Realignment Talk: What's happening, where's it going, does it make sense & what's next for Kansas?


Things have gotten a little crazy in college athletics again, and this time we're not just talking about the transfer portal or name, image and likeness issues.

It's everyone's favorite and least favorite topic once again, so we figured we'd take a deeper look at all of the goings on in the conference realignment world of late.

With rumors of Big 12 expansion running wild and the college landscape shifting toward what looks to be a Power 2 model, it's survival of the fittest time in college sports, with universities from coast to coast scrambling to explore their best options, best moves and best way to survive in the future.

In our latest episode of The KU Sports Hour, we discuss:

• The rumors and speculation that are out there

• How, and if, it might affect Kansas

• What's the best move for KU?

• What happens to conferences not named the Big Ten and SEC?

• And much, much more...

Audio-only version:


Dirk Medema 2 months, 2 weeks ago

Does the fact that Daniels is at media days indicate that he is the starter?

Who didn’t go last year because of the weather?

It will be interesting to see what the PAC12 value is for the remaining teams. Glad they go before the reinvented Big12. There could be lots of change before we find out what the reinvented Big12 is worth.

There’s likely to be plenty of $ for the basketball program, and probably even the football program. The real implication is the impact to the non revenue sports.

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