Lance Legendre's quick feet and strong arm make him potential Kansas legend


Kansas has scored just one non-binding football commitment from the Class of 2019, but it's an exciting one, which in turn makes it one that will be difficult to secure through the December signing day.

Four-star quarterback Lance Legendre's Feb. 26 verbal commitment to Kansas triggered much skepticism in the way the early commitments of receiver Devonta Jason and cornerback Corione Harris did from the Class of 2018.

Jason ultimately signed with Mississippi State, but Harris honored his verbal commitment to Kansas, enrolled at the semester and impressed the coaching staff with his attitude during 15 spring practices.

Jason and Harris both attended Landry-Walker High in New Orleans and were recruited by former Warren Easton High (New Orleans) head coach Tony Hull, KU's running backs coach. If Legendre signs with Kansas in December, he'll become the second quarterback from Warren Easton to do so in recent years. Tyriek Starks, a three-star prospect in high school from the Class of 2016, spent two years in the program before transferring to Southwest Mississippi Community College.

Legendre is a four-star prospect per Rivals and already has received scholarship offers from Alabama and Tennessee.

As impressive as his crazy arm strength is in the dropped pass shown in the video below, it's not my favorite moment capture in the video. When pressured before throwing the bomb, Legendre changed directions so sharply that the pursuing defender fell to the ground, not something you see every day in a football game.

The fact that Hull landed Harris and highly regarded running back Pooka Williams, also out of Louisiana, gives more credence to the possibility that Legendre will honor his commitment to Kansas. The more Louisiana players Hull adds to the roster, the more likely other recruits from The Boot will become comfortable heading to the Big 12 school that last had a winning season in 2008.

Rivals ranks Legendre as the eight-best dual-threat quarterback prospect in the Class of 2019 and the 15th-best recruit in Louisiana.


Steve Corder 4 years ago

I normally don’t get overly impressed by high school videos, but I must admit to being impressed by this one.

Bryson Stricker 4 years ago

Thank You for this update about our latest recruit. May be the first time in awhile you didn't mention David Beaty being 3-33 when quite frankly I think this is the perfect time to do so.

The man is 3-33 and pulling in recruits like this, just imagine what could and WILL happen when he gets more favorable results on the field. Nobody thinks David Beaty is Nick Saban on the field but his recruiting efforts with a 3-33 tenure are UNPRECEDENTED and he could take this program to new heights if he and his staff can execute the product on the field.

Lance is going to be a beast, I fully expect him to come here at this point given how they worked his commitment.

[''] 4 years ago

The only way Lance plays a down of KU FB is when a new coach is hired next year.

Bryson Stricker 4 years ago

Lance Legendre will de-commit the day after David Beaty is fired (if he is fired). You can put me down for it for any amount of currency if you're willing to reveal an identity outside of ["}. Hell, I'll even buy you season tickets next year so you can watch our "new coach" have Lance lead the team to victory next year.

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

Is he going to de-committ or lead us to victory Bryson?

Bryson Stricker 4 years ago

Lance Legendre imo will be our starting QB in 2019 with DB at the helm. I HOPE that we actually have a solid QB in Miles Kendrick who can compete and beat out Lance allowing him to redshirt for a year.

[''] 4 years ago

Ron Franklin - nice to meet ya! Next question?

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

If the LA kids are coming because of Beaty then why aren't the Kansas kids staying,? I know some are but the best one go elsewhere. Why aren't the Texas kids coming? Which Texas was supposed to be his recruiting area since he has a lot of ties there. Hull is the reason. HULL!!!

Marius Rowlanski 4 years ago

He would make a great assistant coach and recruiter for a competent head coach.

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

SHUT UP BRYSON SHUT UP!! Geez you big f-ing baby, here you go again with YOUR opinion of the article written. My God your ass kissing is disgusting. NO ONE FROM LA IS COMING BECAUSE OF BEATY. He went down to LA and asked Hull to come. These kids are coming because of Hull not Beaty. He will never see Harris, Pooka, Lee or any of the recently committed LA kids graduate. I know your standard reply will be to say l know nothing about KU football or call me a re*ard.

Can't KU just fire Beaty tomorrow so BS will just go away.

Bryson Stricker 4 years ago

LOL. Remind me who hired Coach Hull. Has retained him through multiple job offers from other AND better universities.

I don't tell you a standard reply, I tell you the truth Kevin. You literally don't know anything and some of the things you say are quite stupid. You have times where you have done your research and provided quality insight but those times are far outnumbered by your times you've spewed your crappy opinion with the only fact being that DB is 3-33.

Tony Hull wouldn't have the program to recruit to that he does without DB and that sir, is a FACT.

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

Yes Bryson we all get it when we say something you agree with we've done our research if we say something you dont agree with then its idiotic.

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

And whats makes you an expert Bryson? Please tell us all of your credentials. Beside being on the KUFB email list.

Beaty went down to LA to ask Hull to come he needed soneone with ties to the area he knew he couldn't get ANY LA recruits on his own. Hull didnt beg him to take him. That being said about Hull then why aren't any of the highly rated Kansas kids coming? TEXAS? Nope. So if Beaty didn't have Hull not one NOT ONE of these guys gives KUFB a look. If he's such a great recruiter kindly explain that. He can't get kids from Texas but he's such a star in LA? Give me a break.

Stop puckering your lips and open your eyes. Yes like being 3-33 isn't bad enough. Not competitive in any games. Bottom ten in almost every offensive and defensive categories since he got here, yes l know Weis's fault. Very few players show any development yes a few have gone to nfl.

Bryson Stricker 4 years ago

got 2/5 in 2018:

dont want to speculate on 2019: but id confidently say we will get dineen and probably russell. 2/5

This is a stat that is trending upwards currently as well. It's not surprising that the TOP talent in our state wants to go to an elite school like OU/Clemson/Wisconsin. The battle is against KSU and we are slowly winning it for the top kids but even more so, winning it for the instate walk-ons which bill snyder created himself upon.

I'm no expert, but I know im more knowledgeable than you because your sources to date are tom keegan and your own personal opinion. I follow KUFB very seriously because as an alum, it is a team I care deeply about and CFB is my favorite sport. I haven't missed a game in the past 5 years and have watched every minute including the unbearable ones of our team since I've attended.

I can see how bad we are just like you. I don't benefit from dwelling on the bad. So I look into the statistics and analysis and use that to see how we can progress going forward. If you think we will ever get better dwelling on how bad we have been, you are wrong.

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

Because you follow the team closely makes you an expert? So missing just one game makes you knowledgable? You get some predictions about who is coming correct and again you are an expert? OMG your a bigger dope then l thought. Nothing but an overgrown fanboy. You are beyond embarrassing. Jesus.

David Robinett 4 years ago

I think it was Dirk who said, “don’t be donkeys”

Marius Rowlanski 4 years ago

Enjoyed the article Tom. I'd love to see us land a future leader for this team but I'm not sure of the odds that we won't have a new head coach next year.

Bryson Stricker 4 years ago

Are you trying to tell me something acting as if I didn't know? Obviously the LA area is the area Tony Hull leads in recruiting but our other coaches play a role in their actual recruitment. A WR isn't coming to play for Tony Hull, a 4* DB isn't coming to play for Tony Hull, Mike Lee isn't coming to play for Tony Hull & Lance Legendre is not coming to play for Tony Hull.

David Beaty assembles his staff. I've said it once but you somehow ignored it. Tony Hull has gotten better offers on multiple occasions and HCDB has retained him at a 3-33 university. So either Tony Hull THE ROCKET SCIENTIST is an idiot, or he knows there's something special in the makings here.

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

Something special huh Bryson the list is long of the coaches who left for other jobs Arkansas OK to name a few. Not the ones not retained the ones that actualy left for better jobs. Don't act like one coach staying is a sign of something special. Not one of these kids come here without Hull no matter how you try to talk up Beaty. He can't even get Texas kids anymore. The TCU AND IST games were a national embarrassment what is special here? Hull is here thank God without him our recruiting would be even worse.

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

He also got a nice raise and moved up the ranks if the coaching staff l sure that helped. Beaty needs him more then Hull needs Beaty. If Hull is getting other offers he's knows his value. No matter after Beaty gets fired lm sure he will have more offers then he can look out. We are predicted to win 1 or 2 games where is the special?

Bryson Stricker 4 years ago

We are predicted to win not 1, not 2 but 3 games first off.

Secondly, Tony Hull is still the lowest paid assistant HC in the conference and probably all of power 5. LSU came calling with a big boy offer back in the boot and he passed it up. Toledo the same.

Tony Hull strongly believes Kansas can and will turn itself around and that is why he is still here. Recruiting to this wonderful university is beyond easy, the problem is the product on the field currently is telling people not to come here. We erase that negative mark and we can begin moving to unseen heights consistently.

If you want further proof of how good our university is at recruiting, we recruited you as a fan when you have absolutely no tie to the university :).

Bryson Stricker 4 years ago

Not one of those kids comes here without David Beaty, no matter how you try to talk up Hull.

David Beaty has created the culture and place for Tony Hull to recruit too. I will never downplay how important Tony Hull is, but that is honestly the job of the RB coach. He should always be your best recruiter besides maybe a coordinator.

Arguing with you makes me literally lose brain cells but I quite honestly enjoy being right so much that I will continue to respond to you. Hull has had much greener pastures offered to him with frankly more pay, why would he not take them? Are you calling the dude you are hyping up an idiot?

Hull knows if the coaching staff can execute and get this team prepared to play, the talent is there to win 3-5 games right now and getting over the hump of only 1-2 wins will help keep the verbal commits we get and help us land ones we just couldn't quite pull in.

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

Run along now Bryson daddy needs his coffee and Bagels. Yes yes BS if l agree with you lm a genius if not lm an idiot. Believe me you were losing brain cells long before we started on here. You've diluted yourself into thinking anything you say is gospel. And l will continue to reply to your wining crying bitching act regarding any article written by Tom or Benson that you don't agree with. Your sad Bryson lm not the only one who strongly believes that you are a complete idiot.

Bryson Stricker 4 years ago

You and a few other people who have no tie to this university, think I'm an idiot. I think I'll be okay.

You never dispute my points, you just attack me. You know that I know more than you and you're at least smart enough to not try to argue cold hard football facts because you don't know anything.

Idk if you are too poor to buy season tickets or whatever, but I'd strongly suggest with how much you seem to care and time you spend on this board, that you invest into getting season tickets or being a WF member. I think you'd be a great asset as a fan, you're just not getting the right information.

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

Lol thats hilarious this coming from someone who calls people retards. Give me a break. Ive disputed your points plenty but anyone who disagrees with you including Tom and Benson or whoever has to hear it from the #1 fanboy. I mean complaining about EVERY article written. You went to KU you go to games but except being a fan you have no legitimate football knowledge. You couldnt step on a high school team and give information that would be useful. Neither could l but you seem to think your fandom is on another level which makes you smarter than the writers or anyone else. I live in CA but never-the-less you some how tie ones fandom on how many games they've attended or whether they are WF member. Just because you haven't missed a game in 5 years somehow doesnt make you yoda nor does it give you the right to imply Tom Benson etc somehow have a personal agenda against Beaty because their articles aren't glowing enough for you. You've made your whole identity this team so if course you feel because you are a season ticket holder or WF member that you are more knowledable then everyone. "Oh oh l get emails from the coaching staff" some how you think that a coach who is 3-33 Is changing things here. You just don't want to see the truth so you complain about EVERY article written any one who doesn't go along with YOUR narrative is brainless. You're right according to you and damn everyone else. You know more than anyone because you believe that you are right. Even if espn writes something negative about the team its always because of some reason you come up with to bash them not just because this team is terrible.

Bryson Stricker 4 years ago

so if you live in CA and aren't an alum, aren't a donor, aren't a WF member, aren't a season ticket holder...

why are you a KU fan? LMFAO

Kevin Robert Fest 4 years ago

Good question. We got cable at my house in the late 80s and for some reason the fox sports affiliate always had KUFB on just as they do now. I always found myself watching and became a fan. Everyone one out here thinks lm crazy with USC being here but there are only two teams l care about KUFB LA KINGS hockey. Even went to a game in Lawrence against UCLA even though they got blown out....Go figure. I know l know Bryson you will some how say lm not a real fan being here in CA or not a,season ticket holder wf member blah blah blah. You are and thats great but because you are you feel your fandom in more important or personal which it is but to imply people aren't as much of a fan as you because they don't go to games or WF is wrong. You take everything written about KUFB as a personal attack so you lash out at people. I want them to win but Beaty just isnt the guy l can see it all the way from CA. To always bash Tom Benson about what they write is childish again you lash out because you take their articles personal if it's not written in a positive light. You see your season tickets wf and alumni status as some how that makes you special no it just makes you a fan but you see yourself as special because you are these things and if someone else is not then they are less than you and so their opinion doesn't count. Or they don't know anything about college football or KUFB. Well l may not be a season ticket holder or WF member that you are but that doesn't mean I don't know what lm talking about you just don't agree with it.

John Fitzgerald 4 years ago

This guy will be a stud if Kansas can actually get him to sign. But it's a good first step to at least get a verbal.

Another dude I'm stoked about though is Azur Kamara. He's definitely gonna be a stud at DE and he plays this year.

Joseph Bullock 4 years ago

Such negativity here. My gosh, can’t we be fans and support the program without such hate. Obviously we want better results on the field, but it normally takes a Veteran Head Coach 4 years to get a Program to where he wants it to be-and that is not a Program that had so many problems when they took over (do you who are so critical know most of the issues DB faced coming in, and some he still faces, that were totally out of his control?)! I believe we will see a dramatic change for the better, this season, and when that happens, let’s see how many more excuses people will come up with! Have a nice day!

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