Game 27: KU vs. Colorado


Eye test: A-. We didn't handle their press particularly well, and we had a few defensive lapses, but for the most part, we looked in control throughout. Average grade: 8.75 (B+) Weighted average: 9.84 (A-) The guys who played the most minutes, played the best.

A+: Cole Aldrich. Exactly the type of opponent Cole should dominate like this. 17 points on 8 shots, 10 boards for the double double, two assists, a steal, no turnovers, and five more blocks. Our guards fed him the ball in a variety of ways, he got good position, and he made good moves, and showed some touch. When we feed the ball to Cole like this and he gets this kind of results, we are a tough team to beat. (B+, B+)

A+: Tyshawn Taylor. What a game from Tyshawn. Scored 17 points on only 7 shots. Made his only 3, made all of his FT's. Had 6 assists and 3 turnovers. Had 3 boards, 2 steals, and a block. All in only 24 minutes of action. A game like this is really encouraging looking forward. (B, B)

A: Xavier Henry. Henry's last 4 games have been back to the Henry we saw during the first 2/3's of the non-conference season. 24 points on 16 shots, 6 boards, an assist, a steal, and a turnover. Still did get blocked on a less than explosive drive to the hoop, but he's at least staying aggressive after drawing a handful of tough charging calls in the last few games. When he's not just settling for jumpers (a la J.R. Giddens) he makes scoring from all parts of the court almost effortless (a la Brandon Rush). (B, B)

A-: Sherron Collins. The shooting % doesn't look great, but he made some 3's and made his free throws to finish with 13 points on 11 shots. Also had 7 assists to only 2 turnovers, a rebound and a steal. Also really nice to see Collins get under 30 minutes of playing time, and hopefully he can rest his legs a little bit against OU on Monday night before the tough final 3 games against 3 likely NCAA Tourney teams. (B+, B)

B+: Marcus Morris. Not sure what the reason for Marcus' decreased numbers might be, other than most of the post feeds going to Cole Aldrich, who was making the most of those opportunities. Only got 19 minutes (fewer than his brother) but played solidly while he was in there. 5 points on 3 shots, 5 boards, 2 assists versus 2 turnovers, and had a steal. Was just 1 of 3 from the line. Also looked a little uncomfortable/slow guarding Marcus Relphorde on the perimeter. (B+, A-)

B+: Markieff Morris. Nice double digit game from the "other" Morris twin. 11 points, 7 boards, 2 assists and 2 blocks is a really nice game from your third big man, but the 5 turnovers (mostly when Colorado was playing their press defense) bring this game out of the A range for 'Kieff. (B, B+)

B: Tyrel Reed. The shot wasn't really falling for him, but he had two great steals which both resulted in points on the other end for KU. Continues to not negatively impact the game. Clearly knows his role and performs will in that role. (B, B+)

B: Brady Morningstar. A different kind of game for Brady. He didn't get a lot of minutes, as Tyshawn and Xavier were both playing so well, but he still contributed with his usual array of periphery statistics. Missed his only three, but had a rebound, two assists, two steals, against one turnover. Hopefully Brady can continue to find ways to contribute from the bench (assuming Tyshawn continues to play at a high level as a starter). (B+, B+)

B-: Jeff Withey. Only got in during mop-up time, and missed an attempted tip in, got another board, and had an offensive foul. From the limited action I've seen of Withey, I just can't believe he hasn't jumped ahead of Robinson in the rotation. The few times he has seen extended action he has performed VERY well. (B, B+)

B-: Elijah Johnson. Got in the game for a couple of minutes in the first half when the offense was stalling out. Made a jumper and had a couple of turnovers in mop-up time. (B, B)

C+: Thomas Robinson. Is an absolute rebounding machine. BUT is also a turnover machine, and doesn't have enough touch around the rim to make bunnies. Got in the game in the first half, and responded by almost immediately throwing the worst lob entry pass I have seen this season. (C+, B-)

C+: Connor Teahan. Got in the game for mop-up time and had a rebound and a foul. (C+, C+)


JayhawkRock 12 years, 4 months ago

Marcus' production was down a bit because of what X and Cole did today. Cole was hitting almost everything and X was cutting great tonight. Marcus only played 19 minutes. Nice for Marcus to get some rest in this game since we have relied on him so much this conference season. Not worried at all about him. He was still 2-3 from the field so its not like he was missing much when he did shoot. We were also getting good production from Kieff. Today was a nice game to get other guys involved.

Looking forward to clinching the Big 12 on Monday night! Rock Chalk!

waywardJay 12 years, 4 months ago

I concur, Marcus getting upto 14-15 a game was alot on rebounds off aldrich misses, If cole's not going to miss, there is fewer Offensive boards for 'Cus to pick up and put back....

It's nice to have not only an aircraft carrier but a Battleship ( 'Kieff ) and a destroyer ( Marcus )

Drew Alan 12 years, 4 months ago

it wasn't just Cole not missing shots, a lot of Marcus' offensive rebounds are from other players missing shots, and in a game where 1, he only got 19 minutes, and 2 our team shot 55% from the field, there just weren't as many opportunities for him to clean the glass.

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