Cliff's Notes version: Mark Mangino press conference, 11/24/09


Here is the Cliff's Notes version of Kansas football coach Mark Mangino's comments at his press conference today.

Full audio is posted here.

• Players of the game, voted on by the coaching staff: Offense: Dezmon Briscoe; Defense: Justin Thornton; Special teams: Dezmon Briscoe; Offensive scout team: Receiver Reece Petty; Defensive scout team: Defensive end Shane Smith.

• KU did all it could to compete with Texas, but UT was just the better team.

• Mangino says he believes he has had a good working relationship with athletic director Lew Perkins.

• After being asked if he would want to coach at KU going forward, Mangino said that he has a lot of hard work invested into Kansas. Players have made great investments and assistant coaches have great investments. Mangino has put every waking moment of his life into this football program. When he's not at work, he's still at work. He's put his heart and soul into this program.

• Mangino says he has had overwhelming support from players, fans, coaches on his team, coaches on other teams and complete strangers. Mangino has received lots of emails and text messages in the last week. Mangino regrets that he can't return all of the messages yet because he's focused on Missouri. Some players that have contacted Mangino are Marcus Henry, Nick Reid, Brandon McAnderson and Charles Gordon. Mangino thinks he's appreciated by a lot of people. He just doesn't know who everybody is that appreciates him.

• Mangino on whether he believes this is his last game: "No. I'm coaching, and I'm focused on coaching," Mangino said. He says he's focused on Missouri. The preparation is all the same. The coach is moving full-speed ahead.

• If Mangino's tenure here is based only on the MU game, that would be a sad day for everyone.

• Mangino thinks the players believe in what the coaches are doing. The seniors still have a chance to leave a legacy with three straight bowl games. The kids aren't distracted. They won't be. They understand all the hard work invested can still pay off by winning against MU.

• One of Mangino's regrets about the situation is that not many people in the media wrote about Todd Reesing's return to Austin, Texas, last week. He thinks many people missed an opportunity to write about a great player returning home last week.

• Mangino said KU is not going to take MU lightly. "We're not fools," Mangino said. From everything he's heard, six wins would get KU into a bowl.

• MU's offense is unique and gives teams trouble. The Tigers give you a lot of different looks, and you have to prepare for a lot of different things.

• Safety Lubbock Smith is day-to-day. It will probably be a gametime decision.

• Mangino says he and Todd Reesing have had a great time at KU together. Mangino has enjoyed being around Reesing and his wit. "He's a wonderful kid," Mangino said. Reesing's a smart guy, and the two occasionally talk about economics and the market. The coach would love to see Reesing go out in style this weekend.

• Arrowhead Stadium is a great atmosphere, though it's not necessarily a true college football atmosphere. When you win the game, you think it's a good idea to play in Arrowhead. When you lose the game, you think it's a bad idea. That's the way coaches think.

• Mangino sees two talented young men in quarterbacks Kale Pick and Jordan Webb. Both are bright guys. They've both watched Reesing closely and have learned things from him.

• Kerry Meier is a phenomenal player and person. Kerry is a unique individual. He possesses traits that you don't normally see in a college student. He's a guy that like to give and also is unselfish. Mangino tells his players all the time that he can't always remember former players' stats, but he does remember their character. And Meier will be remembered for a long time. Mangino won't remember the number of catches that Meier had, but he will remember his character.

• Darrell Stuckey has made the most of his ability. KU was his only Division-I offer. He's another guy that reaches out to others. Who knows what the final record of this team will be, but the character of the players is what will mean the most to Mangino.


rhino11 12 years, 10 months ago

Mangino spends most of his time at practice belittling Stuckey for his extra-curricular activities and community involvement. Funny to see what a little bad press can do to change a man.

thut 12 years, 10 months ago

MM is a great coach, I will not buy season tickets again next year if he is not the coach!

E4KUJHawks 12 years, 10 months ago

"Mangino spends most of his time at practice belittling Stuckey for his extra-curricular activities and community involvement. Funny to see what a little bad press can do to change a man."


WTF?!? is right!!! I've not made one comment anywhere on this whole Mangino issue, but I fully support coach until it is proven that he has done something majorly wrong. So far all I've seen and read is other peoples' views and sides, and having not been there to witness any of this myself, I intend to keep supporting coach until it is determined he has actually done something wrong. Because right now, it's just all a bunch of different "perceptions" of the same thing.

But what is the point of a comment like the one quoted above? Really? Just to keep the fire stoked...that's it! WTF?!?

Jason Bailey 12 years, 10 months ago

Why do you guys support a coach who has obviously risen to his level of incompetence? Something has happened to the program when you go from Orange Bowl to 6 losses but keep 90% of the key offensive power intact.

Losses and wins rise and fall on the leadership. This debacle of a season is firmly on Mangino's shoulders. I appreciate what he's done for the program over the years but we need someone who can take us to the next level. That's not Mangino.

I could care less about the current fiasco. I'm more focused on results or lack thereof.

hawk82 12 years, 10 months ago

Mark has had his time. He lost his players, somehow, before the Colorado game. Probably a culmination of a lot of things that us mere 'fans' will never know.

It bothers me that he has suddenly began professing personal interest in his players only after the debacle of two weeks.

BreakmanX 12 years, 10 months ago

Mangino has always talked about his personal interest in the players. He's talked about his "great kids" and the privilege he's had coaching them for years. In losses in previous years he's said that even though he's lost, he wouldn't trade his kids for anything. As someone who has followed KU closely since the 80s, I find it amazing how people gravitate towards the negative immediately.

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