Kansas football takes down Texas, brings intrigue to final month of Lance Leipold's first season; What now?


Kansas players celebrate their 57-56 win over Texas in overtime of an NCAA college football game in Austin, Texas, Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

Kansas players celebrate their 57-56 win over Texas in overtime of an NCAA college football game in Austin, Texas, Saturday, Nov. 13, 2021. (AP Photo/Chuck Burton)

The Kansas football team went into Austin, Texas, last weekend as a 31-point underdog and came out with its first ever victory at Darrell K. Royal Memorial Stadium.

After building a 35-14 lead by the end of the first half, the Jayhawks held on to beat Texas, 57-56, in overtime, when QB Jalon Daniels hit reserve walk-on Jared Casey with a 2-point conversion pass to win the game in the first overtime.

The play set off a wild celebration for the visitors and handed the home team its fifth consecutive loss. The Longhorns have not lost 5 in a row at home since 1956. Speaking of 56, KU's win snapped a 56-game conference road losing streak that went back to 2008.

Tons of storylines and highlights emerged from both the game and the aftermath. And, all of a sudden, KU football fans are wondering if Lance Leipold's first team can finish the 2021 season with some momentum.

KU is now 2-8 overall and 1-6 in Big 12 play. The Jayhawks will finish the season at TCU on Saturday at 3 p.m. and at home on Nov. 27 against West Virginia for a 6 p.m. kickoff.

We look at all of that, what it means & what's next in this episode of The KU Sports Hour...

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Brian Wilson 1 year ago

I tell you what now. Two more games and we recruit and sign more players and then finally get time enough to prepare for next season.

Joseph Bullock 1 year ago

Hey Matt. Something else that is lost in all of this, is that KU is, if I’m not mistaken, the youngest team in the Nation, in the power conferences! That bodes well as far as our guys are going to get a lot stronger, physically, and have a lot of experience, returning next season. And can you please let me know when, and how, we can get to our full allotment of Scholarships? I don’t understand how that works. Thanks!

Kenneth Johnson 1 year ago

I’ve griped about the decline of the Des Moines Register before, but the Sunday paper Sports Section reached a new low – at least for me and probably most Big 12 fans. There was no mention of Kansas’ win over Texas 57-56. How could they omit such a Cinderella story?

The Jayhawks, with the smallest football budget in the Big 12, beat the Longhorns, which has the largest budget (by far). Has to be the biggest upset in the Leagues history! Big 12 fans now get to enjoy that justice has been served to Texas for ditching the League.

Kenn Johnson (KU '70)

Matt Tait 1 year ago

Hey Kenn -

I'd imagine their print deadline prevented them from getting the final score into the paper. That was a late game and the overtime didn't help. We made it by about 8 minutes, otherwise we, too, would've had to go without a final score. Very thankful that didn't happen to us. And, in the case of KU games, we're always going to go later than every paper out there and give ourselves to the absolute last minute possible.

This one was as close as I can remember for a football game. Last year's KU basketball win over Kentucky at the Champions Classic in an empty gym in Indy was the closest I can remember in terms of deadline. I think we made that one by a literal minute.

Crazy times in this industry. And seemingly getting crazier.

Brian Wilson 1 year ago

Matt please correct me I don't have access to the scholarship list and maybe you do. But, from what I can tell there are 78 rated players on the roster. Almost all 3 star players and I would think that all or most have scholarships. Which is a very good number by the way. A lot more than what people think. IMO, this is the case because 1. Beatty and Miles both recruited big Freshman classes and then redshirted quite a few players. 2. Covid allowed players to return as Super Seniors so the portal played less a role than it normally would.

So, it appears to me there are 35 combined Freshmen/ Freshmen Red Shirts, 17 Sophomores, 18 Seniors, and 8 Juniors. Hence we are young. With the 18 Seniors leaving KU returns 60 and Leipold if he wants can recruit a full class of 25 to give KU 85 scholarship players in 2022. However, with the low number of Juniors becoming Seniors and the 35 Freshmen returning, I expect 8 to 10 of this years Freshmen to redshirt next year allowing Leipold to add 15-18 new Freshmen plus 5 to 7 scholarships to go to upper classmen portal transfers to fill holes.

By the end of 2022 it appears to me that KU will be at capacity and will no longer need portal players to fill holes.

Jeff Coffman 1 year ago

Although I like where you are headed, there will likely be people exiting the program due to their performance or lack of performance on the field. As we saw last year, our two top pass rushers left (and left a hole), this creates a double edged sword for us as we lose two of our best players and additionally lose two players that put us in a hole for our scholarship count. We had more than just these two.

I believe they are talking about some relief from the newly blessed transfer portal and it will be interesting how that plays out. The most important number is that 8 in the Junior year, because that is a +17 available and should get us closer. Miles not Beaty was the one that started focusing on the freshman and getting quality ones.

Dirk Medema 1 year ago

Brian - Before Brett blows a gasket, Beaty (1-t) did not recruit big freshmen classes, especially at the end, and Miles first class had a fairly normal smattering of JCs. Miles second class was all freshmen (even though we desperately desperately needed a LT).

What Beaty did do right was recruit JCs with extra years of eligibility, such as Kendrick, who transferred after playing only one year of JC and still had a redshirt too. What he also did by the end was develop the roster enough so that a large number of underclassmen were able to redshirt in his final season. (After TK mistakenly wrote an article dumping all JCs into a 2-year category, a follow up article by another staff (?Matt?) commented on I think 18 redshirts. I think.)

I have not looked at the roster in a couple years, but I’m recalling it being two years away from being balanced when Miles arrived. CV through a monkey wrench into that, and we derived very little benefit from super seniors (2?). Relatively speaking, it actually hurt us because we had one of the smaller # of returning players this year because so many super seniors returned elsewhere.

I think you are right that the roster has been restored. The roster quantity should no longer be the challenge it once was. Now the challenge for this staff is to recruit and develop the quality.

Brian Wilson 1 year ago

Not. Check it. When Beatty left, his last class, a majority of the transfers graduated and the team roster went from a majoriy of non-local players with a ton of transfers to having more than 50% of the players being from Kansas and Missouri and less than 10 transfers. Beatty's last year Senior class was comprised mostly of graduating transfers, if memory serves it was 18. I wrote about this often over two years ago. What Miles was left when he got here was a large young Sophomore and Freshman group mostly local along with returning out of state 3 star athletes like Pooka. But, with KU flipping coaches so much many of the Juniors and Sophomore transferred. Which is why now, and again, Leipold has such a young group. The difference this time is Covid allowed for Super Seniors and now KU has the opprotunity to catch up in the scholarship department.

Brett McCabe 1 year ago

If scholarship math was hard before, then let me introduce you to my little friend….the transfer portal. And his cousin, the super senior.

Brian, hats off to you for working through the roster in such detail. And I think that you and Dirk are correct in that, for the most part, we are not at a major numbers deficit anymore. But I would bet that we are still on the light side because of Beaty.

And Kenneth, you think that the Register is bad? The Topeka Capitol Journal did not have the story Sunday.

As you may know, many newspapers are now printed in regional printing centers, instead of on-site, which probably significantly effects deadlines for publishing. Not being able to get an evening football game in the paper, though, is indefensible. No excuses allowed.

Robert Brock 1 year ago

The Topeka Capital-Journal has always been a K-State publication.

Brett McCabe 1 year ago

Robert, you are correct. Unlike Matt, I’m guessing that they made no effort whatsoever.

Dirk Medema 1 year ago

The question of Daniels playing or not might be more significant if he wasn’t 70% at ut or if Lance wasn’t his coach. 70% is great for any QB and fabulous for us. Coach Leipold is also the coach that went for it on 4th down, as he has all year, even in a completely ridiculous part of the field.

Also, because last year was a free year, this could be Jalon’s freshmen year so he could be a redshirt freshman next year.

Another person brought up the position question for Bean, but could this be another Kerry/Todd situation. That one worked out really well for everyone.

I don’t think it ever became a t-shirt (thankfully) but “We Shucked the World” was a great headline in a similarish sort of game from a decade ago.

The Logan/Leipold interaction is why I’m less concerned about the transfer portal. That aspect of Coach’s character was part of what was encouraging from the beginning and evident in his interaction with Trevor as well. We lost 3 after the coaching change that would have been great to have this year, and maybe more will leave in the future such as the RB, but my expectation is that more commitment will be evident from the current roster and maybe even from others wanting to get onboard.

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