Efficient Collins leads Jayhawks in ratings


1. Sherron Collins: Scored team’s first seven points, scored 14 points on nine field goal attempts, did not have a turnover and had four assists and three steals. Played a great all-around game.

2. Cole Aldrich: Temple post player Lavoy Allen paid Aldrich a very nice compliment by saying there is no way to simulate in practice playing against a player who is as strong a defensive presence as the long-armed center. Aldrich had 10 points, 10 rebounds and three blocked shots.

3. Tyshawn Taylor: Did a terrific job of forcing Temple sharp-shooter Juan Fernandez (3 for 16) into taking hurried shots. Taylor also contributed eight points and five rebounds.

4. Marcus Morris: Missed easy shots early, perhaps because of nerves induced by the hometown crowd, but settled down to make another strong contribution with 13 points, three rebounds and strong defense.

5. Xavier Henry: Led the team with 15 points and made all six of his free throw attempts.

6. Markieff Morris: Contributed five points, four rebounds and solid defense in 16 minutes.

7. Brady Morningstar: Made the only shot he took, a three-pointer, had five assists without a turnover and again played strong defense.

8. Tyrel Reed: Played strong defense, made a three-pointer and picked up three rebounds.

9. C.J. Henry: Continued hot shooting, making two three-point attempts in seven minutes. Has played 59 minutes and has totaled 40 points, two assists and nine personal fouls.

10. Elijah Johnson: Had an assist, a turnover, a foul and four points in four active minutes. Pushed the ball up the floor hard and hit C.J. Henry with a nice pass in the corner for a three-pointer.

11. Thomas Robinson: Rebounds aggressively, but fouls too much and still rushes shots. Had three personals in eight minutes.

12. Jeff Withey: Had a blocked shot, a rebound and a foul in two minutes.

The Keegan Ratings: Season Standings
1. Sherron Collins (105 points)
2. Cole Aldrich (99 points)
3. Xavier Henry (90 points)
4. Marcus Morris (88 points)
5. Tyshawn Taylor (74 points)
6. Markieff Morris (67 points)
7. Thomas Robinson (53 points)
T8. Elijah Johnson (50 points)
T8. Tyrel Reed (50 points)
10. C.J. Henry (18 points)
11. Brady Morningstar (15 points)
12. Jeff Withey (1 point)

Notes: C.J. Henry, though he is a walk-on, will be included in the Keegan Ratings.

Starting with conference play, we will keep both the overall and conference points for each player.


hawkstl 12 years, 4 months ago

I am sure the Keegan ratings matter to someone, the Self ratings are the only ones that matter to this team. Today those marks were very high, It is right on schedule.

Adam Evans 12 years, 4 months ago

Hopefully after this game Keegan you will put KU back stop your poll.

cowboy 12 years, 4 months ago

Tell us something we don't already know

jayhawkjoe98 12 years, 4 months ago

A little surprised to see Taylor ahead of Henry. I think the most telling statistic of Taylor will always be his assists to turnover ratio and it wasn't very good this game.


Henry led the team in scoring and shot very efficiently. I'd put him 3rd, Marcus 4th, and Taylor 5th.

Also, Thomas Robinson was the victim of some very ticky-tack fouls. He was extremely active, just missed a couple of gimmees. I think his effort warrants a higher rating. How good is he going to be if/when he develops a jump shot and some touch?

Don Everett 12 years, 4 months ago

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yates33333 12 years, 4 months ago

jayhawkjoe98. I think you are wrong about Taylor, he played a very good game, but you are right on concerning the fouls called on Robinson. I don't understand the referees. On TV it looks like they call fouls on him that they call on no one else. Weird!!

Greg Lux 12 years, 4 months ago

We are so DEEP ... its a shame that CJ Henry can't play more. This OLD man(for freshman/sophomore) is a great ball handler/ shooter and his defense for his size is not bad at all. Here is a stat that may surprise some of you ... CJ is leading the team in points per min played ... he is at .68 points per minute. Next on the list is his brother X with .59. This "old" man can play and before you all flame me I know he plays about half of his minutes at the end of the game, but only about half so he is also playing half of his minutes against the other teams better players and still doing very well...

Drew Alan 12 years, 4 months ago

I think if you are going to cite Tyshawn for his strong defense on Hernandez, you need to give Brady some props too, as he spent most of his 16 minutes guarding Hernandez.

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