Marcus Morris loses cool, yells at Suns head coach


Phoenix Suns forwards Marcus Morris (15) and P.J. Tucker celebrate during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Dallas Mavericks Friday, Dec. 5, 2014, in Dallas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Phoenix Suns forwards Marcus Morris (15) and P.J. Tucker celebrate during the second half of an NBA basketball game against the Dallas Mavericks Friday, Dec. 5, 2014, in Dallas. (AP Photo/LM Otero)

Well, now we know who the evil Morris twin is.

Because neither Marcus nor Markieff wears a sinister mustache, there used to be no way to tell.

The typically laid back twins who first teamed up at Kansas in college before reuniting in the NBA with Phoenix live together, get matching tattoos and spout the power of #FOE (family over everything). But Marcus lost his cool Wednesday night, during the Suns’ 113-111 win over Minnesota.

First, the 6-foot-9 forward got hit with a technical foul in the third quarter. Next, he took his anger with him to the bench, and was caught by ESPN’s cameras during an animated and intense back-and-forth with Phoenix head coach Jeff Hornacek.

The Arizona Republic’s Paul Coro reported Marcus became agitated on the court when he got hit in the nose and no foul was called. He remained in that state during the ensuing timeout and when Hornacek didn’t side with him, Marcus started yelling at the coach while stating his case.

Eventually, Suns assistant Corey Gaines stepped in before the situation got any worse.

Coro reported Marcus settled things with Hornacek shortly after the game.

"It was heat of the moment," Marcus told the Arizona Republic. "Coach knows I've got a lot of respect for him. As soon as the game was over, I apologized to him and the team, especially the younger guys for them having to see that. I felt like I got hit in the nose and my nose was bleeding and he had took me out so I was really upset about it.

"When I apologized to Jeff, he said, 'You don't have to apologize.' He knows. He's been a player. I hate that it had to be televised like just because it seemed worse than what it was."

Marcus also took to Twitter to apologize publicly.

None by Marcus Morris

None by Marcus Morris

The backup Morris finished the game with 8 points in 14 minutes. Starting brother Markieff scored 14.

Meanwhile, Timberwolve rookie Andrew Wiggins went for 25 points, 4 rebounds and 3 steals, to go with 6 turnovers. The No. 1 overall pick hit 1 of his 4 3-point tries and just missed one that would’ve won the game.

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Joe Joseph 7 years, 11 months ago

It always seemed like Marcus was the more hot-headed of the two while at Kansas. I seem to recall a stretch of games, while the Morris twins were at KU, in which KU received at least one technical/flagrant foul for, like, 8 games in a row. I kind of miss that. :)

Also, that's five games in a row in which Wiggins has scored 20+ and seven games out of the last eight. He's also shot 50% or better in six of his last eight. Looks like it's starting to click for him!

Allison Steen 7 years, 11 months ago

I noticed that about Wiggins. It seems to me a lot of those 20+ point games happened after multiple sites said he was one of the worst players at his age given his minutes per game. Wiggs got angry!

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 10 months ago

Marcus got 2 technicals, I believe, in his final season. But KU fans made a lot of (in)appropriate "noise" about it, calling them 'thugs', etc. The worst technical was actually explainable (although still not excusable), when if anybody cares to remember, during a game at Cal, where the white power fwd for Cal karate-chopped Marcus in the middle of his back/shoulder blade while simply running down the court. Marcus found him a few seconds later and swung a full roundhouse at him, but whiffed. It is the game he got ejected. If you recall, it was the same game where that pony-tail punk named "Gutierrez" got in a dog pile on top of Thomas Robinson, and was putting elbow-weight on TRob's throat. TRob got up and had his hands on top of his own head, walking away, trying to restrain himself. Remember that game?

It was the type of game where Self had to say the right things to the media, but you know he appreciated the toughness of our guys. AND, Marcus never got another T the rest of the season. He learned exactly where that line was.

Now, I can say (firsthand) that some guys' get their 'hot' button pushed when they get hurt/injured. It just plain ole sets some guys off.

Jonathan Allison 7 years, 10 months ago

I absolutely remember those games vs Cal. Still can't stand Gutierrez, either. I saw him in an NBA game recently, not sure who he plays for... but I wanted to punch him in the face.

Jonathan Allison 7 years, 10 months ago

he and the Cookie kid who played for Nebraska drove me crazy.

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 10 months ago

Ha, yes, Cookie Miller of Nebr: busy doing his BoneThugs-N-Harmony routine for the camera, while 7ft Cole Aldrich was busy putting 7ft Alecs Maric on his back (for knocking out Cole's tooth a year before, I'd like to spin...).

Doc Sadler asked Cookie Miller to leave the program, as his little schtick wore thin...But what sickened me is that Cal coach stood behind Gutierrez's actions. That was even more despicable than Gutierrez's rough-housing. And you see, since Gutierrez wasnt "corrected", he is that way to this day.

My personal feeling on Marcus Morris, is that he reacts only when he gets hurt (as many guys overreact when they get hurt), or if he thinks he is being attacked personally, which in the Cal game, he was. That's where the righteous 'justification' would cause him to keep going verbally with his coach. I dont see Marcus as an evil dude. So he's been in the NBA for 4 years, and how many technicals has he got? He was at KU x 3yrs, and outside of those 2 technicals, I simply do not call him a "problem player". 7yrs of data on Marcus now...but some people it seems want to take exception based on perception or a guy's 'look', rather than the facts.

Bill Self has more technicals than Marcus or Markieff combined. (lol!) And finally, Bill Self would take Marcus & Markieff any day, any year for his roster (their Jr.season versions). He actually sat down Perry Ellis and made him watch film of Marcus Morris' jr.season. (Ellis said so in Oct.)

Dale Rogers 7 years, 11 months ago

Typical of the media to blow a situation way out of proportion. At least this site has the decency to include Morris' comments after the game.

Keith Gellar 7 years, 11 months ago

blow what out of proportion? This is how the twins are.. THUGS! Bill Self knew it when he recruited them..and it was on full display during KU games..twins talking trash to VCU, etc. infact, we suffered the most when the twins talked trash. i'm surprised they haven't been kicked out of the league yet.

And don't even think for one minute that marcus apologized on his twitter account because that's the right thing to do. he was forced to by the suns and his agent. He's never apologized to anyone in his life for his antics, why start now?

Raymond Wright 7 years, 11 months ago

If you think "they" need kicked out of the league, i'm guessing you don't watch much nba.

Joe Joseph 7 years, 11 months ago

So he's competitive and a bit hot headed. That doesn't make him a terrible person. Jeez.

I actually feel like that 'chip-on-your-shoulder' mentality has been missing from the past couple of KU squads...

Brad Farha 7 years, 11 months ago

Keith -- what's your favorite college b-ball team, and who do you cheer for in the tournament? Not a sarcastic question, I don't know and am curious.

Keith Gellar 7 years, 11 months ago

I cheer for the old KU..where we our players had moral values and actually cared for the game, actually came here to experience the full Kansas tradition as opposed to just using Kansas as a stamp on their resume and jumping to big leagues. and I pains me to think that bill self sold his soul to the devil and is becoming calipari 2.0.

Allison Steen 7 years, 11 months ago

Pump the breaks, I think someone is overreacting a tad. Self is still Self. He does whats best for the team. If he were Calipari 2.0 he would promise minutes to players he is trying to recruit and play his 5 star freshmen despite their production. He also would use the word "reinforcements" a lot more.

Brad Farha 7 years, 10 months ago

Thanks for the clarification Keith. I too like that old KU model, and am not a huge fan of how college basketball is evolving in response to NBA eligibility rules. I am hopeful that Commissioner Silver with the NBA players union will change it to 2 years (at the least) out of college. I would prefer 3 years, but don't think they will do it.

Despite your reservations about the new paradigm, do you still cheer for the new KU? It's not clear from your response.

Chad Lee 7 years, 11 months ago

stating opinions as facts smh. I recall them being soft ias freshman and getting pushed around. only after Bill encourage them to be tough and not get pushed around the elbows started happening. both were hard working and skilled. As for your Thugg comment I would think we would welcome thugs in the post about now.

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 10 months ago

I'd just like to tell Keith to please shut up, and read my post above. Calling the Twins "thugs" only proves you dont know anything about them personally, and you certainly dont realize that it was Bill freakin Self who personally cultivated that tough mindset in the Twins-- it is well-accounted by former players that in the closed practice gym, Self rode the Twins mercilessly, trying to get them tougher. Recall how soft they were as freshman, getting manhandled by Izzo's team? So, if you want to throw clueless darts at the Twins, then you need to throw some at Bill Self also, as he is the one who is mostly responsible for their on-court personalities, swagger, and successes. People have seen this pattern time and time again from Self (a former Big10 coach), yet they see the scowling Twins with their tattoos, and recall they were from 'inner city Philly', and viola: their brain default knee-jerks to "thug". Comments like Keith Gellar's are the pinnacle of pitiful popping-off without any basis. Just doesnt understand what Self was trying to create. Yes, of course Marcus took it too far (but, like twice)...and then throughout our conf. season and March Madness, he never got a technical. And finally Marcus came to play vs. VCU, scoring 20. It was his brother Markieff with 6 t.o.'s and Tyrel Reed 1-for-7 from 3 that mostly killed KU. I'll only give about 30% credit to VCU directly. KU blew that game, but not so much Marcus or Tyshawn (14pts).

Brad Farha 7 years, 10 months ago

Another factor was our senior guards not following the scouting report. They kept leaving 3 point shooters open to help down low, and that led to lots of open 3s for VCU. I loved our senior guards that year, but don't know why they kept making that mistake....

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 10 months ago

Keith says "Self sold his soul to the devil". Well, that certainly puts your posts in perspective. 'Old KU' (basketball), where all kids stay 4yrs is, like 20+years ago!! 'Old KU' style of basketball? Maybe you should watch a mid-major. I recall we had players leaving early 15+yrs ago with Gooden and Pierce. Correct me if I'm wrong, but didnt Danny Manning leave early, too? And that was 27yrs ago?!

Oh...'old, old' KU? Maybe you are talking about the great Clyde Lovellete or JoJo White? Man, that was a generation or two ago--times do change, dont they?

And it pains me to say this, but it seems from Keith's posts (Keith, you leave yourself wide open for this sort of speculation, solely with your comments), that maybe the Twins are just too different for Keith's liking? Just look at his pejorative remarks. Hey Keith, some of us other KU alums here (with a KU professional diploma on the wall) may call ourselves conservative-Kansans, may be close to 50yrs old, may be proud of KU's basketball heritage & tradition, and ALL of our fine coaches...but we may also take the time to learn a kid's story before we denigrate them in public, eh?

You truly, and obviously have NO idea what Angel Morris did for her sons back in Philadelphia, actually moving 3 times to keep them away from street situations. This is not news, as it was all well-chronicled back when the Twins were at KU (but some people obviously dont bother to read, nor recall...). The Twins even crossed over to the opposite side of the street when there was questionable activity or people up ahead. And you obviously have forgotten what Angel Morris did for Thomas Robinson when he lost his mom and grandparents, and she is still there for her grown sons, and for Thomas Robinson. You want to talk family values? (Angel Morris has that covered). I think I'd like to open a sociology session about prejudice, because that's really where your posts seem to be coming from, or so we would believe, simply looking at what you have typed. Hmm? It seems someone needs to remember what KU's own history has been going back over 100yrs, and specifically where our institution has taken its stance. How about reading that 'old KU' history, eh?

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 10 months ago

Oh, and speaking of "devil", as Keith as not to get yet another tangent going...lets remind Keith (& any others that need reminding) that the University of Kansas is a secular, state-funded institution. Not religious-affiliated.

Oh, and did Keith say "Self sold his soul to the devil"...? Funny, because that same Bill Self coached at ORU (OralRoberts), which IS a religious-based school, and in his book he mentions how he and wife Cindy tried to 'fit in' to that clique, and that it was 'good for us', and they formed many lasting friendships from their time at ORU. Hmm, and we did see Self basically kick Naadir Tharpe off the team, not so much for his on-court lackluster play (he'd simply ride pine for that)...but more for the character/moral questions that arose after Tharpe's infamous "selfie" nude photograph with a married older woman got all over the internet. Hmmm, somehow I dont think one Billy Self from Okmulgee, OK has sold his soul to the devil, nor will he any time soon.

Let's bring the discussion back to Carlton Bragg, who came to Late Night, then went to Self's home with the whole team, and felt a family-type atmosphere. Those are the words straight from an 18yr old kid from Cleveland. God love Bill Self!

Thomas Smith 7 years, 11 months ago

Just have to love self righteous sanctimonious Kansas basketball fans.

Keith Gellar 7 years, 11 months ago

better than the sunshine pumpers who bend over and take it without ever even trying to think for themselves.

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 10 months ago

Keith, I applaud you trying to 'think' (for yourself), but being armed with just a few public domain facts could go a long way...

Erich Hartmann 7 years, 10 months ago

If one eschews the 'sunshine pumpers' so much, then what is gained by stumbling in the other direction to the point of foot-in-mouth?

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