Heeney, Shepherd, Reynolds headline KU performers vs. Cowboys


1 - Ben Heeney: Inspired teammates with halftime talk, spent much of the night behind the line of scrimmage, totaled 14 tackles, had a sack, a QB hurry and threw players for 15 yards in losses with 3.5 tackles for loss.

2 - JaCorey Shepherd: Stays with every receiver he covers and is having a terrific senior season. Had two pass breakups and forced OSU to throw in the other direction.

3 - Michael Reynolds: He was always fast. Now he’s fast and tough, focused and determined. Had two sacks for 17 yards, a forced fumble and a quarterback hurry.

4 - Michael Cummings: Only games, not practices, can show what a quarterback has inside of him. Cummings has courage and the confidence to pull the trigger on difficult passes and in this game at least, more accuracy than advertised. He completed 20 of 37 passes, the last of which was intercepted on a bad telegraph, which ended the chance to force overtime. He completed some long ones and showed decisiveness. Kansas lost a game and found a quarterback.

5 - Tevin Shaw: A star running back in high school, the New Jersey native was recruited by former head coach Charlie Weis and arrived not knowing much about the intricacies of playing safety. He has made big strides this season and had a career day Saturday. Shaw blocked a field goal, downed a punt at the 4-yard line and recovered a fumble when most of the players on the field didn’t realize the play was still going.

6 - Nick Harwell: Could have had two touchdowns but dropped one in the end zone and had another thrown way over his head when he was open. Other than that, he had another strong day. He’s been getting open all season and Cummings did a better job of finding him than anyone has all season. Caught seven passes for 91 yards, including a 51-yard reception.

7 - Jimmay Mundine: Found the openings in the defense and finished with five catches for 88 yards.

8 - Jake Love: He gets to the ball quickly, thanks to good speed for a linebacker. Had six tackles.

9 - Nigel King: Big, strong, sure-handed receiver caught three passes for 51 yards.

10 - Corey Avery: Burst through a hole for 23-yard touchdown run that pulled Kansas within 20-17 with 14:13 remaining.


Ben Heeney - 43

JaCorey Shepherd - 35

Nick Harwell - 30

Tony Pierson - 23

De’Andre Mann - 20

Dexter McDonald - 20

Michael Reynolds - 24

Jake Love - 19

Corey Avery - 17

Cassius Sendish - 15

Montell Cozart - 10

Trevor Pardula - 10

Justin McCay - 9

Andrew Bolton - 9

Nigel King - 10

Jimmay Mundine - 9

Michael Cummings - 8

Isaiah Johnson - 7

Tevin Shaw - 6

Joe Dineen - 3

Fish Smithson - 2

Michael Cummings - 1

Pat Lewandowski - 1

Ben Goodman - 1


Kyle Sybesma 7 years, 8 months ago

Season standings has Cozart with 10 points and Cummings with 8. Yeah I think we've found our quarterback.

Chris Bailey 7 years, 8 months ago

Cozart was Weis' guy. I think it's pretty obvious that Weis DOES NOT have an eye for talent at the QB spot. Every QB he's picked failed.

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