Kelly Oubre Jr. ejected in Washington win for dead-ball flagrant foul


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Second-year forward Kelly Oubre Jr. had his first big moment of the NBA Playoffs on Thursday night. But his name wasn’t on the fingertips of the NBA Twitterverse for a timely basket or steal.

The former Kansas wing, instead, grabbed everyone’s attention by trying to knock Boston’s Kelly Olynyk into next week. The altercation earned Oubre, a key reserve for Washington, a flagrant-2 foul from the officiating crew and a first-half ejection.

The 21-year-old’s outburst of court rage wasn’t completely unprompted. Oubre charged Olynyk and shoved him to the floor a moment after a hard screen — a play on which the Celtics’ big man extended an elbow into Oubre, drawing an offensive foul.

Oubre scored exactly 12 points in each of the previous two games in the series and played more than 25 minutes in both narrow D.C. losses. In Game 3 of what has been a heated and frequently chippy Eastern Conference semifinal, the Wizards easily took the victory in Oubre’s absence, though the 2015 first-round pick only played 5 minutes due to the ejection.

After Washington cut Boston’s series lead to 2-1, Wizards coach Scott Brooks addressed Oubre’s attack of Olynyk and, when asked if it was in retaliation, referenced the Celtics and Olynyk playing an overly physical style of basketball in the series.

“One, I think we’ve got to control our emotions. We can’t respond that way,” Brooks started off, in response, during his post-game press conference. “But when you get hit in the head a few times — I mean, we’re very competitive guys out there. Two teams are very competitive. You keep getting hit in the head, you might respond that way. I think that’s what he did. I’m not saying that was the right thing to do. We have to focus on playing basketball. We can’t control what they’re doing. We just have to control within our gameplan and stay focused.”

Brooks said at that point he hadn’t yet spoken with Oubre, but said he would let his player know he has to let the officials make those calls, and the referees got it right before Oubre lost his cool.

Asked about Oubre’s clash with Olynyk, Boston star Isaiah Thomas said, “I don’t know what he was doing. I mean, the screens we’ve been setting … for the most part, I feel like they’ve been legal. It’s just those guys fall and the refs call an offensive foul. I don’t know why (Oubre) reacted like that, especially to Kelly (Olynyk). Kelly’s not trying to make anybody mad — not to put anything on (Olynyk), but he’s just not like that. I guess you can pick and choose who you want to do that to.”

On NBA TV following the game, Stu Jackson, formerly the league’s vice-president of basketball operations, discussed Oubre’s flagrant-2 and automatic ejection. Jackson predicted the league offices would not suspend Oubre for Game 4 of the series, but anticipated a fine coming the second-year forward’s way.

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Barry Weiss 5 years ago

I got no problem with what oubre did. sometimes you have to set the record straight, even if it means you get ejected. that was a bs screen.

Cliff Leiker 5 years ago

I watched the replay and thought that Oubre reacted because he got elbowed under the chin and laid out on the floor with no foul called. Apparently this was the 2nd hard foul by Olynyk. Remember Olynyk was the one that purposely dislocated Love's shoulder 2 years ago in the playoffs. This Olynyk dude is crafty and baits you into reacting. He looked like he helped Oubre knock himself to the ground when Oubre came in retaliation. He reminds me a lot of Bill Laimbeer. What Bill Laimbeer lacked in physical ability, he made up for it with dirty play.

Dirk Medema 5 years ago

The first time I saw it I thought he hit him with a left cross. He actually just bumped into him. But Olynyk is just a nice good natured fellow.

Ben Berglund 5 years ago

Olynyk deserved it. I think Oubre wins the Kelly fight.

Danny Hernandez 5 years ago

I support Oubre and I might have punched Olynyk in the mouth. I do wish K. Oubre had played with that intensity during his one year here.

Clara Westphal 5 years ago

That was the second time Olynyk had hit Kelly and no foul was called. The refs need to call it on both sides. Unfortunately, it is usually the one who retaliates that gets the worst of it.

Kelly's coach sure threw him under the bus. Nice fellow.

Titus Canby 5 years ago

Looked to me like the refs did call a foul on Olnyk, Not sure of the NBA rulees, but in college it would been a flagrant for the elbow. Regardless, Oubre's shove was a cheap shot.

Janet Olin 5 years ago

I hope Kelly finds success but this isn't the way to do it. He didn't contribute much to KU in his time there and isn't really important to Washington, either. Can't help but feel his loss of control will hurt his reputation and playing time (hope not, but we'll see).

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