Live from Madison Square Garden: Aldrich taken 11th, Henry 12th


10:16 p.m. update: By Jesse Newell

Which player is a better fit with their new team, Cole Aldrich with Oklahoma City or Xavier Henry with Memphis?

Make sure to vote in our poll online.

9:54 p.m. Update:

Knicks fans at the Draft. Best. Thing. Ever. ESPECIALLY when the team picks a Syracuse guy. Wow!!!

Nowww..... About Andy Rautins going AHEAD OF Sherron Collins and Scottie Reynolds... Hmmmm.

We're now through 40 picks — Lance Stephenson to Indy — and still no Sherron. 20 picks left.

9:18 p.m. Update

Aldrich and Henry are finishing up their media commitments now and have not been able to stop smiling since being drafted.

Both said they started to get nervous around the ninth or 10th pick but obviously, those nerves didn't last long.

To help calm the nerves Aldrich said he sent jokes to his friends via text message and tried to keep his family loose around him.

Henry, whose family members had looks of surprise on their faces after a couple of picks that came before him, said he, too, was nervous but that he never doubted that he would be picked.

Aldrich, in being traded to OKC, joins former Jayhawk Nick Collison and should have a chance to become the defensive stopper in the paint that the Thunder desperately need. The excitement of joining another former Jayhawk was not lost on Aldrich.

"He comes back some times and when we go play at Oklahoma or Oklahoma State he tries to come out to those games," Aldrich said of Collison. "With him being (there) it's going to be a fun next few years."

Henry also has a sense of familiarity with his new city, perhaps more so than Aldrich. After nearly attending Memphis for college, Henry returns to the spot he almost played and a city he visited "six or seven" times during his recruitment.

"Going to Memphis, it feels like I should be there and I'm going to be happy there," he said. "I went to Kansas and I don't regret going to Kansas but I'm going to give it all as soon as I step in the city."

That includes self control. Henry said he was aware of Memphis' deep history, he hasn't been to Graceland — yet — and that he plans to stay away from the barbecue and ribs because he has to "keep my body right."

We're completely through the first round now and all that's left is to find out where Sherron Collins winds up. With Collins pegged as a likely second-rounder, he literally could go with any of the next 30 selections.

Stay tuned for more.

9:05 p.m. update: By Jesse Newell

Be sure to keep checking our NBA Draft photo gallery, as we are updating with photos of both Aldrich and Henry following their selections in tonight's draft.

8:22 p.m. update: By Jesse Newell

There's still hope for those of you who entered the NBA Draft contest even if your picks haven't been perfect so far.

In fact, out of the 316 entries we received, no one predicted that Cole Aldrich would be picked 11th and Xavier Henry would be taken 12th.

We had guesses all over the map for Sherron Collins, so his draft position could end up going a long way into determining our winner.

8:17 p.m. update: By Jesse Newell

Oklahoma City Thunder forward Kevin Durant sounded pleased with the Oklahoma City Thunder's decision to trade for Cole Aldrich.

In a TV interview with ESPN, the former Texas Longhorn Durant said strong interior defense was something that the Thunder lacked last year.

"I think (Cole's) gong to be a game-changer for us," Durant said. "I've very excited to add him to our team."

7:57 p.m. update: By Jesse Newell

Tom Keegan's take on Xavier Henry going No. 12 to the Memphis Grizzlies:

"Memphis is a great landing spot for Xavier because he is a far better long-range shooter than both Ronnie Brewer and Sam Young. It's time for him to develop a right hand."

7:52 p.m. update: By Jesse Newell

Tom Keegan's take on Cole Aldrich going No. 11 and being traded to the Oklahoma City Thunder:

"Cole will be playing for a great guy in Oklahoma City coach Scott Brooks. I covered him as a player at UC-Irvine. Super-intense, great sense of humor, quality person. Their personalities match up well. He's also lucky to have Nick Collison looking out after him."

Interesting Note No. 4

The positioning of the ESPN cameras seems to be a tell. They set up shop right in front of the table of the person that's about to be selected. I'm sure they don't think they're being secretive but it kind of ruins the moment.

Should help my chances at getting a decent photo, though.

7:32 p.m. Update:

Paul George of Fresno State goes No. 10 to Indiana. There are some anxious looking faces at the Henry table.

I'm sure they know he'll be selected, but it appears as if they're starting to worry about the positioning.

Both he and Aldrich could go with any one of the next four or five picks. I'm guessing they'll both be gone by 15.

Interesting Note No. 3

There's a man on a cell phone crouched down behind Henry's table. Hmmmm....

7:27 p.m. Update:

Utah ducks the Jayhawks and goes with Butler star Gordon Hayward. There's been talk that it was between Hayward and Henry here. According to the shake of his head after the pick was announced, KU guard C.J. Henry doesn't agree with Utah passing on his little brother.

Indiana is up. Another team that has been rumored to like both Henry and Aldrich.

7:19 p.m Update:

Al-Farouq Aminu, of Wake Forest, throws a wrench into David Stern's plans and goes 8th to the Clippers.

Stern struggled with the pronunciation — can't blame him — and then smiled as he stood next to the guy with the crazy glasses.

Utah's up. This, according to the guy from the Jazz who I spoke to earlier, could easily be Xavier. One of their scouts really loved X's game and they were either going to go big or with a wing.

With that in mind and Udoh and Monroe off the board, this could be Cole if they decide to go big. Could be a big pick for the Jayhawks.

7:14 p.m. Update:

Monroe, in fact, does go to Detroit. Seems like a good fit.

The Clippers are on the clock. Oh boy...

7:10 p.m. Update:

First Big 12 guy is gone. Ekpe Udoh, of Baylor, goes No. 6 to Golden State. He'll be perfect on their team... he'll bring a defensive presence that they desperately need and in that wide-open offense, he'll get some big-time numbers, even if he's just average.

He's gotta be thrilled. Baylor coach Scott Drew, who sat behind Udoh's table near the Green Room, went nuts after the pick was made. He looked genuinely thrilled.

Detroit's up.

A lot of people are expecting Greg Monroe here, but Cole plays center too. Hmmm.

7:03 p.m. Update:

DeMarcus Cousins goes to the Kings at No. 5 and becomes the second Kentucky player drafted already in this year's draft... Calipari was at Cousin's table and called it "a huge day, the biggest day, for the University of Kentucky."

Recruit much?

Golden State is on the clock. The Warriors are on record for liking Henry A LOT so now would be a good time to start really paying attention.

Note of Interest No. 2:

By the way, that "guy" from Slam Magazine who Michael Wilbon and Stephen A. Smith were talking to before the draft started... It's guard Brandon Jennings of the Milwaukee Bucks. He's sitting one seat away from me and blogging the draft for Slam.

If any of the Jayhawks go to Milwaukee, I'll be sure to get Jennings' thoughts...


6:53 p.m. Update:

Wesley Johnson, the local guy from Syracuse, goes to the T'Wolves. Surprisingly, he doesn't play PG. But he looks great and he got one heck of an ovation.

Heard from the peanut gallery - "I think (Johnson's pants) have feet on them."

Sacramento is up.

6:49 p.m. Update:

Three picks in and Derrick Favors — Derrick Favors — gets the loudest ovation. Of course, he was picked by the Nets, who play nearby but that seemed surprising, kind of like the pick.

Think Favors will be solid but I'm not sure he's the guy you reach for at No. 3.

Minnesota is up. Probably too high to take Cole ... but you never know. The Aldrich family table looks a lot more attentive at the moment. I'm sure if they hear his name after the words "Minnesota Timberwolves" that would be the ultimate dream come true.

6:44 p.m. Update:

Evan Turner, Ohio State, goes No. 2 to Philly. A lot of people had a lot of different players at this spot, but Turner was the most common pick among mock drafters.

Seems like a good pick to me. He's got incredible skills and has the potential to evolve into an NBA PG. With that kind of size running the show, you're talking about Magic Johnson comparisons if he pans out.

Solid pick.

The Nets are up... If that's what they're still calling themselves.

Note of interest:

Moments before the draft began, former Memphis coach and current Kentucky coach John Calipari made his way over to Henry's table and delivered hugs to Xavier and his family.

A classy move, especially considering Cal can no longer recruit the kid.

6:38 p.m. Update:

A huge roar and the official word. John Wall to Washington. As he hugged his family, Wall appeared to be very emotional. Remember, he's still a teenager and, all-world or not, this type of experience has to be overwhelming.

Phily is on the clock.

6:34 p.m. Update:

"The Washington Wizards are on the clock." - David Stern

And the fans at the Garden are giving it to them... Chanting, "Kwame Brown," in reference to the former overall No. 1 pick who was a major flop.

The consensus here and around the world is that Wall goes to Washington. It will qualify as a shock if that's not the pick.

6:24 p.m. Update:

While we wait, check out the photo gallery from Draft Headquarters.

6:20 p.m. Update:

This really is a first-class event. It's unbelievable how many bells and whistles there are. Sitting to me left are the guys from Slam Magazine - one of them is talking to Michael Wilbon and Stephen A. Smith right now - to my right is a free-lancer covering Kentucky's horde of potential draft picks.

Not only are there all kinds of players here, there are all kinds of people. Media outlets from around the world, cameras of every shape and size — mine being one of the smallest — and a whole lot of excitement.

Just checked out the interview room where they'll take the players after appearances on ESPN and whatever necessary radio shows there are.... It's like a mile away from my seat so bear with me and this blog during the time shortly after the Jayhawks are picked.

I'll bust it back to my seat but it may take a couple of picks to catch up.

For now, we're just waiting for Stern. Stay tuned throughout the night and feel free to chime in on the comments section below. Hopefully, that's where we'll have some chatter with you guys during the draft.

6:00 p.m. Update:

We're 30 minutes from the first pick and the players are in the Green Room, which, as it turns out is not really much of a room, more like an area. Still, Green Room sounds way cooler than Green Area.

Xavier and his family are 20 feet from my spot — Media Floor, Row 4, Seat 12 — and Cole is on the other side of the Green Room with his family. It's the farthest these two former Jayhawks have been from each other in the past two days.

Prior to the start of the draft they posed for photos and were side by side in those. And throughout the past couple of days they've toured around NYC like a couple of best buds.

Both seem cool and calm tonight and their families just look excited.

The Henrys have elected to go with a green theme in their wardrobe. I asked them if that was because of the Green Room and X said green is his favorite color. After that, his mom, leaned over and told me that she took charge. Good move. They all look sharp.

Cole's suit is definitely navy blue and it looks pretty standard compared to that much-talked-about vest that he wore on Wednesday. I think he may have a purple shirt on underneath the suit but for the sake of the Jayhawk Nation we'll call it lavender. I'll try to get his take on the actual color.

The place is full, the room is buzzing and all that's left is to hear NBA commissioner David Stern make the announcements.

Stay tuned for more throughout the night.

5:17 p.m. Update:

Just arrived at the Garden and walking into the draft room was like walking into Wrigley Field for the first time. Incredible.

Lot of walk-through stuff going on right now. Cole and Xavier are actually on the stage right now, posing for photos with sponsors and commissioner David Stern.

Trying to get some of those photos uploaded now....

3:17 p.m. Update:

The sun is still shining, New York City is still roasting but the draft-night craziness has hit us already.

ESPN is reporting that the Chicago Bulls have agreed to trade former Jayhawk Kirk Hinrich and the 17th pick in this year's draft to the Washington Wizards. Since the trade cannot become official until July 8, it's not yet known what the Wizards are giving up.

What the Bulls are getting, however, is cap room, which is as good as gold as they position themselves to go after top free agent LeBron James.

There you have it. The Jayhawks are already making themselves known at this year's draft. Much more to come.

Washington now has the 1st and 17th picks in this year's first round. That can help a team get better in a hurry, particularly when one of those picks is used on John Wall, as nearly everyone is expecting.

Stay tuned in to for now throughout the night, including the latest rumors and moves and a Live Draft Blog from Madison Square Garden, site of the 64th annual NBA Draft.

2:45 p.m. Update:

Hey all, heading out the door to the Westin but thought I'd give you something to keep you busy while I'm en route.

Here, in no particular order, are a few predictions on where the Jayhawks will be drafted from some of the staff:

Matt Tait
Aldrich — 7th (Detroit Pistons)
Henry — 12th (Memphis Grizzlies)
Collins — 52nd (Boston Celtics)

Gary Bedore
Aldrich — 9th (Utah Jazz)
Henry — 15th (Milwaukee Bucks)
Collins — 37th (Milwaukee Bucks)

Tom Keegan
Aldrich — 14th (Houston Rockets)
Henry — 18th (Miami Heat)
Collins — 46th (Phoenix Suns)

Jesse Newell
Aldrich — 13th (Minnesota Timberwolves will trade up to get this pick)
Henry — 15th (Milwaukee Bucks)
Collins — 56th (Minnesota Timberwolves)

1:40 p.m. Update:

Sorry for the delay between updates. Pizza was great! But I'm back to the apartment I'm staying at now and am getting ready to look a little more like I belong at the Westin.

Should be up there around 2:30 and I'll hook you up with the latest info and sights and sounds from there. I checked in again after lunch and the place was hoppin'... Definitely a buzz in the air. I can't imagine what it's going to be like tonight at the Garden.

Stayed in touch with some Tweets while I was there. For those of you who aren't following me on Twitter — and I can't imagine why you wouldn't be — here's a quick look at what you missed:

  • More business-like at the Westin today. Players seem a little more nervous than Wednesday. Don't blame 'em. Getting close now.

  • Cole's family in the lobby now.... lookin' anxious. Girlfriend has his suit and she looks calm and very happy. No sign of Cole yet, though.

  • More coaches at the Westin today. Just bumped into Georgetown's JT3...

  • X, CJ and Carl Henry just rolled through. Looked relaxed and ready. I have a feeling that X may crack the Top 10 tonight.

  • Syracuse's Wesley Johnson looks like the captain of a yacht. Stylin!

All right, more to come as soon as I can get back up there. Be sure to check back with often and stick with us for the rest of the night.

11:45 a.m. Update: —DEADLINE REMINDER!!!—

The entries continue to pour in fast and furious but we wanted to remind all of you that the deadline for getting your entries to us is noon today, central time.

Any entries received after that time will not be accepted, regardless of whether they come from the site or via email. We're working on making the entry page unavailable after noon to avoid any confusion.

If you want to enter but have yet to do so, please get it done in the next 15 minutes or you'll be left out in the cold. Thanks to all of you who have entered so far and good luck to everyone.

Stay in touch with throughout the afternoon for more from New York!

11:17 a.m. Update:

About to head in for some lunch — most likely some classic, NY-style pizza — but I thought I'd add a couple of things before I do.

First, and this thought occurred to me late last night, hanging out at the Westin in Times Square made me realize just how real that scene from Jerry Maguire was.

The Westin has been home base for the Draft and its prospects and because of that, the lobby has been crawling with agents. Most were easy to spot and even easier to hear and a few of them actually shouted out things such as, "I'm lovin' ya, baby," and "Lookin' good, big time," as the players walked through the lobby. Hilarious.

Mostly, they've seemed like good people and they're definitely just doing their jobs. But I couldn't help but laugh.

In addition, here's a quick look at the latest updates from a dozen or so mock drafts.

ESPNthemagazine: Aldrich, No. 7, Detroit; Henry, No. 12, Memphis; Collins, No. 28, Memphis. Henry, No. 11, New Orleans; Aldrich, No. 14, Houston; Collins, No. 54, Los Angeles Clippers. Aldrich, No. 13, Toronto; Henry No. 15, Milwaukee; Collins, No. 54, Clippers.’s Chad Ford: Aldrich, No. 14, Houston; Henry, No. 15, Milwaukee; Collins No. 54, Clippers.

Sports Xchange (yahoo! Henry, No. 9, Utah; Aldrich, No. 13, Toronto; Collins, undrafted.’s Jeff Goodman: Aldrich, No. 9, Utah; Henry, No. 15, Milwaukee; Collins, No. 27, New Jersey. Aldrich, No. 14, Houston; Henry, No. 16, Minnesota; Collins, No. 50, Dallas. Henry, No. 10, Indiana; Aldrich, No. 12, Memphis; second-round picks not revealed yet. Aldrich, No. 11, New Orleans; Henry, No. 19, Boston; Collins, No. 39, New York. Aldrich, No. 9, Utah; Henry, No. 16, Minnesota; second round not revealed yet. Aldrich, No. 7, Detroit; Henry, No. 12, Memphis; Collins, No. 54, Clippers. Henry, No. 10, Indiana; Aldrich, No. 11, New Orleans; Collins, No. 55, Utah. Aldrich, No. 9, Utah; Henry, No. 15, Milwaukee; second-round picks not revealed yet. Brian Levenson: Aldrich, No. 7, Detroit; Henry, No. 8, Los Angeles Clippers; second-round picks not revealed yet. Dave DelGrande: Aldrich, No. 9, Utah; Henry, No. 10, Indiana; no second-round picks revealed yet. Jonathan Feigen: Henry, No. 10, Indiana; Aldrich, No. 13, Toronto. Henry, No. 11, New Orleans; Aldrich, No. 14, Houston. Second-round picks not revealed yet.

10:33 a.m. Update:

Draft Day has arrived and now the fun can begin.

For me, that involves hanging around New York City and waiting for the main event. Right now I'm at one of my favorite spots in the city, Strawberry Fields in Central Park. They don't make much better blogging than that.

After months of speculating about where former Jayhawks Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry and Sherron Collins will be drafted, we'll soon find out, as the draft is set to begin in about eight hours.

For much of the past several weeks it has looked as if Aldrich would go in the Top 10 and that Henry would follow somewhere in the early teens. A quick look around the various mock drafts in cyber space, along with dozens of conversations with other media members on hand to cover the event, has led me to believe, however, that the former Jayhawks might go closer together in the 12-16 range.

The reason? Other prospects have worked their way up in the draft while Aldrich and Henry have remained steady. Players like Fresno's Paul George, Nevada's Luke Babbitt and Butler's Gordon Hayward have shot up the board and now look like Top 10 prospects. Interesting side note about all three of those guys — they're a lot taller than you'd think, especially when you consider that they're guards. Incredible.

Aldrich and Henry still appear to be solid options for the Lottery but, at this point, it wouldn't surprise me if one or both of them slipped past No. 14 a couple of spots.

Sorry to all of you who already have entered your picks in our Draft Contest. I know this information might have helped a few days ago. But that's the latest and things change fast when it comes to the draft.

For those of you who haven't entered yet, take that info and run with it. Scroll down for a link to the entry form. And stay tuned in to throughout the day for more updates from the Big Apple.

Tonight, I'll be live blogging the draft from Madison Square Garden.

Original Post

Happy Draft Day, everyone!

The time has arrived for us to find out not only where the three former Jayhawks eligible in this year’s draft will be taken, but also, which one of the nearly 300 people who have entered will win the first ever NBA Draft Contest.

We’ll be taking entries until noon today so if you haven’t entered yet and you’d still like to, there’s time.

Just follow this link to the entry form and you’ll be eligible to win a Paul Pierce Boston Celtics jersey and a Pioneer Blu-ray disc player, courtesy of Kief’s Audio-Video, 2429 Iowa St.

If you’re submitting an entry from the website, you’ll need to be a registered user. If you’d rather just email in your selections, send them to

That’s it for now. Stay in touch with throughout the day today and into the evening as we’ll bring you some top notch draft coverage from the heart of it all — New York City.

I’ve got a few ideas in mind to help pass the time while we wait for the action to begin at 6:30 tonight, so check back often. Then, during the draft, I’ll be live blogging from Madison Square Garden, while Journal-World sports editor Tom Keegan and online editor Jesse Newell chime in from back in Lawrence.

One last time, here’s a look at the contest rules:

NBA Draft Contest Official Rules

• Those entering the contest will select their prediction for the overall pick in the NBA Draft of former Jayhawks Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry and Sherron Collins. The contest will be scored only on when these players are drafted, even if they’re traded.

• Contest begins Monday, June 14.

• Deadline to enter is noon CDT on Thursday, June 24.

• The winner will be determined based on a points structure. For each pick that an entrant is off on his/her predictions, the entrant will receive one point. Then, the entrant's point totals from his/her three picks will be added up. The person with the lowest point total of all entrants wins the grand prize. (Example: Entrant picks Aldrich to be taken 10th, Henry to be taken 20th and Collins to be taken 30th. If Aldrich is picked 11th, Henry is picked 22nd and Collins is picked 33rd, the entrant would receive one point for Aldrich, two points for Henry and three points for Collins, for a total of six points.)

• Entrants can select “undrafted” for a player if they feel he will not be taken in the NBA Draft. If a player is undrafted, his pick position will be listed as 61st for scoring purposes.

• In case of a tie in points, the first tiebreaker will be the entrant that has the most picks exactly right. In case of a tie of three or more entrants, the entrants that tie for the most correct picks will move to the next tiebreaker.

• The second tiebreaker will be the entrant who is closest to Sherron Collins' draft position.

• If there is still a tie, a random drawing will take place to determine the grand-prize winner.

• Grand-prize winner will be announced on or after June 30.

• Entrants: Only one entry per person. Entrants must submit name, address and email address to be eligible for grand prize. Subsequent submissions disqualify all submissions. Employees of The World Company and their immediate family members may participate but are not eligible to win prizes. By submitting an entry, entrants guarantee they are at least 14 years of age. The winner also agrees to allow his or her image to be used in marketing and promotions relating to this contest.

• Prizes: reserves the right to make adjustments to the prizes given out in case of unforeseen circumstances.


Chris Shaw 11 years, 11 months ago

Just go ahead and ship me the Paul Pierce jersey today.

KU_Commodore 11 years, 11 months ago

Matt, are you going to be hanging around the Westin tonight? I think I'm gonna check it out tonight, see if I can catch Cole or Xavier. I'm always up to talk KU sports as well, so if you are around, let me know. I'll have KU stuff on, of course.

Matt Tait 11 years, 11 months ago

I'll be around. Just don't know when or for how long. Good luck catching the guys... I'll do my best to keep you informed of their whereabouts leading up to the draft...

Eric Sorrentino 11 years, 11 months ago

Hey Tait, good stuff. NY pizza is FAR and away the best in the country. Not even close!

Jonathan Allison 11 years, 11 months ago

Chicago pizza is way more delicious than NY pizza. But if you weigh in the fact that Chicago pizza will kill a man twice as fast as any other food, maybe that makes NY pizza slightly better.

tulsahawkfan 11 years, 11 months ago

Thanks and Matt for being there. This will be a nice complement to the draft.

Matt Tait 11 years, 11 months ago

Hope you'll be with us all night. Feel free to chime in with any thoughts/opinions and gimme a shout if you have any questions you want answered.

I can't promise anything, but I'll do my best.

Matt Tait 11 years, 11 months ago

Let's start this thing off.... Assuming Wall goes No. 1, who does everybody take at No. 2?

I'm going with Wesley Johnson, Syracuse.


Benton Smith 11 years, 11 months ago

When you look at the 76ers roster, they need bigs. Brand is like permanently injured. If I'm running Phily, I might have to take Cousins -- more pure talent than any big in the draft.

Matt Tait 11 years, 11 months ago

Vitale had been saying that all week but Turner's the pick. Going to be steady Eddie for a long time. He's got the potential to be an incredible NBA PG.

Benton Smith 11 years, 11 months ago

Yeah, I don't think Doug Collins has to worry about getting in shouting matches with Evan Turner. Cousins, on the other hand...

qrex 11 years, 11 months ago

So, Xavier will play in Memphis after all.

Chris Shaw 11 years, 11 months ago

Woohooooo! At least I'm tied with Tait so far. My picks were:

Aldrich: 13 Henry: 14 Collins: 50

MrPilot 11 years, 11 months ago

Congratulations to Cole and Xavier! And how sweet would that be if Cole ends up in OKC?

I think OKC should get the rights to Xavier and Sherron too...just fill out their team with former Jayhawks. :-D

tulsahawkfan 11 years, 11 months ago

I'm really excited to see Cole go to OKC. They're a fun team to watch. They're young and need a big presence inside so he should see some playing time. Now just wish the best for Sherron.

randyba1 11 years, 11 months ago

I have Cole 9, Henry 13, only 3 points so far.... need Collins 46!

d_prowess 11 years, 11 months ago

Tait, with some players coming out of the stands now, try to throw your hands up when they do so we can see you on ESPN! Represent the LJW and Jayhawks well!!

jaybate 11 years, 11 months ago

Jeff van Gundy, looking as usual, like an enema bag with male pattern baldness sitting atop an ill-tailored suit, derided Cole Aldrich for mentioning Sherron Collins and Chris Paul in sequence.

Jeff, you no talent dork who got cut from the Yale team, who couldn't cut it at Menlo College, who finally graduated from Nazareth College, and who couldn't even put together a good team with Pat Ewing, why don't you sand blast the wax out of your undersized ears and listen for a change!

Cole said he had been fortunate to play with Sherron Collins in college and now he was going to maybe get to play with Chris Paul. Even a moron would recognize he was not comparing them as equals. So what does that make you? Brain dead?

And if you are going to do television, at least get enough plastic surgery to keep me from mistaking you for the Elephant Man.

raiderssb 11 years, 11 months ago

Great to see that Sherron has not been selected thus far in the first two rounds. He was a big fish at Kansas, but he's nothing beyond there. He has serious character issues and KU effectively protected him from adverse actions. Really, he exposed himself to a poor cleaning woman in an elevator, and the Athletic Dept. protected him from charges. (So did the Student Housing Dept.) He also has spent a lot of time trying NOT to pay child support for his children (several Babies mama's). There are to many fine young men that do not have serious character issues and have superb talent. Further, he has never been 5'11" - he is MAYBE 5'8", and can't control his weight. Send him anywhere but the NBA.

jaybate 11 years, 11 months ago

I will never understand John Wall going first in the draft as long as I live. Can't shoot the trey. Mistake prone. Too fragile to be a Rajon Rondo, or a Derrick Rose. I know a lot of persons love the guy. I know I was wrong about Rose, but I at least thought Rose could be a good solid PG when he matured. Wall? I just don't see him running an NBA team in the playoffs. But I must be completely wrong this time.

Evan Turner 2? Absolutely.

Cousins? Anyone 6'11" and 290 that has basic post skills and can shoot has to be taken very seriously, even though I don't think the guy has championship blood in him.

X goes to the career black hole of Memphis. Its a great place to develop his game and move on from.

Cole goes to the career black hole of the Oklahoma City Thunder--a team in need of Bill Self, not a Scott Brooks.

Cole's problem? No one has been able to convince him that he needs to weigh 260 pounds instead of 245. He really never did the upper body weight work that he had to do to be a real force in D1, much less be a credible force in the paint in the NBA. He will learn this immediately this season...the hard way. Danny Manning can teach you the tricks of the position, and some basic moves, but he can't put weight on you.You have to want to move the iron against gravity.

jaybate 11 years, 11 months ago

Sherron Collins not getting drafted in the first two rounds is a great pity and proves only that pro GMs and coaches are now locked in a phase of conventional wisdom that precludes them from seeing that what Sherron did in college he can (and will) do in the pros.

Every once in awhile there are players that break the mold at the guard. It is very hard for even the shrewd GMs and coaches to think outside the box sometimes, because they have teams that are already built to insert players that fit with the conventional wisdom.

Sherron, unless his explosiveness really is gone, due to injuries, just is going to fight through this and bring his wide body guard game to the NBA, and when he does, and proves it can work in the L, GMs and coaches are going to looking for more wide body guards.

Sherron controlled Derrick Rose in the 2008 championship game, when Sherron was an injury hobbled sophomore. Derrick Rose became a Number One and is now a star in the NBA, because Rose fit the conventional wisdom for an NBA point guard.

No one knew what to make of the one-handed jump shot until John Bunn thought outside the box and let a player change the game with it.

Bob Cousy once did not fit the conventional wisdom for an NBA point guard; then his game changed the pro game, when he found a guy who could think outside the box.

African American players did not fit the conventional wisdom for an NBA point guard for awhile, but the GMs and coaches thought outside the racial box, and gave some a chance. They changed the game.

Sherron Collins has already broken the Derrick Rose/John Wall mold for Division I point guards. He shattered it in a million pieces. The wide body point guard is an absolutely lethal weapon in today's XTReme Muscle Ball in Division I. He was allowed to break the mold, because Self could think outside the box.

If I'm Bill Self, I call the OKC Thunder and say, "I'll take that job now." And I pick up Sherron Collins for a song, to be the NBA's first wide body PG to go along with Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook, James Harden, on the perimeter and Jeff Green, Nick Collison, and Cole Aldrich inside. Then I drag Kaun back from Russia for some muscle, and pick Julian and Darnell up off the ash heap. Bring RR and maybe Langford back up,This team with Self coaching it would compete seriously in the NBA play-offs immediately.

The NBA has lost their marbles, if they think Sherron Collins can't be at the very least a terrific situational player. Sherron could bull through these skinny NBA perimeter players like nobody's business, especially with the way the refs call the game.

I don't want you to jump, Bill, but my god, this is a slam dunk you are looking at. A good winning percentage from the git go. Collins would make a fabulous first substitute at point guard and you wouldn't even have to draft him. He would just walk in and break the NBA mold.

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