Introducing the 2010 NBA Draft Contest


Ever wanted to participate in the NBA Draft, be it as a player or owner?

Here’s your chance — sort of.

Introducing the first ever NBA Draft contest, a competition that provides you, the KU basketball fan, the chance to show off how your knowledge of the college game might translate to the professional level.

It’s no secret that three former Jayhawks stand a good chance of being drafted at this month’s draft in New York City, June 24. Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry and Sherron Collins all could hear their names called when the two-round NBA Draft unfolds in the Big Apple. The question isn’t so much whether they’ll be drafted but where.

Throughout the past 12 months, the draft status of those three players has fluctuated a bit. At times Aldrich has been listed as a top-five pick at other times he’s fallen out of the top 10. Henry also has seen his stock rise and fall, spending some days as a projected lottery pick and others as a late first-rounder.

And then there’s Collins, one of the most accomplished players in KU history. Depending on which draft guru you talked to Collins was seen as a late first-rounder or a guy capable of being skipped altogether. Many experts said his performance in the final game of the season — a tough loss to Northern Iowa in the NCAA Tourney — cost Collins dearly, but most of the draft sites out there currently have him listed as a mid-to-late second-round pick.

As you can see, these three guys are all over the map, which should make this contest that much more interesting.

The contest officially will open on June 14 and you’ll be able to submit your entry all the way up until noon on draft day. The premise is simple. You pick the draft position of the three Jayhawks and the closest to the actual outcome wins. The contest will be scored based on a golf-style scoring format, with the person scoring the lowest total winning. More on that in the rules below so hit those draft sites, study those NBA rosters and start formulating your plan of attack.

Here’s a look at the rules:'s NBA Draft Contest Official Rules

• Those entering the contest will select their prediction for the overall pick in the NBA Draft of former Jayhawks Cole Aldrich, Xavier Henry and Sherron Collins. The contest will be scored only on when these players are drafted, even if they’re traded. The winner will receive a soon-to-be-determined prize package.

• Contest begins Monday, June 14.

• Deadline to enter is noon CST on Thursday, June 24.

• The winner will be determined based on a points structure. For each pick that an entrant is off on his/her predictions, the entrant will receive one point. Then, the entrant's point totals from his/her three picks will be added up. The person with the lowest point total of all entrants wins the grand prize. (Example: Entrant picks Aldrich to be taken 10th, Henry to be taken 20th and Collins to be taken 30th. If Aldrich is picked 11th, Henry is picked 22nd and Collins is picked 33rd, the entrant would receive one point for Aldrich, two points for Henry and three points for Collins, for a total of six points.)

• Entrants can select “undrafted” for a player if they feel he will not be taken in the NBA Draft. If a player is undrafted, his pick position will be listed as 61st for scoring purposes.

• In case of a tie in points, the first tiebreaker will be the entrant that has the most picks exactly right. In case of a tie of three or more entrants, the entrants that tie for the most correct picks will move to the next tiebreaker.

• The second tiebreaker will be the entrant who is closest to Sherron Collins' draft position.

• If there is still a tie, a random drawing will take place to determine the grand-prize winner.

• Grand-prize winner will be announced on or after June 30.

• Entrants: Only one entry per person. Entrants must submit name, address and email address to be eligible for grand prize. Subsequent submissions disqualify all submissions. Employees of The World Company and their immediate family members may participate but are not eligible to win prizes. By submitting an entry, entrants guarantee they are at least 14 years of age. The winner also agrees to allow his or her image to be used in marketing and promotions relating to this contest.

• Prizes: reserves the right to make adjustments to the prizes given out in case of unforeseen circumstances.


Chris Shaw 11 years, 11 months ago

I think everyone entering should get their predictions in ASAP! "If you ain't first you last".

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