings and what ESPN thinks or doesn't think about a school's recruiting class.

All I know is that a place like Kansas you're gonna have to be creative with the kids you have and build a foundation around a system that you and the kids believe in. How are you gonna make up for less talent against more talented teams? I mean, it's litetally the exact opposite of KU basketball in terms of thinking and strategy.

The "Jayhawk Way" as Beatty stated. What is that? What does that mean?

I rarely post about Jayhawk Football because I am a basketball guy first and foremost. What I want to know is how Beatty and this staff plan to get me tuned into Jayhawk Football again. I grew up in the "toilet Bowl" era of the 80's. I remember the aloha bowl of 1995.

I finally started believing in kansas football again when mangino was hired in 2002 and went to 4 bowl games in 6 years and then h football program gets "soft" and gets rid of the best coach in KU's football history.

KU has just gone through its worst 5 year stretch in the history of the program. I am not asking for much. .500 is not asking much. 3,4,5 win conference seasons is not asking much. I would love to have a "Jayhawk Way". There is a Bill Snyder way and if someone can turn around K-State (it took 2 decades) then there has to be somebody out there who believes in Kansas and understands the region and what it takes to produce on the gridiron in Kansas.

Interesting graph on recruiting in relation to success in the field.

Jim Stauffer 7 years, 8 months ago

As to Aaron's comment that we will learn about this staff when they recruit the 2016 class, we will learn about this staff beginning in the Spring. The reason is if they cannot coach kids up they will never win enough games here to succeed.

Anyone with one eye and half sense can tell these guys are top notch recruiters. In a short span of time they found some gems, but mostly found guys who have the talent to play D1 FB and they found guys who filled specific needs of the roster.

These guys are not more talented than the ones we already have. The question then becomes, can this staff improve the play of the players already on the roster. We will get a view in the Spring and know for sure in the Fall.

Dirk Medema 7 years, 8 months ago

Aaron - I think one place where this class may differ from the rankings is with players like Dezir that didn't play last year, or I think it was Feaster that switched from QB to DB in the middle of the Sr year. Those aren't the only ones. Just examples. There are also several DB's/WR's that returned kicks, so there should be some help with experience on ST's from day 1 as well, and we definitely need help there. It should also help a lot to have 8 on campus for Spring ball. The fact that they all got their letter in within an hour of the start of the day would also seem to indicate that they will be here and ready to go at least by day 1, and not tardy as some have been in the past.

60-ish is not strong by any stretch of the imagination, but basically on parr for the course from a pure #'s standpoint, and could be viewed more optimistically with the positives mentioned above. That would be where the coaches have already done their extra homework, and PD will ultimately make the difference in this class and the next turning the program around vs. the swirly of the past 6 years.

Layne Pierce 7 years, 8 months ago

What happened to Durley, the big tackle?

Fact is Beatty and staff got some players who can physically match up. The only thing that matters is development. Mason and Mangino were able to develop 2 star players, Talib, etc.

The other crucial element is a real plan for winning, and I don't mean we have more points at the end of the game. You watch Urban Meyer, or Saban, and one thing you see is the teams are more than just 5 star and 4 star players. They are a team organized to do specifically what it takes to win on a consistent basis. They do things right, or they don't play.

I have a very strong belief that the bar for mistakes is going to be low with Coach Beatty. One thing I liked about Bowen, even was his bench of Cozart, and a couple of others, simply because they were not getting it done.

Discipline, energy, attention to detail, those things have nothing to do with stars, but everything to do with winning, and I want so to believe that they will be a constant part of the "Kansas Way".

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