Veteran Naadir Tharpe top KU performer in Big 12-clinching win


1 - Naadir Tharpe: In the decisive final 6:01, the score was Tharpe 12, Oklahoma 12, Tharpe’s teammates 7. He scored 10 of his 19 points in the final 3:15. The lane opened up because of the special attention the Sooners were paying to wings Andrew Wiggins and Wayne Selden and to Joel Embiid in the post. Also mixed in five assists and two steals.

2 - Joel Embiid: Looked to be headed to big offensive night but team stopped going to him. He was so active defensively that he made potential shooters anywhere in his neighborhood decide to pass. Finished with a stat-stuffing 12 points, 13 rebounds, three assists, three blocked shots and four steals to go with four turnovers. He never blends into the background, forever is in the middle of the action.

3 - Wayne Selden: Built like a bull, he attacks when he sees (Oklahoma) red. He scored a career-high 24 points in Norman and was on pace to exceed that with 13 first-half points. Scored just two in the second half but had such a positive impact in all areas that coach Bill Self kept him on the floor for 35 minutes.

4 - Andrew Wiggins: Stopped shooting and started driving and when that happened, there was no stopping him. The defense dropped off him and he hit a huge three-pointer late. He’s playing with much more confidence than early in the season and is embracing contact. Contributed 15 points and five rebounds.

5 - Jamari Traylor: Hit two huge buckets in the second half and made a bigger contribution than his four points and four rebounds in 13 minutes would suggest.

6 - Tarik Black: Note to zebras: Sit down over lunch with the guy and you’ll find he’s not the guy you think he is. Stop picking on him and when he plays great defense in the lane against a guard, don’t blow your whistle because he breathed on the guy. Back’s three points and five rebounds made a difference.

7 - Perry Ellis: Made a three-pointer, improving his season totals to 6 of 12. Scored 11 points, but Kansas needed more than four rebounds in 24 minutes from him.

8 - Brannen Greene: Energized the team with two offensive rebounds, didn’t turn the ball over in nine minutes of action and had two assists.

9 - Frank Mason: Attacked relentlessly on the dribble and had just one turnover in 16 minutes, but couldn’t get anything to drop (1 of 6 overall, 1 of 4 from three).

10 - Conner Frankamp: Missed a three-pointer, which kept him from pulling the trigger on an open shot he should have taken. Committed three fouls in five minutes.


Andrew Wiggins 245

Joel Embiid 237

Perry Ellis 224

Wayne Selden Jr. 209

Naadir Tharpe 196

Frank Mason 174

Jamari Traylor 154

Tarik Black 137

Brannen Greene 73

Andrew White III 63

Conner Frankamp 61

Landen Lucas 48

Justin Wesley 15


Caleb Longbine 8 years, 7 months ago

it irritated me so much listening to radio post game after tt and hearing callers bash naadir. he is a good point guard jus slumped a bit. after tonight i bet guys that were bashing him last wk would gladly let him go on a date with their gfs. lol.

Rich Hetherington 8 years, 7 months ago

To me, even though he didn't score really, he was great in that Texas game. He had no fewer than 7 pinpoint, no-look passes, and most of them turned into buckets. He also played a little harder on defense and seemed to be making an actual effort to step up defensively. His D is still a work in progress, but you can't deny that his passing ability and really his offensive prowess over-all have make amazing strides this year!

Steve Zimmerman 8 years, 7 months ago

That block by Maari was sick. That's worth t10 SC moment there. He needs to have more confidence attacking the basket. He's ready for it. Those two buckets he scored were nicer than Ellis' drive and throw to the board (sorry!). I'd like to see more of Traylor on the floor.

Doug Merrill 8 years, 7 months ago

I don't agree that they stopped passing the ball to Embiid, Later in the game, OU had moved to triple teaming him when they did pass to him and he was turning and passing back outside.

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