Frank Mason III finishes regular season strong


Kansas guard Frank Mason III (0) hits his 3rd free-throw in a row after being fouled on a 3-point attempt late in the Jayhawks 75-73 loss to the Oklahoma Sooners Saturday.

Kansas guard Frank Mason III (0) hits his 3rd free-throw in a row after being fouled on a 3-point attempt late in the Jayhawks 75-73 loss to the Oklahoma Sooners Saturday. by Mike Yoder

1 - Frank Mason III: It doesn't matter how many times you've seen it happen, there's still something amazing about Mason scoring in the land of the giants. Led Kansas with 21 points and was 9-for-9 from the free-throw line, including the three pressure-packed shots in the final seconds that momentarily tied the game.

2 - Landen Lucas: Teammate Jamari Traylor called Lucas a rebounding machine after the game, which best summed up his night. Lucas was 6-of-8 from the floor, finished with career-highs in points (13) and rebounds (12) and might have been first in these ratings had he not missed two shots from point-blank range. Still, a fabulous all-around game for the guy whose confidence and productivity is growing by the game.

3 - Kelly Oubre Jr.: Early foul trouble limited his minutes, but Oubre's double-double (12 points, 10 rebounds) was clutch. He hit a huge three-pointer late and continued to show he's not afraid to drive to the rim looking to make things happen.

4 - Jamari Traylor: Fouled out in 26 minutes but played great when he was out there, particularly in the second half. Finished 5-of-6 from the floor and added two rebounds and two blocks. Fifth foul was suspect at best.

5 - Devonté Graham: Hit a couple of huge three-pointers and proved he was willing to help pick up some of the scoring (and shooting) slack in light of the absence of Perry Ellis (knee), Cliff Alexander (eligibility) and Brannen Greene (suspension). Credit him for being aggressive, but 3-of-14 is a rough shooting night any way you slice it. Finished with eight points, four rebounds and three assists in a season-high 29 minutes.

6 - Hunter Mickelson: Played 20 minutes and battled for every stat he recorded. Finished with five points (all from the free-throw line) and six rebounds and also blocked two shots.

7 - Wayne Selden Jr.: Offensively, Selden was non-existent. But give the guy credit for playing on a bum ankle and doing enough to make scoring hard for OU stud Buddy Hield, who finished 6-of-20.

8 - Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk: Didn't fill up the stat sheet — two points, two rebounds and 1-of-3 shooting — but played well enough to log 13 minutes on a day KU needed him to. Scored only points on a very nice backdoor set play that KU went to more than once.


Frank Mason III - 237

Perry Ellis - 218

Wayne Selden Jr. - 193

Kelly Oubre Jr. - 181

Cliff Alexander - 170

Jamari Traylor - 136

Brannen Greene - 132

Devonté Graham - 111

Landen Lucas - 105

Sviatoslav Mykhailiuk - 85

Hunter Mickelson - 41


Jonathan Briles 7 years, 2 months ago

Even if Cliff becomes eligible I think we should be giving his minutes to Lucas and Mickelson. Today showed how important 6'10 and taller guys are. Rebounding improved, interior defense improved and our all around competitiveness improved. It was just one game, but I saw enough to give those two more minutes in the post season. Cliff goes through periods of time (some that last entire games) where he just phones it in. Lucas and Hunter bring it on every possession and that is something this team really needs. Give minutes to the guys that really want them. Alexanders time will come, but for this team this year our best lineup includes one of those two at center with Perry at PF and Jamari backing him up with Cliff getting the scraps after them. Size and consistent effort have been our biggest issues this year. Lucas and Hunter bring improvement in both of those areas.

Rick McGowwan 7 years, 2 months ago

I don't know Jonathan. I agree with your assessment that more minutes should go to Hunter and Lucas, but I don't think Cliff ever phones it in. He's a freshman trying to figure things out. I haven't questioned his effort or his "motor" this year, just his ability to adapt. Either way, twitter should trend with #FreeHunter.

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 2 months ago

Good points, honestly, on BOTH sides of this issue. I think Mickelson could have more offensive skill than Withey. He moves better than we think. And we know how hungry he + Lucas are. The thing with Lucas is he knows Bill Self's "stuff" and how to run it. You give these guys mpg to get comfortable, I truly agree that Lucas+Mickelson > 1 Cliff. Plus, that's 10fouls to give. Think of Lucas + Mickelson as a 6'10, 20pt10rbd, 10foul "monster" in the paint. Traylor + Ellis bring their own matchup problems for opponents. Cliff is a freshman, so we shouldnt dog him too much. Look how Jabari Parker did last year for Duke. Looked great in the non-conf, feasting & beasting, but very roller-coaster down the stretch, and Duke was a 1st round exit. (I use Krzyzewski's Duke here as an example, as they are another royalty program predicated on a system needed reliable and consistent execution (like KU), and suffer a bit with players not developed enough to do it. Okafor+Jones are great exceptions to the rule.)

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 2 months ago

Mason = Sherron. I mean that as the highest compliment. Mason may even be a bit faster than Sherron was. Mason, it must be recalled, was a Duke-killer right out of the box last year. This year he has gotten more consistent, along with developing a 40+% trey gun. Simply put, what he + Graham are doing, is exactly the type of aggressive play we need from the 1- and 2-guard positions. Bill Self back to having multiple ball-handlers on the floor, now if we can get the bigs to the appropriate level of play (even if its 'by committee'), we'll be much more dangerous.

Major applause for the short-handed, but gut-check effort at OU yesterday. No shame there. RCJH.

Steve Zimmerman 7 years, 2 months ago

Lucas seems slow at times, but he is a quite solid rebounder. He missed some bunnies, he could've gone up stronger. He needs to improve moving around the basket like Mbiid. But he's definitely a good sub off the bench while Cliff is out. I really hope he'll be drafted once he graduates. He does have NBA size. He just needs to prove himself.

Mick Allen 7 years, 2 months ago

Agreed Erich. As I have repeatedly said this season, Frank is Sherron lite. Great effort by our "skeleton crew" on Saturday. Although discouraging that once again we are done in by a 94 foot dribble drive to the basket, similar to the WVU game. Double the inbounds pass to make the ball handler give up the ball which could run 2 to3 seconds off the clock or drop into a zone and make them hit a jump shot instead of allowing them to take it all the way to the rim. Just wondering what the thought process is in these type of situations.

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