Rob Likens: QB injury another obstacle for KU to overcome


During his first season working with the Kansas football program, offensive coordinator Rob Likens saw his starting quarterback, Montell Cozart, suffer a season-ending injury.

Ryan Willis, a true freshman last fall, replaced Cozart as KU’s No. 1 quarterback. However, an offseason injury to Willis’ right wrist has kept him from practicing this spring with the Jayhawks — leaving Cozart as the team’s only experienced QB.

Does it seem like the downtrodden program, coming off a winless season, just can’t catch a break?

“Every place I’ve been,” Likens says, “it seems like that first year is just filled with crazy stuff that happens. It’s almost like you can’t get out of your own way. And you’ve just kind of got to get over that hump. And we’re working toward it…

“When you get to a new program, sometimes you start thinking, and you start getting to the point where — you don’t want to say it, but you can tell — people expect bad things to happen,” Likens explains. “And then there’s a time in the program where you just get over that hump and you start expecting good things to happen. And hopefully we’re beginning to get over that hump.”


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