Andrew Wiggins workout highlights making social media rounds


In the pantheon of basketball mixtapes, this one is pretty tame.

You won't see Andrew Wiggins try to humiliate anybody with flash and bravado here. But you can see the 6-foot-8, possible No. 1 NBA Draft pick show off a few of the skills he has spent his on-the-court time trying to perfect leading up to Thursday's big night in Brooklyn.

Late Tuesday evening, Pure Sweat Basketball — a coaching and consulting workout enterprise — tweeted out a YouTube link of the one-and-done standout from Kansas University going through some of his pre-draft sessions.

Standing out in the documented practices, in which Wiggins plays with a pseudo defender, are not just his elite athletic ability, but also some developing tools.

The video begins by highlighting some low-to-the-floor dribbling from the lanky Canadian, who projects as a shooting guard at the next level. His high dribbles often got him into trouble in his one season at Kansas, and pro guards will eat him alive if that doesn't change quickly in the NBA. The tighter and lower the better.

The most impressive segments include Wiggins running back and forth from the three-point-line to the basket and out to the other side of the floor, dunking the ball with authority each time he returns to the paint after closing out to each side of the perimeter.

And, I might be crazy, but it seems as if his jump shot looks a little smoother. The change is subtle, but it seems cleaner, more fluid when Wiggins rises up off the floor to take a jumper from mid-range or deep.

One useful go-to move that Wiggins appears to be sharpening up on is the Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant fade-away jumper. If he can master that, with his length and vertical leap, he'll be far more difficult to keep in check.

Wiggins supposedly had a great workout with Cleveland, owner of the draft's No. 1 pick. On Thursday night we'll find out if all his additional work earns him the prize he's been after.


Jace FitzGibbon 8 years, 7 months ago

I'm friends with the guy that runs pure sweat (Drew Hanlen), was singing his praises constantly. Proud of Drew and Wiggs! Repping STL and KU!

Mark Lindrud 8 years, 7 months ago

His style of play lends to a small forward in my estimation, but if he's versatile enough to be both then even better. His work ethos and determination tell me he should be the first pick. All the pre draft reports are raving about him. Good luck.

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