Rob Likens on QB Montell Cozart’s accuracy


Kansas offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Rob Likens discusses starting QB Montell Cozart’s approach as a passer, and the junior’s issues with overthrowing his intended targets — a problem that resurfaced during KU’s last game, a home loss to Memphis. Through two games, Cozart had completed 38 of his 66 attempts with one interception.


Joe Ross 6 years, 9 months ago

"That was a point of emphasis. We talked about it...."


Here's what I'd do, and it'd help both the corners and the QB. Have whoever is under center throw routes against pass coverage in practice.

Like...ALL PRACTICE LONG. Taking frequent rest breaks, of course. Tom says 12 receivers have been used. They wont get tired taking 11 out of 12 plays off. The QBs arm may get tired, so let all the QBs get in on the action. They could all benefit. The corners may get tired, so when they do, let them rest and just run the routes against no defense to practice touch on the pass.

Timing and placement has to be gained when throwing, and the corners need practice defending against the pass.


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